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Fine Sale Preview

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  • The Fine Art & Selected Antiques Sale

    Chiswick, W4

    Tuesday 28th February 2012 6pm

    Featuring the Private Collection of an exceptional Mayfair Residence

    Sale Preview

  • Located on Chiswick High Road we are a premier destination for antique & vintage items. We hold auctions every Tuesday at 6pm with viewing from Saturday Tuesday 10am-6pm. We can value & sell single items to full house clearances. Anything antique, vintage, collectable or decorative is suitable.

    Four ways to bid...

    1. In the room

    2. Over the telephone

    3. Leave an absentee bid

    4. Bid live with us at the-saleroom.com

    Contact us to leave an absentee or telephone bid or for

    more information on bidding, collection & delivery, seven

    days a week, 10am-6pm.

    Visit: 30-34 Chiswick High Road W4 1TE

    Call: 020 8400 5225

    Email: info@highroadauctions.co.uk

    Cover: 18th century style armchairs with turquoise silk upholstered on carved gilt enriched legs

    (estimate 1200-1800), two pairs of impressive ivory silk curtains, wadded in the French man-

    ner, each curtain 250cm wide with a 300cm drop (estimate 300-500)

    Double page: Two pairs of dramatic ivory silk curtains, wadded in the French manner, trimmed

    with gold and black cotton tassels. Each curtain 230cm wide x 300cm drop (estimate 400


  • Chiswick, W4

    The Fine Art & Selected Antiques Sale

    Featuring the Private Collection of an exceptional Mayfair Residence Tuesday 28th February 2012 6pm

    Viewing Dates...

    Saturday 25th February 10am-6pm

    Sunday 26th February 1oam-6pm

    Monday 27th February 10am-6pm

    Tuesday 28th February 10am-6pm

  • This Fine Art & Selected Antiques Sale is important to us here at High Road Auctions, not only because it is our first specialist sale of 2012, but also because it marks our first birthday. High Road Auctions officially opened its doors a year ago this week and we have enjoyed many achievements over the past twelve months. We therefore begin this Fine Art & Selected Antiques Sale on a buoyant note. The sale features the private collection of an exceptional Mayfair residence with highlights including a magnificent over mantel looking glass designed by Robert Adam c.1774, one of the greatest names in furniture and design (est 3,000-5,000). The Fine Sale also features a varied selection of fine art featur-ing Jan van Doust, Robert Vernet-Bonfort, Daniel Kedar and Marcel Parturier and a range of ceramics, silver and furniture. This sale preview catalogue will give you a early look at some of the stand out items and a chance to learn more about key pieces. There is something to suit every pocket with prices from 30 upwards. We hope you enjoy the sale and thank you for your continued support for this past year. Kind regards, Andrew Polnik Auctioneer & Valuer


  • Lady Derbys Looking Glass

  • An over mantel looking glass designed by Robert Adam c.1774

    Of Adam Neo-classical style, c.1774

    A polychrome three divisional rectangular over mantel mirror with cherubs, eagle and urn cresting - the mirror plates flanked by carytid style female figures joined by ribbon and rush swags,

    194cm wide, 198 cm high

    Estimate 3,000-5,000


    Lady Derbys Dressing Room, Derby House Grosvenor Square

    Duke of Cleveland, Battle Abbey, East Sussex

    A Mayfair residence


    James Lomax, Lady Derbys Looking Glass, Journal of the Furniture History Society (1985), p. 235

    James Greig ed. The Diaries of a Duchess, 1926

    The Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair, The Survey of London, 1980

    Yale Edition of Horace Walpoles Correspondence, ed. W.S Lewis, 1965

  • It was one of Adams most successfully

    planned London houses James Lomax on Derby House,

    This exquisite mirror is a highlight of

    the Fine Art & Selected Antiques Sale not

    only because of its exceptional quality and

    eminent history, but because of the

    wonderful journey it has been on from its

    original home to be offered for sale today.

    It is remarkable to discover that in over two

    hundred years, this neo-classical over

    mantel mirror that began life in one part of

    Londons Mayfair has been displayed in a

    residence only a few streets away.

    An original Adam piece, the mirror

    was made from the design of the renowned

    architect and furniture designer, to be hung

    over the fire place in Lady Derbys Dressing

    Room in Derby House, Grosvenor Square.

    Adam began work on the house in 1772 and

    it became a distinctive reflection of his ele-

    gant and classical style. His plans show

    that Lady Derbys separate apartment was

    comprised of her Dressing Room, Bed-

    room, Closet, three drawing rooms and an

    ante-room. The Drawing Room can be

    seen in Fig.2 which illustrates dramatic

    arches and columns in the Etruscan style.

    Fig. 1 Derby House, Drawing, 1774, Chimney Piece for the Bow Dressing Room. The design for the mirror can be seen on the right.

  • this room was a particular source of pride

    to the architect [Adam] James Lomax on Lady Derby s Apartment,

    The looking glass highlights a variety

    of distinctive features of Adams neo-

    classical designs. The frame is supported

    by two caryatid figures resting on tapered

    columns. In the centre the glass is

    surrounded by a border with alternate gilt

    anthemion and calyx motifs, echoing the

    Etruscan theme of Lady Derbys apartment.

    Two smaller panels flanking the main body

    contain the original glass. The cresting

    depicts an eagle on a central oval flanked by

    two putti holding garlands which link ele-

    gantly to the figures below.

    The final arrangements of the mirror

    are attributed to carver and gilder Sefferin

    Nelson of Marshal Street, Golden Square.

    Also a well-known figure in furniture, he

    worked with Adam at Shelburne House,

    Berkeley Square, and with Henry Holland

    at Spencer House, St. James.

    Fig. 2 Derby House, Inside View of the third Drawing Room Engraving by Benedetto Pastorini after Robert Adam, 1773 . The mirror can be seen in the

    room through the arches.

  • The mirror remained in Derby House

    when the 14th Earl of Derby sold his

    lease to the Dowager Duchess of

    Cleveland in 1851, but was moved to

    Battle Abbey, the residence of the 5th

    Duke of Cleveland, the Duchesss heir,

    when Derby House was demolished

    eleven years later. It was displayed in

    the Drawing Room in Battle Abbey

    where it remained until its sale by the

    Battle Abbey Trustees in 1978. The cur-

    rent owners have displayed the mirror

    proudly at the centre of their Mayfair

    apartment, mere streets away from

    where its story began.

    Fig. 3 Interior of a drawing room at Battle Abbey, East Sussex, photograph c.1910.

    The mirror can be seen on the left under the arch.

  • This page: 18th century style armchairs with turquoise silk upholstered

    on carved gilt enriched legs (estimate 1,200-1,800), two pairs of im-

    pressive ivory silk curtains, wadded in the French manner, each curtain

    250cm wide with a 300cm drop (estimate 300-500) and a glamorous

    lead crystal six branch chandelier smothered with swags and pendants

    (estimate 800 - 1,200).

  • Still lifes...

    Beautiful still

    lifes to fill your

    home with


    The following pages illustrate a small selection of the fine art included in the Fine

    Art & Selected Antiques Sale. We have a varied range of fine art from different

    periods, artists & styles, so there will be something to interest everyone.

  • Jan Van Doust (Dutch, 19th Century) (2) A pair of flower still lifes. One signed indistinctly, both framed in gilt frames with the artists name. Oil on canvas. Each 59cm x 49cm Estimate 800-1,200

    Betty Swanwick RA (British, 1915 1989) Still life of fruits and plants Oil on canvas, framed Estimate 100-200

  • Landscapes...

    Marmaduke A. Langdale (British, 18401905) Extensive country landscape, 1899 Signed and dated 1899. Oil on canvas, framed. 45cm x 75cm Estimate 600-1,000

    Carel Weight RA (British 19081997)

    A London Park with figures

    Oil on canvas in original frame

    Estimate 6001,000

  • Charles Lacoste (French, 1870-1959) Fishermen Signed bottom left Oil on panel, framed. 35cm x 45cm Estimate 800-1,200

    Marcel Parturier (French 1901-1976). Benodet Signed bottom left. Oil on panel, framed 27cm x 34cm Estimate 500-800

  • In the circle of Claude Vernet (French 17141789)

    Mediterranean Harbour Scene

    Oil on canvas, framed

    Estimate 4,0005,000


    Formerly in the Castle Bagot Collection

  • Charles Henderson Cooper (British 18031877)

    The Night Mail

    Monogrammed on the door of the coach

    Oil on canvas, framed

    Estimate 1,0001,5000


    Formerly in a private West Country collection

  • Picture perfect


  • Circle of Jean-Marc Nattier (French, 1685-1766) Portrait of a nobleman in a red coat Oil on canvas, framed 78cm x 62cm Estimate 1