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  • 1. IIM Ahmedabad
  • 2. [email protected]
  • 3. Future Strategies Establish 30 outlets across the world Make a foray into low price Market Expansion of domestic market in [email protected]
  • 4. Case Facts An exception in Indian Leather market Reflected spirit of cultural revolution USP : Craftsmanship - Brand still uses the traditional craftsmanship (70% of the work is by hand) Boutiques for branded leather products non existent Focus in Indian Market after 1990 Business run by ethics and represented a concern for the environment Stylish, elegant and classy products, Work oriented brand Sale only in upmarket [email protected]
  • 5. Customer feedback Better than expectedI love the cross-body design of this purse. They very smartly designed theway that the strap attaches to the purse. It looks sleek and holds everything that I need. Theleather isvery soft and nice , and I love the way that the purse will stand on itsbase. The purse did ship with an unusual tanning smell but it wore off quicklySource : http://www.amazon.com/HIDESIGN-by-Scully-Mara-Cross-Body/product-reviews/[email protected]
  • 6. Review (Source: http://tajonline.tolshop.com/gifts-to-india/gifts-GV27.html)[email protected]
  • 7. Case Analysis Product Premium brand Work oriented Huge variety High quality Ecological Values Personalized service Every product a limited edition Hand crafted exclusive design Emotional [email protected]
  • 8. Case Analysis [email protected]
  • 9. Case Analysis Place Business associates overseas- Mrs Lowel, John Lewis Over 60 exclusive retail in 20 countries Channel Partners UK- John Lewis, House of freses Australia- Myers, David Janes South Africa- Stauttafards, Edgars South East Asia- Parkson, Robinson, Istaean India- Lifestyle, Shoppers [email protected]
  • 10. Case Analysis Promotion International orientation Relatively lower budget Foreign models with International appeal Medium- Advertising and PR agency Services of professionals for interior designing of stores ATL & BTL activities Print ad Attempt to get into Guinness book of world records Wide media coverage to press conference by company Merchandising & display in retail environment Bollywood Parties & Fashion shows Promotional activities and [email protected]
  • 11. Strategic Vision We have always taken innovative steps in reaching outto our target group through concentrated campaigns. In theearly 2000s instead of going mass with advertising, ordirecting marketing activities towards airports way beforeother luxury lifestyle retailers saw the opportunity, Dilip Kapur, President of Hidesign Source : http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/cons-products/durables/social-networking-sites-drive- hidesign-to-tier-ii-cities/articleshow/[email protected]
  • 12. Positioning Brand rightfully identified its core value Positioning is in line with the strength of the brand Choice of the media and the copy of the campaign also reflect the positioning Brand has wide product portfolio Looking into expanding to different segments within the category Company is planning to introduce bags under a separate brand [email protected]
  • 13. Integrated Marketing Activities Using its stores and all the marketing mixes carefully in promoting the brand Brand has been built over time Management has been careful in building the core values of the brand Company has been spending the money wisely and carefully Targeted segments rather than masses Overall marketing activities have been very rational Helped the company to create a world class [email protected]
  • 14. Strategies Establish 30 EBOs across the world Boost brand image Business expansion Better stature in the global league Wide range of high quality products Enabling conditions International brand recognition Global presence Channel partners Funds Additional production [email protected]
  • 15. Won the Accessory of the Year award from a British magazine, which gained the firm much visibility Best Brand- Bags & Accessories :Shoppers Stop Pinnacle Awards [email protected]
  • 16. Strategies Expansion of domestic market in India Conducive opportunity Urbanization on rise Growing economy Increase in professional class Propensity to spend on lifestyle product Rising brand consciousness Growing mall and retail [email protected]
  • 17. StrategiesMake a foray into low price market Getting access to a wider segment Increased volume and revenue ? Better visibility and awareness Dilution of brand and quality May loose existing loyal customers Low price not the forte of hidesign Not fitting to the niche crafted in the luxury segment Competition from unorganized sector Different Brand- Similar [email protected]
  • 18. [email protected]
  • 19. Existing cost structure Sold overseas in upper-Middle price range ($125 and $200 Yr-2006) Markup of 550-600% over factory cost Wholesale price was 85% over the landed costs Standard retail markup in the vicinity of 240-250% Most expensive leather bags in India, an upper-upper class brand Average markup from the factory gate - About 220% Prices about half of those for the same bags sold outside [email protected]
  • 20. Strategies Strategy for expansion in India Channel Partners Company outlets Concentrate on posh clusters Personalized service Customer care Marketing campaign Merchandising Status connect Exclusivity in the store Premium [email protected]
  • 21. Recommendations Global expansion through EBOs and retail stores Focus on domestic market Maximizing opportunities at airports Relationship Marketing Ambush marketing @ high profile events (Faishon Shows, Sports etc) Cashing on the Social networking [email protected]
  • 22. THANK [email protected]