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Hibiscus Matters Marine Feature 2012

Transcript of Hibiscus Matters Marine Feature 2012

  • Hibiscusmatters 14 November 2012 | 17

    M A R I N E F E AT U R E

    ANCHORSaweighBy Trent Armstrong, journalism graduateHibiscus Coast surfer Thomas Kibblewhite is on the threshold of surfing greatness, being only a whisker away from becoming the first New Zealander ever to qualify for the mens division of the prestigious Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Longboard Tour Thomas, together with female surfer Wini Paul of Sandy Bay, qualified as first reserves for next years ASP World Longboard Tour.Depending on factors such as the results of the surfers above them on the ratings, they may be called up to compete in the event; this would make them the first New Zealanders to qualify for the prestigious tour, where 30 of the worlds top longboard surfers compete for prizes of up to $50,000.The process of qualifying is extremely difficult, but when Thomas (or TK), who is the current NZ Open National Longboard champion, placed 5th in the Whalebone Classic earlier this year, it was enough to see him qualify 4th overall, and make the reserve list. Thomas, aged 29, says he is pretty stoked to be so close to his goal.Ive been working really hard towards this for the past three or four years

    Everone from children to corporates will be encouraged to go casual and wear their jandals next month to support Surf Lifesaving NZs annual appeal day.National Jandal Day was first launched in December 2007 and raised approximately $260,000. This amount has steadily increased each year as the profile of Jandal Day has grown and last year more than $350,000 was raised.This year Jandal Day has been incorporated into a wider Appeal Week that concludes with Coca Cola Christmas in the Park an event that donates proceeds to Surf Lifesaving NZ.Surf lifeguards will collect donations from December 28. Local lifeguards will be collecting for their clubs who will use the money raised on essential items such as rescue equipment, first aid supplies, lifesaving instruction and the every-day running of surf clubs.Donations can also be made at any State Insurance office, or online at www.surflifesaving.org.nz, or you can text SURF to 4483 to make an instant $3 donation.

    Jandals to foot lifesaving bills

    Coast surfer lined up for longboard tour

    now, he says.Thomas, who also won this years Hyundai Longboard Tour, says he hopes that other local surfers will be inspired to work towards competing internationally.Thomas lives in Red Beach and has been on the Coast most of his life. He is largely self-taught and has surfed for 16 years, including 14 years as a competitive surfer.Thomas is heavily involved in the Orewa Longboard Club, and runs his own busy surfboard repair business in Whangaparaoa, called Ding King. The balance between work and

    surfing can be hectic, but essential, to pay for getting to these big events.Making it this far in any sport requires some help, and Nick Humphreys of Underground Skate is one of Thomas main supporters.Its rad to see one of the local boys who weve looked after over the years do so well on the world stage, Nick says. Its a real testament to TKs drive and determination. Thomas has a range of other sponsors, but still needs financial support. Last year he had to find more than $20,000 for competing and travel.Contact Thomas at [email protected]

    Thomas Kibblewhite in action at Mt Maunganui. Photo, Cpl

    (09) 307 8005www.360discovery.co.nz Contact us to book: [email protected]

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  • | Hibiscusmatters 14 November 201218

    M A R I N E F E AT U R E


    TwoStroke Torque. FourStroke E ciency. Largestdisplacementinitsclass Compactandlowestweightindesign

    Fewermovingparts Quietoperation

    01583 Mercury 150hp Powerband ad_v1 1 21/12/11 9:53 AM

    6:05 am 8:05 pm

    6:05 am 8:06 pm

    6:04 am 8:08 pm

    6:03 am 8:09 pm

    6:02 am 8:10 pm

    6:02 am 8:11 pm

    6:01 am 8:12 pm

    12/11 13/11 14/11 15/11 16/11 17/11 18/11

    6:00 am 8:13 pm

    6:00 am 8:14 pm

    5:59 am 8:15 pm

    5:59 am 8:16 pm

    5:58 am 8:17 pm

    5:58 am 8:18 pm

    5:57 am 8:19 pm

    19/11 20/11 21/11 22/11 23/11 24/11 25/11

    5:57 am 8:20 pm

    5:57 am 8:21 pm

    5:56 am 8:22 pm

    5:56 am 8:23 pm

    5:56 am 8:24 pm

    5:55 am 8:25 pm

    5:55 am 8:26 pm

    26/11 27/11 28/11 29/11 30/11 1/12 2/12

    5:55 am 8:27 pm

    5:55 am 8:28 pm

    5:55 am 8:28 pm

    5:55 am 8:29 pm

    5:55 am 8:30 pm

    5:55 am 8:31 pm

    5:55 am 8:32 pm

    3/12 4/12 5/12 6/12 7/12 8/12 9/12

    5:55 am 8:33 pm

    5:55 am 8:33 pm

    5:55 am 8:34 pm

    5:55 am 8:35 pm

    5:56 am 8:36 pm

    5:56 am 8:36 pm

    5:56 am 8:37 pm

    10/12 11/12 12/12 13/12 14/12 15/12 16/12

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday saTurday sunday

    SunriSe /SunSet timeS ~ nOVemBerDeCemBer 2012

    671 Whangaparaoa Rd, Auckland Ph (09) 424 5556 Fax (09) 424 1948 [email protected] www.gulflandmarine.co.nz

    Fishing Contest1st weekend every Month

    Open Entry: Adults $10, Juniors $4 Great Prizes

    For details www.hibiscuscoastboatclub.com

    Next Contest December 1 & 2

    by Matt Turner of Coastguard HibiscusThey say that if you want something done its best to ask a busy person, and few local boaties can have more on their plate than Barry Baz Norgrove.Baz mixes leisure, business and Coastguard operations into his time on the water, as well as running a portfolio of IT, finance and property investment companies, and being dad to two teenage girls. Earlier this week he was at the helm as the Prince of Wales was taken from Devoport to Mechanics Bay aboard Sealegs vessel Hibiscus 2.I was stoked to be selected to skipper Hibiscus 2 for the royal visit, Baz says. He is also a fan of the boat, which he says is ideal for Coastguard work, but also commands respect. Its not for the faint-hearted and will surely sort out the men from the boys in heavy weather, he says.The 46-year-old moved to the Hibiscus Coast almost eight years ago. Like many Kiwis, hes been mucking about in boats since he was knee-high.Today, he runs luxury charter vessels and jet boat thrill rides, and leads jetski tours out of the Viaduct Basin, an occupation he describes as wicked fun, but his formal training only began in 2006 upon joining Hibiscus Sea Rescue, now Coastguard Hibiscus. Baz says that joining Coastguard made him realise how much he had to learn.When I joined Coastguard I thought I was an okay boatie. I quickly realised how much I didnt know and that was a lot.Within three years he was approached to join Auckland Coastguard, and

    Barry Norgrove skippering Prince Charles from Devonport to Mechanics Bay in Auckland is all in a days work.

    Salt water in the blood of top Hibiscus Coast skipper

    currently he skippers not only the two Hibiscus rescue vessels but also Aucklands Trillian Rescue Alpha, ASB Rescue and Lion Foundation Rescue. Baz has racked up more than 3000 on-water hours on patrol and attended more than 600 search and rescue (SAR) incidents. Last year, he was appointed a SAR Co-ordinator, which means that hes often in charge of running the operation. Being self-employed enables him to respond to incidents at short notice and he is regularly required to rescue people who have taken to sea woefully under-prepared. However he says the thing to remember is that all boaties can get caught out.It pays not to be judgmental although occasionally that can be a bit of a challenge.Education is also a string to Bazs bow. He is a tutor for the Coastguards Boating Education courses, and last month travelled to Uruguay to provide training for the nations marine SAR agency.

    Coastguard Education Cruises

    Book your tickets on-line at www.coastguard.org.nz or contact the team at Coastguard on 09 303 4303.

    Waiheke / Coromandel Tues 27th November. 5pm - 10pm (approx)From Fullers Downtown Ferry Terminal Coastguard Member $55 Non-Member $65

    Mahurangi / Kawau Tues 4th December. 5pm - 10pm (approx)From Fullers Downtown Ferry Terminal Coastguard Member $50 Non-Member $60

  • Hibiscusmatters 14 November 2012 | 19

    M A R I N E F E AT U R E

    Cleaning Re-tubing Custom-made new boats

    Annual servicing Repairs/Restoration Free pick up and delivery on the

    North Shore All workmanship guaranteed

    Trade-ins welcomeLOW & HIGH TIDE TABLE (times & heights)


    [email protected]

    Phone Dan 0800 inflate (463 528) or 021 886 642

    Laurie Southwick ParadeGulf Harbour Marina

    05:20 3.011:19 0.617:35 3.123:45 0.4

    06:16 3.212:13 0.518:30 3.3

    00:39 0.307:09 3.413:05 0.319:25 3.3

    01:31 0.208:01 3.513:57 0.320:19 3.4

    02:23 0.108:52 3.614:50 0.221:13 3.4

    03:14 0.109:44 3.615:43 0.322:06 3.4

    04:05 0.210:36 3.516:37 0.322:59 3.3

    04:57 0.311:30 3.417:32 0.423:53 3.2

    05:51 0.512:25 3.318:29 0.5

    00:48 3.106:49 0.613:22 3.219:27 0.6

    01:45 2.907:50 0.814:19 3.020:25 0.7

    02:45 2.908:53 0.815:15 3.021:22 0.7

    03:45 2.809:53 0.916:10 2.922:17 0.7

    04:42 2.810:48 0.917:02 2.923:09 0.7

    19/11 20/11 21/11 22/11 23/11 24/11 25/11

    05:36 2.911:38 0.917:52 2.923:56 0.7

    06:24 2.912:23 0.818:39 2.9

    00:41 0.707:08 3.013:05 0.819:23 2.9

    01:22 0.607:49 3.013:45 0.820:05 2.9

    02:01 0.608:28 3.114:24 0.820:46 2.9

    02:38 0.609:05 3.115:02 0.821:25 2.9

    03:16 0.609:42 3.115:41 0.822:03 2.9

    26/11 27/11 28/11 29/11 30/11 1/12 2/12

    03:54 0.610:20 3.016:22 0.822:42 2.9

    04:33 0.710:59 3.017:03 0.823:23 2.8

    05:14 0.711:41 3.017:47 0.8

    00:06 2.806:00 0.812:27 3.018:35 0.8

    00:54 2.806:51 0.813:16 2.919:26 0.8

    01:47 2.807:48 0.914:09 2.920:21 0.7

    02:46 2.808:49 0.815:06 3.021:20 0.7

    3/12 4/12 5/12 6/12 7/12 8/12 9/12

    10/12 11/12 12/12 13/12 14/12 15/12 16/12 05:52 3.211:49 0.518:07 3.2

    00:17 0.306:48 3.412:45 0.419:06 3.3

    03:49 2.909:52 0.816:06 3.022:20 0.6

    04:52 3.010:52 0.717:07 3.123:20 0.5

    01:12 0.207:42 3.513:40 0.320:02 3.4

    02:05 0.208:35 3.614:34 0.320:57 3.4

    02:57 0.109:27 3.615:27 0.321:50 3.4


    12/11 13/11 14/11 15/11 16/11 17/11 18/11

    Phone Dan 0800 inflate (463 528) Laurie Southwick Parade

    14:34 0.320:57 3.4

    15:27 0.321:50 3.4

    09:27 3.6

    Phone Dan 0800 inflate (463 528)

    15:27 0.321:50 3.4

    *Remember to add an hour for daylight savings

    A generous donation from a local Rotarian helped make the Hibiscus Coast Kindergartens Ducky Derby fundraiser this month all the sweeter for organisers.The duck purchased by Orewa Rotarian Peter Little took full advantage of a strong tail wind and was first home in the race from the South Bridge up the Estuary; Peter then chose to donate his $500 cash prize back to the kindergarten.An additional boost to the kindergartens coffers came from this years innovation of the Corporate Duck, which 11 local businesses purchased for $200 each, with the prize of a workplace shout sponsored by Pak n Save.The much larger corporate ducks were launched after the flock of 450 small ones, and first to cross the line was the Millwater duck.The Ducky Derby has been held since 2009 and is the kindergartens main fundraiser.The event, which this year was on November 4, features entertainment on Western Reserve in and around the Hibiscus Coast Youth Centre, and a race of plastic ducks down the Estuary.Organiser Karina Stringer says this year the crowd was smaller, but the event still brought in $6000 the same as in previous years. This will be used to pay for fencing, pavers and plants to create a native nature area behind the kindergarten. The event was supported by volunteers from Orewa Rotary, Whangaparaoa Lions, Orewa Girl Guides and Orewa Surf Club.

    Ducky Derby organiser Karina Stringer with giant ducks sponsored by local corporates.

    Icing duck-shaped biscuits.

    Duck race goes swimmingly

    GULF HARBOUR TO TIRITIRI MATANGI ISLANDTIMETABLEOperates Weds/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun & Public Holidays (excl. Christmas Day)

    Departs Gulf Harbour Arrives back at Gulf Harbour

    9.50am 4.00pm

    FARES Ferry Guided Walk

    Adult $49.00 $5.00

    Senior $44.00 $5.00

    Child (5-15yrs) $24.50 $2.50

    Family (2ad+2ch) $125.00

    Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment.

    Check in on the day of your trip is 30 minutes prior departure.

    Timetables and fares are correct at time of printing. 360 Discovery reserves the right to change fares and departures without notice.


    Departs: Gulf Harbour Departs: Auckland City (Pier 4)

    Mon - Fri 7.00am Mon - Fri 4.40pmMon - Fri 7.30am Mon Fri 5.35pm* Wed - Sun 3.50pm * Wed Sun 9.00amFARES Adult Child Student Ferry One Way $13.70 $8.20 $8.20

    Ferry Return $26.70 $16.80 $16.80

    10 Trip Concession $123.00 $73.80 $80.0040 Trip Concession $301.50 N/A N/AOne Month Concession** $234.00 N/A N/A

    * Please phone to confirm 9:00am and 3:50pm sailings as they are subject to change due to weather and seasonality.

    ** One Month Concession pass allows unlimited travel for one person on 360 Discovery Gulf Harbour ferries and Howick & Eastern Buses.

    SuperGold cardholders may travel for free on presentation of their card at the 360 Ticket Office for services departing Auckland (Mon-Fri, 4.40pm & 5.35pm only).

    360 Discovery Cruises

    0800 360 [email protected]/360discoverycruises

    TIMETABLE: Operates Weds/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun until 23rd Dec 2012 Operates daily from 26th December 2012 to 20th January 2013


    (09) 307 8005


  • | Hibiscusmatters 14 November 201220

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    Auckland Councils Safeswim water monitoring programme swung into action last week (November 6) in an effort to ensure that beaches are safe to swim at this summer.Council will be regularly collecting water samples at over 60 beaches across the region until March. Among the beaches being monitored are Hatfields Beach, Red Beach, Big Manly, Little Manly, Stanmore Bay, Matakatia, Okoromai and Army Bay. Further north, beaches at Wenderholm, Tawharanui, Anchor Bay, Omaha and Goat Island have a long history of very good water quality and therefore do not need to be monitored.

    Pollutants have a direct impact on waterways and the organisms living in them, including smothering aquatic life, damaging fish gills and mouthparts. By increasing the temperature and turbidity (cloudiness of water), pollutants can prevent light entering water, significantly altering the habitat. Even biodegradable liquids such as detergents and cleaners are pollutants. If you see pollutants discharged into the storm water system, creeks or streams, contact the Pollution Response Team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 09 377 3107.Your details will be handled confidentially.

    Sampling of water at local beaches has begun.

    Water cleanliness checked


  • Hibiscusmatters 14 November 2012 | 21

    M A R I N E F E AT U R E

    ANCHORSaweighThe cost of mooring a boat on the Hibiscus Coast is set to nearly double under new fees proposed by Auckland Council. Council is considering increasing swing mooring fees from $122 to $215.50 and pile mooring from $408 to $790.50.The increases are part of a move to standardise mooring permit fees across Auckland in 2013/14.Until now, there have been two separate mooring permit fee systems. A Council spokesperson says fees charged by the former Rodney District Council were subsidised by ratepayers, whereas the rest of Auckland had a

    user-pays system.Council is following Mayor Len Browns direction in implementing a budget where Aucklanders pay the same fees and the same rates for the same services, no matter where they live, the spokesperson said.On the Hibiscus Coast, swing mooring fees will rise by $93.50, while pile moorings will rise by $382.50.The fees cover the costs of services (such as those below) provided by the Harbourmasters Office: y Processing of applications including managing a waiting list for mooring management areas.

    y Stipulation of type and monitoring

    of mooring standards to suit particular sized vessels.

    y Allocation of specific mooring coordinates so as provide a safe swinging distance.

    y Registration of all moorings and their inclusion in the Auckland Council moorings database.

    y Management of mooring servicing contractors using established service level agreements.

    y Health and Safety monitoring of mooring contractors.

    y Notification to mooring owners and administration associated with the inspection programme.

    y Maintaining of a database with vessel and owner details so as to be able to promptly notify owners of any problems with their vessel.

    y Effective response to mooring owner enquiries and complaints associated with illegally occupied moorings.

    y Facilitation of the sale of mooring hardware through Councils internet systems and the bringing together of vendors and prospective buyers.

    All Hibiscus Coast mooring holders will be contacted by Council in the coming weeks regarding the proposed new fees and will be given the opportunity to have their say during the consultation period for the Annual Plan.

    Hibiscus Coast boaties face hefty fee increases

    By Damian Clayton, of Charter Connection.The snapper schools have arrived in the Hauraki Gulf and locally around Whangaparaoa Peninisula. This annual migration from the deeper water and outer reaches of the Gulf marks the beginning of the spawning season for snapper. They move into the Gulf to spawn as it is a big flat basin full of food sources

    and offers good shelter.Keeping the importance of this breeding season in mind, limit your catch to what you need and stay inside the current regulations of nine snapper over 27cm per person, per day. You are allowed a combined bag limit of 20 fish including other species such as kingfish, john dory and trevally.The fishing has been hotting up around Kawau Island over the last few

    weeks with the majority of fish being caught over the sand south of the island in 30m of water. The Tiri Channel too has been fishing pretty well especially early in the morning or later in the evenings. Try out on the sand at both ends of the channel too as good numbers of fish are coming from these areas. The infamous worm beds, an area between Whangaparaoa and

    Rangitoto Island that provides good feed (sand worms) for the snapper to graze on, have been producing good snapper using both baits and soft plastics. The Jitterbug and Bottomship slow jigs too have been fishing very well. I find using a light (25-30lb fluorocarbon leader about 23m long) helps these catch more fish. Dawn and dusk through here is a prime time to get into some bigger fish.

    Snapper breeding season a vital one for good fish stocks

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