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Hibiscus Matters Fitness Feature 2012

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  • Hibiscusmatters 3 October 2012 | 13


    Locally owned and operated, Kinetics is a physical rehabilitation clinic with a friendly approach and a passion for achieving results.

    For further information see kineticsrehab.co.nz

    To book your appointment phone:

    Orewa: 427 447747 Riverside Road

    Whangaparaoa: 424 5632632 Whangaparaoa Road





    Staying with that goal of improving fitness and good health is only possible long term if you find a form of exercise that you enjoy.Lynnette Hubbuck of Red Beach, and many more like her, found just that with a combination of Fun Fit and the Gravity classes that began last month at In Shape Studio in Whangaparaoa.Lynnette, who is in her 50s, says the best thing about the Gravity Training System, which is based on resistance and aerobic moves carried out on machine with a sliding platform and pulley weights, is that it turns a total body workout into a lot of fun.I always had my eye on the clock when I exercised, Lynnette says. The Gravity machines are very user friendly and make it feel like youre not really exercising, but when you get off you know youve had a proper workout.The machine itself, with its platform that can be raised or lowered at one end to an incline, was launched in 2003 in the United States and is the latest incarnation of the Total Gym machines made popular in the 1970s.Cardio, strength, endurance and resistance training can all be achieved on the one piece of equipment.Lynnette says regular workouts using

    Laurinda Howarth (foreground) takes Jan Howarth, and Lynnette Hubbuck (rear) for a Gravity class.

    the system have been part of finding a new zest for life.I have bags of energy and feel like Ive got my sparkle back, she says.Laurinda Howarth of Fun Fit introduced the Gravity classes and says shes excited about their potential.She says because the equipment sculpts the body with no impact, it can benefit everyone from people new to workouts to athletes, those rehabilitating from injury and ante and post-natal women which is why the machines have found their way into many physiotherapy clinics.A wide range of stretching, strength and aerobic exercises can be achieved on the equipment and an attachment can be added for Pilates.Laurinda is taking classes of up to 10 people using five machines and combining floor exercises with time on the equipment.She says although participants are guided through the workout, taking things at your own pace is what makes it empowering.People enjoy the process and quickly take control of it themselves. Thats why they walk out with a smile on their face.

    Fit for birthHelen Chisholm of InShape Studio has recently introduced PregFit and FitMums programs after experiencing for herself how important it is to adapt your exercise during pregnancy and to get your core and pelvic floor back in shape after the birth. Helen says the PregFit classes include Gravity training, cardio and pelvic floor work, as well as advice on staying healthy during pregnancy. FitMums is designed to help new mums get back into shape safely. Osteopath Koa Thompson assisted with the programme. She uses gentle, hands on treatment to help with back and pelvis problems, optimising the potential for a natural birth.

    H e a lt H & F i t n e s s F e at U R e

    FITf ightingGravity provides smooth slide into better fitness

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    H e a lt H & F i t n e s s F e at U R e

    FITf ightingThe number of women taking up kickboxing and Taekwon-do as summer approaches has come as a pleasant surprise to Dynamic Martial Arts instructor Dave Sawyer.He says he can see a time when women may outnumber men at his club in Silverdale, as they become aware of the benefits of the sport which include increased fitness and confidence as well as the family friendly nature of the club.Some women relatively new to martial arts are taking their first tentative steps into competition, including three friends from the Hibiscus Coast, April Brooker, Janine Harman and Suzy Thompson.April, who is a psychology student, took up kickboxing around six months ago, after seeing her six-year-old sons enjoyment of the sport.

    She encouraged Suzy and Janine to join and all three are now regulars, training every day.Fulltime mother Suzy, who currently trains eight hours a week, says she would double that if she didnt have to juggle her time at the club with the care of 10-month-old daughter Samantha, describing kickboxing as addictive.Although she says first putting on the padding and gloves for a competition for the first time feels odd, competitive fighting is a journey of self-discovery and all about improving your skills.Everyone helps each other get to the next level, so its a supportive group to be with, she says.For yoga teacher Janine, the combination of flexibility and strength needed for kickboxing is second nature. Rather than fighting, she entered the competitive arena in

    Around 30 women representing a wide range of community organisations met to celebrate Suffrage Day with breakfast at Joust in Orewa on September 19.Keynote speaker Tracey Swanberg, manager of North Shore Womens Centre, spoke about the importance of collaboration in combating

    Family Violence. She said there has been much talk for 15 years about collaboration between various government departments in order to implement an integrated approach to stopping violence in the Family.Clear roles need to be established so that there is an understanding of what

    information can be shared and what will not be given out, she said.She says the North Shore Womens Centre is making positive progress in preventing domestic violence, but while there are many excellent initiatives, lack of resources means others are unable to proceed.

    She said it is frustrating to see welfare changes taking place that may lead women into hardship and poverty.The breakfast is hosted annually by the Hibiscus Coast branch of the National Council of Women to mark the date in 1893 when NZ women were given the right to vote.

    From left, kickboxers April Brooker, Janine Harman and Suzy Thompson.

    Fitness for kicks on Coast

    Family violence discussed at Suffrage Day breakfast meeting

    the musical patterns section, which is about performing a sequence of moves to music. She will compete in her first tournament next month.All three say that kickboxing has been easy to learn, because Dave focuses attention on basic techniques.

    Weve had no injuries because correct technique comes naturally, April says.April took part in her first fight in the Points section of the King Country Light Contact Open in Te Kuiti last month (September 23) and came away with a bronze award.


    OFFER ENDS31/10/2012

    No lock in contracts. Low fees. Open 24/7.From 19.95 per fortnight*


    ExclusivE NEw BalaNcE OffEr - 40% OFF ALL ONLINE pURCHASES

    frEE NutritiONal E BOOk

    frEE 1 HOur Pt sEssiON

    Savings will vary based on available membership option. Fortnightly membership options are based on a recur-ring direct debit from a nominated bank account or credit card and each direct debit transaction will incur a $1.75 ezidebit administration charge. ^Family membership option is available to immediate family or when two or more members from the same household join the one club. Jetts Fitness terms and conditions apply and are available

    at www.jetts.co.nz or at your local Jetts club.

    R U G B Y

    0800 JETTS 247www.jetts.co.nz

    Jetts Fitness Whangaparaoa The plaza, 5 Link Crescent Whangaparaoa09 215 [email protected]

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    H e a lt H & F i t n e s s F e at U R e

    FITf ighting


    Together Believe AchieveNgatahi Whakapono - Tutuki

    Phone 424 9177 Ext 236 or email [email protected]

    for further information and an application form.(When emailing please advise your preference for short or long-term stays)

    Enjoy the Cultural ExperienceWe currently are looking for caring families to homestay Japanese

    students for a period of 8 days (22-29 November 2012). We are also interested in hearing from families that would like

    to host students for either short-term or long-term stays.Preferably seeking families with at least one high school child within the home (however other families will be considered)

    Attractive weekly remuneration will be provided.

    Ph: 09 426 7111 Em: [email protected]

    Ph Justin Dwen 0221 629 935 or www.maxwellclinic.co.nz

    Facials, Waxing, Brazilians, Tinting,Brow Shaping, Cellulite Legs Massages, Manicures & Pedicures. angela

    birksskin therapy

    Treat the whole you

    Orewa Osteopathy offers a professional and effective approach to conditions such as low back and neck pain, headaches, muscle pain and sports injuries. We take time to establish a diagnosis and explain to every patient all factors relating to their problem.

    To fi nd out more visit www.osteopathy.co.nz or phone 426 7111 to make an appointment.

    I am an ACC Registered Acupuncture provider and am able to provide you with, Acupuncture and Tuina (Chinese Therapeutic Massage) services under ACC that will speed up your recovery time. I treat a wide variety of injuries and internal disorders such as muscular and joint pain, headaches, sciatica, insomnia and many more, I am a registered Natural Fertility consultant and specialise in fertility and acupuncture treatment.

    MaxWell Clinic can help you!


    Phone 427 8333 or 0210 256 0367 www.facebook.com/rebeccataplin1

    Taking time out to relax, revive and revitalise is important to your total wellbeing. I offer divine

    treatments to do just that. Relaxation, Therapeutic, Hot Stone, Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage and Reiki.

    Contact me; Becky Taplin and spring into your summer!

    Orewa House Orewas best kept secret. Nestled amongst beautiful pohutakawa trees, bordering Eaves Bush Reserve with birdsong & water views, is Orewa house. Located at the northern end of Orewa beach, right next door to Walnut Cottage Caf is Orewas oldest homestead a beautiful historic building. Orewa house is now

    home to the Orewa Health & Wellness Centre. Included in the practitioner group at Orewa House are:

    Orewas best kept secret is now out!

    498 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, Aucklandwww.orewahouse.co.nz

    Orewas best kept secret is now out!

    25% DISCOUNT off your fi rst visit for all new clients

    angela birks skin therapy

    Stockist of Environ Skin Care & Jane Iredale Makeup.

    To make an appointmentPhone 427 4456www.orewahouse.co.nz

    Despite a significant reduction in tooth decay and gum disease over the last decade, oral hygiene still remains a major health problem for both children and adults in NZ.Statistics from the World Health Organisation show that dental decay affects 60 to 90 percent of school children in the developed world, with 44 per cent of five-year-olds with at least one decayed, missing or filled tooth.Auckland Regional Dental Service clinical director Dr Satha Kanagaratnam says both tooth decay and gum disease are preventable. The 2009 NZ Oral Health Survey showed that across all populations and age groups there were high levels of decay and disease, he says. Decay can be prevented and even reversed by reducing sugar intake, using fluoride toothpastes and by other preventive measures.Preventing decay in young children is important because it can result in pain, and infection and can affect their weight and health in general. Children should have dental checks from the age of one onwards.Periodontal disease, caused by an accumulation of plaque, is a condition that usually begins in childhood and increases in severity through early

    Treatment of oral disease is expensive.

    Put the bite on oral hygiene

    adulthood to middle age. The first sign is painless bleeding from the gum margins. If this is left unheeded, the bone that supports the tooth root may be attacked and the teeth may eventually become painful and mobile. Although severity varies, about 95 percent of adults exhibit the condition to some degree.Dr Kanagaratnam says with an increasing number of people living longer and retaining their own teeth, older adults are more prone to decay and periodontal diseases.Which is why brushing teeth and gums twice daily, regular dental check ups and quitting smoking is so important.

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    Sportwith Chris [email protected]

    Freephone 0800 24 39 357 Tamariki House Orewa www.agewellnz.com

    Do you want to grow older with wellness?At Agewell we specialise in

    helping you to age with vitality.

    At Agewell our goal is to help you not just to feel ok, but to FEEL GREAT

    I feel better than I have for years; thank goodness I went to see

    Deborah at Agewell. MelMedical Herbalist and Naturopath.

    Health solutions for the family

    Call us now for a FREE quotePhone 424 2989

    or 021 842 989 [email protected] www.neatandtidybins.co.nz


    a perfect choice for moving house, renovating or just a good tidy up...so easy.

    We deliver, you fill it, we take it away!

    Bin sizes: 3m, 4m, 6m & 9m Domestic or commercial Fast friendly service Long & short term hire

    Daily/weekly basis We service all areas Competitive rates Locally owned & operated Rubbish pick up from just $70

    Free half hour of labour included

    Seniors ClubA special discounted membership for those aged 60+ who have plenty more life to live. Pop in & see us today!

    Corner of Hibiscus Coast Highway and Whangaparaoa Road, Silverdale 09 421 9700www.northernarena.co.nz

    As the summer months begin to creep closer, many us of will spend a few extra moments in front of the mirror contemplating how an additional layer of padding seems to have magically appeared over winter. Consequently, our next thoughts shift to the practical problem of how to remove this winter coat. It may not be as difficult as you would first think. The current buzz in health and exercise circles is a concept called Non-Exothermic Activity Thermogenisis, also known as NEAT. Despite its complex name, NEAT is a very simple idea that can help shape long term health and exercise habits and produce very positive change to a persons well-being. Coined by Dr. Levine and Dr. Lanningham-Foster of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA, NEAT refers to all of the energy your body uses when it is not sleeping, eating or exercising. In simple terms it is the calories burned not by exercise, but by regular, daily activities; for the average person this time can be up to 90 percent of their waking day. Surprisingly, it has been found that NEAT activities such as parking your car a few blocks from work and walking, taking the stairs instead of using the elevator or washing the dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher has a greater impact on weight control than formal, regimented exercise. Unfortunately this does not mean you can throw out the running shoes, start ordering large takeaways, wash the dishes by hand and still maintain a healthy weight. The most successful results will be seen with a balanced diet, regular exercise and NEAT activities incorporated into your day.NEAT habits to consider:At work: Walking meetings If meetings are slightly less formal there is no need to remain strapped to your work desk; send fewer internal emails walk across the room and talk to people At home: Housework can be exercise. Put some music on, get the vacuum out and get active; turn the TV off and do something productive. Clean the car or wash the windows, youll have a great sense of satisfaction from completing something The effectiveness of NEAT lies in its simplicity. However, these activities must be planned or built into your day for at least the first month in order to become habitual. Stick with this and a smile will surely replace the concerned look on that reflection in your mirror.

    NEAT ways to get active for summer

    HEALTH BY LOGICgood health and wellbeing naturally



    ... and so much more for all the family!!

    20 Silverdale Street, Silverdale. Phone/Fax 09 421 1273www.healthbylogic.co.nz

    good health and wellbeing naturallyOdourless Fish Oil

    MICROGENICS2000mg x 200 capsules

    Only $29

    Sporting survey releasedPerhaps the most surprising aspect of the Sport NZ Young Peoples Survey, released last week, is that Auckland Council contributed $110,000 to help fund it. Key findings include that: children still like to participate in well-established sports such as football, rugby, netball, athletics, swimming and cycling; schools and clubs are important settings for sport and recreation; coaches and instructors play a role in developing young peoples sporting skills and that playful activity has a significant role. Although these results seem only to state the obvious, Council says the research will enable it to support community sport more strategically. Last year more than 17,000 students from schools around the country participated in the survey. Auckland primary, intermediate and secondary students made up 5000 of the respondents and a further 3000 Auckland students were surveyed in a booster sample, to provide the base line for the Auckland Plan target. In total 195 Auckland schools participated. The aim was to better understand how, why and where Kiwi kids get involved in sport and recreation. Results showed that seven out of 10 boys (72.6 percent) and six out of 10 girls (60.3 percent) said they like playing sport. The full report is at www.sportnz.org-nz/yps

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    H e a lt H & F i t n e s s F e at U R e


    www.woodcocks.co.nzPH: 09 4222 122

    Someone somewhere needs YOU! be the one

    Orewa Community Centre

    Hillary Square THUR 18 OCT 1pm - 7pm FRI 19 OCT 9am - 2pm


    Its not often that an 80-year-old gets a silver medal in her chosen sport, but Margaret Burgess is the exception. Margaret, who is a member of the Hibiscus Coast Veterans Tennis Club, competed in the annual Super Seniors tennis tournament in Umag, Croatia last month. This was a world championship event conducted by the International Tennis Federation. Margaret competed in a number of events for women aged 80 plus and her silver medal came in the womens doubles, where she competed with a partner from Hamilton.

    Wentworth Primary School raised $137 for Loud Shirt Day on September 21. All 35 of the schools pupils donned their brightest tops and enjoyed a sausage sizzle. Loud Shirt Day was celebrated at several Primary schools and pre-schools on the Coast. It aims to raise awareness of deafness in children. All the funds raised help The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Paediatric Programme to provide free therapy to profoundly deaf children. Pictured are the Wentworth Primary students celebrating Loud Shirt Day.

    The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation needs an additional 3000 volunteers nationally to help with its Pink Ribbon Street Appeal, which is on October 12 and 13. The Foundation is inviting volunteers to give two hours of their time to help

    raise funds to educate young women about breast cancer and the need to be aware of their family history and other risk factors. Donations to the appeal will also support the Foundations work in community education, breast

    cancer research, patient registers and supporting women who are recovering from or living with the disease. Breast Cancer is the most common cancer for women of all ages. Info: www.onlineregistration.co.nz/pinkribbon or phone 0508 105 105.

    Recruits needed for Pink Army collection

    f ighting

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    Unit C, 69-89 Gulf Harbour Drive, Gulf Harbour Phone 428 4840 www.hairatbronz.co.nz

    email: [email protected]

    Book in for any full colour service in

    October & get your spray tan for just $20.Terms and conditions apply please enquire w

    hen booking

    Do it, Live it, Love it!

    Put the spring feeling back into your life! You can now enhance your experience at bronz with the mini make over. Manicures, pedicures,

    & spray tans are now available.

    Is PAIN or INJURY stopping you doing the things you enjoy?

    Headaches? Manual therapy and Postural Correction is proven effective treatment. See Peter Melvin and the team for help.

    CALL US NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION Orewa: 174 Centreway Rd. Ph 426 1945 Red Beach: 9 Bay St. Ph 426 6619 Stanmore Bay: (Leisure Centre) Brightside Rd. Ph 426 6619 Manly: 53c Rawhiti Rd. Ph 424 1309 Home Care at your place: Ph 426 6619.

    Community Foot Services

    Clinic: The Peaks, 689 Whangaparaoa RdRAY HAGUE

    Phone (09) 424 2887

    Home Visits

    Healthwith Physiotherapist Tony Forde [email protected]

    As spring is here and people are restarting sports such as running or Touch, physiotherapists start to see more people seeking treatment for muscle strains and aggravation of recurrent niggles. One of the most common problems, especially with sports involving fast bursts of sprinting such as Touch, is hamstring injury. Sometimes this is the first time its happened for a patient, but not usually; hamstring injuries are thought to have the highest recurrence of all injuries with over 30 percent in some sports. The hamstrings attach from below the knee to above the hip and consist of three muscles (the semitendinosus and semimembranosus on the inside of the leg and the biceps femoris on the outside of the leg). Most injuries tend to occur in these long muscles when at full sprint just before the foot lands on the floor. This is when the hamstrings are at full stretch. The injury is frequently reported as a sharp pain felt into the back of the thigh. The following factors can predispose a person to hamstring injury: older age, as muscles generally become weaker; previous hamstring strains; people with pre-season hamstring tightness; poor core stability which can lead to the pelvis tipping forwards; weakness or incorrect muscle firing in the gluteals (bottom muscles) that can lead to over contraction of the hamstrings; poor or incorrect warm ups; poor fitness and fatigue (data shows most hamstring injuries occur in the last quarter of a rugby game). To reduce the risk of hamstring injuries, ensure that you have an adequate warm up involving jogging, side to side and backwards runs, long stepping lunges, leg swings without forcing the leg up too high, sprint drills with sudden stops and turns and slow hamstring stretches (stand with the leg to be stretched straight out forwards, bend forwards and slowly move your fingers down the front leg keeping your back straight repeat 10 times). Always stretch off and cool down after any activity to reduce the risk of delayed onset muscle soreness. I recommend that anyone who experiences the frustration of pulling the hamstring, or has pain in the back of the thigh, should see a physiotherapist for correct diagnosis as it could be a problem with the gluteals, core stability or a sciatic nerve problem referred from the back. It is vital to address this, as these problems can themselves lead to recurring hamstring injuries. Treatment may involve soft tissue or trigger point release, stretches, specific strengthening and core stability training, strapping, kinesiotape or acupuncture.

    Hamstsrung by hamstrings

    Multi-talented athletes take on Coast ChallengeMultisporters are stepping up their training for the annual Canoe & Kayak Rodney Coast Challenge, which takes place on November 18. The event, which is a fundraiser for the Kaukapakapa Scout Group, attracts around 500 novice and experienced athletes who can race as individuals or in teams. With four short stages a 10km forest run, 30km road cycle, 25km mountain bike, 8km kayak (down the Puhoi River), and a 150m run to the finish the race takes between 3hrs 15 minutes and 6 hours to complete. Info: www.rcc.org.nz

    Rugby reunionNext year on Queens Birthday weekend Silverdale United Rugby Football Club will celebrate 50 years since it merged with Kaukapakapa club. The club is seeking photos, memorabilia, books, video footage or anything that can be shared with past and present members. Info: phone Sue Turner, 021 370 906 or Don Douglas, 424 5574.

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    H e a lt H & F i t n e s s F e at U R e

    FITf ighting

    3 Shop 2 Silverdale Street www.idhair.co.nz Phone 426 9030

    How hair is meant

    to be.

    Phone 424 3254 Mobile: 022 127 009815 Fishermans Cove, Army Bay Whangaparaoa

    Em: [email protected] www.hibiscusneurorehab.co.nz

    To discuss your needs or for an assessment contact

    Present this voucher to receive 30% o

    your rst initial assessment when booking

    in September and October 2012

    A community based physiotherapist service for people on the Hibiscus Coast

    Accesible, ongoing Neurological Rehabilitation for patients with Stroke, Parkinsons Disease and other Neurological conditions including

    Vestibular and Falls Rehabilitation.

    This years Hospice Fashion Show features a number of big names, including David Pond and Joseph Ribkoff and is headlined by NZ designer Annah Stretton.Annahs Spring/Summer collection was designed around the theme of Roses are Red. It references the Stepford Wives with bright and beautiful frocks in sumptuous fabrics.Annah says the current colour trends that will be on display at the Hospice show include mint green, creamy tones, neutral blues, stripes in bold colours, bright reds and all prints. Dresses, skirts, blouses, handbags, shoes in bold prints will also be on show. Annah suggests embracing prints by pairing them with bold necklaces and statement shoes.For the first time the Hospice Fashion

    A recent change affecting many diabetics means there will be significant disruption for patients according to Orewa Care Chemist owner Antony Wentworth. Last month, Pharmac added the CareSens blood glucose testing meter and strips to those that it subsidises and will only cover that brand from March 1. Pharmac, which has entered into an agreement with Pharmaco NZ to be the sole supplier of CareSens test strips and meters, says the change will save $10 million annually.Around 150,000 New Zealanders with diabetes use the meters and test strips to monitor their blood glucose levels. Type 1 diabetics needed to test five to 10 times a day, while Type 2 diabetics test up to four times a day. Diabetics who currently use the Accu-

    chek meter need to change over before next March.The new meter means a lot of people need to relearn something they have been well used to, Mr Wentworth says. Many of our diabetic customers have expressed concern about this. We are to prescribe the new CareSens meters without a prescription to help this changeover. Otherwise see your GP on your next visit.Antony says his pharmacy has good quantities of the new CareSens meters and test strips and have extra staff trained to help with the change over.The other change Pharmac has introduced enables patient access to funded insulin pumps, which Mr Wentworth says could life changing for a Type 1 diabetic, so is a positive move.

    Annah Strettons designs will be a highlight of this years Hospice Fashion show.

    Stretton struts her stuff for Hospice fashion fundraiser

    show includes a segment dedicated to the men, put together by Orewa Menswear, featuring everything from beachwear through to formal attire.Tickets from www.hibiscushopsice.org.nz or phone 421 9180.Hospice Fashion Show Whangaparaoa College Auditorium, Delshaw Ave, Whangaparaoa October 17, 6.30pm

    Diabetics wary of Pharmac changes

    Have fun whilst sculpting and toning your body for summer. Childcare facilities available, perfect for coffee groups and mums, get your friends and book a time today. Limited spaces for the term so book NOW.

    InShape Studios new PregFit and NewMums programs will keep you fi t and healthy before and after baby. Group sessions include Gravity training, cardio and pelvic fl oor work for only $20 a week Phone Helen 021 888 476.

    Group sessions include Gravity Training, cardio

    and pelvic fl oor exercise for only $20 a week.

    Unit 3, 55-57 Karepiro Drive, Whangaparaoa www.inshapestudio.co.nz

    Mention this ad & pay only $5 for your fi rst class (saving $10)

    NEW Gravity classes start mid October with funfi t at InShape Studio

    Have fun whilst sculpting and toning your body for summer. Childcare facilities available, perfect for coffee groups and mums, get your friends and book a time today. Limited spaces for the term so book NOW.

    NEW Gravity classes start mid October with funfi t at InShape Studio

    Phone: Laurinda 0800 funfi t (0800 386 348) or email: [email protected] t.co.nz

    PregFit recommends Koa and her gentle techniques to keep you mobile and help with a safe & natural birth. Koa specialising in cranial

    work with babies to help with post birth problems.

    InShape Studios new PregFit and NewMums programs will keep

    Koa Thompson Phone: 09 424 7970.

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    New premises with Whangaparaoa Physio


    12 Wade River Rd, Whangaparaoa Phone 428 3888 Mobile 021 0550 464

    Cracked heels Home visitsIngrowing/thickened toenails

    Painful corns Orthotic Supports

    New premises with Whangaparaoa Physio



    Fiona Stark Dip.Pod.,S.R.Pod

    H e a lt H & F i t n e s s F e at U R e

    FITf ighting

    The Plaza, Whangaparaoa Ph 424 7373Salon Open Sundays from Mid October

    Shop local for your favourite hair productsAvailable in store now

    Beautiful babies in demandPhoto sessions begin next month at Manly Care Chemist for the eighth annual Hibiscus Coast baby photo competition. Last year the competition, which raises funds for the local Parents Centre, attracted more than 100 entries and raised around $4500. This year the prize pool is valued at more than $1000. Every contestant also goes home with a basket of goodies, including the photo of their baby. The competition is for photos of babies under two years old. Bookings for the photo sessions are being taken now at Manly Care Chemist in Manly Village and entry forms can be picked up there. Photos will be taken at the pharmacy from October 1520.

    A quiet Saturday morning in Orewa suddenly became something out of the ordinary when a flash mob jumped to its feet to dance in Moana Reserve.The group of around 30 women, all members of Curves Orewa, performed dance moves to music for a few minutes then dissolved back into the crowd.Surprised onlookers walking their dogs, or having breakfast at cafes, said it was lovely to be entertained in such a positive, fun and unexpected way.The flash mob was part of Curves annual Not for Sissies Day, which is about trying something adventurous.A weeks rehearsal took place prior to the event, but many members just joined in on the day for fun.

    Curves Orewa owner Lesley Browne says members take part in a wide range of activities on Not for Sissies Day, including jumping out of planes, towing semis and even playing tug of war with elephants.She says the No Limits flash mob was planned with the idea of showing Orewa residents the confidence that comes with strength and fitness.Not For Sissies is such a fun event for us this year, our members love the idea of getting out into the community and doing something theyve never done before, Lesley says. We wanted to do something fun.Everyone who took part said they are keen to do more so who knows where the next flash mob will pop up.

    Central Orewas first flash mob in action at Moana Reserve last month.

    Flash mob surprises Orewa

    HairDesigners Tamariki Plaza, Cammish Lane, Orewa Phone 426 5637

    Worried aboutchemicals?

    We are Delorenzo natural hair care - plant based certifi ed organic, no petrochemicals, no animal

    testing. Environmentally responsible.Maria - Stylist

    Christina Beautician

    Alanna - Stylist Jodie - Stylist Toni - Stylist

    Barbara - Stylist

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    Cuisine with Alison Holst

    Gloriously gluten free

    Hibiscus Matters has five copies of Alison Holsts Gluten Free Desserts & Baking (Hyndman Publishing) to give away. To be in to win, write your name, address and daytime

    The popularity of our first Gluten Free Baking book, which was published last year, and has had two reprints since, encouraged Simon and I to come up with some further gluten free recipes. Our new book, Gluten Free Desserts & Baking (Hyndman Publishing), contains some of our favourite desserts and puddings, which have been given gluten free makeovers, as well as a selection of new recipes. Weve also included some popular items such as crme brulee, panacotta and meringues, which are, by their nature, gluten free.

    For 12 cakes in large paper cups:1 cup (140g) rice flour1 cup (130g) tapioca flour2 tsp gluten free baking powder1 tsp guar gum100g butter, softened cup (170g) caster sugar2 tsp vanilla essence2 large (size 7) eggs cup (125ml) milkTo decorate:whipped cream raspberry or strawberry jam fresh strawberries or raspberries, optional icing sugar

    Preheat oven to 170C (160C fanbake), with the rack just below the middle. Put pleated paper muffin baking cups in 12 medium sized muffin pans. Sift dry ingredients together into a small bowl. Mix the softened (but not melted) butter and the sugar together in the food processor, until cream coloured, then add the vanilla and process again. Add one of the eggs and a tablespoon of flour mixture and process until the batter is smooth. Repeat with the second egg and another tablespoon of flour mixture. Tip the remaining flour mixture into the food processor and pour the milk over everything. Process in bursts until the flour is incorporated. Using two dessert spoons, spoon the mixture into the paper cases, using one spoon to help the mixture off the other. Each case should be about three quarters full. Bake for 1520 minutes until cakes are golden brown, spring back when gently pressed, and a skewer in the middle comes out clean. When cool, cut the top off each cake carefully so the underside of the part removed is cone-shaped, leaving a depression to fill with jam and vanilla flavoured whipped cream. Carefully cut each removed top in half and arrange the two pieces, with the just-cut edges facing down, in the cream, like butterfly wings. Add a small piece of strawberry or raspberry if you like and dust with icing sugar. Gluten Free Desserts & Baking will be available from bookstores next month.

    Butterf ly cakes

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