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Hibiscus Matters 3 April, 2013, local newspaper

Transcript of Hibiscus Matters 3 April, 2013

  • 3 April 2013

    A division of Local Matters

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    Waiwera to Silverdale including Whangaparaoa Peninsula and Orewa

    pages 13 to 16

    Liftout Guide Draft Auckland Unitary Plan

    Coast haunts showcased in ghost movie

    continued page 2

    Travel Feature page 10 to 12Inside this issue

    Film sets popped up around Whangaparaoa Peninsula last month as the movie Ghost Bride, described as a supernatural romantic horror, was shot here by ILA Film Productions.Director, co-producer and writer David Blyth is a long time resident of Manly, whose work in film and television spans 35 years and includes the countrys first horror film, Death Warmed Up (1984) and the documentary Our Oldest Soldier (2002) about his grandfather.He says writing a screenplay that shows off the Hibiscus Coast is something he has wanted to do for many years.In what is believed to be a first for a NZ film, the entire movie was shot

    One of New Zealands most controversial film directors, David Blyth, has taken a more mainstream approach to his most recent film, made entirely on the Hibiscus Coast. Pictured on a shoot in Gulf Harbour are lead actress Rebecca Palmer (right), with Ghost bride Fiona Feng. continued page 2

    Last week, Orewa Lions were forced to close the doors of their paper-sorting shed in Western Reserve for the last time, leaving the future of the 30-year operation, which is a major source of funds for community groups, uncertain.

    Demolition leaves Orewa Lions fundraising out in the coldAuckland Council contractors are expected to demolish the shed this week in order to widen the Te Ara

    Tahuna walk and cycleway around Orewa Estuary.The shed was used by Lions as a base

    for sorting large quantities of recycled newspaper, which is sold for use by

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    Lions lose income from page 1

    Movie set on Coast from page 1


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    pet stores, erosion control companies and animal welfare groups, raising between $7000 and $14,000 annually. All the funds go to local community organisations.Local businessman Stuart Flexman, who is a member of Lions, has provided a two-month reprieve, giving Lions free use of a building in Orewa for two months so the donated newspapers can continue to be sorted.The Hibiscus & Bays Local Board provided $10,000, but Council officers vetoed its offer of storage space in a disused toilet in Victor Eaves Reserve.In the interim Council has allowed Lions to store paper bundles under the Sharks Sports building in Victor Eaves Reserve, but has so far been unable to offer a permanent replacement for the shed, despite Lions suggesting a number of alternatives.Brian Stevens of Orewa Lions says he has found Council very hard to deal with.He says things are bleak, with the future of the Lions other main source of income, The Big Dig event, which was cancelled this summer because of Councils consent requirements, also

    uncertain.Last month Lions met with Rodney Councillor Penny Webster and Council officers in an attempt to sort out ways of streamlining the consent process for events held by community groups.Lots of promises have been made, and elected representatives are always very proactive verbally, Brian says. The difficult part is getting the officers to take the appropriate action.Brian says if the paper recycling service and The Big Dig both go, community organisations on the Hibiscus Coast will lose around $20,000 a year.One of Lions biggest customers for recycled newspaper is Erosion Control of Silverdale, who pulp the paper and add seeds and fertiliser, using the mix to re-seed erosion sensitive areas.Sales manager John Tomsett says although Orewa Lions are not their only source of recycled paper, they have been the largest and most reliable.We like the synergy of working with these guys, having papers recycled, and the money staying in the community, he says. It will be a huge loss if the service cannot continue.

    on the Coast; in private homes as well as locations such as Manly Beach, Gulf Harbour band rotunda, Gulf Harbour Lodge and a boatyard on the Weiti River.In addition, one of the female leads, Skye Nelson, is played by 19-year-old Rebecca Palmer of Silverdale who is part of a cast and crew that are, in the main, young Chinese people.Rebecca, who graduated from South Seas Film & TV School last year, says it is exciting to play a lead as her first film role.Long hours have been involved, so working close to home has been a bonus for Rebecca with filming frequently taking place at night and not wrapping until after 5am.As well as learning from David, the young actors worked with veteran Ian

    Mune, who plays Skyes grandfather. Ian has been in more than 40 films and television series, including Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring.Also in experienced hands was the key role of Chinese matchmaker Madam Yin, played by Geeling Ng, who was made famous when she appeared in David Bowies China Girl video and has played many television roles.Ghost Brides story is based around a traditional Chinese belief that if a woman dies and isnt married, her soul cannot go to the afterlife.Filming wrapped last week, and the movie is currently being edited.The film, which was made on what David describes as Peter Jacksons hamburger budget of $100,000, will be marketed at overseas film festivals as well as in NZ.

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    Monday 22nd April, Tamariki House, 7 Tamariki Ave, Orewa

    Specialist knowledge and meticulous old school carpentry skills have worked their magic on historic Stoney Homestead in Millwater.The process of restoring the former farmhouse has included careful work on the exterior, which included replacing decayed sections while retaining as many original features, including weatherboards, as possible.One of the tasks that fell to Councils heritage architect Antony Matthews was to match colours from paint flakes on the building as accurately as possible, so that the exterior closely resembles the farmhouses original paintwork.Restoration work began on the homestead last October and phase one, including structural rehabilitation, weatherproofing and exterior restoration is now complete.The work has protected the buildings heritage values from further deterioration.Currently Auckland Council is awaiting resource consent for further remediation of soil contaminated by lead paint and other chemicals; this work is expected to be complete next month.The next phase is restoration of the outbuildings, the dairy and barn, which should be restored/rebuilt by

    June. A third outbuilding (the garage) is not deemed to be of significant heritage value and will not be restored.The homestead is owned by Auckland Council and a Trust has been set up which, together with the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board, acts as a link between the community and Council.The chairperson is Millwater resident and surveyor Tony Hayman.Tony says as a Millwater resident he values the homestead as a vital part of the areas history.Almost every street in Millwater has a historical reference and the development has been built on land that was the Stoney farm, Tony says.Local board chair Julia Parfitt says with so much change in the Silverdale area, its important to have a historical marker as well as a community facility for the burgeoning population.She says the board is turning its attention to the future of the homestead, looking for sustainable activities that could be run there in future.A public survey was undertaken last November and Julia says a range of ideas were put forward, ranging from clubs, classes and groups, to a community garden, art gallery, small cafe, small market, meeting rooms for

    Stoney Homestead supporters, from left, Rachel Hume of Auckland Council, Trustee Andy Dunn, Local Board chair Julia Parfitt and Trust chair Tony Hayman, are pictured on the newly restored veranda of the homestead.

    Residents of Stanmore Bay Rd are dismayed and angry that months of protest and discussion with telecommunications company Two Degrees have failed to prevent a cellphone tower from being placed outside their homes.

    Cellphone tower battle lost but war far from over

    Stoney Homestead restoration making solid progress

    hire and an informal gathering space for the local community. Council officers will be working closely with the Trust over the next few months to prepare a proposal for use of the homestead for review and approval by the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board in June. The proposal will take into account the ideas and comments from the survey, as well as consider planning issues such as access and car parking. Concept interior and landscaping plans will be drawn up as part of

    the proposal, then detailed design following local board approval A public open day will be held on April 27 details in Hibiscus Matters next edition.Funding for the restoration work ($1.5 million over the next four years) is included in the capital projects budget of the Local Board.Stoney Homestead, also known as Seaview, has heritage value as a rare example of early pioneering and farming life in the district. The oldest part of the building dates from 1858.

    Residents objected to Two Degrees plan to place the cellsite on their berms on the grounds of the visual effects, the potential effects on the resale value of their properties and possible impacts on health.The Telecommunications Act allows cellphone sites to be placed on road berms without consultation.In February the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board requested that the company work with Council to seek an alternative site to 142 Stanmore

    Bay Rd and Two Degrees advised the residents last week that the company had reconsidered all possible options.External communications manager Charlene White says this included revisiting the option of using private land near Brightside Rd dairy, but she says that this was ruled out because of strong opposition from nearby residents.Spokesperson for the Stanmore Bay residents, Warren Frogley, says Two Degrees has failed to answer valid

    questions about why alternate sites are not viable, or why viable sites next to homes that dont interrupt million dollar views are not being selected.He says the installation of the site in Stanmore Bay is not the end of the issue, with the fight now heading into the national arena.We fundamentally disagree with the Telecommunications Act, which provides no avenue to study and weigh-up a scenario like ours where all the choices have negative impacts. We

    are not giving up until that legislation is changed. The group has set up a website, improvecellsiteplanning.org.nz which includes a petition asking that cell towers be located away from residential neighbourhoods.Two Degrees is expected to install the cellphone tower, which will extend 3m above the streetlight, and associated equipment, in Stanmore Bay Rd this week.

  • | Hibiscusmatters 3 April 20134

    preventing erosion. In most instances it is considered best practice to work with nature in managing streams, as this is more cost effective, as well as being better for the environment. The combination of soil and plants is often better than concrete as it filters out pollutants in the water before it reaches sea, and typically provides better drainage. This year the Councils stormwater team will be carrying out a significant project to replant and clean up Rodneys various stormwater ponds that collect and treat the areas stormwater.

    FeedbackHibiscus Matters welcomes readers contributions to Feedback. Preference will be given to letters of 150 words or less, and the editor reserves the right to edit letters to meet space limitations. Unsigned letters, personal attacks or defamatory remarks will not be published. Contributions can be emailed to [email protected] or posted to Unit G, 18 Tamariki Plaza, Cammish Lane, Orewa.

    localopinionDoes one size fit all?Power over what happens in local communities is in a state of flux, with re-organisation by central government via the Local Government Amendment Act, as well as a continued tussle between Auckland Council and its Local Boards. While the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board is feeling frustrated and being forced to fight tooth and nail to have its Area Plan taken seriously by the governing body, Auckland Council itself is having the same issues with central government over proposed Resource Management Act legislation which, according to Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, could reduce input at community level. In a recent media release about the proposed RMA changes, the Deputy Mayor stated that one size does not fit all, and it is essential that we harness the local knowledge and insights that are in our communities; at the same time she was involved in meetings in which our local board members were informed that one size must fit all when it came to allowable heights in Orewa and Browns Bay. At local level, an important indicator of the power of communities will be whether or not the Hibiscus & Bays Area Plan is adopted by the Auckland Plan Committee this month (see story p14), despite the fact that some of its provisions differ from those outlined in the Councils draft Unitary Plan. This would be an acknowledgment that indeed, one size does not fit all, and that there is enough flexibility to account for the desires of different communities within Auckland. If not, then the effectiveness of the two-tier model of local government must surely be questioned.

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    Martin A4 flyer.indd 128/09/12 11:52 AM

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    Authorised By Tracey Martin, Bowen House, Wellington

    Storm over stormwaterA letter concerning stormwater and the reply from stormwater business support manager Andrew Crann in Feedback (HM March 1) got my attention. Mr Crann said that the particular watercourse being mentioned is maintained per schedule on a quarterly basis, standard maintenance includes weed management and rubbish clearance. This got my attention because Red Beach Estuary, besides being tidal, is also a stormwater course. Previous Rodney mayor Penny Webster recognised the problems we had with erosion of the estuary bank and had a retaining wall built along a section. She also recognised the build up of weed along one side that needed clearing, plus the need for a dredge to clean up rubbish and silt to allow a smooth out flow. Since Auckland Council took over, no maintenance has been done no weed clearance, no silt and rubbish dredged. The stormwater course of

    Red Beach Estuary is, of course, tidal and consent is needed for work but that is no excuse. Arthur Amis, Red Beach (abridged)Auckland Council stormwater manager Craig Mcilroy repliesThe Auckland Council stormwater team regularly inspects channels and other public watercourses to ensure they are well maintained and free from obstructions that could cause flooding and other problems. The stream that flows through Red Beach Reserve was inspected in February and it was noted that the water quality had reduced. The ongoing drought is the main reason for this due to the reduced flow of freshwater. Council engineers also noted that there were obstructions in the stream.These obstructions have now been removed, easing the flow of the stream out to sea and the flow of the tide up the stream, so improving the water quality in the stream. The streams banks are planted with native grasses, which serve a vital purpose of

    Wrighty winnersConratulations to Jenny Thompson of Silverdale and Betty Page of Stanmore Bay, who each won

    a copy of Wrighty, by Alan Wright. Thanks to all who entered.

    After your stories on the cellphone tower controversy, I thought readers might be interested in this photo of semi camouflaged cellphone towers in South Africa. There are options designed to represent at least four types of trees, the most popular and natural seem to be solitary palm trees.From a distance they are quite effective.Perhaps cellphone companies could consider a Nikau palm version for the Hibiscus Coast?Nick Schofield, Silverdale (abridged)

    Survey responsesHibiscus Matters has received hundreds of responses to our survey about community issues (HM March 13) and there is still time to get them in or fill them in online before the close off date of 5pm, April 5. The results, which will be compiled independently by Douglas Accounting, will be in an upcoming issue.

    Road awarenessI am fully in favour of cars slowing down around schools, of course, however pedestrian safety is a two way street. I am fed up with students (mainly, but not always, college age) stepping out in front of moving traffic, often with earphones in or talking to friends and not paying any attention on busy roads. I dont want to be responsible for hurting someone but have often had to brake hard to avoid this. A little road awareness and common courtesy would go a long way.Mary Brooker, Tindalls Bay (abridged)

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    Tank water users conservative use of water, particularly in the current drought conditions, has been made abundantly clear to Watercare Services during its trial of meters on water tanks.

    Tankwater trial meters turn slowly in drought

    Watercare Services says that other issues that have become apparent include technical problems related to the integrity of internal plumbing and configuration of pumps, the need to standardise meters and access for meter readers.The trial of 17 tank water meters in private homes began last November and has one month to run it ends at the beginning of May.During the trial, participants are being charged for the wastewater they generate from their tank supply, which is worked out as 78.5 percent of the metered water use.Winsbury and Gay White, whose property is on the trial, say figures to date for their three person household show that a meter is likely to save them more than $300 annually in wastewater charges.Watercare Services communications leader Ramari Young says although so far the conservative use of water, and resulting lower charges, is apparent, data over the full length of the trial may provide a more seasonal view, provided the drought breaks in the coming month.She says tank water users who opt to have meters installed after the trial need to be aware that responsibility for the meters differs from those on the public water system.In the public system, the meter

    belongs to Watercare but with raintank metering, the meter and responsibility for its maintenance and repair will be with the customer, she says.She says when the trial concludes Watercare will advise customers whether or not volumetric charging will suit their households, taking into account the cost of the meter installation (estimated at around $450) and ongoing maintenance.We will then advise all raintank customers that metering is available and it will be up to individual households to organise the installation of their meter, with Watercares guidance.Watercares decision to offer meters to rainwater tank users comes after Auckland Council required the CCO to undertake a feasibility study.On the Coast around 4000 households are connected to the wastewater network, but not to the public water supply.A public protest in Whangaparaoa Hall last July saw around 350 tank water users rally in opposition to a flat $582 annual charge for wastewater, which they consider inequitable compared with those on the metered public water supply.Households on tank water who install meters will pay for wastewater just as those on the public supply do based on a percentage of the water they actually use.

    Two Year 13 Whangaparaoa College students who were accepted on an AFS exchange programme to Italy each received $500 from Whangaparaoa Lions last month. Vice president Eric Farnselow presented Emily Clarke (left) and Lily Ando with the cheques at their business meeting on March 12. The two teenagers have worked hard to raise the sum of more than $13,000 that they each need for this experience.


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    For Dairy Flat Community Hall chair Henk Landweer it was simple: you have a reserve management plan that includes provision for a carpark; your community needs a carpark; you fund and build a carpark.

    Henk Landweer is unrepentant about beginning work on this carpark without first consulting Auckland Council, on whose land it is built.

    Carpark causes consent conundrum for Council

    However, he could not have been more wrong, especially when Auckland Council owns the land you want to build it on.Over the summer, the committee that owns and runs Dairy Flat Hall funded exterior painting and started building a carpark on the paddock alongside. The committee hoped the work could be completed in time for a planned celebration of its 80th birthday.The land surrounding the hall belongs to Council and is covered by a reserve management plan but Henk says his experience is that Council prefers to leave the committee to handle its own affairs. He admits going ahead with the build was a bold move that backfired.We could have asked for resource consent but our history with Council was that they didnt want to know us.Henk says the 30 carparks that are currently near the hall are not enough for the needs of members of the tennis club (adjacent to the hall) and hall user groups. People have to walk a long way, sometimes at night when we have dances on and its not safe, Henk says. We use the paddock for parking in dry weather, but need a metal carpark for all year use.The Dairy Flat (Hall) Reserve Management Plan notes that the surrounding land is for possible extension of the tennis club and hall site, and for parking. The hall committee used a Lottery grant to fund the carpark, which cost $45,000 and will provide an extra 60 parking spaces.Contractors dug the 1500sqm site to 350mm deep, removed the soil, laid drains and put the first metal on.Council became aware of the work when the group enquired about the

    position of a telephone cable on the site and immediately pulled the plug.The site is now abandoned and only semi-weathertight, pending an application for resource consent and landowner consent from Council. While Henk and the committee is now paying the price for not applying for consent before building the carpark, and is now left with consent costs of more than $2000, Henk is unrepentant.You cant ask Council anything without them demanding money, he says. We have to fundraise for every dollar. When the carpark is complete it is given to Council and will have cost them nothing. We saw that as a positive situation for them.Councils Northern Resource Consent and Compliance manager Julie Bevan says Council allowed the volunteers to stabilise the exposed ground while the consent process is undertaken.Council is not necessarily opposed to the development, rather it is required to ensure that it is undertaken in the appropriatemanner, she says.

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    No doubt some of you will have noticed that the Orewa Community Constables office in Tamariki Ave closed in February. As reported in Hibiscus Matters, police and the landlord were not able to reach a long-term arrangement in respect of the lease. Fortunately, with the centralisation of some resources, we are in a position to house our Community Constable (Antony Searle) and Iwi Liaison Constable (Vivian Clark) back at Orewa station, only a short distance away. Karen Little, our Neighbourhood Support Coordinator, Community Patrollers and Volunteers have also moved to Orewa Police station. There has been no change in service, in fact for the most part we are finding that the community appreciate the one stop shop aspect of centralising these services. Police will not be looking for more premises and in the current financial climate this would be unwise. Also, it makes no sense to have our Community Constable sitting in an office all day, waiting for people to pop in. That was not a good use of resources; I want Antony and Vivian to be out and about, highly visible doing their work. They are only a phone call away and if you do need to see them, make a call and they will certainly come and see you or arrange to meet you at any of the stations. Police have moved to a Prevention First model of policing and as a result there are a number of new initiatives being rolled out. One of these, known as Policing Excellence, includes a new way of doing business with some new technology. An example of this is the Crime Reporting Line (CRL), which has just been rolled out and started in the Rodney Police area last month. The reason for the Crime Reporting Line is to provide a 24/7 accessible and efficient channel for the public to report historical and non-emergency crime. It is based on a call centre concept that will allow full information to be accurately collected and recorded at a single point of contact within Police, with appropriate responses and investigation decisions then being taken. In reality, this means that the public will not need to physically go into a Police station as most of such calls can be taken via phone. Presently calls are transferred when anyone calls a police station. Currently the number for the CRL is the same as for Orewa station, 09 426 4555, but long term, there will be a specific number to call, no matter where you are: 111 for emergencies and the soon to be released CRL number. This is used extremely successfully in most of the Australian States. Of course there are times that face-to-face contact at a station will still be necessary but the CRL will provide significant convenience, rather than having to leave your home or work, having to find a park and sometimes wait in queues at Police stations, when an issue can be dealt with effectively over the phone.

    Law abidingwith Inspector Scott Webb, Orewa [email protected]

    Crime line taking calls

    Orewa parking changes on horizonAuckland Transport says that changes to parking restrictions in central Orewa, which were to have been put in place last month, will now be implemented in May. The provisions include a blanket restriction of P120 in the town centre and nearby residential streets from 8am6pm, Monday to Friday.

    Tradies neededThe Sculpture Garden alongside Estuary Arts Centre in Orewa is about to receive a makeover after a grant was received from the Harcourts Foundation, and the donation of some macrocarpa rounds from Cypress Sawmills. A small group is working on having the new Sculpture Gallery ready by the beginning of next month. Estuary Arts is seeking assistance in the project from builders, plumbers and electricians. If you can help, phone 426 5570.

    Carpark causes consent conundrum for Council

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    A huge thank you to all current sponsors - please support this great day out.For sponsorships and community support of any kind please call Terry 09 426 5426 or 021 918 980

    A division of Local Matters

    Saturday April 6 & Sunday April 7, 2013

    Whangaparaoa Rotary Soap Box Derby 2013 and

    New Zealand National Finals

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    Offering a large range of styles and colours.

    Cleaning and repairs available.


    Phone 0800 218 555 or 021 372 620Email: [email protected]

    Serving you Rodney wide since 1995.

    Free Coffee @Gusto Caf with WOF or service. We can pick up your car for free.

    For all Mechanical Repairs, WOFs, Servicing

    www.nocowboys.co.nz & type in GT Automotive

    Ph 428 79698/667 Whangaparaoa Rd,Mon - Fri 7.30am-5pm, Sat 8am-12pm

    Ph 428 79698/667 Whangaparaoa Rd,Mon - Fri 7.30am-5pm, Sat 8am-12pm



    John Wilson owned and operated Johns Auto Services Ltd in Manly for 16 years, earning the nickname Honest John. He has an outstanding reputation and has many long term customers in Rodney. Selling his business in 2008, he has now joined Grant Taylor at GT Automotive.

    Contact Grant Taylor or John Wilson

    Picked up or delivered We have the best price and quality screened topsoil in Auckland $35 per m3 Delivery Fee Applies Free Loan Trailer MonFri: 8am5pm, Sat: 8am1pm

    For larger orders phone Steve 021 916 152 0508 TOPSOIL www.a1topsoil.co.nz

    nI N T R O D U C I N Glocal business

    Green Space LandscapesGardening is a passion for many people, but once the fun of design and planting is over, keeping the garden looking good can become a chore. Garden maintenance also involves hard, physical work that not everyone is capable of or enjoys. Its at this stage that a helping hand is needed, although, according to landscaper Jeremy Stratton of Red Beach, many are initially reluctant to ask for assistance.Jeremy, who qualified in Horticulture and Design in Britain and specialises in residential and commercial property maintenance, says the DIY culture in New Zealand means that many people continue to struggle with mowing large lawns, weeding, or water blasting paving when it can be both sensible and affordable to hand those jobs over to a professional.Sometimes clients are wary of asking for help, or arent sure exactly what needs to be done, Jeremy says. Usually I can see immediately what is required to tidy a back yard up and can come up with an affordable way to make it happen. It takes a big weight off peoples shoulders, even if they only need help for a few hours.On-going care of peoples gardens allows Jeremy to get to know his clients and their needs.As well as keeping things tidy he can advise on many aspects of garden care such as soil quality and plant choices.Currently, this includes helping people cope with the effects of the drought, such as suggesting products that aid soil moisture retention, or advising how to rebuild a dried out lawn to a good state of health.

    Jeremy and Nichole Stratton

    Jeremy is also spreading the word about the importance of compost, and the advantages of growing your own vegies including offering free advice at school galas.The small family business was, until recently, based in Auckland, which meant a lot of time away from home for Jeremy.Jeremys wife Nichole, who handles the administrative tasks from the couples home, says their three energetic young boys are one reason that Jeremy is re-focusing on working locally. We moved here from London to enjoy the lifestyle, and so that our children can enjoy the type of upbringing that I had growing up in Whangaparaoa, Nichole says. Working close to home puts us in touch with the community and is great for family life.

    Florence Ave site goes under hammerA commercial property on a high profile site in central Orewa goes up for auction this week (April 3). The building, on an 809sqm corner site at 18 Florence Ave is described by Real Estate Agents Colliers International as having endless redevelopment opportunities.

    Garden maintenanceResidenti al

    Commercial & body corp

    Garden makeovers Seasonal care & pruning

    Hedges & small trees

    Phone Jeremy 0210 273 26 26 e:[email protected] www.greenspace.net.nz

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    get 1 hour FREE& or... Every commerci

    al maintenance booking

    receives the lawnmowing for free



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    BagsT R AV E L f E AT u R E

    GULF HARBOUR TO TIRITIRI MATANGI ISLANDTIMETABLEOperates Weds/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun & Public Holidays (excl. Christmas Day)

    Departs Gulf Harbour Arrives back at Gulf Harbour

    9.50am 4.00pm

    FARES Ferry Guided Walk

    Adult $49.00 $5.00

    Senior $44.00 $5.00

    Child (5-15yrs) $24.50 $2.50

    Family (2ad+2ch) $125.00

    Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment.

    Check in on the day of your trip is 30 minutes prior departure.

    Timetables and fares are correct at time of printing. 360 Discovery reserves the right to change fares and departures without notice.


    Departs: Gulf Harbour Departs: Auckland City (Pier 4)

    Mon - Fri 7.00am Mon - Fri 4.40pmMon - Fri 7.30am Mon Fri 5.35pm* Wed - Sun 3.50pm * Wed Sun 9.00amFARES Adult Child Student Ferry One Way $13.70 $8.20 $8.20

    Ferry Return $26.70 $16.80 $16.80

    10 Trip Concession $123.00 $73.80 $80.0040 Trip Concession $301.50 N/A N/AOne Month Concession** $234.00 N/A N/A

    * Please phone to confirm 9:00am and 3:50pm sailings as they are subject to change due to weather and seasonality.

    ** One Month Concession pass allows unlimited travel for one person on 360 Discovery Gulf Harbour ferries and Howick & Eastern Buses.

    SuperGold cardholders may travel for free on presentation of their card at the 360 Ticket Office for services departing Auckland (Mon-Fri, 4.40pm & 5.35pm only).

    360 Discovery Cruises

    0800 360 [email protected]/360discoverycruises


    (09) 307 8005

    Taking a cruise, as a family, is an increasingly popular way to spend the holidays, according to local travel agents.Trish Ryder of United Travel in Manly says this is partly because cruises are becoming more affordable.An added bonus is that cruises can be booked 18 months in advance by paying a deposit, giving a family more than a year to pay the rest off.Trish says there are few hidden extra costs, so, because cruises combine transport, entertainment, accommodation and main meals in one package, there is little need to put your hand into your pocket while youre actually onboard.You dont have to keep saying no to the kids when they want to do an activity and theres no need to come home to a huge credit card bill, she says.Although they take you to many beautiful parts of the world, cruise ships are also marketed by the travel industry as a destination in themselves especially as they come with features such as shopping arcades, ice skating rinks, water slides, rock climbing walls, nightclubs, mini golf and pools.

    A wide range of entertainment options are one of the reasons that families enjoy cruising.

    Family holidays on the ocean wave

    There is also a wide range of food choices.Trish says that extended families are taking cruises together, often at the instigation of grandparents, because the entertainment options meet the needs of everyone with everything on offer from bingo to basketball.Family members can do their own thing during the day, and meet for meals, shopping or a movie, she says.

    Kids Clubs for the younger ones are included in the price, but shore excursions are an additional charge.Some cruises do a round trip from Auckland, but for most, youll need to pay for a one-way airfare.Trish says the most popular cruises for Hibiscus Coast families are those that spend around 1012 days in the Pacific Islands or Australia, especially if the family has young children.

    Home security tipsWhenever you go on holiday you need to be confident that your home and contents are safe. Most burglaries are opportunist taking advantage of open windows, unlocked doors or lack of effective security. Here are some tips from Hibiscus Coast Lock Services:Before you leave: y Put your mail on hold and place a No Junk Mail or No Newspapers sign on your letterbox, or have a neighbour clear the letterbox

    y Lock away garden tools and ladders

    y Have your lawns mowed if you are away for a lengthy period

    y If you have an alarm installed, advertise it with signs

    y Post a Beware of the Dog sign y Advise your neighbours of your plans and contact details

    y Unplug your phone an unanswered phone can be a clue that nobody is home

    y Set up a light and radio on a timer to come on in the evening and turn off at bed time

    As you leave: y Check and lock all doors and windows including the tool shed

    y Leave curtains open y Set your alarm

    Further security issues to consider: y Front and back doors is a double cylinder dead lock fitted?

    y French doors or sliding doors should have lockable Patiobolts fitted

    y All accessible windows should have stays or locks fitted

    y Internal doors between the house and garage should be dead locked

    y Fit a quality hasp and staple with a good padlock on the shed. An alarm is an excellent deterrent and you may get an insurance premium discount if it is professionally installed.

    y Consider installing a safe that can be bolted down to secure valuables

    y A free copy of A Practical Guide to Home Security can be obtained from Hibiscus Coast Lock Services at Hilltop.

    Are you following us on facebook and twitter? www.facebook.com/hibiscusmatters

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    These days rocker Reg Keyworth of Platinum Music Creations calls Army Bay home, but when he was working for Gibson Guitars, he moved all over the United States, flying up to five times a week. Of all the places in the US that he visited, he says Santa Fe in New Mexico is the most memorable.Id drive up from Albuquerque and through the desert, passing Indian reservations and casinos, Reg says. Its really beautiful, with the Sandia Mountain in the background as you leave. As you get higher up, the desert plants start changing with the landscape, and the air is so fresh and crisp.They call New Mexico the land of enchantment and it is this is pretty much where the outlaws of the old West would ride to, in order to hide from the authorities.In winter theres snow everywhere and all these funky little Spanish restaurants and cafs, not to mention little community Art Galleries, including work by native Navajo. I liked getting up there whenever I could as it was totally out of the way of mainstream society a unique little world of its own soaked in rich American/Spanish history.

    Travelling on and off the beaten trackWhether your ideal holiday is to lie on a white sand beach and swim in tropical water, shop in New York city, take in the sights and sounds of India or go off the beaten track in Africa, your favourite travel destinations reveal a lot about who you are. With this in mind, Hibiscus Matters asked a few locals about their favourite places:

    For Brian McClennan (aka Bluey) of Kaspa Transmissions, there is no better place to spend a holiday than Dubrovnik in Croatia. It lies on the beautiful turquoise

    waters of the Adriatic Sea, with a great climate and excellent food, Bluey says. The old town is a protected world heritage site and is simply stunning. We stayed on one of the many islands of the coast. Its the best place ever and cheap as chips.

    Hibiscus Coast Youth Centre executive director Suzanne Booth says the first time she and her husband Jeff visited Broome, North West of Australia, they stayed at the famous Cable Beach Resort. We were astounded by the beauty of Cable Beach, the luxury yet relaxed feel of the resort and the amazing sunsets, Suzanne says. The beach seems to go for as far as the eye can see on one side of the city and the Kimberley wilderness with rivers, camp grounds and desert excursions are on the other.Since that first visit, Suzanne and Jeff have been back to Broome many times. Suzanne says it helps that there is a big range of accommodation from eco-retreats, up-market hotels and chic resorts to budget hostels, caravan and camping grounds.The town, which is about a two and a half hour flight from Perth, has a history of pearl diving.We were interested to learn how the divers risked their lives in the 1800s to get their hands on the South Sea pearls. We enjoyed night camel rides, fishing charters and outback camping tours. You can watch a movie at the oldest outdoor cinema in the world, go shopping or just wander around the galleries, admiring the works of some of the Kimberleys most talented Aboriginal artists. The white sand and turquoise water, rust-red cliffs and ancient dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point have not been paralleled in my travels.

    Travel virtually assuredby Pauline StockhausenTravel guides are being replaced by laptops and other mobile devices. If you search for travel in the App Store for iPhone you get 21,935 possible apps. Here are my favourites:AirNZ Mpass: You can load all your flights, check your airpoints and more. It also lets you use your phone to check in at the airport. An added bonus is you can load your familys details as well.Trip it (for overseas travel): Tripit holds all your hotel, bus, flights, and car rental details, and more. You can find local attractions, cafes, restaurants and shops on the map: youll always be able to find something to do.Itravelnz: Everything you need to know, from beaches to parks, volcanos, art galleries and events. More than 1000 places to discover.Pauline Stockhausen of Social Soup NZ runs Hibiscus Matters Facebook page.


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    *Terms & Conditions apply. Island Delights & South Pacific Paradise: based on flying Air New Zealand Seat + Bag Economy Class airfares (return) ex Auckland to Sydney. Sales are valid until special cruise fare is sold out. Airfare must be paid in full within 7 days of reservation. Island Delights: Prices are per family, quad share, based on 2 adults & 2 children aged 2-11 years. Based on 17 Jul 2013 cruise departure from Sydney onboard Pacific Pearl in an Interior Stateroom. South Pacific Paradise: Based on 30 Nov 2013 cruise departure from Sydney onboard Rhapsody of the Seas in an Interior Stateroom. Dreams of Tahiti: Airfares and Gratuities are additional. Cruise departs every Friday between 2 May-7 Nov 2014. Sales are valid until 29 Apr 2013. GENERAL: All prices are based on per person twin share (unless otherwise stated), in New Zealand Dollars & subject to availability. Travel agent service fees are not included. Deposit & full payment conditions apply. Cancellation fees apply. Offers valid for new bookings only. Events beyond our control such as currency fluctuations & changes to the price of aviation fuel may result in price variations. Capacity is limited & will not be available on all flights. Prices are based on payment by cash or EFTPOS only. Product is supplied by suppliers with their own terms & conditions, please contact United Travel for full terms & conditions. UT1411

    With your local cruise expertsCruise the South Pacific

    United Travel Manly & OrewaAt United Travel, we love cruising. The team at Manly & Orewa have won numerous industry accolades between them and are your local award winning cruise experts.Where else can you unpack your bags once and be transported from one idyllic place to another. From sun soaked beaches to bustling cities and fascinating cultures.. cruising delivers the perfect holiday.

    Indulge in mouth-watering cuisine and let someone else clean up the dirty dishes for you, make your bed and entertain you night

    after night, day after day as you snooze pool side with the sounds of the sea to lull you to sleep. Sounds like a dream come true, but the reality of it all is that cruising really does deliver all of this and more.

    Let us find the perfect cruise escape for you and your loved ones. Whether it is a romantic escape onboard Windstar cruises in Tahiti or having fun in the sun with P&O Cruises around the Pacific, United Travel in Manly & Orewa have a wealth of expertise to ensure you find the perfect cruise holiday.

    Dreams of Tahiti Island DelightsSouth Pacific Paradise

    Highlights: Isle of Pines, Vila, Lifou, Champagne BayCruise departs Sydney 30 Nov 2013.

    12 night Royal Carribean Cruise & flights from

    $2319*per person, twin share.

    Highlights: Moorea, Tahaa, Raiatea, Bora BoraCruise departs Papeete May-Nov 2014.

    7 night Windstar Cruise from

    $3649*per person, twin share. Based on an

    Oceanview Cabin. Airfares additional

    Highlights: Noumea, Mare Island, Isle of Pines.Cruise departs Sydney 17 July 2013.

    9 night P&O Cruise & flights from

    $3499*total per family, quad share.

    Based on 2 adults & 2 children (2-11 years)

    Orewa United Travel

    26 Hillary Square

    (09) 426 5743

    [email protected]

    United Travel Manly

    Shop 2, Manly Palms, Rawhiti Rd

    (09) 424 2345

    [email protected]

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    $675,000* Private SaleOne of the rare Gulf Harbour waterfront apartments that faces the bay and city instead of the apartment across the canal

    Ph Margaret 09 428 0954 or 021 213 8404 or [email protected] Trademe listing#559834353. Realtor participation welcome

    *Negotiable. 67 Waterside Crescent, Gulf Harbour

    View from Balcony

    3 bedroom 2 bathroom 2 decks 140sqm 2 car garage, with lockable storage 17m marina berth 4th level Alarm system Bright spacious Open floor plan Spectacular views New carpet New paint very well maintained. Walk to the Gulf Harbour Country Club, Yacht Club, Ferry, schools, shops and restaurants.

    UNITARY PLAN Liftout GuideThe proposals in Auckland Councils draft Unitary Plan will radically change the appearance of residential communities on the Hibiscus Coast, over the next 30 years.The plan, which replaces all the regional and district plans of legacy councils, proposes to standardise the existing 99 residential zones across Auckland into five: Single House, Mixed Housing (detached, semi-detached and attached), Terraced Housing & Apartment Building, Large Lot Residential and Rural & Coastal Settlement.For the Coast, where there is already a lot of infill housing, increasing the intensity (such as in the Terraced Housing & Apartment zone) will require developers to purchase a number of lots adjoining each other. Terraced Housing & Apartment Building is zoned for in the residential parts of Orewa, Red Beach, Manly and adjacent to Silverdale town centre. In Orewa large blocks of such housing of up to five storeys (18m) are proposed for central Orewa (Centreway Rd) and on the landward side of the highway, opposite the beach.Areas surrounding Whangaparaoa town centre zoned for Terraced Housing & Apartment Building include the ridgelines of Wade River Road; this can go to four storeys. Mixed Housing zones around Manly Village allow for increasing density which is expected to create stormwater and traffic issues on already stressed infrastructure.

    OREWA RESIDENTS SAYThe Orewa Ratepayers & Residents Association, which successfully fought Rodney District Councils plan to increase heights in residential Orewa (Variation101) in the Environment Court, says the draft Unitary Plan would be a disaster for Orewa. Chair John Drury says the proposal to intensify Orewa East is inappropriate because its already one dwelling per 270sqm. Orewa is already punching above its weight when it comes to intensity.

    Community impacts Commercial impacts

    DEVELOPERS SAYSouthside Group director Chris Jones says that lack of clarity in the draft Unitary Plan puts him in a difficult position. The company plans to build a 10-12 storey building at 292312 Hibiscus Coast Highway. He says when the company bought the site it had the same restricted discretionary provisions as the Nautilus, which enabled the building of something iconic. If we are restricted to six storeys a redevelopment involving demolishing the existing shops will not be viable so we will probably tidy up the shops and sell them in five small blocks, Mr Jones says. He says his company is not going to get involved in the feedback process: Why would you bother? Weve been down that road before, with Variation 101, and its a total waste of money. He says the company is discussing the way forward, bearing in mind the needs of its tenants, many of whom are on short-term leases.Cabra Developments already has consent for its medium/low intensity residential development on the hills behind Karepiro Drive in Whangaparaoa. Project and sales manager Duncan Unsworth says their feedback on the draft plan will be that the area zoned light industrial at the base of Cabras site, should be changed to residential so that higher density housing can go there. Cabra is hoping to begin developing the site in October. Mr Unsworth is also concerned that Council has not released any more greenfield land, which he says is needed to create more affordable housing. In the long term the housing intensity proposed is great but developers will have to consolidate a decent sized site before they can build apartments and that will take time. Orewa Land, which is 50 percent owned by Hopper Developments, put the properties it owns from Hibiscus Coast Highway to Pine Rd up for sale last week. The properties total more than 7000sqm. The draft plan allows heights in this zone to go to four storeys. Project manager Howard Jury says the draft Unitary Plan gives any purchaser a clear indication of the development potential, and provides for higher density than currently permitted. He says if the land does not sell in whole, or part, Orewa Land will reconsider undertaking a development there itself.

    Auckland Councils draft Unitary Plan allows for different maximum heights in local town centres in Orewa its six storeys (24.5m) and four storeys (16.5m) is proposed for Whangaparaoa. The eight storeys (32.5m) proposed in the draft plan for Silverdale is, according to Unitary Plan manager John Duguid, a misprint, and it should be four (16.5m). Council planners say the differences depend on factors such as the size of the town centre, with bigger centres (those deeper than one block) generally given bigger height limits than smaller centres. Silverdale: Silverdale has rapidly become the hub for big box and Albany-style retail development, with the original Village shops and Pioneer Village at its heart. Silverdale Commercial Ratepayers Association deputy chair Graham Johnson says as it is critical to retain the character of the Village, four storeys is totally inappropriate.Local Board chair Julia Parfitt says significant precinct planning will be necessary in Silverdale and is seeking further clarification after Council officers suggested this would need to be funded by the Local Board.Orewa: A Property Development Viability Assessment Report, commissioned by Auckland Council, found that the four storey height limit proposed in the draft Area Plan for Orewa was generally not commercially viable and even the six storey option was marginal which could see some developers sell out of Orewa.At stake also are dissenting views on how a viable town centre can be achieved, with ratepayers groups arguing that because of topography and the effects on amenity values, tall buildings, especially along the Hibiscus Coast Highway are not appropriate.Whangaparaoa: The Hibiscus & Bays Area Plan noted that the only part of Whangaparaoa suited to increasing building density and height, due to the terrain, is around the town centre where four storeys are proposed.

  • | Hibiscusmatters 3 April 201314

    Battle over Area Plan hots upFeelings ran high when the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board met last month to discuss amending its Area Plan in line with the expectations of the governing body for increasing height in the town centres of Orewa and Browns Bay.Area Plans were to feed into Councils Unitary Plan, however the board is concerned that its plan may not be adopted by the governing body, because of the height issue.The meeting, on March 20, included a presentation by Planning North/West manager Warren Maclennan, who said that the draft Area Plan did not allow for sufficient growth.Deputy chair David Cooper said that the Councils growth targets are achieved by the draft Area Plan. He says the Local Board was told by the governing body that the Area Plan would be an overlay to its draft Unitary Plan and that they are pressing to have that happen.Member John Watson said the Unitary beast is rampaging all over our Area Plan and causing a lot of confusion for the public.Feedback during the area plan process was that the tired business district of Orewa would not be transformed by high rise, he said. Rather, they are likely to ruin the aesthetic and the reasons that people move there. Our Area Plan hit the right balance and reflected the majority views of the residents who we represent. It sends a clear message to the planners about what we think is appropriate.The Area Plan goes forward for adoption by the Auckland Plan Committee on April 16.

    HOW YOuR LOCAL BOARD VOTEDOn the resolution that the Local Board stick with a height limit of four storeys (rather than six sought by the governing body) for Orewa, Hibiscus & Bays Local Board members voted, on March 20, as follows:For: Julia Parfitt, John Watson, David Cooper, Gary Holmes and Greg Sayers. David Cooper said: Im voting for four storeys because thats the wish of our community, not of 14 people on a working party, some planners and presumably a few developers.Against: Gaye Harding, John Kirikiri and Lisa Whyte. Gaye Harding said: This is a 30-year plan and we are only talking about six levels, not high-rise as in New York. We need more accommodation for visitors and affordable housing. If you have variable height, maybe you dont have to be wealthy to have sea views. That would be a drawcard for young people who come here because of the beach. Lets listen to the generation coming up in the next 30 years. I would rather have taller, narrower buildings than sprawl.





    _ H


    Date Time Event Venue

    9 April10am-1pm

    Community meeting

    Whangaparaoa Library, 9 Main St

    18 April10am-1pm

    Community meeting

    Orewa Library 12 Moana St

    23 April9.30am 12.30pm

    Older Peoples Forum

    Orewa Community House, 214E Hibiscus Coast Highway

    Auckland Council and the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board want to hear your views at a series of meetings were hosting this month.

    Please register your attendance via [email protected] or call 09 365 3788.

    Please come along to the meetings or visit www.shapeauckland.co.nz to share your views online.

    The draft Auckland Unitary Plan affects you and your community

    2 bedroom villas with garage Licence to occupy from only


    WoW, you should see us noW!Within a few weeks of opening our stunning new Village

    Centre has become the busy hub of social life in our village.

    Residents and visitors just love the Divine Caf, library,

    exercise room, pool table, residents bar, lounges with big

    screen TV and, with the beautiful summer weather, the

    outdoor terrace has come into its own. The care apartments

    and Care Centre have opened, providing residents with care

    options in a lovely, modern facility.

    For more information please call Steven Garner

    on 09 425 1202. Youll find our retirement village

    at 31 Mansel Drive, Warkworth.

    Village Centre now open

  • Hibiscusmatters 3 April 2013 | 15

    Councillor Michael Goudies viewThe draft Auckland Unitary Plan is the first chance for the whole of Auckland to plan growth for our region and to have a say on what our communities will look and feel like over the next 30 years. The goal is to achieve smarter intensification that complements our environment, takes pressure off rural areas and improves public transport connections across our city. Council is portrayed as a regulatory beast and this is probably not far from the truth. The Unitary Plan pulls back on some of that in a practical way. We have been able to pick up the best parts of the old district plans but also focused on delivering the Auckland Plan vision of a compact city. The draft Auckland Unitary Plan gives certainty to the public and provides scope for innovation and good design. There has been a lot of talk about height in the Bays and on the Coast. Who says a four-storey building works better than a well designed six-storey building? Not only does this ignore the fact that not every building in town centres will be built to a maximum height, but the design guidelines in the Unitary Plan for terraced housing and apartments will not allow the wall of buildings along our beachfronts that has been suggested. Businesses are screaming for investment in these areas. I am nervous that when I look out the window in 30 years, these town centres may have been left in the past. We need to fulfil their potential. Take a look at what young people have to say about the next 30 years. The videos they created for the UP video competition tell us they want Auckland to be a well designed city that goes up, not out, has great amenities and great public transport.

    Councillor Wayne Walkers viewThe rush to put the new rule plan together and get it out has meant local variety has lost out to regional conformity. I believe a compact city that contains sprawl is to be supported and going up has merit, where it works. But what fits the local situation should count the most. Orewa in particular has been lumped in with other six storey town centres against the four storeys of the Area Plan. Whangaparaoa generally is not suited to high density especially beyond the Town Centre and out towards Gulf Harbour, and with the capacity of infrastructure in mind. At this stage engaging with the Plan is difficult for those without fast internet access. Im working on the provision of a set of local plans in hard copy at libraries and am available to talk with groups so please contact me; this is top priority. What has gone out is a draft so there is expectation it will change. But change means your involvement; get together with neighbours, friends or workmates and put a submission together group affiliation carries more weight. Get involved. Make yourself heard.

    HAVE YOuR SAYOnline: View the e-plan at www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or a summary at www.shapeauckland.co.nz where there is a feedback form. Feedback can also be made on Facebook, www.facebook.com/aklcouncilOrewa Library has a reference set that does not include the draft plan or maps.Hard copies can be obtained, at a cost. Single maps cost $65 plus GST, a complete set of maps (581 pages) $1195 plus GST and the 1220 pages of text $340 plus GST. Email printed copy requests to [email protected] Local engagement: April 9, E-plan clinic/roadshow, Whangaparaoa Library, 10am1pm April 16, Walk-in session, Puhoi Sports Club, Puhoi Domain, 7pm9pm April 18, E-plan clinic/roadshow, Orewa Library, 10am1pmTimeline: Public engagement began on March 15 and finishes on May 31. The draft will be finalised in August, after which it will be publicly notified.

    Consultant planners Cato Bolam of Orewa have been examining the draft Unitary Plan and say that the biggest change is in the way it provides for the future growth of the region.Planning manager Peter Reaburn says that as well as providing for a much higher density of development in urban areas, Council is also asking for feedback on possible new areas for development around the edges of existing towns. These include a major expansion of business zoning at Silverdale and new residential development areas at Wainui East and Dairy Flat, which provide for an extra 12,000 dwellings over a 30-year period.He says for small developments, such as house additions, most people can get the basic rules by entering their property address on the online version of the draft plan.Mr Reaburn says that to achieve consistency across Auckland there are some adjustments to the basic rules relating to land development. One example is the standard residential zone, which applies in Orewa West, Silverdale and much of the Whangaparoa Peninsula. The new minimum site size is 500m2, compared to the standard 600m2 that applies under the Rodney District Plan. There are also new yard and other requirements.

    Planning advice may be needed

    Rather than creating a compact city, the draft Unitary Plan creates urban sprawl. Coming from up north, youll hit Orewa and the North Shore and think youre already in the central city, not in coastal settlements.

    Martin Emery, ORRA

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    If you have residential land, some of your opportunities may be improved. Talk to us to nd out what this means for you.

    Draft Unitary PlanHow will the Draft Unitary Plan affect you?

    What should you do about the Draft Unitary Plan? Check your zoning and the overlay rules to see how they aect your property.

    Residential landowners should: Consider providing feedback to Council on: 1. The residential subdivision rules 2. The future growth area

    Rural landowners should: Consider providing feedback to Council on: 1. The Rural Subdivision rules 2. The Rural Boundary Relocation rules

    Take action now and secure a subdivision consent for rural bush or wetland subdivisions under the current rules

    1. Advise on your development potential under the current and draft rules

    2. Advise on the best course of action to secure the most potential from your land

    3. Secure subdivision consent under the current rules

    4. Prepare submissions on the Unitary Plan when notied in September 2013

    Orewa: 19 Tamariki Ave | 09 427 0072

    Henderson: 89 Central Park Drive | 09 837 0486

    Whangarei: 127 Bank Street | 09 438 1684


    However, some current rural landsubdivision opportunities may be lost. Act now to nd out if this aects you.

    How can Cato Bolam help you?

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    How hair is meant to be.3 Shop 2 Silverdale Street

    Phone 426 9030


    09 421 9700 www.northernarena.co.nz

    Northern Arena, 8 Polarity Rise, Silverdale.cnr Whangaparaoa Rd & Hibiscus Coast Highway

    Limited time only. Conditions apply.

    Seniors ClubA special discounted membership for those aged 60+ who have plenty more life to live. Pop in & see us today!



    09 421 9700www.northernarena.co.nz


    lifemattersn H E A LT H & FA M I LY

    Life-sized canvases of breast cancer survivors painted by a range of body artists, together with the stories of each survivor, go on show at Estuary Arts Centre this month.

    Breast cancer survivor Helena McAlpine, depicted by Weta Workshop, is one of the images that goes on display at Estuary Arts Centre this month.

    Body art tells survival story

    As well as being striking creative works, the Pink Ribbon Calendar Body Painting exhibition, and the calendar that includes all the images and stories, was put together to raise awareness and funds for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.A total of 21 models, all affected by breast cancer, were painted by 15 body artists producing 13 images for the calendar and exhibition tour. The exhibition has been touring the country since the end of last year, and Estuary Arts gallery manager Kim Boyd says bringing it to Orewa is quite a coup.It is the first exhibition that Kim, who is a long time resident of Puhoi, has curated for Estuary Arts and she says it was chosen not only because she is a body artist, but because breast cancer is a health issue she is deeply concerned about.Kim will also have a small selection of images of her own body painting work on display.She says having the human body as a canvas is demanding for both artist and subject.Of course you have to accommodate each persons needs as you work and, for their part, the model has to sit absolutely still for six to eight hours, she says.At the opening of the exhibition this week (April 5), the team from the mobile breast cancer screening unit will be present to talk to women about the importance of screening.The calendar will also be available,

    with $10 from each sale going to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. As well as the Pink Ribbon exhibition, the gallery will feature paintings by the Lake House artists, decorative and wearable art by Madame Cleopatra and abstract paintings by David Blakey.Pink Ribbon Calendar Body Painting Exhibition Estuary Arts Centre, 214B Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa April 528

    Dyslexia... more than areading problemContact Ann CookLicensed Davis Dyslexia Facilitator

    Call 0272 855 926 www.dyslexiaworkshop.co.nz

    Thousands raised for Make-A-WishThe Field of Dreams Festival at Hobbs Wharf raised a total of $45,500 for Make-A-Wish NZ. It included stalls at Hobbs Wharf market and outdoor movies.

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    P O W E R F U L T E A C H I N G .

    P A S S I O N A T E W O R S H I P .

    C R E A T I V E C H I L D R E N S P R O G R A M .




    lifemattersn H E A LT H & FA M I LY

    Long or short term hire *free bolt install (*conditions apply)

    We can check if your car seat is installed correctly

    HBC Community House


    Trained technician Ph 426 3598

    ROOM HIRE - OREWAMain Hall ~ Classroom Wellness Room ~ CafeSupport Local Youth

    Clean & tidy ~ Reasonable ratesBOOk NOW pH 426 5005

    [email protected]

    Now in its third year, the Twilight Walk has successfully raised $30,000 so far in support of Hibiscus Hospices service to local people.

    Walkers step up for HospiceAlthough until now it was a womens only walk, this year organisers are encouraging women to bring a male companion. You can do the walk solo, with a friend or as part of a team.Communications manager Dyan Cann says the goal is to raise $20,000 and to achieve it, they hope to increase the number of walkers participating from 300 to 500.Hospice is also encouraging participants to get sponsored for their walk by offering big prizes for the individuals and teams who raise the most money. The prizes include a $1000 travel voucher from House of Travel, Orewa, and vouchers from Caci Clinic, Orewa.The walk follows the Te Ara Tahuna Walkway around Orewa Estuary and there are two routes to choose from. The first completes the entire walkway or around 8km, and takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours at a leisurely pace. The second route is approximately 5km over flat terrain and will take about one hour to walk. Both routes start and finish on the Orewa beachfront reserve, adjacent to the Surf Club.Zumba warm up routines start at

    2.45pm. When walkers return, theyll be able to relieve any tired or aching muscles with a massage and enjoy a free sausage sizzle, live music and a glass of wine.Dyan says events like the Twilight Walk go a long way to helping Hospice meet a funding shortfall.Our outpatient clinic and other services such as home care, volunteer assistance, counselling and spiritual support are free of charge. The growing gap between Government health-care funding and the complex needs of our patients and families means Hibiscus Hospice has to raise a minimum of $1.5 million each year just to keep these services running.Registration costs $25 and can be done online, at any Hibiscus Hospice shop or at Hospice reception, 2a John Dee Cres Red Beach.Get sponsored onlineTo assist with sponsorship, Hospice has provided a free FundraiseOnline tool. Walkers set up a personal page, then email the link to contacts. Hibiscus Hospice Twilight Walk Orewa Reserve, by Orewa Surf Club April 13, 3pm

    For that special piece of furniturePhone 422 0032 or 021 511 887

    Patrick GilesCabinet & Furniture MakerUnique Pieces Designed & Crafted

    Bookcases Tables Drawers Sideboards Wall units & fitted cabinets Repairs & Alterations

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    lifemattersn H E A LT H & FA M I LY




    could be the time to make the move

    to Kinetics. With one visit we can

    assess your situation and get you

    moving in the right direction.


    Locally owned and operated, Kinetics is a physical rehabilitation clinic with a friendly approach and a passion for achieving results.

    For further information see kineticsrehab.co.nz MAKEA MOVE...





    To book your appointment phone:

    Orewa: 427 447747 Riverside Road

    Whangaparaoa: 424 5632632 Whangaparaoa Road

    Dentures Do they hold you back?

    Life is too short for bad dentures.

    DentureTech have all the answers to all your denture problems. DentureTech have a vast range of dentures, from partial dentures to

    full dentures and are experts when it comes to Implant Retained Dentures. Call today for your FREE consultation and see how new

    dentures from DentureTech can give you back your confidence to chew smile laugh and sing again.

    Ph: 09 426 6889


    1st Floor, Westpac Plaza Building, 8 Moana Avenue, Orewa DT-HM


    Being able to paddleboard your child to school is one of the advantages of living on the Hibiscus Coast, according to Lynne Dickinson of Swann Beach.

    Lynne Dickinson of Swann Beach paddles her son Teva to school, accompanied by family dog Maggie.

    School drop off made easyLynne, who is owner/editor of Curl magazine, says she began paddling 10-year-old Teva to Whangaparaoa School because it will provide him with memories of a special childhood, spent in a beautiful place.In summer, when the weather is calm and the tide is in, Lynne, Teva, and the family dog Maggie, paddle the short distance from Swann Beach to Manly Beach and Teva walks to school from there.Teva has paddled with my husband Steve and I since he was very young and wed put him on the paddleboard whenever we went somewhere, Lynne says.She says once he outgrows the paddleboard, they are looking into a way for him to paddle himself to school.

    I cant think of a better way to start the day, she says.

    Home training neededParents and caregivers on the Hibiscus Coast with two or more children at home who can pass on their skills to students in exchange for practical help are being urgently sought by the Ashton Warner Nanny Academy. The Academy, based in Stanmore Bay, trains about 60 students each year who go on to work as nannies or in Early Childhood Centres. Students on work placement help with childcare and education, plus cooking and home management tasks. Placements are for three weeks during the period May to November, and students work about seven hours a day. Info: www.nannyacademy.ac.nz

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    Hours: Mon: 9am5pm Tues: 9am5pm Wed: CLOSED Thurs: 9am5pm Fri: 9am5pm

    Manly Medical Centre58 Rawhiti Road, Manly, WhangaparaoaPh: 424 4900 Em: [email protected]

    General Dentistry Hygienist services Government subsidised dental care for year 918 year olds

    For enquiries and further information visit www.macawclc.com phone Sara Spurr 427 5595 or email [email protected]

    Ph (09) 427 9130

    GP Services, Appointment Required. Children under 6yrs free, 8am-5pm Monday-Friday

    8am-8pm 7 daysAccident +MedicalRed Beach Shops, Red Beach Road

    There when you need us.ACC visits - Free for under 6yr olds

    Size: 143mm x 40mm


    76 Brightside Rd, Stanmore Bay Ph 428 3888 Mobile 021 0550 464



    Fiona Stark Dip.Pod.,S.R.Pod Cracked heels Home visits Ingrowing/thickened toenails

    Painful corns Orthotic Supports

    Back Pain | Neck Pain | Headache | Sport Injury | Posture Correction7 Tamariki Ave, Orewa | Ph 09 426 4545 | www.spinecentrenz.co.nz | [email protected]

    Stop your back pain before it stops you!

    Healthwith Dr Lauren Roycroft [email protected]

    According to the latest OECD health data report, New Zealand is the third fattest country in the world. One out of four people is obese, one out of three is overweight. In a country known for its lean, clean and green image, it was a bit hard for me to believe. So I went down to a local beach one day and observed Kiwis in their natural habitat. Although its not exactly scientific research, after observing 100 people I came to the conclusion that these statistics are probably not far off the mark. Somehow obesity and the looming threat of type 2 diabetes does not instill the same amount in fear in people as a heart attack or cancer, perhaps because there is no cataclysmic, life-threatening event lurking immediately around the corner. The effects of obesity take much longer to become apparent: premature arthritis in the joints, respiratory problems and the increased threat of type 2 diabetes which slowly damages circulation, eyesight, nerves and kidneys if left untreated. The cost to society long term is staggering, and I wonder how the New Zealand health system can sustain an internationally acceptable level of care in the future when presented with obesitys enormous bill. The answer is, it probably cant. Its time to do something about this epidemic, and it starts with you and me. Very simply, start making conscious decisions about a healthy diet and exercise. Its not about radical change, its about creating habits you can maintain for a lifetime. Less meat, more fruit and vegetables. Reduce your portion sizes. Ask yourself if you need that spoon of sugar in your morning tea. Unfortunately, making healthy food choices is still a financial quandary for some families. Why is it still cheaper to feed a family of four at a local takeaway or fast food restaurant than to buy the ingredients for a healthy, well-balanced meal at the supermarket? Perhaps it is a question to finally seriously put to policy makers or your local MP. If your vote is on the line, they should sit up and listen. And then theres exercise: ask yourself if you need to take the car today or could you walk or bike instead? Take the stairs, not the lift. Change your mindset and set an example for your kids and grandkids. Make an effort to get moving for at least 30 minutes each day. Every day. No excuses. Believe me, you will feel more energetic and healthier for it.

    No longer lean

    For more health columns visit our website www.localmatters.co.nz

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    663 Whangaparaoa Rd, (nxt to Wendys)Phone 428 7200

    Why go anywhere else

    Monday: Hire 1 get 1 Free (except holidays)Tuesday: All movies & games $3Wednesday: Hire 1 new release, get 2 free weeklys, or 3 new releases for $10Sunday: All games 1/2 price (except 2 for $5)Everyday: 2 new releases: $10, 5 weeklys: $6

    Orewa Community Church

    Orewa Orewa

    Entrance from Amorino Dr, Red Beach. Ph 426 7023


    ~ All Welcome ~

    Discovering GodSharing Christs LoveSunday Family Services 10am + Kids ChurchApril 7 Introduction

    to Romans April 14 Romans

    Wrath of God

    Three choirs combine this month to perform Haydns work The Creation in what promises to be a memorable concert.

    The Kowhai Singers combine with two other choirs to present The Creation this month in Warkworth.

    Choirs celebrate CreationThe Kowhai Singers, Pohutukawa Singers and Edgecumbe Choir together more than 100 voices, together with three professional guest soloists, a professional organist, and instrumentalists will perform The Creation at Mahurangi College Auditorium, Warkworth on Saturday, April 13. The Creation was written in the late 18th Century by Joseph Haydn and is considered by many to be one of the great masterpieces of the classical period. It depicts and celebrates the creation of the world as described in the biblical Book of Genesis and in Paradise Lost. The three-part work is scored for soprano, tenor and bass soloists, chorus and a symphonic orchestra.

    The three soloists represent archangels who narrate and comment on the successive six days of creation: Gabriel (soprano Catherine Macdonald), Uriel (tenor John Murray) and Raphael (bass Jarvis Dams). The choir complements the archangels with choruses, while organist, Michael Bell and instrumentalists, Bruce Borthwick, Shona Ellison, Michelle Cauldicott and Andrew Saunders often play alone, notably in parts such as the appearance of the sun, the creation of various beasts, and in the overture.Tickets, $20, can be obtained from the Warkworth i-SITE or at the door. Info: phone Colin 09 420 7271 or Marion 09 425 4684. Haydns The Creation Mahurangi College Auditorium, Warkworth April 13, 7.30pm.

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    scoreboard A roundup of sports activities and events in the district

    Sponsored by

    TOTALSPAN Rodney

    229 State Highway 1, WarkworthPhone 09 422 3149


    (0800 868 257)

    Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karate

    Training days Mondays and Wednesdays. Free introductory lesson at Stanmore Bay Scout Den, Stanmore Bay Rd. Info: Kevin Plaisted 426 0328, www.karate-kobudo.co.nz

    Silverdale Tennis Club

    Juniors welcomed and train with coach Michael, Saturdays, 9am12pm. Senior members on Wednesday 9.30am and 6.30pm & Sunday morning, 10.30am at Silverdale Memorial Park (next to Rugby Club). Info: Linda 427 8209 or email [email protected]

    Coast Barbell Club

    Powerlifting and strength training. Club training, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, 5pm at Unit 4/41 David Sidwell Place, Whangaparaoa. Upcoming Powerlifting Meet at Club, June 8. A non profit club promoting strength training a