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  • Henry Ford Health SystemPatient-Engaged Research Center

    (PERC)R24 Grantee Group

    June 25, 2015

    AHRQ 5R24HS022417-03

  • Presenters (Topics) Karen Kippen, MSA (Infrastructure/Planning)

    Exec. Director, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research

    Stephanie Ryan (Virtual Insights Community)

    Manager, Marketing Research & Analytics

    Nancy Combs, MA (Community Partnerships)

    Director, Community Health, Education, Wellness

    Heather Olden, MPH. (REAL Rounding)

    Epidemiologist, Public Health Sciences

  • Patient-Engaged Research CenterBuilding the Infrastructure

    Karen Kippen










  • Patient-Engaged Research Center




    Patient Data Network

    Study Design, Analysis,


    Patient Engagement

    What questions should we ask to

    serve patients better?



    How do we spread

    knowledge to the community to improve care?

    How can we collect and

    summarize the data?

    What process should we use to

    study this?

  • Bringing the Pieces Together

    PERCs Strategic Plan

    1.Sufficient and highly trained research staff2.Create a large network of community

    organizations (30) and patient advisors (300)3.Develop efficient core structures, processes and

    clearly defined models for research4.Grants and publications to disseminate scientific


  • Henry Ford Insights Community

    Stephanie Ryan

  • Henry Ford Insights

    What is Henry Ford Insights?

    Online community Members: our patients Conduct surveys to gather feedback

  • Henry Ford Insights

    Why did we develop Henry Ford Insights? Goal: Provide actionable consumer intelligence to drive

    growth and improve care. Objective: Gather voice of customer insights on topics such

    as: program and service improvements, care experiences and communications.

    Strategy: Build and maintain an online insight community, focused on ongoing engagement, to capture the voice of patients to better inform decision-making processes.

  • Henry Ford Insights

  • Henry Ford Insights

    Member Composition & Recruitment Target: 5,000 members; makeup to resemble our

    patient demographics Criteria: 18+, MI resident; up to 1,000 employees

    Jan. 2015 launch Patient emails, social media, website promotion Total members: 3,900+

  • Henry Ford Insights

    Market Research Studies 1-2/month

    System Collaboration Public Health Sciences, Marketing, Customer

    Engagement, Web Services, Clinical Departments, Administration/Operations

  • Henry Ford InsightsOngoing Engagement Sweepstakes News

    Study results Improvements as result of feedback

  • Henry Ford InsightsProfiling/New Member Survey

    Join: complete new member survey; self-reported data

    Zip code, DOB, gender, marital status, children, race & origin, education, HHI, employment

    Henry Ford locations visited, providers seen

  • Henry Ford Insights

    Research-related Study Example

    Stakeholder: Public Health Sciences

    Objective: Gather feedback on healthy lifestyle choices from parents with children 13-18 years of age

    In field: March 18 April 1, 2015

  • Henry Ford Insights

    Research-related Study Example

  • Henry Ford InsightsResearch-related Study Example

    Total completes: 167 Children represented: 223; 54% female, 46% male; 26%

    with asthma

    Results with respondent profile Public Health Sciences to incorporate into Patient Engaged Research Center work

  • Henry Ford Insights

    Clinical Care Study Example

    Stakeholder: Primary Care

    Research objectives:

    Gather insight on awareness and use of immediate care services

    Obtain consumer feedback on clinic name

    In field: March 5 18, 2015

  • Henry Ford InsightsClinical Care Study Example

    Total completes: 1,804

    Results: Lack of awareness but strong interest in immediate care services; name change needed

    Changes: Re-named clinic, promoting in communities to increase awareness

  • Community Partnerships

    Nancy Combs

  • Barriers You May Have Experienced

    Finding the right partners for your project

    Gaining & maintaining trust

    Setting workable metrics

    Establishing effective communications

    Sustaining a partnership

  • WIN Network: Detroit

  • Since 2008: Detroit Regional Infant Mortality Reduction Task Force

    Detroit Medical Center

    Henry Ford Health System

    Oakwood Healthcare System

    St. John Providence Health


    Greater Detroit Area Health


    Michigan Association of Health


    University of Michigan School of

    Public Health

    Wayne County Health Dept.

    Michigan Department of

    Community Health (MDHHS)

    Institute for Population Health

    Detroit Department of Health &

    Wellness Promotion

  • Original Funding Partners Detroit Medical Center-Childrens Hospital of MI

    Henry Ford Health System

    The Kresge Foundation

    Oakwood Healthcare System

    PNC Bank Foundation

    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    St. John Providence Health System

    U of M School of Public Health

    W. K. Kellogg Foundation

    $2.6 million secured over 4 years

  • WIN Network Detroit Community Partners

    Assurance Wireless Black Family Development Black Mothers Breast Feeding

    Association Brightmoor Alliance Chadsey-Condon Community

    Organization Detroit Wayne County Health

    Authority Interfaith Health & Hope

    Coalition Matrix Human Services

    Michigan Roundtable for Diversity & Inclusion

    MichUHCAN Osborn Neighborhood Alliance Tomorrows Child United Way 2-1-1 Voices of Detroit Initiative (VODI) Wayne County Child Healthcare Access

    Program Wayne County Medical Society of

    Southeast Michigan Wayne State University

  • Three Interacting Components, Multi-Stakeholder Approach

    1. Community health workers

    2. Provider education on the Health Equity framework

    3. Social media campaign www.winnetworkdetroit.org

    After 3 years:

    ZERO preventable infant deaths

    among project participants


  • http://www.uky.edu/publichealth/hospital/collaboration


  • Finding the Right Partners

    People partner with people. Inside your own organization: Community boards? Ask for

    an in-person introduction. Perhaps become a board member yourself!

    In your community: United Way 2-1-1? Neighborhood associations? Faith-based organizations? Foundation-funded efforts? Go to them.

  • Gaining & Maintaining Trust

    Engage the boots on the ground neighborhood leaders

    Meet people where they are

    Build from the win-win what already matters to them?

    Shared planning, clarity on roles from the start

    Always deliver

  • Setting Workable Metrics Use Community Health Needs Assessment

    Include assets as well as needs

    Population Health approach

    In-reach as well as outreach (e.g. Quality, Medical Home, Community Benefit implementation planning)

    Simple to collect, meaningful & important to the people you serve

  • Effective Communications Process

    Listen first

    Strategic, frequent check-ins

    Transparency in sharing metrics

    Celebrate successes, STORIES as well as data


    Health-literate, culturally competent

    High-tech & high-touch

    Focus groups, interviews, surveys

  • From: To:

  • Sustaining a Partnership Plan beyond the grant cycle

    ACA, Population Health, Community Benefit, non-traditional models of care, replicability

    Other types of organizational support

    Board membership, technical assistance

    Letters of support

    Employee volunteerism

    Link community groups with each other

  • a relationship, not an outcome.

  • Real Rounding

    Heather Olden

  • Real Rounding As researchers, sometimes we dont get to see

    the other side of healthcare

    This experience puts you face to face with real patients and their caregivers

    You hear the good and the bad, no sugar coating

    First impressions, interactions with providers, overall experience

  • Real Rounding

    Group meets before and after rounding

    Start with a patient story

    Those present

    Executive leaders

    Clinical department managers

    Support service managers (engineering, catering)

  • Real Rounding

    Met 3 Families

    1 Readmission (Frequent Flyer)

    2 New admissions

    Feedback on the food, the admission process, interactions with the nurse on duty

    Named Nurse whose service was phenomenal

  • Real Rounding

    Valuable experience: Fun, informative, humbling

    1 on 1 interactions with REAL patients and their family members

    See healthcare through a different lens

    Patients appreciated the rounding experience

  • Real Rounding Healthcare is