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    Helix Polished Concrete Systems

    www.helixcolorsystems.comChemSystems, Inc. 10101 Genard Road, Houston, TX 77041

    P: 800.545.9827 F: 713.329.9065 www.chemsystemsinc.net

    Product Benefits

    Helix Polished Concrete Systems

    Combines the durable protection of a penetrating densifi er with the attractive fi nish of a high performance glossy clear coating. Creates a stronger, more impenetrable, and better-looking fi nish (satinglossy) that is dust-proof, resistant to staining (oils and many acids) and deterioration. High Performance treatment produces a tough coating for high abuse areas (chemical exposure, impact, or abrasion) that is also an attractive fi nish that is easy to maintain. Rapidly cures into durable fi nish for facilities that require maximum protection and little-to-no- downtime. Tenaciously bonds and reacts with concrete forming a durable insoluble bond with the concrete. Forms a protective micro surface layer that is breathable, dense and abrasion resistant that will not peel or fl ake. Reduces maintenance, cleaning costs and costly repairs. Simply damp mop or machine scrub

    Since 1996 ChemSystems, Inc. has been specializing in additives and color for all your concrete needs. Helix Color Systems provides a fresh and innovative approach to decorative concrete by providing prod-ucts and services for the discriminating installer, homeowner or designer. We not only offer a full line of products, but specialize in tailoring products and colors to meet a specifi c project or customer requirement. Helix Color Systems are sold through a network of distributors who specialize in decorative concrete.

    CSI Polished Concrete Systems provide a natural beauty to the existing concrete by hardening and sealing the concrete providing a breathable, abrasion-resistant durable surface. There are several coloring options that can be used to create decorative polished concrete. Concrete Dyes, Concrete Stains along with Integral Color that include scoring, radial lines, grids, bands and borders, and other designs can be applied to give your project a distinctive look. Colored aggregate can be applied to the concrete mix or seeded into the top layer of the mix. Glass can be seeded into the mix, polished and revealed. Metal objects can be seeded into the mix and then polished smooth. Many patterns, colors and aggregates can combine to create endless customization.

  • Helix Polished Concrete Systems

    The colors on this color card approximate, as closely as possible, the appearance obtained in natural light. Variables, including job conditions and fi nishing techniques, effect the fi nal color. If color accuracy is critical, a pre-construction sample utilizing actual job site materials and construction methods is required. Information contained in this brochure is to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate but all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee. Since the use of the products is beyond our control, ChemSystems, Inc. disclaims any liability incurred in connection with the use of our products and any information contained herein.

    2010 ChemSystems, Inc.

    www.helixcolorsystems.comChemSystems, Inc. 10101 Genard Road, Houston, TX 77041

    P: 800.545.9827 F: 713.329.9065 www.chemsystemsinc.net

    CSI INTEGRAL COLOR provides value added results when used with ready mixed,precast concrete. Made with high quality synthetic iron oxide pigments, CSI Integral Color is the ideal, economical, integral coloring choice for fl atwork ,vertical applications and polished concrete systems.

    CSI CHROMASTAIN produces a rich and variegated fi nish unique to each surface. Instead of covering up the concrete like a paint or coating, stains infuse color into the surface while also showcasing the character of the substrate. The translucent effects and the broad drifts in colorconsidered hallmarks of the stainsgive surfaces the appearance of a timeworn fi nish.

    CSI CONCRETE DYE is a combination of specialty formulated dye / metal complexes concentrated in a water-based LOW VOC solution that can be diluted in water, alcohol, or acetone. Since CSI Concrete Dye is a concentrate solution, not a dispersion, it is ready for immediate use without any dwell or reaction time like dye powder concentrates. When applied to prepared concrete, polished concrete or overlays, CSI Concrete Dye will provide intense, translucent color effects, similar to stains, without creating a fi lm or coating that can be worn away. CSI Concrete Dye is available in 16 standard colors.

    CSI ReStore Translucent Stain Small Size Kit Contains three 4-oz. bottles, labeled 1, 2 and 3. Large Size Kit Contains three 16-oz. bottles labeled 1, 2 and 3. Extra Large Size Kit Contains three 1-gallon pails, labeled 1,2 and 3.

    CSI Polished Concrete Systems are green alternative decorative concrete fi nishes that have zero to ultra-low VOC content of products used in the polished process and require minimal amount of maintenance. CSI Polished Concrete Systrems have a long lifespan, very low life cycle making a highly sustainable process for industrial, commerical or residentail projects.

    P O L I S H E D C O N C R E T E


    HELIX LITHOGUARD a high performance industrial fl ooring surface hardener and protective clear coat is a micro fi lm forming hybrid inorganic / organicnano lith-ium surface treatment that hardens and seals concrete fl oors, producing a very hard, dust repellent, chemical resistant and water tight surface. For high-demand commercial and industrial settings, Helix LithoGuard is the optimum coating sys-tem designed for harsh and high abuse conditions. Whether your surface must toler-ate signifi cant foot traffi c, large equipment, abrasion, or chemicals, our advanced, versatile, low VOC treatment offers; high durability and bond strength; and ability to withstand UV, abrasion, chemical spills and heavy traffi c.

    HELIX LITHOPOLISH concrete chemical hardener, sealer and densifi er is a patented Nano Lithium surface treatment that both penetrates and seals by reacting chemically to the concrete surface forming a clear, dense, durable and hard inorganic topical surface layer that is breathable, abrasion-resistant, and extremely hard. It is excellent for concrete fl oors needing long-term protection against heavy wear and abuse, moisture, dirt and grime buildup, as well as protection against alkalinity and effl orescence (salt residue.) Helix LithoPolish is a colorless, odorless water-based solution that is V.O.C. compliant and environmentally safe to use.