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Heifer International. By Jack. o f 20. Map showing countries under and above the per capita GDP standards of $10,700. Orange- countries under the standard Blue- countries meeting the standard. o f 20. Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Flag. o f 20. DRC Map. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Heifer International

By Jack1of 201

Map showing countries under and above the per capita GDP standards of $10,700.Orange- countries under the standardBlue- countries meeting the standard

2of 20Democratic Republic of the Congos Flag

3of 20DRC Map

Capital city is Kinshasa. Other major cities include Boma, Kananga, Likasi, and Lubumbashi4of 20DRC PovertyThe Democratic Republic of the Congo is the poorest country in terms of per capita GDP of $300.

5of 20Heifers WorkFounder

HistoryHeifer was founded in 1944Founded by Dan WestIdea was based off of the saying, If you give a man a fish youve fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.6of 20Dan WestAnimals You Can Donate7of 20HeifersA heifer is a female cow that hasnt given birth yet.It still can give milk, and can give birth to other baby calves.The idea behind giving heifers is that the gift spreads.

8of 20Other Donations9of 20CheeseMulchFarming Education

Heifer also offers education for people to learn to farm10of 20Where Heifer makes its money11of 20Awards12

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Why Heifer?13of 20Because14

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