Heba Daraghmeh 27/6/2010 Basic Computer Terminology.

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Transcript of Heba Daraghmeh 27/6/2010 Basic Computer Terminology.

Basic Computer Terminology

Heba Daraghmeh27/6/2010Basic Computer Terminology1ObjectivesBy the end of this workshop trainees will be able to:

Get familiar with basic computer terminologyDefine different peripheral devices as input or output devices.Recognize a methodology to solve different hardware and software problemsInsure the minimum level of PC securityAdd new user accountsDefine Internet, www, & ISP.

IT & ICT3Tips for BeginnersExplore Your ComputerMistakes wont Kill YouEDIT/ UNDO is your FriendApply what you LearnDont try to learn too fastWalk away if you get frustratedHave Fun

4Hardware & SoftwareHardware is any physical part you can touch or hit

Examples: monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc...


Examples of Hardware6Name these peripherals 1

Input or output?7Name these peripherals 2

Input or output?8SoftwareSoftware consists of the programs that allow you to use the computer

Examples: Operating System, games, word , excel, etc...

9Operating SystemOS is a special computer program that is essential for efficient running of all the other programs.10Definition of User

11Problem SolvingHardware problems

Software Problems12Hardware ProblemsStart Menu Control Panel System Hardware Device manager

13Software Problems

Alt + Ctrl + Delete

14InternetThe Internet is a huge computer network which alows users to communicate.

www is the collection of information that can be accessed via the internet

Connections to the internet are made via the Internet Service Provider (ISP).15SecurityIt is a main issue when you are working on the computer.

Backing Up: saving your work to the permanent storage like HDD after regular short periods.

For absolute security, the backing store should be removed off site. 16Privacy IssuesLog in User ID/Password Policy

Add a Password for your files.

Make your files Read Only

17VirusesInstall reliable antivirus softwareApply regular scansScan any removable diskSave your files downloaded from the internet and scan them with antivirus software before opening them.Dont open suspicious emails.Dont open emails from unknown source.18