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  • 1.Get tips with Planet Ayurveda for healthy weight loss and control, learn about the best dieting plans and programs we had the best Quality supplements with no side effects. Healthy Weight Loss & Dieting Tips

2. Water: Water intake should be 10 12 glasses a day Green leafy vegetables: Green leafy vegetables have nutrients, so provide good nourishment to the body. Salad: Quantity of salad should be taken as a plate full in every meal. Salad makes the digestive system work harder so that it burns more calories while digesting salad. Sugar : Less sugar intake is advisable as sugar has many calories nad thus extra fat is deposited in the body. Fried food : No fried food items should be taken as fried food has extra calories. Daily Routine Diet Plans 3. Daily Routine Diet Plans Fiber: More fiber intake helps in losing weight as they serve as laxative and therefore helps the digestive system to work more efficiently. Less oil and butter: Less oil in food items should be used while preparation. Less butter should be consumed as they carry more calories and thus puts exta kilos on the body. Breakfast: Breakfast can be heavy as compared to other meals of the day as breakfast is taken after 8 hours of sleep and is the first meal of the day. Lunch: Lunch should be less heavy then breakfast and should include more of salad and fruits. Dinner: Dinner should consisy only fruit and salad rather than carbohydrates and thus helps in weight loss. Milk: Skimmed milk should be taken as it is fat free. 4. MOTIVATION FOR WEIGHT LOSS Motivation is one of the necessary and important factor of weight loss because without motivation, you can not do anything. Really got inspired from the people who became successful in weight loss practices 5. TRIM SUPPORT/THAT FIT YOUR LIFE STYLE Trim Support works in a specific way to burn fat from the body. The herbal ingredients work on curbing the appetite and giving more energy. The herbal remedies mostly work with liver to improve burning of fat. Trim Support, being an effective weight loss herbal supplement, has succeeded in improving the proper balance of blood sugar levels, metabolism and thus reducing weight in a natural way. 6. STHOLYANTAK CHURNA/AYURVEDIC MEDICINES Planet ayurveda offer most effective herbal remedy (Stholyantak Churna) for weight loss. It work in a natural way in the treatment of obesity. Stholyantak Churna can detoxify the digestive system, reduce fatty deposits, regulate the metabolism and improve the blood circulation. As it regulates your metabolism, so it can help reducing weight and loose extra fats from the body 7. STHOLYANTAK CHURNA/Buy Online Quantity Price BUY NOW 200 gm $ 28.95 Buy Now 8. GARCINIA CAPSULES/Weight Loss Herbal Supplements Garcinia cambogia has been promoted for weight loss due to various possible effects it may have on the body. Garcinia capsules is a weight loss supplement that works by increasing the bodys ability to burn fat and suppressing appetite. This supplement is derived from the extract of the Garcinia cambogia plant and has long been used all over the world for its appetite-suppression properties Look for supplements which are standardized to contain at least 50% HCA with 500-1000 mg of the active ingredient for each dose for maximum efficacy. Also ensure that you are getting your Garcinia cambogia supplements from Planet Ayurveda 9. Buy Online Garcinia Capsules Packs Retail Price Sale Price Order Now 2 Bottles $49.90 $42.95 Buy Now 3 Bottles $74.85 $67.95 Buy Now 5 Bottles $124.75 $109.95 Buy Now 10 Bottles $249.95 $199.95 Buy Now Packs Retail Price Sale Price Order Now 10. GUGGUL CAPSULES Guggul is used as an anti-obesity agent since centuries and reducing fat levels from body. Guggul is an effective weight loss supplement and helps lowering down overweight without causing any side-effects of discomfort. Guggul supplements are useful to remove stubborn fats deposited around waist, thighs and buttock; which is rather very much immobile and not moving by using any other methods. Our Guggul Capsules are 100 % pure and vegetarian natural supplement, containing standardized extracts of Guggul giving accurate results. 11. Buy Online Guggul Capsules Packs Retail Price Sale Price Shipping Order Now 1 Bottle $24.95 $24.95 Standard Minimum 2 2 Bottles $49.90 $42.95 Standard Buy Now 3 Bottles $74.85 $61.95 Standard Buy Now 5 Bottles $124.75 $97.95 Standard Buy Now 10 Bottles $249.50 $183.95 Express Buy Now 12. Buy Online Thinner you pack 13. Planet Ayurveda is the major manufacturer of THINNER YOU PACK It is the leading supplier and exporter of Ayurvedic medicines to worldwide. Please visit below given link to Buy The Thinner You Pack From Planet Ayurveda online 14. To Find Out More about Diabetes Care Package and Other Herbal Medicines Visit Us - Email - BOOK YOUR ORDER TODAY 15. 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