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The No.1 solution provider in our category in India

20 years of experience and expertise The largest and Oldest wellness organization in Mumbai

About the Company

The Mission

Mission At Anjali Mukerjee Health Total, we believe in using food as medicine. When this is combined with Ayurveda, Food supplements, mild exercise and lifestyle changes, it can restore health, reduce dependency on drugs enhance energy levels and bring about good health.

Eat HealthyBe Fit

The Core offering Anjali Mukerjee Health Total offers services in the form of Nutritional Consultancy helping in Lifestyle Behavior Modification. Where the clients are given a customized Food & Herbal Plan based on individuals

GeneticsLifestylePrakruti( body composition)Age.

The Type of health Plan, Weight loss program, or a combination of both recommended to the client depending on the time required to manage the Symptoms of Concern.

The Simple Process We work on natural body cycle and our programs are designed on a unique four-step process

Detoxification The body needs to be detoxified to improve receptivity and to increase the bioavailability of nutrients in the human body. This is done by the foods, which are rich in antioxidants which arrest premature aging.

Rejuvenation Once the body has been detoxified, it absorbs nutrients from food more easily and efficiently. Therefore the food that you eat at this stage actually rejuvenates your system. Nourishment After ensuring that the body is now effectively absorbing nutrients from the food, it is automatically nourished by way of reaching its optimum metabolism. Maintenance Once through the entire process and you have achieved the desired result, we teach you to maintain the same throughout your life.

The Plans Health & Weight Loss Plans

Energy BoosterImmunity BoosterGood DigestionCholesterol managementDiabetes ManagementBlood Pressure ManagementKnee/Joint Pain ManagementMenopause ManagementFit after FortySkin ImprovementDetoxification with Weight-Loss

The Plan Details Energy booster

For those who feel tired and exhausted all dayIdeal for working IndividualsHelps building immunityKeeps you energetic all dayBuild intrinsic body energy Shield against environment pollution

Immunity booster

The natural way of building the bodys resistance to common ailments Get rid of morning sickness, frequent cold n cough Ensures everyday good heath of mind and body

Good Digestion

Strengthens the digestive tractPrevents recurring indigestion leading to acidity & Gases Cures constipationEnsures optimum nutrient absorption Your shield against food pollution

The Plan Details Cholesterol management

Scientific and natural way to maintain Cholesterol levelsHelps manage/ reduce cholesterol Fights Bad cholesterol at its causeNon drug therapy, preventing long /short term side effects

Diabetes managementManage healthy levels naturallyHelps remove/ titrate drug dependency Inexpensive method of disease Management

Blood pressure control

Manage healthy BP levels naturallyHelps remove/ titrate drug dependency Inexpensive method of disease Management

The Plan Details Knee/joint pain management

Natural way to prevent continued degradationQuick and easy pain relief Program Designed to target root cause of over weightCompliments surgery and other treatments

Fit after forty

Ideal to turn around to a healthy lifestyle. Wellness solutionHelps building immunity to fight routine ailments Build intrinsic body energy thus ability to fight internal ageing Your shield against stress, over work and pollutant.Stops organ ageing

Menopause management

Unique solution to manage symptoms away from drug therapyHelps fight against mood swings and food cravings.

The Plan Details Skin improvement

Helps restore skin healthGenuine skin treatment from within Treatment without chemicalsLong lasting results and therapy

Detoxification with weight loss

Weight management the healthy wayNatural weight loss therapy away from any surgical procedure.Non machine /Non drug non side effect programNatural safe & healthy pace of weight lossProgram that is customized rather than standardized approach. Restores Self confidenceNon starving food plansEnable Lifestyle modifications for long lasting results

The Position & The Vision Current position

AMHT is the only market player which successfully delivers Lifestyle Behavior Modification and corrects most lifestyle issues using Food as Medicine customized to each individual body type.

Currently AMHT has a footprint of 20 centers across Mumbai, 19 Delhi, 11 Bengaluru, 6 Pune 1 Indore and 1 in Nasik, and an online delivery Model.

Total 60 centers Vision

To be the leading National player in nutritional counseling across India

The Company History 1997 Created the brand Anjali Mukerjee Health Total for diet plans

1998 Brought in a second line of nutritionists and herbalists to reach out to a wider client base under the Anjali Mukerjee method.

1999 Ran brand campaigns, their poster being a finalist at Cannes, France.

2000 0pened 4 health centers in Mumbai

2001 Tied-up with renowned academic Prof Y K Bhushan, of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies to help formulate long term strategies.

2002 Opened a total of 6 centers in Mumbai.

2003 Consultant for 8 years from 1996 - 2003 to Femina Miss India contestants on diet advisory & providing healthy snacking foods from their range.

2005 Introduced programs other than slimming, e.g. cholesterol buster, diabetes management, fit at forty, menopause management, etc.

The Company History .

2006 Created a Do-At-Home program and set up a separate team which consults clients over the phone/on mail.

2007-2008 Added 9 more centers in Mumbai taking the total to 15.

2009 Initiated customer relationship management (CRM) through dedicated software

Developed in-house ERP systems to acquire new clients, maximize ROI, In line with the current consumer trends, he has even initiated internet and mobile marketing activities through the website, SEO, SEM, SMM, sms, e-mailers etc.

2012 Do@Home program Nasik franchisee center

2013 Opened 5 more centers in Mumbai, 6 in Pune and 2 for on-line consultations.taking the total numer of centres to 29.

Foot Print

Currently AMHT has a footprint of 20 centers across Mumbai, 19 Delhi, 11 Bengaluru, 6 Pune 1 Indore and 1 in Nasik, and an online delivery Model.

Total 60 centers

On line centers 3

Achievements . AchievementsIndependent Consultant to Soremartec Italia makers of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Tic Tac breath mints and Nutella hazel nut spread for her opinions, expertise and advice on nutrition.

Member of the Brooke Bond Tea Council - a body formed to promote the health benefits of tea by Hindustan Unilever Indias largest FMCG Company.

"Official Nutritionist" to the Femina Miss India contestants. Consulted the contestants consecutively for 8 years (1997 2004). The food plans of "Miss Universe Lara Dutta, Miss World Priyanka Chopra, Miss India Gul Panag, Neha Dhupia" & many others were designed and sponsored by HEALTH TOTAL. has invited to write articles for their fitness section.

regularly blogs on Big Adda Indias most popular blogging site, carrying the blogs of Indias leading celebrities.

Healing with Food is amongst the bestsellers.

Media Presence MEDIAPresence on media channels, across health shows, programs and discussions by ET Now (Times of India Group) on Brand Equity, CNBC TV 18 on Lifestyle Guru, Bloomberg-UTV on Life and Style, UTV-I on Lifestyle and CNBC Awaaz on Lifestyle Guru for her expert views on different topics.

Published more than 1,000 articles in Bombay Times and Hindustan Times two of Indias top leading dailies.

Regular expert, to answer health concerns / queries in leading magazines like Savvy, Food and Night Life, Harmony a magazine by Dhirubhai Ambani Group.

Provide columns for magazines like Femina, New Woman, Life Positive, Grihlakshmi, Mens Health- India Today, The Herald-Pune, The Free Press Journal and has been the health editor for Elan.

Featured by leading newspapers like Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, DNA After Hours and magazines like Style Speak, Living Etc, Ahlan Masala (Dubai), Beauty & Style, Outlook (Marie Claire) amongst others.


Anjali Mukerjee Health Total has been conferred Indias Best Nutrition and Neutraceuticals Company of the Year 2010 by His Excellency Governor, Maharashtra State, Shri K. Sankaranarayanan and President of FDA, Maharashtra State, Shri Manohar Naik at the 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Awards involving Indian and Global Pharma companies.Asia week - A leading international magazine featured us as one of Asias Leading Campaigners of Health.

received numerous awards like Women Achievers Award, IJM Award, Bharat Nirman Award and recently Pantene Shine Award for her outstanding contribution in the field of health and nutrition.

The Current Operations OPERATIONSMarket positioning of 100% Natural with No Scary Diets, No Gadgets unlike any other player in the market.

Successfully established and marketed HEALTH TOTAL as a category leader across Mumbai to treat obesity and other lifestyle related health problems like stress, skin problems, diabetes, BP, cholesterol etc.

Serviced more