Health Care Furnishings

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Transcript of Health Care Furnishings

  • 1. THE SENIOR LIVING SPECIALIST Health C are Furnishing s Your Single Source, Full Service, Design and Furnishings Company
  • 2. Needs To create a Quality In Budget resident friendly environment that is aesthetically Customer Satisfaction pleasing. To create this environment while Service staying within budgetary limits and time constraints
  • 3. Services Of f ered Design Evaluation services Purchasing Delivery and setup Code research and documentation
  • 4. Design Coordination of Color Boards and Interior Plans Space Utilization Appropriate Furnishings to Suit the Life Style of the Residents
  • 5. Evaluation Services Review of pre-existing plans and/or budgets to assist owners in obtaining realistic on budget results. Saving you time and money!
  • 6. Purchasing Participation in purchasing tasks for interior materials and furnishings including cost research and bidding to obtain best price for facility owner Established relationships with manufacturers allows HCF to obtain the best price for you. Custom Drapery Workroom where you drapes are made custom and affordable prices
  • 7. Delivery and Setup Oversight of furnishings delivery, storage and set up to insure preservation of the goods and a smooth transition between end of construction the opening of the facility. Experienced installation team to oversee complete installation, including all furnishings, accessories, drapes and blinds.
  • 8. Code Research and Docum entation Research concerning applicable federal and local regulations and documentation of compliance.
  • 9. Allowing Health Care Furnishings to specify, purchase and install would provide the greatest savings and dollar value for your project, as well as adding continuity to
  • 10. Thank you for allowing us to show you the benefits of using Health Care Furnishings for your next Senior Living Project. We appreciate your time and look forward to working with you in the future.