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If you are suffering from severe ketu dasha then you must wear ketu blessed cat's eye or lehsuniya stone to nullify the ill-effects being created by the severe ketu dasha. Before proceeding any further, let's disclose what does ketu dasha means and why it is considered so dangerous?

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  • ABOUT USCats Eye.org.in venture of Venus Enterprises established in the year2003.Venus Enterprises has been strongly focusing on gemstonesindustry.Having their own in house laboratories.Indias one of the hugesuppliers of precious certified gemstones.Having a strong physical distribution network across globe,with morethen 2000 and still counting Jewellers,distributors,fashiondesigners,exporters and astrologers under their belt. We are very gratefulfor the long-standing relationships weve built since 2003.Cats Eye.org.in strongly focuses on natural certified cats eye, EachGemstone is accompanied with Gem Authentication certificate. All thegemstones sold by Venus Enterprises are accurately described to thevery best of their knowledge Gem Type, Size, Weight, Shape, Cut, Color,and Clarity. We fully guarantee that all of our items are NaturalGemstones.


  • CopyrightAuthor[Robin Arora]Editor[Simran Arora]Copyright 2016 [http://catseye.org.in]


  • About the AuthorSince 2003, catseye.org.in has been selling natural precious gemstonestocustomers all over the world at wholesale price. We had the pleasure toprovide quality gemstones to jewelers, jewelry designers, astrologers andgemstone collectors. Cateye.org.in have physically more than 2000dealers atB2B Level and Lacs of Loyal satisfied customer are part of our successfuljourney. We are glad to be a part of your jewelry making experiences anddesigns. We are very grateful for the long-standing relationships we'vebuilt since 2003, including many of the world's finest jewelry stores,designers, artists, suppliers, resellers and astrologers.


  • Catseye-The Gemstone for KetuKetu resembles the characteristics of dominant planet Saturn in somecases. Since, the planet Ketu similar to Saturn has created instant affectsinto the lives of its wearer as per their placement in the horoscope of anindividual.While being a resident of positive or favorable houses; this planet willevoke the positive forces and assist individuals to secure spiritualenlightenment and the accomplishment of desires.To buy such NaturalHealing Catseye Gemstone , visit catseye.org.in


  • Ketu- The Trouble Giving PlanetKetu can give rise to merciless fanatics, immoral scoundrels, people witha tendency for mental or physical derangement, people with unusual andhorrifying tendencies, people with strange illnesses, hypocrites,executioners or be-headers, psychopaths, torturers, animal-hunters,serial-killers, and indicates problems and dangers through cats,poisonous insects, reptiles, etc. It is also observed that the professions represented by Ketu are the onesthat involve a lot of risk, danger, physical and mental strain. The mostdangerous aspect about an ill-disposed Ketu in the horoscope is that itmay make the native experience a horrifying Near-Death Experience. Itcan be an accident, an electric shock, falling from a terrace of a building,a bomb explosion or a terrorist attack.


  • Cats Eye Prevents from Malefic Effects ofRahuThe Ketu blessed cat eye stone aid gambles and horse traders to wininstant money. Since, the gemstone brings luck and fortune thataltogether aids in dealing with monetary issues.Along with this Ketu also denotes evil spirits, negativity, black magic, andmajor Doshas such as kalsarpa dosh and sarpa dosh that are caused dueto malefic Ketu.Therefore, wearing cats eye stone will help in dispelling the negativeforces within the body and replenish the mind with positive thinking.The stone also prevents or safeguard a person against evil forces, blackmagic, travelling and serious diseases.


  • Financial Benefits from Cats EyeWearing a cats eye gemstone can help in return of lost wealth. It alsohas the capacity to restart a closed businessCats eye Chrysoberyl is a favoured gem with individuals who love togamble or regularly participate in speculative activities and games ofchance as it is said to bring luck. This is a gem for risk takers andadventurers.


  • Health Benefits from Cats EyeThe cats eye gem is believed to build back the physical body that hasbeen damaged by abuse (of any kind unhealthy habits, disease,depression etc.). It is a gemstone that is believed to help in healing fromcancer.Disinterest in food, anorexia can be helped by wearing a goodChrysoberyl cats eye. Wearing a cats eye can give greater awareness and restore memory.


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