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HeadMaster Online Payments. To Sign Up… . Not within product: www.acstechnologies.com/vanco. Creating an Account. Creating an Account. Creating an Account. Thank you for signing up! There are only a few more items we need to get you signed up. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HeadMasterOnline Payments

1Not within product:www.acstechnologies.com/vanco

To Sign Up


Creating an Account

3Creating an Account

Make sure to put your routing number for your bank4Creating an Account

Thank you for signing up!

There are only a few more items we need to get you signed up. Please submit to Vanco the following items:Authorization and Representations (attached) Vanco requires a physicalsignature to be kept on file. By signing this document, you agree to the terms and conditions of the product Agreement(s) in the IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS section below.Voided Check A voided check is required to verify the routing and accountnumbers you provided in the BANKING INFORMATION section of the online application.Bank Statement A copy of the first page of your organization's most recentbank statement is required for underwriting and account verification purposes. The statement must show the account number you provided in the BANKING INFORMATION section of the online application.You must have all three items to move forward.

If you know that you want to start online payments next month, go ahead and get your bank statement and voided check now5Creating an Account

How to submit the above items: Online: Scan the above items, then go to https://www.vancoservices.com/secure/contract_upload.htmand follow the onscreen instructions for uploading to our secure website, or Fax: Send the above items to 651-288-1124 Attention: Vanco Sales Department If you have any questions regarding your application with Vanco Services, contact our Sales Coordinator at 800-673-69066

Online Form Submittal

7Emailed by Headmaster that you are set upReady to set up details in product and turn onClient Active

When you receive the email, contact support and we will be happy to help you set it up.8ReportsDaily Payment Summary Reports EmailedAdditional Reports in the Vanco Service CenterFlexible Date RangesFlexible File TypesACH Detail, Credit Card Detail, Card Expiration, Returns, etc.

There are reports in Headmaster, but vanco also provides reports that are emailed to you automatically.9www.vancoservices.com

This is the vanco client portal10LimitsDefault Limits$10,000 single amount3 payments from the same card on the same day

These can be modified and available to view anytime.

There are default limits set up already.

If you are expecting large amounts of donations, gifts, payments, contact Vanco and they will up your limit11ACH Payment Timing

Please note that when paying with ACH there is no float time.

The dollars go straight from the parents to the school account.12Credit Card Timing

This is as fast as it can get there. This is an industry standard.No float time either.13$30 /month.10 /transaction, first 25 included>1,000 transactions, .08/transaction

Headmaster ACST Pricing

14Vanco Fees

These fees are based on the credit card or account.

If both parents make payments from the same account or use the same card, then the fees are only applied once

Credit Cards2.75% of the paymentThis rate remains the same so your school can budget for this

If parents pay using a rewards card, the rate remains 2.75%

15Receive a bill on the 1st, payment on 5th

Client billing

Your vanco invoice is paid via your account that you used to sign up.16(Switch to the Parent Portal)Thank you for attending!!If you have any questions regarding this seminar or other ACS products and services,Please contact your sales representative or send an email to:

salesteam@acstechnologies.com 18