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Headline News in LA. February, 2014. Drug Lord Captured . Joaquín Guzmán Loera. El Chapo. Before 2/22/14:. Head of Sinaloa Cartel Most powerful drug trafficker in the world. (US Dept of Treasury) One of world’s most powerful people 2009-13 (Forbes Magazine) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Headline News in LA

Headline News in LAFebruary, 2014Drug Lord Captured

Joaqun Guzmn LoeraEl Chapo

Before 2/22/14:Head of Sinaloa CartelMost powerful drug trafficker in the world. (US Dept of Treasury)One of worlds most powerful people 2009-13 (Forbes Magazine)Billionaireamong the richest on the planet (Forbes)

ChildhoodFrom small mountain hamlet in Sierra Madre Mts.Father cattle farmerinvolved with poppy productionFamily lifeEducation

CareerJobs scarcehelped fatherAge of 15 grew own crop of marijuanaAge of 20 joined organized crime80s apprentice of Felix Gallardo89 in charge of a territoryMethods

Use of tunnelsIncrease in violence Former rules of drug trafficking shatteredIncreased government bribesPrison1993 captured in Guatemala20 yr-9mth sentenceHis lifestyle in prison2001 escapeOfficial storyOther theory

13 years on the runBounty$7 millionHow he managed to evade captureSierra Madre MtsPay officialsLegendRobin Hood FearTunnels

Family Life3 wives10 children2007 weddingMultiple affairs

February 22, 2014

11What next?Extradition to the US?Increased violence?

Venezuela Protests and Turmoil14February 2014 in Venezuela

Curcial Background/ Key People

Hugo Chvez, Nicols MaduroHenrique Capriles, Leopoldo Lpez

The issues: Rampant Crime

The issues: The economyHigh inflation (56% in 2013)One of slowest growing economies in Latin America in 2013 (International Monetary Fund)Major companies slowing or stopping production/business (Ford, GM, Toyota, major airlines)High unemployment

The issues: Rationing

The issues: Censorship

How and When?

Who? And Where?

Maduros responseExpel US Diplomats

Arrest Lpez

Maduros response

Riot Police

Paramilitary Intervention

18 Dead, 100s Injured, 800+ arrested

Other ResponsesPeace talks2/26 Court proceedings against LpezArrest of 8 officers Extend Carnival holidaySympathy for protestors waning?