HCG and the VLCD

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A descriptive presentation on the HCG Diet and the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

Transcript of HCG and the VLCD

  • 1. HCG and the VLCDhttp://www.hcgproviders.com33 www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710

2. How is it possible to lose up to a poundor more a day using the HCG diet?www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 3. This is the fundamental questionsurrounding not only the HCG diet, butdieting in general.www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 4. The truth is, HCG has two supportingroles in affecting weight loss. www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 5. The first is to trigger the mind to burnabnormal fat (fat in the thighs, buttocks,waist, and mid-section)www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 6. while also subduing hunger. www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 7. These two factors are what make HCGthe necessary first part of the diet. www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 8. The second portion of the diet is thevery low calorie diet (VLCD).www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 9. The HCG diet limits calorieconsumption to only 500 per day. www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 10. The fact is, at rest, the average personsbody will burn approximately 1700 caloriesper day.www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 11. This means, if you simply laid in bed all day withno physical activity, your body would burn 1700calories keeping your organs functioning andmaintaining your body temperature at 98.6www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 12. A pound of fat is the equivalent ofabout 3000 calories.www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 13. While lying in bed you would burnroughly half a pound per day. www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 14. This is why many people have troublelosing weight. www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 15. They spend hours in the gym and rewardthemselves with high calorie meals thatcompletely nullify their workout.www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 16. Those 100 calorie snacks that are advertisedon television? Each 100 calorie snack wouldrequire a mile on the track to be burned.www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 17. The HCG diet tackles these issues with thedietary supplement, HCG, and the VLCD.www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 18. By consuming HCG, your appetite is suppressedand the hypothalamus triggers your metabolismto burn abnormal fat to make up for the lowcalorie diet to further suppress hunger.www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 19. The VLCD allows your natural bodily functioningand your activity throughout the day to burnhalf a pound of fat, or more depending onactivity levels, a day.www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 20. Once HCG supplementation is removed anda normal 2000 calorie diet is resumed,maintaining the final weight is significantlyeasier.www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 21. Approximately 70% of HCG users thatcomplete the diet maintain theircompletion weight.www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 22. Could you lose the weight only using theVLCD? While the answer is yes, it comeswith some stipulations.www.hcgproviders.com 800-763-7710 23. HCG causes the body to burn abnormal fat first.With only a VLCD, the body will burn structuralfat and muscle first resulting in weariness and aworn out looking body.www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 24. The hunger pangs would also beextremely difficult to overcome. www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 25. Getting the weight off is the biggestobstacle.www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 26. HCG when combined with a VLCDmake this not only possible, but easy.www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710 27. Buy HCG today and get on the road toachieving your goal weight andmaintaining it.www.hcgproviders.com800-763-7710