HCC Online Learner Intro - Demo - Jesse Gentile HCC/FSU Internship 2007 (Created 6/29/07 –...

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Welcome to the HCC Distance Learning Introduction Welcome! Begin by clicking on step #1 or pick up where you left off. Curious or New Students: BEGIN HERE. Informed & prepared HCC student.

Transcript of HCC Online Learner Intro - Demo - Jesse Gentile HCC/FSU Internship 2007 (Created 6/29/07 –...

  • HCC Online Learner Intro- Demo -Jesse GentileHCC/FSU Internship 2007 (Created 6/29/07 7/25/07)

  • Design QuestionsShould Sample Course be placed as a main category tab?Do we want Contact Us as a main category tab at end of tool or a link that is part of the design of every page?Where should videos be placed on the page?How many videos should be used? Can the READI assessment be executed within a frame so that the student remains within the HCC dist. edu. web pages at all times?Can we put clear instructions at the end pages of READI telling the student (1) to print out or pull up the PDF copy of their READI results and (2) to click on the next step in a bread-crumb navigation which would then move them out of the READI frame and on to the remedation stage?The first page of each major tab category should have either a video or multi-media item.If possible, entire area should be separate from regular HCC navigation features.Frames should be employed to keep everything within the tutorial area. Links to outside sites, should open a new window.

    CLICK HERE TO SEE TAB STYLES http://deluxe-tabs.com/templates/

  • Welcome to the HCC Distance Learning Introduction Welcome! Beginby clicking onstep #1 or pick up where you left off.Curious or NewStudents: BEGIN HERE.Informed & preparedHCC student.

  • Intro to distance learning at HCC.Welcome!


    You are on page one of our online introduction to distance learning at HCC.

    This seven step tool is designed to help you find out about distance learning at HCC and whether or not you are ready to take your first distance learning course.

    Please try to complete all seven steps. WELCOME VIDEO (CHAD)

  • Intro to distance learning at HCC.

    Intro to distance learning at HCC.

    Three types of distance courses are available at HCC.Web CoursesMedia- Based Web CoursesMultimedia CoursesSee what some of our students are saying about distance learning.

    You may take courses on video/dvd, courses that stream over the internet, or courses that are primarily text based over the internet.

    Click on the icons above to learn more and see what courses are being offered in each category.

  • Intro to distance learning at HCC.

    Intro to distance learning at HCC.

    Pros ConsNo time spent commuting to classNo travel costsYou can have a job while you take classesYou can learn when you need it (Just-In-Time)Your learning options are not constrained by your geographic locationYou can learn at your own paceLearning can be fit into your busy scheduleCan be more effective for certain types of learners (shy, reflective, language challenged, those that need more time)Often more student to student interactionCan be more focused on the learner and less on the instructor

    Some instructors arent as effective in distance education.May take longer for instructors to provide individualized feedback.Equipment needs of students are higher and possibly harder.Academic honesty of online students is an issue at times.Lack of face to face interaction is a real distraction for certain students. Requires new skills and responsibilities from learners.Does not provide many social aspects of a true campus or traditional classroom.

  • Is Distance LearningRight for You?

    What qualities do successful distance students have?

  • Is Distance LearningRight for You? Have access to a computer and a high speed internet connection . The communication medium is a computer, and modem; the student must have access to the necessary equipment. Have a good work space set up. Having a quiet, organized place to keep your computer will help you to stay on track.

    The Right Technology

  • Is Distance LearningRight for You? Be able to use the technology properly. Your online class will require you to be comfortable using email, an Internet browser, and a word processor (at the very least). If you are not currently comfortable doing these things, then you must have a willingness to learn how to do them and be willing to put in a little extra effort to increase your own technical skills.

    Be able to: Use email and create messages with attached filesDownload and install programs from the Internet Search the WebCopy and paste from one program to another

    The Right Computer SkillsHave patience and ability to rely on back-up plans for the inevitable hurdles. Remember, technology will inevitably fail! Expecting this, successful online students will develop back-up plans for the times when access to the Internet is lost, the computer fails to operate, or personal computer files have become corrupted.

  • Is Distance LearningRight for You? The Right MotivationBe self-motivated and self- disciplined. With the freedom and flexibility of the online environment comes responsibility. Recognize that you are the primary person responsible for your own success. The student should be able to stay on task without direct supervision. Be willing to speak up if problems arise. If you are experiencing difficulty on any level (either with the technology or with the course content), he or she must communicate this immediately. Otherwise the instructor will never know what is wrong.

    Be able to complete assignments on time. The online learning process is normally accelerated and requires commitment on the students part. Staying up with the class and completing all work on time is vital. The most common reason why students do not do well in an online course is because they do not develop a plan for successful time management and task completion. Be willing and able to commit 4-15 hours per week per course. Online is not easier that the traditional educational process. In fact, many students will say it requires much more time and commitment. This can mean participating 5-7 days a week.

  • Is Distance LearningRight for You? The Right AttitudeFeel that high quality learning can take place without going to a traditional classroom. If the student feels that a traditional classroom is a prerequisite to learning, they may be more comfortable in the traditional classroom. Online is not for everybody. A student that wants to be on a traditional campus attending a traditional classroom is probably not going to be happy online.Accept critical thinking and decision making as part of the learning process. The learning process requires the student to make decisions based on facts as well as experience. Assimilating information and executing the right decisions requires critical thought.

    Be open minded about sharing life, work, and educational experiences as part of the learning process. The online process requires students to utilize their experiences. The online environment should be open and friendly. You will have some insights about course topics and discussions that are uniquely yours. Sharing them may be the catalyst for someone else to learn something new and wonderful.

  • Is Distance LearningRight for You? The Right Social SkillsBe able to work with others in completing projects. Contribute your ideas and comments on the subject you are studying, and read about those of your classmates. Your instructor is not the only source of information in your course you can gain great insight from your peers and they can learn from you as well. I can enlist support from people around me when I need it. Talk with your parent/guardian and your friends about ways they can help you stay on track with your course work. Be willing to ask your fellow classmates for help if you need to. Student is willing to participate beyond the minimum requirement. Since your course instructor and fellow students will not be seeing you face-to-face for most class interaction, it is very important for you to contribute to the chat sessions and discussion boards. Whatever you can do to avoid feeling isolated is extremely important.

  • Find out if you are readyfor distance learning.If you would like to test your readiness for online classes. Click the screen image below. You will be asked to quickly register a name and email address. The assessment will take a few minutes and can be continued if you need to stop before you complete the entire assessment. Test your own readiness for distance learning.NOTE: Print a copy, or open the computer screen with your results before continuing to step #4 above.

  • Improve your distancelearning skills here!.

    If your score was red or yellow in Any of the 4 categories to the right click that category for fun websites to help improve your skills right away!Lets look at the results of your readiness test.

  • Improve your distancelearning skills here!.Improve your Technical Competency.Click on the computer operating system that is on your personal computer. (If you are a Windows user, but unsure, choose XP). You will be taken to a very user friendly and graphical site to teach you how to use a computer with that operating system.

  • Improve your Technical Knowledge. Click the icon to the left to see a very basic video introducing the parts of a computer what each part does.Click the icon to the left for a flashcard game that will introduce you to terms you should know if you want to be comfortable in a distance learning course.

  • Improve your distancelearning skills here!.Discover more about your style of learning.Click the icon to the left to learn more about the various types of learning styles.Click the icon to the left to learn more about how to study.

  • Improve your distancelearning skills here!.Improve your Typing Proficiency skills.Click on either link to be taken to sites that will teach you how to type. (Select the qwerty method if asked).

  • Try a sampledistance course!

    Here is your chance to try out a sa