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Project Window Project Title Box Type Symbol Box ID and Name Selected Box (Also highlighted in Schematic and Edit Windows) Project Tabs Edit Window Pane Text Box Label Text Box Notes Button Infinity Button Formula Button Drop-down List Sub-pane Collapse/Expand Button Reorder Buttons Data Entry Table Model or Scenario Name Workspace Period Model Status Regular or EP View Message or Summary Window Project View Tabs Selected Box Link Cap Box Link Schematic or Display Window Status Bar Boxes and Box Data www.hyperion.com Hyperion Business Modeling Release 3.0 Quick Reference Card R Workspace Tabs

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  • 1. Hyperion Business ModelingRRelease 3.0Quick Reference CardWorkspace TabsProject WindowProject TitleBox Type SymbolSchematic orBox ID and Name Display WindowSelected Box(Also highlighted Link Capin Schematicand Edit Windows)Selected BoxProject TabsBoxEdit Window LinkPaneText BoxText Box LabelNotes ButtonInfinity ButtonFormula ButtonDrop-down ListSub-paneProject View TabsCollapse/ExpandButtonReorder ButtonsData Entry TableMessage orSummary Window Status Bar Model or Scenario Name Workspace Period Model Status Regular or EP ViewBoxes and Box Datawww.hyperion.com

2. Model Workspace ToolbarNew OpenSavePublish VerifyCalculate View: SearchAuto- Zoom-inZoom-outHelpModel Model EP or Regular ArrangeQuick Tasks Action In the SchematicIn the Project WindowIn the Edit Window Define Global Data1. Click Global Data tab. 2. Click a global data typelabel. 3. Complete template in Editwindow. Select an itemClick a box.Click a label. Click a sub-pane border.Click a label or text box.Click a button.Select a row. Select multiple items Click and hold Shift key, and select the boxes. Add a box Click a box.1. Click Building Blocks tab. 2. Click a box type symbol. 3. Complete template in Editwindow with box details. Copy a box1.Right-click a box.1. Right-click a box. 2.Select Copy.2. Select Copy. 3.Right-click on white space. 3. In Schematic, select 4.Select Paste.Paste. Delete an item1. Right-click a box. 1. Right-click any item.1. Select a sub-pane. 2. Select Delete. 2. Select Delete. 2. Right-click any item. 3. Select Delete. Search for a box1. Click Search button ontoolbar to display BoxSearch dialog. 2. Select box type. 3. Enter a box name or ID. 4. Click OK to search. Add a link1. Right-click a box. 2. Select Add Link. 3. Click the input box to addthe link. Delete a link 1. Right-click a box. 1. Select a link sub-pane.1. Select a sub-pane. 2. Select Delete Link.2. Right-click the link.2. Right-click the link. 3. Click the input box ID.3. Select Delete. 3. Select Delete.Copyright 2002 Hyperion Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.P/N D502930000Hyperion is a registered trademark and the Hyperion Logo is a trademark of Hyperion Solutions Corporation.