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  • Hawaiian Digital Resources Ulukau There are two digital libraries on Ulukau. Ulukau itself was the rst established, and it contains many materials that were written in Hawaiian, with the translation included if one is available. The second of the digital libraries is the Hawaii Digital Library (HDL). It contains materials about Hawaii that were written in English. Resources include the full run of The Legacy: Journal of Hawaiian Language Sources; Dictionaries; an archaeologist's database of place names with its location, lexicology, and features; other books on Place Names; a photographer's collection of the land struggles, 1966 - ; numerous books including the bible, juvenile, and biographies, in addition to classics, i.e., Ruling Chiefs of Hawai`i by Kamakau. lelo Hawaii Ka Haka Ula O Keelikolani Hale Kuamoo Designed to service Hawaiian speaking communities. Provides choice of Hawaiian or English version for those interested in learning Hawaiian or more about Hawai`i's indigenous language. Ka Wai Ewalu Lessons: This podcast series is intended to assist students of Hawaiian Language who are using the N Kai Ewalu textbook. It was produced by Ka Haka Ula O Keeliklani College of Hawaiian Language and features the voice of Kainani Kahaunaele. Hawaiian-English Dictionaries Aha Pnana Leo The Aha Pnana Leo, best known for their Language Nest Preschools, is the leading entity in Hawaii and the United States for indigenous language revitalization. In the past twenty years, the Aha Pnana Leo has moved the Hawaiian language from a population with less than forty children speakers to one with over 2,000 children speakers. Ke Kula O Nwahokalanipuu Ke Kula O Nwahokalanipuu is designed for families, teachers and staff who have chosen to speak Hawaiian as the rst and main language of the home, and also those who are in the process of establishing Hawaiian as the dominant language of the home.
  • Hawaiian Digital Resources Ka Npepa:Newspapers Bishop Museum Newspaper Index This partial index was created by Mary Kawena Pukui during her employment at Bernice P. Bishop Museum, from the 1930s through the 1950s. From the bound copies of the newspapers in the Bishop Museum Library she selected and translated articles which she thought would be useful for researchers. Hawaiian Language Newspapers from the University of Hawaiis Digital Archives Ulukau:Inoa Npepa Background and historical signicance of KA NPEPA KUOKOA Hawai`i State Library The Hawai`i and Pacic Section provides in-depth reference and readers' advisory services to a worldwide audience using a wide variety of resources: books, pamphlets, government documents, periodicals, maps, microforms, and electronic databases. Hawaii State Archives Digital Collections Mahele Book (Hawaii State Archives) The mhele, or division of lands between Kamehameha III, the chiefs, and the konohiki was a single transaction that commenced on Jan. 28, 1848 and ended on Mar. 7, 1848. It is recorded in the Buke Kakau Paa no ka mahele aina i Hooholoia i waena o Kamehameha III a me Na Lii a me na Konohiki ana, commonly referred to as the Mhele Book. Digital Collection-UH Hawaii War Records (UH Manoa) The Hawai`i War Records Depository (HWRD) holds approximately 1,000 photos from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and 330 photos from the Honolulu Advertiser, representing primary material from the two English-language Honolulu newspapers.
  • Hawaiian Digital Resources Hawaiian Historical Society The Hawaiian Historical Society, founded in 1892, is dedicated to preserving historical materials relating to Hawai`i and the Pacic region and publishing scholarly research. Provides information about the organization, its collection, and publications. Also provides research contact information and additional links. Hui Malama I Na Kpuna `O Hawai`i Nei Native Hawaiian organization dedicated to the proper treatment of ancestral Native Hawaiians. Provides information regarding traditional interment and re-interment; explains Federal, State, and County laws and status of current cases; and provides cultural background information 'Iolani Palace This site contains a brief history of the Palace and the monarchs that lived there with links to recent news articles and other related sites. Polynesian Voyaging Society PVS, founded in 1973 to research the means by which Polynesian seafarers discovered and settled nearly every inhabitable island in the Pacic before European explorers found the ocean in the 16th century. This site provides info about the history and traditions of canoe voyaging. Annexation-UH Manoa These documents are being scanned and will be offered in image and / or PDF format for viewing and printing. Bishop Museum - Online Data includes links to their library and archives and information about Ethnology, Biology, Archeology, ETC. Blount Reports The pertinent portion of the Report made to the 1894 US House by Blount titled Affairs in Hawai`i which is the basic source document for the Hawai`i Sovereignty movement. It assesses conditions in Hawai`i after the Hawaiian Republic was forcibly taken over by the Committee of Safety.
  • Hawaiian Digital Resources Hawaiis Museums Hawaiian Journal of History Oli and Mele Music The Bishop Museum online catalog for Chants and songs. Select to search only the mele index. Hawaii Sheet Music-UH Huapala Website listing of Hawaiian Music and Hula Archives information. Kamaka Ukulele This site has historical information relating to the introduction of the ukulele to Hawai`i and one of the earliest ukulele producing companies in Hawai`i, Kamaka Ukulele. UH Manoa, Hawaiian Collection, Special Collections Indexes and lists of Hawaiian chants and songs found in published and recorded sources prepared by Amy Ku`uleialoha Stillman. Dissertations About Chant and Mele-UH Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame
  • Hawaiian Digital Resources Writers and Historians;Then and Now Samuel Kamakau David Malo John Papa Ii Kepelino Martha Beckwith Mary Kawena Pukui Abraham Fornander Moses Nakuina Emma Nakuina Moses Manu Esther Mookini Lilikala Kameelehiwa Noenoe Silva Jon Osorio Puakea Nogelmeier
  • Hawaiian Digital Resources A Study of Place Pacic Worlds Na Inoa ina: Place Names of Hawaii:Ulukau Mlama i ka ina Environmental Protection Environment Hawaii Journal-Discusses environmental news, issues, developments, natural resources and more in the Hawaiian islands. Need to subscribe to get full articles:worthwhile! Hawaii Conservation Alliance The Hawaii Conservation Alliance is dedicated to promoting effective, long-term management of Hawaii's native ecosystems through collaborative research, training and outreach among land managers, scientists, educators and the general public. Hawaii Nature Center The Hawai`i Nature Center is dedicated to fostering awareness, appreciation and understanding of Hawai`i's natural environment, and encouraging wise stewardship of precious Island ecosystems for residents and visitors Papahnaumokukea Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.The Papahnaumokukea Marine National Monument is the single largest conservation area under the U.S. ag, and one of the largest marine conservation areas in the world. It encompasses 139,797 square miles of the Pacic Ocean (105,564 square nautical miles) - an area larger than all the country's national parks combined Natural Areas Reserve System, State of Hawaii The System presently consists of 19 reserves on 5 islands, more than 109,000 acres Save Our Surf The Save Our Surf (SOS) digital collection consists of unpublished material from the SOS organization - an environmental, social, political, and cultural movement that contributed to the contemporary Hawaiian Sovereignty movement.
  • Hawaiian Digital Resources Kaho`olawe Island Reserve This site is a launching point for nding information about Kaho`olawe Island. The island is to be managed as a cultural reserve for eventual transfer to a sovereign Hawaiian nation. Hawaii ecosysytems at risk project (HEAR) Protect Kahoolawe Ohana Geology USGS Geological Mappresented on eight full-color map sheets, one for The State's geology is of the State each of the major islands. These map sheets, the illustrative meat of the publication, can be downloaded in pdf format, ready to print. Map scale is 1:100,000 for most of the islands, so that each map is about 27 inches by 36 inches. The Island of Hawaii, largest of the islands, is depicted at a smaller scale, 1:250,000, so that it, too, can be shown on 36-inch-wide paper.