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Havana, Global Forum for Health Research Wim Leereveld 19 november 2009

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Havana, Global Forum for Health Research

Wim Leereveld19 november 2009

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2 .000.000.000 people

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Together with all stakeholders we aim to define the role of the Industry


What is the Pharmaceutical

Industry currently doing?

Who are they?

What should they be doing ?

Good guys or

bad guys? Who knows

the answers?

The role of the Pharmaceutical


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The principle of the Index is based on Measurement, Transparency and Benchmarking

Measurement: “What gets measured get’s managed”• The criteria on which the companies are rated will have an

impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry’s role and priorities within access to medicine

Transparency• Recognize and reward Pharmaceutical Companies for good

behaviour• Analyze and learn from and show best practices

Benchmark• Comparing peers to peers, adheres to the competitive nature

of the pharmaceutical industry 5

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Drug Donatio



The Index 2008 methodology consisted of 8 criteria each covering many indicators

E.g.: policy and level of disclosure and monitoring

E.g.: active advocacy towards better access to medicine

E.g.: partnerships and investment in R&D into treatments for neglected diseases

E.g.: voluntary licensing agreements and respect for TRIPS agreements

E.g.: technology transfer agreements with local companies

E.g.: Pricing mechanism policies and their scope, pricing levels, pricing reviews

E.g.: compliance with WHO’s Guidelines for Drug Donations

Other philanthropic programmes e.g.: # of hospitals built or supported

Note: This weighting was applied to Originator Companies, Generic Companies had a different weighting 6

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Highest scoring company in Index 2008: GlaxoSmithKline PLC

Lowest scoring company in Index 2008: Schering-Plough Corp.

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So who are all these stakeholders that are involved in defining what Pharmaceutical companies’ role should be



Patients / Healthcare


Pharmaceutical Industry

Academia Multilateral Organizations

Investors NGO’s

GovernmentAccess to Medicine Index

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Executive Review Commission guided by Stakeholder Roundtables

Stakeholder Engagement Process

• An online survey• Stakeholder roundtables• Workshop in Index Countries• Consultation with an Expert Review


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The Index aims to adds value to each stakeholder group

The Industry • The Index sets a strategic direction for their access to medicine programmes

Examples of benefits of the Index

Our objective

Increase of access to medicine

programmes of the

pharmaceutical industry


• We help them to get the issue on the table

• More ESG consciousness and good management are important criteria

• Use of the Index as objective data source in negotiations with pharmaceutical companies




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The data gathering process is done by the RiskMetrics Group


Team is headed by Afshin Mehrpouya

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Company Report Cards

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UN Commissioner Champions IndexMary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights from 1997 to 2002.

“I've been impressed by the ATM Index. It presents well-balanced stakeholder views on good practices for the pharmaceutical industry and it provides clear standards against which the performance of individual companies can be judged.”

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UN Guidelines

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We have designed a matrix structure so that we can gradually increase the weighting of on the ground performance


Public Policy Influence & Advocacy


Patents &Licensing


Equitable Pricing



ATM Management

2008 Index 2009/2010 Index

Strategic Pillars Commitments Transparency Performance Innovation

Technical Areas

General Access to Medicine Strategy & Governance

Public Policy & Advocacy

Research & Development for Index Diseases

Patents & Licensing

Equitable Pricing & Registration

Technology Transfer (Capability Advancement)

Drug Donations & Philanthropic Activities

30% 30% 30% 10%The Index is an evolving tool which adapts to the

changing global healthcare