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Haunted Houses. Utah Houses. Nightmare on 13 th 320 West 1300 South Salt Lake 13 levels of Fear, Mutant, Dark Harvest $20 per person, + $15 for speed pass http://www.nightmareon13th.com/. Utah Houses. Fear Factory “Abandoned for a reason” 666 West 800 South Salt Lake. Utah Houses. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Haunted Houses

Haunted HousesUtah HousesNightmare on 13th 320 West 1300 South Salt Lake13 levels of Fear, Mutant, Dark Harvest$20 per person, + $15 for speed passhttp://www.nightmareon13th.com/

Utah HousesFear FactoryAbandoned for a reason666 West 800 South Salt Lake

Utah HousesHaunted Kays CrossLive your worst nightmare$19 per person, $29 for VIP388 Boynton Road, Kaysville,http://hauntedkayscross.com/

Utah HousesCastle of ChaosHands on Horror, Carnival of Chaos, 7 deadly sins, Screamatarium1134 W Riverdale Rd Riverdale$19, Hands on Horror $5http://castleofchaos.com/

5Utah HousesHaunted Hollow13 acres of haunted forest1550 south 1900 west, Ogden$20http://www.hauntedutah.com/haunted_hollow_index.html

Top 10 haunted placesTop Haunted Areas in Americahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MTekCyN2ls


Top 10 scariest movies*That Ive seen*SCARY!!10. Halloween 9. The Hills Have Eyes

10SCARY!!8. Mama7. It6. Saw

VERY SCARY!!5. Mirrors4. Darkness Falls

VERY SCARY!!3. The Last Exorcism/ Emily Rose2. Amityville Horror

HOLY SCARY! 1. Quarantine

Old Halloween Costumes

HALLOWEEN RECIPESWitch FingersPeanut butterPowdered SugarPretzelAlmond SliverRed gelGreen dye

Mummy PizzaPizza roll doughCheeseSaucePizza toppings

Kitty Litter CakeGerman cake mixWhite cake mixWhite cookiesVanilla puddingTootsie rolls

Intestines!Pound puff pastryGuacamoleEggsFood dye

PunchPineapple juiceLimeadeSeltzer waterLime sherbert



FUN SCARE PRANKSBOO!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG7cWvbYj3g