Haunted House Tours on Historic Main

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Transcript of Haunted House Tours on Historic Main

  • 1. The Ghost tour begins here, at one of the most haunted buildings in St. Charles. Located next door to Picassos coffee house, this building has been a theater where violence and murder has taken place.
  • 2. Next stop on the tour is the old post office building, but before they were mailrooms, the building was a court house and a prison. There are still shackles in one of the basement offices.
  • 3. A little further down Main from the tours starting place. Is this a friendly ghost or a cool camera effect?
  • 4. Our tour takes you up a sidewalk to the rebuilt Borromeo Church. Its saidthat at sunset, a lady in white is often seen standing outside the church. Dont linger too long before moving on to the next stop on the tour.
  • 5. If you take a look across the street you will get the best view of historic stone row. This group of buildings is known to be haunted, not because of events which took place there, but because of their age.
  • 6. Past stone row, you will find the nations smallest state park. This building was used as a meeting place for the early leaders of Missouri and some say you can still hear them arguing upstairs on a quiet night.
  • 7. Youve probably eaten lunch or dinner here. This is Lewis and Clarksrestaurant and bar, home of one of St. Charles most experienced ghosts. Look for the man with a handlebar mustache and the lady in red.
  • 8. Across the street youll find the famous Mother-In-Law House. This is the former home of Christine, an angry mother neglected by her children. Dont forget to say we love you Christine before you leave.
  • 9. One more view of one of the most imposing, and haunted buildings on historic Main Street, St. Charles. The tour ends where it begins.