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Haunted Comedy toli and bells

Transcript of Haunted Comedy

  • Haunted Comedya very scary book by

    Toli & Bells

  • Thinking Thong

    This thong is very smart and if you bring it to school you can cheat in spelling and quizzes.

  • Electricbots

    These bots are very smart. When they are angry they call their team to attack.

  • Disco Killer

    This disco ball will be at a party and then it will spin around really fast and it will shoot out all the mirror at everyone.

  • Dream Killer

    This killer makes it have a lovely dream and kill them in their sleep.

  • Humorous Handbag

    This handbag has a humour and it can make anyone laugh and it eats ladies lipstick.

  • Cyclone Dragon

    This dragon can bite and can breath out fire, stab things with a diving knife and electrocute and use a spear.

  • Jeepers Jolly Jumper

    This is a Jolly Jumper that eats the baby that is in it and then the Jolly Jumper jumps away.

  • Soomo Electric

    This Soomo can electrocute and he can bite and do heaps of damage.v

  • Warrior Mummy

    This creature is a mummy that can stab people by bumping heads or taking the sword out of its head or putting its arms out and hugging someone because it has a sword in its hand.

  • Fire Dragon

    This dragon shoots out flame from its chest. It can fight with a flaming sword and it can stab people with its tail and nose.

  • about BellsI am 9 years old and I really like art. I have been interested in a bit of scrap booking and I would love to get a camera to take creative photos. I like making home made cards for birthdays, weddings and thank-yous. I live with my dad some of the time and my mum at other times. I have a brother named Toli and a half sister who lives in New Zealand. She is related to my dad.

    about ToliI am 7 years old and I like free time when I am at school. I have been interested in a lot of different drawing. I have a sister called Bells and she is two years older than me and I have a half sister called Surayah and you know the rest of the information from Bells. I like tree climbing and tying knots.