HATCH! FAIR - HATCH! PROGRAM Introduction - For All Brave Start-ups

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HATCH! PROGRAM. is a Vietnam not-for-profit initiative to create a community of entrepreneurs, to connect entrepreneurial resources, and to organize a high-quality Annual Startup Fair. HATCH! provides valuable resources to help new companies, supports the regional start-up ecosystem, and recognizes that sustainable, scalable small businesses are the drivers of our economy. We invite inquiry from all interested supporters, including: entrepreneurs, educators, mentors, investors, and mass-media. Your involvement provides more chances for more start-ups to be...well, hatched. We are glad if you or your organization joins the community formed by HATCH!. If you are outside Vietnam, or have interest in using the HATCH! model for developing Entrepreneurship elsewhere in South East Asia, ASEAN, or on global scale, we invite your inquiry so we can join in building a useful and relevant network on a global scale together. This presentation introduces about HATCH! FAIR, one of HATCH! Initiative. For more information, please contact us at: [email protected] - www.hatch.vn - +844 6275 7406.

Transcript of HATCH! FAIR - HATCH! PROGRAM Introduction - For All Brave Start-ups

  • 1. What is Hatch?An egg hatches to be a chickin association with

2. Before we can answer the question, we have to understand What is a Start-up Incubator? What is a Start-up Bootcamp? What is a Start-up Fair?in association with 3. Each start-up is an egg, andWe incubate the egg so that it can become a healthy chicken WHAT IS ASTART-UP INCUBATOR?in association with 4. Start-up incubators are programs designedto support the successful development ofentrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services.in association with 5. Start-up Incubator is needed as: Each year there are over 80,000 newlyregistered businesses in Vietnam, But only 20% of them survives after 3years. Incubators can boost sales up by 60% =>more start-ups can survive, and muchmore can register to be a business.in association with 6. YOU MIGHTVE HEARD OFin association with 7. Lets look at Y Combinator Founded in 2005, Valued at 7.4 billion USD, Funded 460 startups so far, Average value for each business is 23million USD.in association with 8. What about 500 Start-ups? Founded in 2010, Invested 300 startups so far, Provide $250k for early-stage companies 10 notable acquisitions.in association with 9. WHAT ISA START-UP BOOTCAMP?in association with 10. Start-up Bootcamp? A period in which a start-up incubatorswork with start-ups to get the companiesinto the best possible shape and refinetheir pitch to investors. in association with 11. Start-up Bootcamp? Twice a year, Y Combinator organizes a 3-month intensive bootcamp ofmentoring, consulting andfundraising. in association with 12. WHAT IS A STARTUP FAIR?in association with 13. Start-up Fair? An exhibition in which major participantsare start-ups, and major visitors areinvestors. in association with 14. Hatch is where we bring Start-up Incubator, Start-upBootcamp and Start-up Fair together as a series of events in association with 15. It is where we bring start-ups and mentors together to create a strongcompany ready to present to investors in association with 16. How do we do that? in association with 17. 123456 Recruitment FilteringPresenting Boot Camp HATCH! FAIRFollow Up3 months -3 weeks -3 weeks - 2 months -3 days -2 years -Start-ups,HATCH! & Start-ups toStart-ups toStart-ups toInvestingMentors and Judges topresent their receive present their process andInvestors are filter out ideas toinitial ideas tofollowing-uprecruited tobest judgesinvestmentinvestors from Hatchjoinapplications and to work and theHATCH! withpublicFAIR.mentors to refine their businesses in association with 18. What kind of Start-ups? We want to work with as many mentors /investors as possible to help as many start-ups as possible. We want to work with innovative andenergetic start-ups that are ready tolaunch. in association with 19. Why should you be interested? For Investors: well prepared Start-ups, For Start-ups: prove your concept, Magnifying Effect: Media Attention.in association with 20. Why we want to organize HatchCause we want to help people change the world in association with 21. Why we want to organize Hatch Build a self-sustained, non profitcommunity for entrepreneurism, Enhance the SMEs sector, Inspire a global Hatch spirit by extendingHatch concept to community around theworld. in association with 22. So how can you help? Coaching, mentorship, providingexperiences and advices, Providing resources for Hatch, Investing or sponsoring, Jumping on board, Spreading our idea to everyone.in association with 23. Contact us at Pham Quoc Dat +844 6275 [email protected] in association with