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  • W h a t ' s a h a s h t a g ?Hashtag: when the "#" is placed before aword or phrase, the word or phrasebecomes a searchable link

  • Hashtag Basics


    Are you a #newbie? Cure your HashtagHeadache and click here to learn more

    Now it's time for a hashtag strategy! Lostalready? Check out my Hashtag Handbook forindustry specific hashtags

  • Hashtag Shortcut

    When you establish which Hashtags you'll use foryour posts, you can streamline the process easily.

    Think about what you're posting about.Brainstorm some words that describe what youdo. Write them down, they'll come in handylater!

  • Step 1: Open your notes application

    It doesn't matter what application you use,just make sure you can copy and pastefrom the notes!

  • Step 2: Create a new note

    Click "New"to create anote

    PRO TIP: Sue B. hasSEVEN accountson Instagram alone,and to keeporganized I makedifferent notes foreach account andplatform

  • Step 3: Create Hashtag GroupingsFor each post,you have up to 30#'s to use. Yourbranding shouldbe consistentBUT you will getmoreengagement ifyou tailor thehashtags to eachtype of post

    2. you'll be broughtto your photos, tapthe one you wantto use

    PRO TIP: Avoidusing spammyhashtags-they won'tattract the type offollowers you arelooking for, andyour post will getpushed down veryquickly! (examples:#likeforlike#instadaily)

  • @theinstagramexpert: industry hashtags

    2.use industryspecific hashtags,try to come up withat least 10!

    1. type theaccount/platform name

  • Step 4: Copy the text

    select the group(s)of hashtags youwant to use, andthen hit copy

  • Step 5: Choose a photo and write a caption

    Tap this Choose a photofrom yourphone, thenclick next

    OR takea newphoto, thenclick next Type yourdescription

    here, thenclick "OK"

  • Step 6: Paste your #'s as a comment

    Scroll past the captionof the photo and click"comment"

    Tap where it says "Adda comment..." Pasteshould pop up. Click it.

    Click send

  • N o w j u s t r e m e m b e rt h e s e t h r e e # r u l e s

    You're done!

  • Stay OrganizedUse Industry #'s

    Only post 8-10 at a time

  • S e e Y o u O n l i n e !