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Transcript of Harrison County Resource · PDF file Clothing Assistance Appliances/Furnishings Assistance...

  • This directory is intended as a working document and is updated

    as needed. If you have corrections or would like additions made

    to the information contained here, please contact Iowa State

    University Extension and Outreach Harrison County at 712-644-


    Some agencies are listed under more than one heading depending

    on the services they offer.

    Harrison County Extension and Outreach

    304 East 7th Street

    Logan IA 51546-1351


    FAX: 712-644-2100

    Iowa State University Extension and Outreach programs are available to all without regard to race,

    color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, sex,

    marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. veteran. Inquiries can be directed to the Director of

    Equal Opportunity and Compliance, 3280 Beardshear Hall, (515) 294-7612.

    Cooperative Extension Service, Iowa State University of Science and Technology, and the United

    States Department of Agriculture cooperating.

    Harrison County Resource Directory


    Fire Rescue Police


    {06.2014 version}

    {please replace older versions}

  • Iowa 2-1-1

    New National Number for Access to All Human Services

    Help for all your needs, one call 2-1-1


    Iowa State University Extension & Outreach Carole Gorham

    West Central Community Action

    HeadStart Laura Hansen

    Jolene McDonald

    Learning for Life, HCHPH Sherri Webb

    Harrison Monona Shelby Early Childhood/Decat Diane Foss

    Southwest Iowa MHDS Region Lonnie Maguire

    Funding for printing this directory provided by

    Community Partnerships for Protecting Children

  • Housing/Rent Assistance

    HUD Regional Housing Authority (Carroll) 712-792-5560

    Rent Assistance (Rural Economic and

    Community Development) 712-243-2107

    Rural Economic and Community Development

    (Atlantic) 712-243-2107

    Southern Iowa Regional Housing Authority

    (Creston) 641-782-8585

    Additional Housing Resources

    Dunlap Housing Corp. 641-782-8585

    Boyer View 800-762-7209

    Modale Development Corp. 712-645-2644

    Persia Development Corp. 712-488-3741

    Pisgah Community Housing

    Plath Midtown Apartments (Logan) 712-644-6258

    Or 402-960-4181

    Fred James (Missouri Valley) 712-323-4381

    Denny Kenkel (Missouri Valley) 712-642-3960

    Perry Weber (Missouri Valley) 402-359-2509

    D/C Properties, LLC (Missouri Valley) 712-642-3927

    Christine Bates (Woodbine) 712-647-2484

    Sioux Falls Environmental Acc. (Woodbine) 712-255-3665

    Park Avenue Management (Logan) 712-274-7740

    Paul J. Vorthmann, Jr. (Missouri Valley) 712-642-3844

    Rob Lange (Missouri Valley) 712-642-2007

    Sharon Collier (Missouri Valley) 712-642-2055

    Marvin Hildreth (Logan) 712-458-2029

    Olsen Investments, LLC 712-642-2007

    Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc.—Council Bluffs

    402-934-7926 or 888-573-0495

    New Life Church (Missouri Valley) 402-512-3655

    Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Addiction

    Heartland Family Service

    Logan Office (107 N 4th Avenue) 712-644-2946

    (Council Bluffs office) 1-800-422-1407

    Or 712-322-1407

    Alegent Creighton Health – Mercy Hospital – Council Bluffs


    Alcoholics Anonymous – Omaha 402-556-1880

    Addictions Treatment Program, Jennie Edmundson

    Memorial Hospital, Council Bluffs 712-396-7766

    Alegent Creighton Health Behavioral Services

    Council Bluffs 712-328-2609

    Gambling Hotline (BETS OFF)– Iowa 1-800-BETS OFF

    1-800 238-7633

    Council Bluffs 866-322-1407 or 712-322-1407

  • Contact Your Legislator

    Iowa Senate – Nancy Boettger (District 9) 515-281-3371

    Iowa House – Matt Windschitl (District 17) 515-281-3221

    Iowa House—Jason Schulz (District 18) 515-281-3221

    Senator Charles Grassley (Co. Bluffs office) 712-322-7103

    (Washington, DC office) 202-224-3744

    (Des Moines office) 515-288-1145

    Senator Tom Harkin (Council Bluffs office) 712-235-1404

    (Washington, DC office) 202-224-3254

    (Des Moines office) 515-284-4574

    Representative Steve King (District 4)

    (Council Bluffs office) 712-325-1404

    (Washington, DC office) 202-225-4426

    Iowa Attorney General 515-281-5164

    Other State Agencies 515-281-5011

    General Services Information

    Countyconnections.org (currently Pottawattamie County information,

    but will be expanded to include the region)

    Fuel Assistance and Weatherization

    West Central Community Action

    (107 N. 4th Avenue, Suite 7, Logan) 712-644-3388


    Emergency Rent & Utility Assistance

    Employment Assistance

    Crossroads of Western Iowa (Council Bluffs) 712-256-9282

    Crossroads of Western Iowa (Missouri Valley) 712-642-4114

    Crossroads of Western Iowa (Onawa) 712-423-1477

    Denison Job Corp Center 712-263-4192

    Easter Seals Iowa State Office and

    Camp Sunnyside (Des Moines)

    (for those with disabilities) 515-289-1933

    Easter Seals Center (Des Moines) 515-274-1529

    FaDSS (Family Development Self Sufficiency) Promise Jobs

    (West Central Community Action Agency) 712-755-5135

    Onawa 712-423-2603

    Harrison County Department of Human Services (Logan)


    Iowa Workforce Development Center 800-432-5852

    Omni Centre Business Mall – Council Bluffs 712-352-3480

    Promise Jobs 712-352-3480

    Iowa Department of Human Services (Des Moines) 800-326-7732

    Career Placement & Planning (Council Bluffs)

    800-432-5852 or 712-325-3417

    Job Corps (Des Moines) 800-932-2643

    Unemployment Compensation (Council Bluffs) 712-242-2145

    Des Moines Unemployment Service Center 886-239-0843

    Proteus, Inc. (Des Moines) 800-372-6031

    Vocational Rehabilitation (Council Bluffs) 712-328-3821

    Or 712-308-8371

    Vocational Rehabilitation (Des Moines) 800-532-1486

  • Food/Food Assistance/Emergency Food

    West Central Community Action Outreach (Logan office)

    Emergency food assistance 712-644-3388

    WIC (Women, Infants & Children)

    712-644-3388 or 800-338-2014

    Dunlap Community Food Pantry (111 Iowa Avenue)

    Harrison County Food Pantry

    (2102 Liberty Avenue, Missouri Valley) 712-642-2598

    Agency on Aging Meal Sites

    Dunlap 712-643-2244

    Logan 712-644-2229

    Missouri Valley 712-642-3215

    Persia 712-488-3935

    Woodbine 712-647-3011

    Department of Human Services (food stamps)

    204 E. 6th St., Logan 712-644-2460

    Child & Adult Care Food Programs (CACFP) 712-755-5135

    Ext. 221

    Matthew’s House Food Pantry, United Methodist Church,

    301 Vine Street, Mondamin 712-646-2049

    SHARE (discount food packages available for purchase)

    (main SHARE office number) 1-800-344-1107

    Baptist Convention of Iowa (Des Moines) 515-278-1566

    Church World Service Group (Des Moines) 515-274-2224

    Des Moines Diocese (Des Moines) 515-244-3761

    Salvation Army Church (Des Moines) 515-282-3422

    Salvation Army (Council Bluffs) 712-328-2088

    Red Cross (Council Bluffs) 712-322-4017

    St. Joseph Shelter (Des Moines) 515-282-1235

    St. Mary’s Family Center (Des Moines) 515-262-7290

    SNAP Outreach 319-529-0533

    Questions relating to food programs 800-532-1275

    Services for People with Disabilities/Home Health

    Alegent Creighton Health at Home

    (Medical Equipment & Supplies) 877-464-8400

    Green Hills AEA 13 800-432-5804

    Concerned, Inc. (Harlan) 712-755-5834

    Crossroads of Western Iowa (Missouri Valley) 712-642-4114

    Harrison County Dept. of Human Services 712-644-2460

    Harrison County Home & Public Health 712-644-2220

    Homemaker Agency 712-644-3437

    Or 712-800/300-4422

    Iowa AgrAbility Project 515-294-8520

    Iowa COMPASS 800-779-2001

    League of Human Dignity (Council Bluffs) 712-323-6863

    Mosaic in Western Iowa (Logan) 712-644-2234

    Vocational Rehabilitation 712-243-5346

    Or 712-642-4159

    West Central Community Action (Logan) 712-644-3388

    Iowa Family Caregiver Program 866-468-7887

    Children and Families of Iowa 712-792-6787

    WIC (Women, Infants & Children) 712-644-3388

    Southwest 8 Area Agency on Aging

    (Council Bluffs) 712-328-2540 or 800-432-9209

    Medivac Ambulance Service (Harlan) 800-542-4184

    (serving Shelby and Harrison Counties) or 712-755-3800

    Home and Public Health and Hospice (Harlan) 712-755-4422

    Burgess Home Health/Hospice (Onawa) 712-423-9265

    Welcov Home Health (Logan) 712-644-3529

  • Clothing A