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PsychopathyRobert Hare is a leading world expertOn Psychopathy

Robert Hare

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The PsychopathGlib and Superficial CharmGrandiose Self-WorthNeed for StimulationPathological LyingConning and Manipulativeness


The PsychopathLack of Remorse or GuiltShallow AffectCallousness and Lack of EmpathyParasitic LifestylePoor Behavioral Controls

The Psychopath Promiscuous Sexual BehaviorEarly Behavior ProblemsLack of Realistic, Long-Term GoalsImpulsivityIrresponsibility


The Psychopath Failure to Accept Responsibility for actionsMany Short-Term Marital RelationshipsJuvenile DelinquencyRevocation of Condition ReleaseCriminal Versatility