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It's not just search and technology that's changing; consumers' expectations are evolving. Consumer apathy is rife, audiences are fragmenting and almost every marketing tactic is becoming less effective. To combat this, brands need to work harder than ever before. Content isn't a silver bullet, but it's a useful tool in your arsenal. An exploration of trends & how to get content working for your brand.

Transcript of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Search Congres 2014

  • 1. @hannah_bo_banna@hannah_bo_bannaharder, better, faster, strongerour work is never over@hannah_bo_banna

2. @hannah_bo_bannaharder 3. @hannah_bo_bannaseo is harder than it used to be 4. @hannah_bo_banna2011 - crackdown on thin content 5. @hannah_bo_banna2012 - crackdown on low quality links 6. @hannah_bo_banna2013 - moving from indexing to understanding 7. @hannah_bo_bannafast forward to today:search queries which shouldnt work,do work 8. @hannah_bo_banna 9. this could be bad news if youre a publisher@hannah_bo_banna 10. @hannah_bo_banna 11. @hannah_bo_bannaas google get smarter,publishers are getting an increasingly raw deal 12. @hannah_bo_banna 13. but were not just seeing this for informational queries@hannah_bo_banna 14. were also seeing Googles proprietary products for generic@hannah_bo_bannatransactional queries 15. @hannah_bo_bannaSkyScanner rank1stthis is the fold 16. @hannah_bo_bannaits getting to the pointthat in order to survive you need to be a brand 17. @hannah_bo_banna 18. but in some instances even that might not be enough@hannah_bo_banna 19. @hannah_bo_bannaMoneySuperMarketsorganic listing isabove the fold - butGoogle are being veryaggressive 20. nevertheless organic search is still an important channel@hannah_bo_banna& brands still want to rank 21. they also want to decrease their reliance on search and@hannah_bo_bannagain traffic from other sources 22. to help them rank we need to get them links@hannah_bo_banna 23. if theyre great links, theyll also send traffic@hannah_bo_banna 24. plus, if we create things which people want to share well@hannah_bo_bannaalso get traffic from social sites 25. so all we need to do is create some content@hannah_bo_bannasounds pretty easy, right? 26. @hannah_bo_bannait really isnt easy 27. @hannah_bo_bannaits tough & its getting tougher 28. Feb 2012: 400 LRDs 1194 facebook likes 1943 tweets@hannah_bo_banna 29. you may see your efforts becoming less effective over time@hannah_bo_banna 30. Oct 2013: 93 LRDs 187 facebook likes 619 tweets@hannah_bo_banna 31. getting content to work for you is hard today& its likely to get even harder in the future@hannah_bo_banna 32. @hannah_bo_bannachallenge accepted 33. @hannah_bo_bannaso, weve covered offharder 34. @hannah_bo_bannabetter 35. @hannah_bo_bannapublishing is changing 36. @hannah_bo_bannatoday we have publishers that curate,rather than create 37. @hannah_bo_banna 38. @hannah_bo_bannathen this happened 39. @hannah_bo_bannathis corporate blogstopped letting their awkward CEO post lame stuff& skipped straight to awesomethis probably isnt true, but writing headlines like this is kind of fun 40. @hannah_bo_banna 41. @hannah_bo_bannaby replicating the upworthy modelthis pet food retailer blogattracted 20m unique visitors in June 2014http://dis.tl/PetFlow-WSJ 42. what happened next will blow your mind@hannah_bo_bannayeah, so thats hyperbolic in the extreme, Ill stop now 43. today this is a stand-alone media businessselling banners & content recommendation ads@hannah_bo_bannahttp://dis.tl/PetFlow-WSJ 44. @hannah_bo_banna 45. in a similar fashion we have publishers creating sub-brands(which are pretty divorced from the parent brand)@hannah_bo_banna 46. this british newspaper established in 1903...@hannah_bo_banna 47. @hannah_bo_banna 48. has created a buzzfeed style sub-brand to@hannah_bo_bannareach new audiences 49. @hannah_bo_banna 50. @hannah_bo_bannawhilst this is interesting,this isnt a great solution for many brands 51. @hannah_bo_bannathe vast majority of clients ask for this: 52. @hannah_bo_bannaget us links! 53. @hannah_bo_bannaor more accurately 54. @hannah_bo_bannaget us press coverage& exposure on sites our target audience read(oh & social shares would be nice too) 55. @hannah_bo_bannaif you want coverage on other sites,you need to create things those sites will want to cover 56. @hannah_bo_bannanot curate stuff with clickbait headlines 57. @hannah_bo_banna& those quizzes dont always get asmany links as youd hope 58. @hannah_bo_banna945k facebook likes 4.3k tweets 75 LRDs 59. @hannah_bo_bannathats still reasonably impressive& I dont imagine theyre shooting for linksbutif you are shooting for linksthen this might not be the way to go 60. @hannah_bo_banna50k facebook likes 1.6k tweets 54 LRDs 61. @hannah_bo_bannait did generate 365k visits to the site& the client was happy 62. @hannah_bo_bannathis also happened 63. @hannah_bo_banna 64. @hannah_bo_bannabut how do we do things better? 65. @hannah_bo_bannareactive real-time 66. @hannah_bo_banna 67. @hannah_bo_banna 68. @hannah_bo_bannathe takeaway here is not:you need a bit of luck 69. @hannah_bo_bannathe takeaway here is:be ready, willing & able to take advantage of opportunitiesas & when they arise 70. @hannah_bo_bannaif @Arbys hadnt tweeted thatsomeone else probably would have& they wouldnt have benefitted 71. @hannah_bo_bannawhilst you should put processes in placeto allow you to do this,its probably not enough by itself 72. @hannah_bo_bannawhats better? 73. @hannah_bo_bannaplanned real-time 74. @hannah_bo_bannawhen oreo turned 100, they created100 pieces of contentover 100 days 75. @hannah_bo_banna 76. the campaign got over 1m facebook likes& thousands of pieces of press coverage@hannah_bo_banna 77. @hannah_bo_bannathis highly topical content put thecookie the centre of peoples conversationswithout being self-serving 78. @hannah_bo_bannawhat if youre not a well known brand? 79. @hannah_bo_bannaads that dont feel like ads 80. http://dis.tl/wren-kiss @hannah_bo_banna 81. my desire was to create something that wasinteresting to people beyond a fashion angle...Melissa Coker - Wren@hannah_bo_banna 82. [its] an interesting film that exists on its own, ratherthan something that feels like a commercial...Melissa Coker - Wren@hannah_bo_banna 83. @hannah_bo_banna92m YouTube views& coverage from over 1300 sites 84. but thats all content someone else has created@hannah_bo_bannawhat about content weve created? 85. @hannah_bo_bannacontent which breaks news 86. @hannah_bo_banna961 LRDs 102k facebook likes 4.4k tweets 87. @hannah_bo_bannawe made this to appeal to music fans& music journalists 88. @hannah_bo_bannawe think publishers covered it becauseit was a great story 89. @hannah_bo_bannawait, what? 90. we think that people shared it because it allowed them to@hannah_bo_bannaexpress their opinions 91. @hannah_bo_bannacontent which supports existing editorial 92. @hannah_bo_banna 93. @hannah_bo_banna308 LRDs 2.2k facebook likes 1.3k tweets 94. we made this to appeal to the startup community@hannah_bo_banna(& tech journalists) 95. we think publishers covered it becauseit supported the WhatsApp acquisition story@hannah_bo_banna 96. @hannah_bo_bannacontent people look good sharing 97. @hannah_bo_banna354 LRDs 19,4k facebook likes 6.5k tweets 98. we made this to appeal to people working in@hannah_bo_bannathe creative industry 99. @hannah_bo_bannawe think publishers covered it becausecreativity is a hot topicandthe piece has impact because the peoplefeatured have devoted fans 100. @hannah_bo_bannawe think people shared this because it:made them look smartand/ormade them look interested & interestingand/ormade them look literary 101. @hannah_bo_bannaso weve covered offharder & better 102. @hannah_bo_bannafaster 103. Im not necessarily saying we need to create content faster@hannah_bo_bannaorfind ways to scale 104. an obsession with scaling is where we went wrong before@hannah_bo_banna 105. @hannah_bo_banna 106. @hannah_bo_banna 107. but we are playing catch up in some areas@hannah_bo_banna& we need to get better, faster 108. @hannah_bo_bannathe new normal 109. @hannah_bo_bannaif youre *still* ignoring mobileyou will be screwed 110. there will be more mobile search queries@hannah_bo_bannathan desktop search queriesthis year 111. @hannah_bo_bannaheres googles response 112. towards the end of last year we launched somepretty big design improvements for search on@hannah_bo_bannamobile and tablet devices...John Wiley, Googlehttp://dis.tl/john-wiley 113. today we've carried over several of those changes@hannah_bo_bannato the desktop experienceJohn Wiley, Googlehttp://dis.tl/john-wiley 114. @hannah_bo_bannagoogle are going mobile first 115. @hannah_bo_bannaand theres this 116. @hannah_bo_banna 117. @hannah_bo_banna 118. @hannah_bo_bannabut its not just search;social is mobile 119. 77% of users access facebook via their mobilehttp://dis.tl/fb-mobile-users@hannah_bo_banna 120. 80% of users access twitter via their mobilehttp://dis.tl/twitter-mobile-users@hannah_bo_banna 121. if youre creating content thats designed to be shared@hannah_bo_banna 122. @hannah_bo_bannayou need to design it mobile first 123. @hannah_bo_bannaunderstanding the power of ideas,as opposed to thinking in formats 124. @hannah_bo_bannaan idea is a novel combinationof previously unconnected elementsin a way which adds value 125. @hannah_bo_bannathis is tricky to parseso lets shoot straight to an example 126. http://dis.tl/axis-chords @hannah_bo_banna 127. ever wondered why all pop songs sound the same?@hannah_bo_banna 128. @hannah_bo_bannathey all use the same four chords 129. they could have just created a list of all the songs that use@hannah_bo_bannathe same 4 chords 130. @hannah_bo_bannameh 131. @hannah_bo_bannabut its not until you hear itthat you really get it 132. @hannah_bo_bannawhy do pop songs soundthe same?they use the same4 chordsbring it to life witha mash upcombiningpreviouslyunconnectedelementsexecute in a waythat adds value 133. @hannah_bo_bannaan video is not an ideaits a format 134. @hannah_bo_bannaan infographic is not an ideaits a format 135. @hannah_bo_bannayou need a great idea 136. @hannah_bo_bannathen you need to communicate the ideaby using an appropriate format 13