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  • 1. LITTLE PEARLSNew Year GiftAn eBook contains shortinspirational, motivationaland encouragingquotations.Compiled by:MUHAMMAD YAQOOBhttp://twitter.com/yaqoobm

2. I, Muhammad Yaqoob, am the author of Gray and Old blog live in ablogging community representing a life much less restricted. Impassionate about inspiring, motivating, and supporting others to do thework they want to do in order to live the life they want to live. I amblogger, brand-expert, writer, speaker, thinker, creator, and a doer.I brought these inspirational pearls to coordinate the Inconvenience ofChange to illustrate two primary things: (1) the power of community and (2) the impact one person can have on many.I seek to inspire you just as much as you all, day in and day out, continueto inspire me.Whether were talking about Social Media &entrepreneurship or religionand philosophy, there is something that each of us can learn from oneanother.I present this E-Book to you as a New Year Gift.Cheers!Remember, as small as your role in all of this may seem it only takesone person, one idea, to spark a revolution. 3. Things to think about (and do) this year 2013 4. Create Art:Skills are cheap. Creativity is priceless. 5. Be Generous: The greatest generosity is non-attachment. Shepard Fairey made a poster of Barack Obama. The Internet helped it spread. The poster connected one supporter to another and became an icon, a freely shared ID badge. It doesnt matter that Fairey didnt make a penny selling the image. What matters is that he connected, and that connection gave his artShepard Fairey leverage. Hell never need to look for work or revenue again. It will hunt him back. We grew up isolated. Now we are connected. We grew up in a small circle of family and co-workers. Now, we earn the right to interact with just about anyone in the world we want to. I think this changes everything if we let it. [Seth Godin] 6. Live your childrens their childhood. 7. Follow your Heart:Your feet will lead you to where your heart is. 8. CONNECT FACEBOOK SERIOUSLY!Leverage the godforsaken internet! Its just as much a workplace asany big corporation. If you do it right.[Ashley Ambirge] 9. LEARN:You have to WANT to learn. Nothing evergoes away until it teaches us what we needto know [Pema Chodron] 10. FIT IN:Forget about the Change, FIT IN. Changing is not possible. Fitting is.[Ashley Ambirge] 11. Avoid Not My JobThese 3 words can kill the entire organization [Seth Godin] 12. UNEMPLOYMENT:Take unemployment as a full-time job in finding your fit. [Emily Belden] 13. STOP ACTING SO SMALL:You are the universe in divine motion. [Rumi] 14. FLY HIGH:A soul in tension - thats learning to fly - condition grounded but determined to try.[Pink Floyd] 15. BE FEARLESS:Do not to sweeten it up,smooth it over,take a pill,or distract yourself,as by all means it makesgo away.Stay and face the fear.Just show your teeth andstrike the fear.[Pema Chodron] 16. BE COMPASSIONATE:You need power only to do something harmful. Otherwise loveis enough, compassion is enough. [Rumi] 17. UNDERSTANDING:If you understand, and you show that you understand,the situation will change. I trust it so. 18. Nothing:The sweetness of doing absolutely nothing. 19. LIFE HERE NOW:Bring your tomorrow here now, becausetomorrow may not come! The Future is NOW!Tomorrow never dies 20. ACCEPT YOUR PAIN:And if you accept your pain, it cannot hurtyou anymore. 21. LET IT GO:Youre youngandthe world is yours.Dont give in tonostalgia.Let it go,If you let go a little,you will have a littlepeace.Its years ago,Now,Let it all go. 22. EGO:Just take your ego for a walk. 23. SAIL AWAY:The most dangerous place is in yoursafety zone - Sail away from your safeharbor. [Robin Sharma] 24. You are aHero tooDont let anyone dareto stamp out the artistthat lives within you. 25. LAUGH A TON:One big laughter and you are already home.[Osho] 26. TAKE A FRESH GRIP: -Start small - Start now - Start whereyou are - Venture further - Go slow -Live a little - Laugh a ton - Simplify - Begenerous - Make Art - Open wide - Re-prioritize - Blow off the past - Keep ontalking - Dream on...... 27. SILENCE:Silence is pure; it draws people togetherbecause only those who are comfortable witheach other, can sit without speaking. 28. MARKETING:Lets people talk about you. [Veena Malik] 29. DARE TO DISCOVER:Blaze a new trail, cross a continent - Go to China 30. BE STILL ANDKNOW:In the midst of movement andchaos, keep stillness inside ofyou.BE STILL AND KNOW is one ofthe most fundamental sutrasof the inner alchemy.But by being still is not meantthat you have to force stillnessupon yourself.[Osho] 31. KNOW YOUR STYLE:and if at first you dont succeed, failure maybe your STYLE [Quentin Crisp] 32. COURAGE:You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of INSANECOURAGE. Just literally twenty seconds of - just embarrassingbravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it. 33. RUN RABBITRUN:Far far awaypeople heard him saythere will come a dayI will find a waysomething will be donerun rabbit rununtil your muscles getburn. 34. BURN:So let the fire within me burn - You know something I should learn[Dr A. Bettani] 35. NAVIGATE:Do it by heart, bypass the common sense,navigate your day, and try it another way. 36. SHENPA:Its a Tibetan word that roughly means"scratching the itch."I think of it as a spiral of pain, somethingthat is triggered by a small event andimmediately takes you totally off theranch.A small itch gets scratched, which makes ititch more, so you scratch more and moreuntil youre literally in pain.[Seth Godin] 37. AFFECTIONS:If your children do not receive proper care, timeand affection, in later life they will often find ithard to love others. 38. LUCK:Most people with a big idea, great talent and/or something to say dont get lucky at first.Or second. Or even third. Its so easy to conclude that if youre not lucky, youre notgood. So persistence becomes an essential element of good, because withoutpersistence, you never get a chance to get lucky. [Seth Godin] 39. FRIENDSHIP:Who you hang out with determines what you dream about andwhat you collide with. And the collisions and the dreams lead toyour changes. And the changes are what you become. Changethe outcome by changing your circle. 40. FOCUS:A woodpecker can tap 20 times on thousand trees and get nowhere, but staybusy. Or he can tap 20 thousand times on one tree and get dinner. 41. SMALLDAILYIMPROVEMENTS:Over time it creates stunning results.Develop one-proficiency a year. 42. IGNORANCE:Screaming , shouting , yelling , roaring, doesnt help increment your strength.Ignorance is the real strength. 43. NOWNESS:This very moment is so freshand unique and a perfectteacher, this very moment goeswith you where ever you go.Enjoy this now-ness, is-nessthis-ness, such-ness.anything that happens,happens, accept it withabsolute gratitude.[Osho] 44. AGE:Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. 45. LIEF:Life shouldnt be a journeyto the grave with theintention of arriving safelyin an attractive and well-preserved body, but ratherto skid in sideways,chocolate in one hand,award in the other, bodythoroughly used up, totallyworn out and screaming,WOO HOO what a ride![Ash Ambirge] 46. FUN:Have some fun, why not it works 47. Achieve selflessness 48. NOW ENJOY: