Happiness quotient 2011

The Earth Worth! A Survey on World’s Happiest countries, and the Saddest (based on Legatum Prosperity Index)


Top 5 and bottom 5 of the 'Happiest Countries' in the year 2011. Survey by Legatum Institute

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The Earth Worth!

A Survey on World’s Happiest countries, and the


(based on Legatum Prosperity Index)

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Year - 2011A survey by Legatum Institute

on110 countries

Accounting for 93% of global population

and 97% of global GDP

on their Wealth & Well-being!

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The keys to happiness…

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The ‘Happy’ Winners are…Top 5 Countries rated as the ‘Happiest ‘ countries…

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SwedenHigh levels of political

participation and social equality combine with

environmental protection and 123 mobile phones per 100

people to create a tech-savvy socialist paradise.

# 5

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New ZealandNew Zealand ranks no. 2 in governance,

education and personal freedom. No country ranks higher in tolerance for immigrants.

# 4

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Australia has moved up from fifth place in 2009, the result of excellent education, an efficient government bureaucracy and

booming trade in natural resources.

# 3

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DenmarkDenmark is no. 2 for the third year. The tiny country

ranks first in entrepreneurship and opportunity, based on high levels of social equality, high

connectivity and the world's lowest start-up costs.

# 2

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For the third year, Norway ranked no. 1. With per capita GDP of $54,000 it is among the richest in the world and ranks first in social capital and second in

safety and security.

# 1

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The ‘Not so Happy’ Winners are…5 Countries rated as the ‘Saddest ‘ countries…

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YemenCivil unrest, few liberties,

little education for girls. Only a third report any form of


# 5

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unstable government.

Very dangerous, intolerant of outsiders.

# 4

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EthiopiaLiteracy is just 30%;

undernourishment 40%; unemployment rate 20%.

# 3

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ZimbabweInept, corrupt, kleptocracy. No

civil rights. Pervasive political violence.

# 2

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Central African

RepublicThe worst.

More than 10% of children die in their first year. Classes average 91 students per teacher. No foundation for future


# 1

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