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Hand Made Pillows

Hand Made Pillows

About Us

We are Mermaid Pillow Shop, we offer mermaid pillows of high quality and at affordable prices. We are a team of enthusiastic fashion and home dcor designers. We have pillows that could change colour depending on the way you swiped your hand.

Our QualitiesAll our Mermaid Pillows are handcrafted by our in-house pillow experts.We offer FREE delivery for all orders across the UK.This pillow will add a pop of colour to your couches, bedrooms and more.We have a large variety of two-tone colour combinations to choose from.Our pillows come in a variety of sizes from 18 x 18 to 10 x 10.


Our Pillows

Silver Gold Mermaid PillowBlack Silver Mermaid PillowWhite Gold Mermaid Pillow

Silver Gold Mermaid PillowSilver and Gold Coloured Reversible Sequin Pillow. Our Mermaid pillow is a highly decorative, addictive, therapeutic pillow made with reversible sequins.

Black Silver Mermaid PillowBlack and Silver Reversible Sequin Pillow.

White Gold Mermaid PillowWhite and GoldReversible Sequin Pillow.

Contact UsAddress: Abbey Road, Park Royal, London,NW10 7SU

Phone: 020 8617 8390

Website: https://www.mermaidpillowshop.co.uk

Email: info@mermaidpillowshop.co.uk

Thank You