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Hallmarks of Successful Growth Companies Original article was a collaboration between GE Capital, Americas and Knowledge@Wharton. Submitted By - Nitin Kumar - Akash Sharma - Himanshu Atwal

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Hallmarks of Successful Growth CompaniesOriginal article was a collaboration between GE Capital, Americas and Knowledge@Wharton.

Submitted By- Nitin Kumar- Akash Sharma- Himanshu Atwal

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Defining Success- What is a Successful Business ???- Is being Entrepreneur always successful ???- Why only some business crack the code of success??- What makes them different from others ??? - If we want to be an entrepreneur, what different

things we should keep in mind to become successful???

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Survey Conducted- Surveyed 2,028 middle market businesses. - The survey found 131 of these growth champions, of which

80% defined themselves as being either in the start-up stage or growth stage as opposed to a mature stage.

- “Growth Champions” — companies that grew 10% immediately after the financial crisis and that also were expected to grow 10% in 2012.

- Business success often doesn’t depend on stunning innovations but instead on common-sense business practices such as embracing change and choosing the right partners and board members.

Survey was conducted by “The National Center for the Middle Market”, a partnership of The Ohio State University (OSU) Fisher College of Business and GE Capital.

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The Four Hallmarks of Successful Companies

Innovate with Customer

Raise adequate capital

Proper sources of Venture Capital

Management skills

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Innovate with customers Being a clever Innovator is “Not Enough” Sometimes Common sense is more important than Innovation Need of Customer Feedback & Changing accordingly Importance of Good Execution of Product & Monitoring Success

Business Plan



Product or Services

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Raise adequate capital Never Underestimate “Need of Capital and Time” Clear idea of Funding Options Initial investment- friends, family & then… Need of Investment increases with size of firm

Raise adequate capital

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Try to be a “Patient Entrepreneur”

Choose Venture Capital Options Wisely

Sources should have a “Deep Pocket And A Long Stomach”

VC should be able to differentiate between “Regional Ripple and Supernova”

Proper Industrial Exposure, Extensive Contacts and Control over Marketing can be an extra advantage

Proper Sources of Venture Capital

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New Talent Recruitment Do not assume Founder is the Best Person to run the

company as it grows Achieving growth through idea generation and new product

development vs skills required for a new venture. Success comes from a team with complementary experiences

and a wider range of management skills.

Build Management skills

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• Innovation vs Common Sense• Adaptability• Funding strategy• Proper Talent Selection• VC is more than just Funding Partners

Key Take - Away

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