Håkan Nyberg, CEO Nordnet: The future of retail banking

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The Future of Retail Banking Håkan Nyberg, CEO Nordnet Bank

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Nordnet's CEO Håkan Nyberg spoke at Marketforce seminar "The future of Nordic Banking" on November 5th 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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  • 1. The Future of Retail Banking Hkan Nyberg, CEO Nordnet Bank

2. this is nordnet 3. Nordnet a Nordic online bank Nordnet offers services that simplifies savings and loans With innovative solutions we focus on modern savers Our vision is to become the leading bank for savings in the Nordic region 4. quick facts On our way towards the leading bank for savings in the Nordic region Business in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland Headquarter in Alvik, Stockholm 3 product areas: Investment & Savings, Pension, Bank 330 employees Listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Mid Cap at SEK +4 billion 5. quick facts operating profitsavings capital210.4 (178.5)127 (100)SEK millionSEK billionactive customersnet savings384,200 (360,800)7.9 (5.6) SEK billiontradeslending9,888,900 (9,868,600) 5.1 (4.6) SEK billionNumbers from Q3 report, 2013 6. the future of retail banking 7. digitaltransparentmobilesocial 8. digital nordnetplatform 9. mobile nordnetmobile trafficvisits at nordnet sites from mobile devices / total visits 25%20%15%10%5%0% 10. social nordnetcustomers generate content 11. social nordnetcustomers influence content 12. social nordnetcustomers generate content 13. social nordnetrecruitment in social media 175 applicationsWidely spread in social mediaPRCost: 0 SEK 14. social nordnetshareville+= a pioneer in social investing 15. social nordnetsharevillefollow. peoplegroupsstocks 16. transparent nordnetguidance & supermarkets 17. more information nordnetab.com follow nordnetbloggen.se/no/dk/fi Twitter: @CEONordnet become a customer nordnet.se/no/dk/fi social investing shareville.se (soon .no .dk & .fi)