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  • 1. Haiku Poetry Thoughts about CORAL REEFS by the 2nd grade G/T Class

2. Fish under the sea swimming around the coral with many colors by Colin M and Carter L. 3. In the coral reef swimming in the ocean deep sea turtles paddleby Ashley and Avery 4. Very deep, deep down A special place discovered A colorful reef by Eva and Tea 5. Salt, sponges, water in a little container colorful crystals by Abby 6. Sea anemome living in shallow water home to a clownfish by Owen 7. Living in the deep so many kinds of coral colors everywhere by Sohini 8. Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space It's a living thing by Markus and Dulce 9. The box jellyfish vey poisonous to all but the sea turtleby Noah and Colin B 10. An anenome and a colorful clownfish They get together by Charles and Jake 11. Polyps are sessile They're permanently attached. and yet are alive By Diego R. and Aiden L. 12. We learned a lot about coral and coral reefs! We hope you enjoyed our poetry!