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Walks you through UV, Polarizing and Neutral Density (ND) Filters

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  • 1. Whats The Deal With Filters?@campbellcameras

2. Can You Use Filters?@campbellcameras1The lens on your camera must have filter threadsLook at the Camera Specs tofind the Filter SizeInspect the lens 3. #1 Reason to Use Filters2@campbellcamerasFilters PROTECT yourlens from dirt, dust, andscratchesPhoto Credit: DP ReviewPhoto Credit: HUBs Photography 4. UV Filters3@campbellcamerasUV Filters are used #1for Protection of yourlensUV Filters are also designed to cutthrough the imagedegradation that is caused byatmospheric haze and otherairborne pollutants.Photo Credit:Tiffen UV FiltersPhoto Credit: Memmory ExpressWe recommendTiffen UV Filters 5. Polarizing Filters4@campbellcameras1) Used to make the cloudspop out2) Saturate Colors3) Eliminate glare off ofwater, snow, and glassPhoto Credits:Tiffen, Point Of View Cameras, & One Slide PhotographyWe recommendTiffen Polarizing Filters 6. Neutral Density (ND) Filters5@campbellcamerasWe recommendTiffen ND Filters1) Allows you to blur moving water, people/traffic bydropping the shutter speed2) Allows you to shoot at wider F-Stops underbrighter lighting conditions3) Balances Exposure4) Controls Depth of FieldPhoto Credits: Run Gun Shoot &Take Great Pictures 7. THATS YOUR BASIC FILTERSGot questions or comments? Tweet Us @campbellcamerasTag us in your wildlife photos on INSTAGRAM@campbell_cameras or #campbellcameras