Growing a self-organization by using the Montessori method

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“Help Me Do It Myself!” Montessori is an innovative, child-centered approach to education, developed a century ago by Dr. Maria Montessori who was struck by how avidly the children absorbed knowledge from their surroundings. The goal of the Montessori method is to foster a child’s natural inclination to learn, where Montessori teachers guide rather than instruct, linking each student with activities that meet his interests, needs, and developmental level. But is this method only suitable for children?

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  • @AlexeyPikulev Growing a self-organizationGrowing a self-organization by using the Montessoriby using the Montessori MethodMethod
  • 4 - Help Me Do It Myself... Maria Montessori
  • The Montessori method Psychological principles Pedagogical principles Empowering environment photo by Jule_Berlin
  • How to grow a self-organized team?How to grow a self-organized team? #firstthursday
  • 7 - Pedagogical principles
  • FreedomFreedom
  • Self-correctionSelf-correction
  • Multi-Age GroupingsMulti-Age Groupings
  • Children are active participantsChildren are active participants in the learning processin the learning process
  • The class rulesThe class rules
  • 13 - Psychological principles
  • Minimizing a teacher's helpMinimizing a teacher's help
  • All estimation sucks!All estimation sucks! ;);)
  • Each child is valued as a uniqueEach child is valued as a unique individualindividual
  • 17 - Empowering environment
  • Classroom and LearningClassroom and Learning MaterialsMaterials
  • The Teacher as Guide Helping Facilitating Does not interfere Is responsible for the process Consulting Gives feedback Motivates
  • What next?What next? It is up to you!It is up to you!
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