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An interactive half-day seminar for business owners and entrepreneurs specially designed to demystify the B-word and to provide practical insights on how to develop a successful brand.

Transcript of Grow Cornwall Branding Seminar

  • 1. Branding through thelooking glass Revealing the secrets of a successful brand

2. About me Marketing and brand practitioner 10 years experience; B2B, B2C, Public & Privatesector Branding Associate with Recently set-up my own online planning 3. About you 4. Todays session 5. 3 Goals1. To introduce key concepts and principles behind brands and branding2. To get you thinking about your own brands3. To create a simple brand identity statement and visual positioning chart 6. Agenda Now 2.15pm: scene setting presentation 2.15pm 3.00pm: interactive exercises 3.00pm 3.30pm: coffee break 3.30pm 4.55pm: interactive exercises 5.00pm: close 7. Quick exercise 8. Just what is abrand? 9. My viewpoint 10. Its NOT a logo 11. Source: The Brand Gap, Marty Neumeier 12. Its NOT an advertising slogan 13. Its NOT a product 14. So WHAT is it? 15. Whatisabrand? Its what you stand for in the mind of a customer (or prospect) 16. Whatisabrand?Think of it as your image or reputation 17. Whatisabrand? OR 18. Just like your personal reputation 19. Its NOT what you say it is 20. Whatisabrand?Itsnotwhatyousayitis 21. Its what THEY say it is 22. Reputations are built on two things: 23. 1. Direct experience: what we know 24. 2. Indirect experience:what we think weknow 25. How do successful brands build a strong reputation? 26. They stand-out! 27. Successful brands stand for somethingin the minds of target customers 28. At their core is differentiating idea that marks them out from competitors 29. Question 30. Why didnt BMW just call the new Mini aBMW 1-Series? 31. Question Why did NEW Coke flop? 32. Why doesnt Apple introduce a range of no frills, budget workstations? 33. Brands go bad when they dont deliverwhat they promise 34. Why have brandsbecome so important 35. As consumers we use brands to reinforce our selfimage 36. And generate peergroup approval 37. We use brands to fulfill psychologicalneeds 38. Rational Emotional Reliable SafePracticalA family purchase Value for money 39. RationalEmotional Engineering KudosDesign An aspirational Performance purchase 40. RationalEmotional ComfortRecognition StyleAn Ive made itLuxury purchase 41. Take away lessons 42. Take away Your brand is what you stand for in the mind of thecustomer Think of it as your reputation To build a strong brand you need to stand forsomething distinctive and different And deliver what you promise 43. Products are created in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. Walter Landor 44. So whats branding then 45. The whole point of branding is to find a simple idea that separates you from your competitors 46. Or, to put it another way 47. The goal of branding is to differentiate your cow from all the other cows inthe field 48. From this 49. To thisSource: Purple Cow, Seth Godin 50. Why does being different matter? 51. Today, we live in anincreasingly over- communicated society. Each year we send out more and receive less. Jack Trout 52. 1981 53. 2010 54. Todays real competition doesnt come from direct or even indirect competitors. It comes from the extreme clutter of the marketplace.Marty Neumeier 55. What is a brand?The human mind deals with clutter the best way it can byblocking it out! 56. What is a brand? To build a brand in the mind of yourcustomer you need to cut through the clutter but how 57. FOCUS! 58. Not so focussedbrands 59. Any ideas what these brands stand(or stood) for? 60. Whats the most important questionin branding? 61. Why should I care 62. In a world where everyone is afteryour business youmust supply yourcustomers with a compelling reason to buy you instead of your competitor.Jack Trout 63. If you dont offer a goodreason reason, then you had better have a verygood price! 64. What ideas could we use to differentiate thisnew sports car? 65. You might be thefastest 66. You might be the original 67. You might be thecoolest 68. You might offer the most choice 69. You might beethical 70. You might be the biggest & loudest 71. Or, you might bethe safest 72. You can be anything you want to be 73. So long as you stand for somethingdifferent 74. And give your customers a reason to care about you 75. Sorry Rick, but nobody cares 76. If the point of branding is to find a simple idea that setsyou apart 77. The point of marketing isto make your customers aware of this difference 78. Whatisabrand? 79. The trick is selecting the right mix of media andcommunicationschannels 80. But thats another story 81. Take away Branding is all about differentiating your productor service The goal of branding is to establish differentiatingidea in the mind of your prospect Todays customer is information rich and time poor A powerful branding programme starts bynarrowing the focus not expanding it this is thehard part And simplifying the message NOT complicating it 82. Putting theory intopractice 83. Branding through the lookingglassAttendee work booklet 23rd June 2010 84. Exercise 1: The basics 85. Brand name:_________________________ i.e. the name ALL of your customers know you by Brand category:______________________ i.e. the core product/service you provide; car, PC, lawyer, designer etc. Brand vision: i.e. the passion driving you & your brand Brand competition: i.e. the top 3-4 companies youre up against 86. Exercise 2: Whats your vision? 87. Exercise 2It is five years from now and you have recently sold your brand. This success story has been picked up by The Sunday Times who are running a lead feature in the business section of the paper. What would you like this article to say1.To get you thinking about your own brands2.To create a simple brand identity statement and visual positioning chart 88. Exercise 21. Whats the headline?2. Whats the supporting picture?3. What do your peers/customers say about you?4. How has your brand revolutionised the market (which competitors has it put out of business)?5. How can you success be summarised?Write-up on flip chart and be ready to present! 89. 10 BUSINESSSUNDAY TIMES | 12.07.14 Whats theBrand X sold to Y organisation Headline? for Z million pounds Whats the Supporting Picture?What would our peers say about us? How can our Success be Summarised? 90. Brand name:_________________________ i.e. the name ALL of your customers know you by Brand category:______________________ i.e. the core product/service you provide; car, PC, lawyer, designer etc. Brand vision: i.e. the passion driving you & your brand Brand competition: i.e. the top 3-4 companies youre up against 91. Exercise 3: What makes you theONLY? 92. 1. CATEGORY: The ONLY motorcycle manufacturer 2. USP: that makes big, loud motorcycles 3. CUSTOMER: for macho guys (macho wannabees) 4. NEED: who want to join a gang of cowboys 5. MARKET: mostly in the United States 6. TREND: in an era of decreasing personal freedom Source: ZAG, Marty Neumeier 93. Exercise 3Using the above headings draft a brand proposition statement for your brand using the flip chart paper provided.Pay close attention to point 2. If your competitor can also make this claim its not a USPOnce finished, discuss within your groups and be prepared to present 94. Brand positioning: i.e. who you are, what you do, and why your customers should care We are the ONLY___________________________That______________________________________For________________________________________Who_______________________________________In_________________________________________In an era when____________________________ 95. Exercise 4:How do you communicate this? 96. Exercise 4 A good slogan should express a position ordifferentiating idea It cannot be easily expressed by a competitor It should give you a reason to buy a product orservice A good slogan should be obvious! 97. The Ultimate Driving Machine 98. The Worlds No. 1Cell Phone Source: In Search of the Obvious, Jack Trout 99. The Worlds Favourite Place to EatSource: In Search of the Obvious, Jack Trout 100. Our slogan is: i.e. one line that communicates the above to our target customers 101. Exercise 5: How do you express this? 102. 5-wordVisual positioning creative brief: i.e. how we compare against our competitors and bring our creative aspirations to lifei.e. 5 keywords that define the aspirational image and personality of our brand ____________ModernTraditionalModern ____________Youthful ____________InformalMature Youthful ____________About you ____________Formal InformalRadical About us About youConservative Radical 103. Thank you forlistening 104. Questions 105. For more info:Ben Mumby-CroftBranding: Digital strategy: ben@dotbizdigital.com07738