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Victorian Greyhound Weekly Special Australian Cup Preview starts on Page 13. - 1 - Volume 1 Number 22 Friday March 3, 2017 1958 Rookie Rebel 1969 Benjamin John 1989 Ginger 2001 Brett Lee 1997 Smooth Rumble

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Page 1: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.


Greyhound Weekly

Special Australian Cup Preview starts on Page 13. - 1 -

Volume 1 Number 22 Friday March 3, 2017

1958 Rookie Rebel 1969 Benjamin John

1989 Ginger 2001 Brett Lee

1997 Smooth Rumble

Page 2: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly

Edition 22 Friday March 3

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Coming up over the next week:

Friday March 3 Healesville, Bendigo, Geelong

and Traralgon.

Saturday March 4 Cranbourne and The Meadows

Sunday March 5 Sandown (SAP, Healesville

and Sale.

Monday March 6 Ballarat, Traralgon

and Shepparton.

Tuesday March 7 Geelong, Bendigo and Warragul.

Wednesday March 8 The Meadows (MEP), Bendigo,

Cranbourne and Ballarat.

Thursday March 9 Shepparton, Warrnambool,

Sandown and Warragul.

Letters to the editor are always welcome on any topic

of your choice.

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Vale Lil Dickie

Lil Dickie, a life member of the Ballarat Greyhound

Racing Club, sadly passed away on Monday morning at

age 90.

Lil received life membership of the Club in recognition of

significant service over many, many years on the

Committee and helping out around the club.

The Ballarat GRC’s Oaks race, held in February

each year, is named after Lil, and most regular race

meetings at Ballarat have a race named after her.

Lil used to train greyhounds, and she was awarded

Greyhound Racing Victoria’s prestigious Ken Carr Medal

in 2002, an award which recognises outstanding

contribution to a greyhound club.

A service for Lil was held in the F.W. Barnes &

Son Chapel, corner Pleasant St. Sth and Darling St,

Ballarat yesterday, March 2, 2017 and Guests were then

welcomed back to the Ballarat GRC for food and drinks.

Plenty of fond memories of Lil were the topic of

conversation throughout the afternoon, and she will be

fondly remembered by many people associated with

greyhound racing in the area. R.I.P Lil.

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$1950 inc. GST



Black dog March 2010 35kg

Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale

Career Statistics: 14 starts - 13 wins Prizemoney $136,075

Winner 2012 Group 1 Maturity Classic

Track Records: Maitland 450m - 24.90 Bulli 400m - 22.20 (in his maiden)

Superstar who won 13 of 14 starts

Refund (less 10% nil pups) Credit Card facilities available (2% surcharge applies) Contact Paul & Michelle Westerveld 0412 887 226 Email: [email protected]

Also Standing: Bekim Bale ($2750), Dyna Tron ($1650), Dyna Lachlan ($2200), Meticulous ($1500), Path To Power ($1500) and Velocette ($2200).

FERNANDO BALE White & brindle dog 29.7kg March 2013 Kelsos Fusileer* x Chloe Allen

Career Statistics: 44 starts - 35 wins 5 placings Prizemoney $1,299,370 Winner of 8 Group 1 events Including G1 Golden Easter Egg, G1 National Sprint Championship, G1 Maturity Classic, G1 Topgun, G1 Adelaide Cup, G1 Peter Mosman Classic, as well as the G2 Bendigo Cup, G2 Traralgon Cup and the G3 Bill Collins Memorial. Track Records: Bendigo 425m 23.99 Traralgon 525m 29.80

KIOWA PRODUCER* Dark brindle dog 31.5kg April 2011 Dragon Fire x Kay V Sweet Kay

Career Statistics: 94 starts - 50 wins, 19 placings Member of the 2013 All-American team Winner of the 2013 Hollywood World Classic, 2013 Southland Derby and 2013 Chris Callas Memorial Stake. Perfect outcross for Australian bitches Kiowa Producer is undoubtedly one of the best bred American imports to ever stand at stud in Australia. What’s more, Kiowa Producer has the racetrack record to back up that claim, when you consider his overall record of 94 starts for 50 wins (Yes, 50 wins!) 15 seconds and four thirds.


$4,400 inc. GST



$3,300 inc. GST FROZEN ONLY


$3,300 inc. GST


FABREGAS Black dog October 2010 36.5kg Bombastic Shiraz x Wicked Witch

Career Statistics: 13 starts - 12 wins Prizemoney: $131,055 Winner 2012 Group 1 National Sprint Championship He was a superstar on the track and he is now A superstar sire - Leading AGRA Sire of the year for 2016

Fabregas……….. Built for speed!

Page 4: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Breeding and trainers of last week’s

metropolitan winners.

Victoria, NSW and South Australia

Angle Park - Monday February 20

1. Long Gully Josh (KC And All* x Long Gully Libby)

P. Hearnden

2. Gemtree Chaos (Velocette x Gemtree) G. Rehmann

3. Hesa Marlow (Lochinvar Marlow x Amity Kinship)

L. Wilson

4. Farmin (Djays Octane* x Kiowa Angel) L. Harris

5. Roxy Rolla (Cosmic Rumble x Enlightment)

M. Giniotis

6. Marley Bale (Turanza Bale x Dyna Gala)

B. Rawlings

7. West On Janet (Barcia Bale x Disco Girl) L. Calahan

8. Bathtub Teddy (All Is Cool x Grumpy Snappa)

B. Rawlings

9. McLaren Chief (Cosmic Chief x Stevie McLaren)

T. Foster

10. Mo Town Roy (Razldazl Jayfkay* x New Year's

Punch) C. Abbott

11. Wota Chill (Bit Chili x Wot Where) R. Pearce

Angle Park - Wednesday February 22

1. Justice Dusty (Dustando x Crash Sandy) B. Lowick

2. Tiger's Empire (Dyna Tron x Liability) K. Murnane

3. Son Of Helga (Dyna Lachlan x Helga) K. Bewley

4. Crackdown (Magic Sprite x Annie Walker)

P. Jovanovic

5. Pure Eagle (Cape Hawke x Power Merc) Lester


6. Secret Bogan (Falcon x Boganesque) Kim Johnstone

7. Lady Bale (Yuranza Bale x Princess Bale)

K. Bewlwy

8. Naughty Nat (Nolen x Punk Rock Lass) C. Adcock

9. Quell Allen (Dyna Nalin x Brenna Bale) W. Matcott

10. Kenzi (Don Chendo x Heggart) J. Cayley

11. Another Bust Stop (Swift Fancy x Taylor's Reunion)

E. Matcott

12. Waz On Fire (Magic Sprite x Annie Walker)

Lester Harris

Wentworth Park - Wednesday February 22

1. Starburst Bassy (Glen Gallon x Starburst Suzie)

S. Barron

2. Bowlin' Spinazz (Bekim Bale x Avondale Miss)


3. Frekey (Djays Octane* x Key Exit) L. Davis

4. Bolero Icon (El Grand Senor x Classy Icon) G. Bayo

5. Beegumbah Rumba (Cape Hawke x Emennette)

B. Ashton

6. Kissing Carter (Mogambo x She Ain't Late)

K. Cheetham

7. Like Zeus (Cape Hawke x Cheeky Wanda) P. Falas

8. Goldstein (Barcia Bale x Cosmic Aphrodite) M. Bell

9. Magic Spring (Spring Gun x Fascinate Marina)

N. Holloway

10. Magic Gambler (Collision x Magic Capers) J. Magri

The Meadows (MEP) Wednesday February 22 1. Dundee Kestrel (Barcia Bale x Crown Poker)

G. Scott-Smith

2. Trixta Rox (Barcia Bale x Punk Rock Lass)

D. Mowat

3. Brueghelino (Banjo Boy x Easy Baby) D. Crouch

4. Oronsay (Walk Hard x Dirty Angel) J. Sharp

5. Allen Zhara (Dyna Steal x Nelly Bale) D. Burkett

6. Gravel Rash Riot (Fabregas x Ready To Riot)


7. Black Sky Riot (Fabregas x Ready To Riot)


8. Tito Jojito (Nolen x Fancy Mojo) M. Giles

9. Allen Gerwen (Radley Bale x Dyna Cari) S. Collins

10. Quistis Bale (Dyna Nalin x Hannie Bale) S. Collins

11. Gabrielle Allen (SH Avatar* x Quiz Bale) A. Dailly

12. Thunder Raz (Thundering Jake x Lee Shiraz)

R. Tartaglia

Angle Park - Thursday February 23

1. Molly Be Nimble (Nitro Burst x Hope's Up)

C. Butcher

2. Stick Fugure (Spring Gun x Visional) T. Rasmussen

3. Chopsticks (Bekim Bale x Alana Blues) C. Butcher

4. Keroma Storm (Magic Sprite x Thundering Speed)

G. Grgurovic

5. Egyptian Diva (Knocka Norris x Little Egyptian)

N. Newlyn

6. Sheeza Nitro (Nitro Burst x Hope's Up) C. Butcher

7. Allen Jersey (Turanza Bale x Ucme Typhoon)

T. Richards

8. On Fire (Bekim Bale x Alana Blues) C. Butcher

9. Zoltan Bale (Barcia Bale x Really Gonnarock)

T. Rasmussen

10. Neville Bale (Turanza Bale x Penelope Bale)

W. Matcott

11. Lupe Fiasco (Nitro Burst x Pipe Dreams)

Kathleen Johnstone

- 4 -

Heavy Duty Webbing

Lead with safety clip

Colours, Black, Light

Yellow, Red, Yellow,

Pink, Blue, Green:

Price: $13.50

Ring Graham Moscow:

0412 243 655

Page 5: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Breeding and trainers of last week’s

metropolitan winners.

Victoria, NSW and South Australia


Sandown - Thursday February 23

1. Leprechaun Storm (Premier Fantasy x Glamorous

Keisha) P. Bartolo

2. Riveting (Swift Fancy x Ronray Disco) K. Leek

3. Zipping Lady (Barcia Bale x Scarlett Girl) S. Ralph

4. Rig Fifty Five (Oaks Road x Full Noise Turbo)


5. Reckoning (Swift Fancy x Ronray Disco) J.


6. Zipping Arnold (Don't Knocka Him x Yarramundi


I. Cockerell

7. Brolly Bale (David Bale x Ucme Typhoon) R. Britton

8. Mumma Josie (Barcia Bale x Charming Louise)

J. Britton

9. Vostok (Oaks Road x Full Noise Turbo) A. Langton

10. Moneypenny (Cosmic Chief x Princess Douglas)

N. Vincent

11. Harlon (Dyna Lachlan x Emmy's Belle)

R. Neocleous

12. Nangar Flame (Collision x Flash Fancy)


Wentworth Park - Saturday February 25

Meeting abandoned because of the inclement weather

and the state of the track.

The Meadows - Saturday February 25 1. Monaro Monelli (Barcia Bale x Sharon Monelli)

D. Hobby

2. Eminent Reality (Barcia Bale x Zelemar Fever)

K. Greenough

3. Aston Bolero (Fabregas x Aston Dream)

J. Thompson

4. It's A Fling (Collision x It's A Blur) W. Vassallo

5. Fanta Bale (David Bale x Ucme Typhoon*)

R. Britton

6. Matt Machine (SA Avatar* x Love To Rock) J. Ennis

7. Burn One Down (Buck Fever x Fancy Jaffa)

J. Thompson

8. Lightning Frank (Black Magic Opal x Kirabilli

Abbie) M. Wright

9. Blazin' Bomber (Kinloch Brae* x Absolute Stunna)

D. Pattinson

10. Aeroplane Bob (Turanza Bale x Ritza Night)

J. Thompson

11. Trip To Eden (Solve The Puzzle x Key To Eden)

J. Thompson

Sandown (SAP) Sunday February 26

1. Crackerjack Kack (Cosmic Rumble x Crackerjack

Lil) M. Delbridge

2. Crackerjack Doug (Djays Octane* x Five Percent)

3. Calendar Boy (Premier Fantasy* x Glamorous


C. Hughes

4. Shreddin' Peter Rocket x Rockin' Along) K. Hellmuth

5. Shanakee (Barcia Bale x Punk Rock Lass) D. Mowat

6. Spring Bomber (Spring Gun x Octane Blaze)

G. Green

7. Surefire (Barcia Bale x Veetee Express) J. Magri

8. Lorenzo Blue (Barcia Bale x Queen Bluebird)


9. Dr. Kestrel (Dyna Tron x Sheoak Greta)

W. McMahon

10. Dr. Frankie (Barcia Bale x Dr. Sparky) W.


11. Arapaho Joe (Didda Joe (x Our Lisa) S. Braeur

12. So Fine (Paw Licking x Bold And Black) R.Britton

- 5 -

Page 6: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

- 6 -

Talking Breeding with Roger Clark


THIS week’s review of litters selected from the

Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending

February 8, starts with a nice litter of nine pups by

promising stud prospect Banjo Boy (April 2011 Vee

Man Vane x Off Springer).

Registered by Nhill breeder, Andrea Gurry, the

seven dogs and two bitches are from the beautifully bred

bitch, Vegas Secrets (October 2010 Where’s Pedro x

Cindeen Shelby), whose Group 1 winning dam is by

Bombastic Shiraz x Proper Shelby (Royal Assassin x

Proper Angel).

Cindeen Shelby was crowned 2009 AGRA GOTY

after winning the 2009 G1 Topgun (29.75), 2009 G1

Paws of Thunder (WP 30.08), 2009 G1 Sapp Classic

(SP 29.72), 2008 G2 YS Classic (WPK 29.97), and

the 2009 G2 Black Top (Gardens 29.77).

Vegas Secrets is from a handy litter, which included

Born Creative, Melissa’s Memory, Mr. Shelby, Ronray

Flyer, Shelby King, Sir Shelby, Sweet As Shelby and

Tian Hao Diva.

Their dam also produced winners from her five

other litters, by Brett Lee, College Causeway*, Cosmic

Rumble, Kinloch Brae* and Magic Sprite.

On the track, Vegas Secrets raced 38 times for

nine wins and ten placings, winning five times over 302

metres at Mandurah, in WA, where she also won over

405 metres (23.22), and also won twice over 400 metres

at Warragul (22.81) and 307 metres at Bathurst (18.07).

She is a proven producer, from her handy first

litter, with seven named, whelped in January 2015, by

Djays Octane, then she has since whelped a litter of five

dogs and five bitches, by Cosmic Rumble, born October


Two Barcia Bale litters. TWO litters on the list this week by leading Victorian

Metropolitan sire, Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild

Teddy x Princess Bale).

Atlas Syndicate Manager, Lorraine Cookson,

registered the first of the two litters, which has six dogs

and five bitches, from the well bred bitch, Atlas Surprise

(April 2011 Knocka Norris x Path To Ptofit), whose

dam is by Path To Power x Price To Pay (Molotov* x

Better Be Rich).

Atlas Surprise is from a handy litter of six named,

which included Atlas Profit, Knocka Express, Lucifer’s

Fury, Plenty To Prove and Shannon Vale.

Their dam, Path To Profit also has winners on file

from her only other litter, whelped in October 2013, by

Spring Gun, which produced, Baltic Charm, Baltic

Valhalla, Ishka, and Tanazoo.

Continued page 7

Talking Breeding

Victorian Litter Registrations Week Ending February 8



Banjo Boy x Vegas Secrets 7 2 A. Gurry

Barcia Bale x Atlas Surprise 6 5 L. Cookson

Barcia Bale x Miss Kia Ora 2 0 G. Burton

Buck Fever x Narralee 1 3 L. Gray

Cosmic Rumble x Dewana Sienna 2 4 B. Dewan

Dyna Double One x Mepunga Lana 2 6 G. Anders

Fabregas x Sharni Rose 5 5 J. Baldwin

Farley Blitz* x Time To Embrace 1 0 W. Fasoli

Fernando Bale x Veetee Saharrah 5 2 V. Tullio

Fernando Bale x White Spyro 2 4 S. Davis

KC And All* x Sweet It Is 4 5 J. Finn

Paw Licking x Scrappy Coco 2 0 J. Guy

Premier Fantasy* x Kim Special 5 2 K. Anderson

Primo Uno x Superior Hayley 3 5 J. Wynd

Stagger x Sweet Sticka 3 2 P. Matthews

Superman x Latina 2 2 L. Tindall

* Import or O/Seas based

Totals 52 47 16 litters, Ave (6.2)

Page 7: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Talking Breeding

Victoria Continued….

Two Barcia Bale litters…

Atlas Surprise raced 48 times, for five wins and eleven

placings, winning three times over 450 metres at

Ballarat (25.68), with single wins over 425 metres at

Bendigo (24.48) and 450 metres at Shepparton (25.81).

EUROA breeder, Glen Burton, has the second Barcia

Bale litter, which unfortunately, has just the two dogs

pups, from the beautifully bred bitch, Miss Kia Ora

(October 2011 Bartrim Bale x Ondina Bale), whose dam

is by Collision x Maple Bale (Spiral Nikita* x Vista


She is from a litter of six named, which included

Amber Blitz, Deadly Producer, Dream It, Dream

Producer and Lunar Tom.

Their dam also produced winners from her two

other litters, whelped in November 2013 by Cape

Hawke, then June 2014 by Bekim Bale.

On the track she raced 12 times for five wins and

two placings, winning twice over 525 metres at The

Meadows (30.21), twice over 450 metres at Ballarat

(25.42) and also over 450 metres at Shepparton (25.37).

She has one named offspring, Sunset Trixie, who

is from her first litter, of one dog and five bitches,

whelped in July 2015, by Dyna Nalin.

Ready to Rumble NEXT we have a litter of six pups by Golden Easter Egg

winner, now successful sire, Cosmic Rumble (April

2007 Spiral Nikita* x Spiritual Rumble).

Registered by Dozus Two Syndicate Manager,

Brendan Dewan, from Edithvale, the two dogs and four

bitches are from the well bred, successful producer,

Dewana Sienna (January 2010 El Galo x Wildcard

Lass), whose dam is by Primo Uno x Pauline (Head

Honcho x Red Zinger) and worth recalling, Red Zinger

is by Grove Whisper* x Cinnamon Girl).

Grove Whisper*

Dewana Sienna is from a litter of three named, which

included Dewana El Galo and Dewana Savanna, with

their dam also producing winners from her two other

litters, whelped in July 2012 and May 2014, both by

Cosmic Rumble.

On the track, Dewana Sienna raced 87 times for

ten wins and 33 placings, winning three times over 513

metres at Traralgon (30.01), where she also won over

658 metres (38.77) and also won over 520 metres at

Cranbourne (31.01), 520 metres at Geelong (30.09), 650

metres at Shepparton (37.77), 595 metres (34.69) and

715 metres (42.37) at Sandown and 650 metres at Sale


Fabregas litter KILMANY breeder, Jessica Baldwin, has a nice litter of

ten pups in the list this week, by National Sprint

Championship winner, now successful sire, Fabregas

(October 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x WickedWitch).

The five dogs and five bitches, are from the

beautifully bred bitch, Sharni Rose (October 2012 Dyna

Tron x Miss Someone), whose dam is by Brett Lee x

Casey’s Angel (Spiral Nikita* x Leprechaun Yap).

She is from a handy litter of ten named, which

included Black Superman, Creamy Soda, Miss Tron,

Sunshine Casey, Thunder Flame, Top End Bill, tron

Ghan and Tron’s Son.

Their dam also produced winners, from her three

other litters, by Collision, Taylors Sky* and Australian

Cup winner, Velocette.

On the track, Sharni Rose raced 28 times, for four

wins and four placings, winning twice over 440 metres

at Sale (25.30) and also over 400 metres at Warragul

(22.97) and 311 metres at Cranbourne (17.98).

And All* that GROVEDALE breeder, John Finn has a litter of nine

pups on the list by US stud success, KC And All*

(October 2006 Gable Dodge x KC Did It Best).

The four dogs and five bitches are from the

beautifully bred, outstanding staying bitch, Sweet It Is

(November 2011 Mogambo x Off Springer), whose dam

is by Flying Penske* x Skullring (Phantom Fire x Class


Sweet It Is is from her dam’s second Mogambo

litter, which included Athletica, Echelonic Action, Go

Mobo, Mechatronic and Smart Maxwell.

Her first Mogambo litter, whelped in April 2009,

produced Echelon, Fly Buys, Gambo Spring and


She also produced winners from both of her other

litters, whelped in April 2011 by Vee Man Vane, which

included outstanding stud prospect, Banjo Boy, then

June 2012 by Kilty Lad.

Continued page 8

- 7 -

Talking Breeding

Page 8: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Talking Breeding

Victoria Continued….

KC And All* x Sweet It Is litter

The official race record of Sweet It Is shows she raced

65 times, for 23 wins and 22 placings, with stake

earnings of $944,945

The record also shows she won the Group 1

National Distance Championship in 2014 and 2015,

Group 1 Association Cup, Group 1 Sandown Cup, 2014

and 2015, Group 3 Sydney Cup, Group 1 Bold Trease

and Group 2 Topgun Stayers.

It is a pity that her career ended under a cloud of

illegal, performance enhancing drug use, which saw her

disqualified from heat and final win in the Auckland

Cup in New Zealand, and the 2015 National Distance

Championship final, and brought into question a number

of her other wins.

She has one previous litter on file, four dogs and

two bitches, whelped in January 2016, by Turanza Bale.

Premier litter* YORKLEA breeder, Keith Anderson, has a litter of

seven pups on the list this week, by the now deceased,

International stud Success, Premier Fantasy* (April

2002 Premier County x Nifty Niamh).

The five dogs and two bitches are from the well

bred bitch, Kim Special (December 2009 Give Me Five

x Barry’s Special), whose dam is by Collision x Westy’s

Wish (West Cape x Princess Sharlee).

Kim Special is from a litter of six named, which

included Al’s Special, Belle Special, Special Annie,

Special Kath and Willie Special.

On the track she raced 37 times, for nine wins and

ten placings, winning nine races over 405 metres at

Mandurah, in WA (22.61).

She is a proven producer, from the seven named

in her first litter, whelped in November 2014, by

Cosmic Rumble and has since whelped a litter of two

dogs and three bitches, by Bekim Bale, born March


Eight for Hayley OUR final litter for review this week, has three dogs

and five bitches, registered by Mickleham breeder,

Jodie Wynd, by primo Uno (August 2000 Black Shiraz

x Prima Portrait), from the well bred bitch, Superior

Hayley (May 2011 Where’s Pedro x Giddigan), whose

dam is by Puzzle Prize x Chersam Honcho (Head

Honcho x Cartland).

Superior Hayley is from a handy litter which

included Coolan, Coolan Blue, Coolan Queen, Giddy’s

Star, Superior Ashlee and Wendy.

On the track she raced 36 times for five wins and

eleven placings, winning twice over 400 metres at

Warragul (23.25), where she also won over 460 metres

(26.53) and she also won over 425 metres at Bendigo

(24.34), and 450 metres at Ballarat (25.80).

She has two named offspring on file from her first

litter, Superior Bobby and Superior Swagger, whelped

October 2014 by Fabregas and both having won races.

- 8 -

Talking Breeding

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Page 10: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

- 10 -

3 Noaki Street Pearcedale 3912

Call, SMS or Email

Vince 0421569259

[email protected]



A superstar in the making who’s career ended prematurely by injury Winner of the hand picked Speed Star Series at Sandown which he won in a blistering 29.01,

after he had broken the track record at The Gardens 29.19

“Incredibly fast dog that could run unbelievably fast times and was only getting better before injury cut short his career” - Jason McKay



We are offering frozen semen at $1,100 (Money back minus 10% or return service if NIL pups)

Call, SMS, or Email - Vince 0421-569 259 [email protected]


July 2013


Nitro Burst

Bombastic Shiraz

Black Shiraz Ginger

Dark Horison

Bombastic Blonde

Malawi’s Prince Blonde Bombshell

Hotburst Hotshot

Acacia Ablaze

Mary La Maze

Outburst Denver

Nicole Cruise

Oh Cee Ya

Premier Fantasy*

Premier County

Vintage Prince

Wise Plan

Nifty Niamh Murlene Slippy

Pauls Turn

Oh Behave

Big Ginger Boy Ginger

Dark Horizon

Hotshot Hunter Tylo

Malagro Sal

26 starts 12 wins 5 placings Stake earnings $64,107

Page 11: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Talking Breeding


There are no reviews of litters from NSW this week.

GRNSW had not released details of litters registered

or stud services at the time of completing this week’s


Group 2 Cyril Rowe Cup Review Katherine Ernst for AGRA

PAUL Braddon will be aiming to win back-to-back

editions of the Group 2 Maitland Cup (450m) next

month when he makes the long drive from Cowra to the

Hunter Valley with his consistent speedster Falcon’s


Braddon won the showpiece last year with his

boom youngster Marbo’s Magic and will be contesting

the 2017 series with Falcon’s Fury following the black

dog’s sensational win in the Group 2 Cyril Rowe Cup

(472m) at Bulli on Saturday night.

Beginning well from box two, the son of Fabregas and

Janderra’s Fury went stride for stride with Pedro

Cerrano in the early stages before gaining momentum in

the run around the turn, surging clear to score by three

lengths in a fast 26.12.

Group 2 Gosford Cup winner Barking Bad

($5.90) ran on well to finish second, with Pedro

Cerrano ($26.30) filling the trifecta back in third spot.

Despite the event being contested by some terrific

greyhounds such as Victorian Bear’s Gold and track

record holder El Magnifico, Braddon said he went into

the race optimistic that his charge could make an impact

and improve off his 26.28 heat win the week prior.

“We were hoping he would improve heading into

the final, because most of the other dogs had been there

quite a few times, but he was only having his third start

at the track on Saturday,” Braddon told Australian

Racing Greyhound.

“There wasn’t much between the lot of them

leading into the race, but I was happy with the two box

and I was just hoping he could jump because I knew he

would have to be in front.

“Luckily he did and the rest is history. We are all

very excited…it was a great thing to win the race so we

are all very happy.”

Falcon’s Fury ($3.80) took his career record to 14

wins and four minor placings with the slashing victory

with $91,940 in career earnings, a remarkable feat given

that he is not quite two-years-old.

“I think we will have a good 12 months ahead –

the plan is to now head to Maitland in a couple of

weeks’ time for the Cup up there.

“After that if he pulls up well we will probably

have a crack at the Golden Easter Egg – even though he

is young we may as well because it’s not very often you

get a dog like him and the chance to go in a race like the

Easter Egg.”

Braddon, who owns and also bred Falcon’s Fury

with his wife Pam, said it was a superb feeling having

now trained two group winners, Falcon’s Fury and

Marbo’s Magic, since getting involved in the sport

more than 40 years ago.

“I have been in the dogs for a lot of years,

travelling around with some good bush dogs, but not a

lot of city class dogs," he said.

The Cyril Rowe Cup is a combination of two

Bulli feature events which have been conducted since

1996 as the Bulli Gold Plate at Group 3 level and the

Cyril Rowe Memorial Cup. Last year in 2015 the

GBOTA decided to make the event the Cyril Rowe Cup

and elevate the it to Group 2 status and prizemoney.

previous winners of the Bulli Gold Plate and Cyril

Rowe Memorial Cup have been, 1996 Ultimate Wish,

1997 Awesome Assassin, 1998 Tommie Streaker, 1999

Bob's One, 2000 Kirsty's Crown, 2001 “Not held” 2002

Casino Roller, 2003 Flash Peter, 2004 Spring Secret,

2005 Whisky Assassin, 2006 Winsome Force, 2007

Commandant, 2008 Bartrim Bale, 2009 Proven Diego,

2010 Goodsey, 2011 Greta Bale, 2012 Prince Diablo,

2013 Hoover Boy, 2014 Gradence, 2015 Kayda Shae

and 2016 Black Bear Lee.

For more information please contact:

Neil Brown

AGRA Publicity Officer

Tel: 03 97691234 Mob: 0423 129 950

[email protected]

- 11 -


Falcon’s Fury

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Lightning Strikes again in the Australian

Cup Heats By GRV Website

Brilliant Victorian youngster Lightning Frank will take

aim at his third Group 1 triumph at The Meadows for

2017 after stealing the show in Saturday night’s heats of

the Group 1 Sky Racing Australian Cup (525m).

Winner of the Silver Chief in January, the Mathew

Wright trained speedster backed up from his dominant

all the-way victory in the invitation-only Temlee one

week earlier when producing another flawless front-

running exhibition in the sixth of eight star-studded Cup


Drawn in box eight, Lightning Frank ($2.60 fav)

clocked blistering sections of 4.94sec and 17.40sec as he

set The Meadows alight, posting 29.53sec, his sixth win

from his last seven starts with the defeat being a third in

the Group 1 National Derby. “He has surprised me again

tonight. It’s almost scary the splits he ran, especially the

second split, and to finish off the way he did was

incredible,” a delighted Mathew Wright said. “He truly

just keeps on surprising me, he is a once in a lifetime


“To win next week he has to mimic what he did in

his heat. There are some quality dogs in the Cup.

Eminent Reality’s heat win really impressed me.”

Wright wasn’t the only observer impressed by Eminent

Reality’s performance earlier in the night, with the

Western Australian import making light of Kel

Greenough’s fears about a lack of early pace when

finishing powerfully to win heat two in 29.60sec.

Eminent Reality, a son of former WA star Zelemar

Fever, winner of the Group 1 Temlee during the 2014

Australian Cup Carnival, took advantage of box one

when defeating another Western Australian Penny

Monelli, his eighth win from 12 starts. “He’s a young

dog who can really run the hands off the clock and he

showed tonight what a difference it can make when he

draws inside and gets a clear run,” Kel Greenough said.

“He is tardy early so he will need a lot of luck next

week, but he’s in there and that’s very exciting. “The

closest we’ve got to winning an Australian Cup was

when High Earner ran second five or six years ago.

“Group 1 races are so hard to win, but he’s in

there and I’m just hoping he does something.” Eminent

Reality denied leading WA trainer Dave Hobby a heat to

heat double after he won the opening run-off with

Monaro Monelli, which stormed home at his Meadows

debut, running 30.13sec. Jason Thompson’s prolific

Aston Bolero bounced back from a very rare poor

performance in the Temlee when carving across to the

lead from box seven en route to winning the third heat in

29.92sec, his 46th career victory.

Robert Britton’s decision to revert to sprinting

with Fanta Bale rather than stepping her up to 725m for

the Group 1 Super Stayers heats after her victory in the

middle-distance Rookie Rebel on the opening night of

the Cup Carnival paid off handsomely when she won

heat four in 29.98sec. Melbourne Cup finalist Matt Machine gave

owner/breeders Jamie and Brooke Ennis another huge

thrill when recovering from an average start to record a

courageous 29.84sec victory in heat five.

“I was rapt with his performance tonight. To beat

this field is a credit to him and Jamie,” Brooke said.

“This is his third Group 1 final which is amazing

because he is still a young dog, and we will be hoping

for third time lucky with him next week.

“It is so rewarding to watch a greyhound you bred,

reared and now train compete at group level and get

better with age.”

Darren Pattinson’s powerhouse chaser Blazin’

Bomber, runner-up to Fanta Bale in the Rookie Rebel

seven nights earlier, qualified for another feature final

when utilising the rails alley to claim a strong-finishing

29.74sec victory in the

seventh qualifier.

Aeroplane Bob gave

Jason Thompson a

second finalist,

following the earlier

victory of Aston

Bolero, when finishing

strongly along the

inside to take out the

final heat in 30.04sec.


- 13 -

Australian Cup Preview

Lightning Frank with trainer Matthew Wright

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- 14-

Australian Cup: a chronology

The chase for the sport’s “Cup of Dreams” commenced

in 1958 (with the exception of 1963 when the Cup was

not held due to the MGRA relocating from the old North

Melbourne track to Olympic Park).

From 1964 to 1995, the Australian Cup was

synonymous with Olympic Park. But for two years

(1996-97), the Cup was staged at Sandown Park due to

the closure of Olympic Park because of the City Link

freeway project and the MGRA’s subsequent search for

a new home.

However, regardless of venue, the Australian Cup

has always been the Australian Cup.

It is a race for champions… and only champions win it!

Obviously the 59th Cup winner will join a compendium

of greats – legends of the loam!

The MGRA’s blue ribbon sprint has been won by

such exalted names as Rookie Rebel (1958), Worthing

(1965), Benjamin John (1969), Ungwilla Lad (1975),

Tangaloa (1980), Eaglehawk Star (1985), Ginger

(1989), China Trip (1992 & 1993), Mancunian Girl

(1994), Tenthill Doll (1996), Brett Lee (2001), Bogie

Leigh (2004), Pure Octane (2005), Velocette (2009) and

2011 Dyna Lachlan who are all indelibly inscribed on

the Australian Cup honour roll.

Over 58 years, the Australian Cup has experienced

a stakes spiral.

For instance, when Rookie Rebel (1/4F) took out

the inaugural 1958 event – from the back mark of eight

yards at North Melbourne (675yds) – his owner-trainer,

Wally Hooper, landed an 800-pound ($1600) purse.

Other significant first prize money increases

occurred in 1970 when The Smoother (7/4F) snared

$10,000 for N. Kay; 1974 when Kim’s Monaro (5/2)

landed $20,000 for Bob Doak; 1979 when Boundless

(6/1) took home $30,000 for the Lew-Fatt family; 1983

when Drop Of Wine (1/1F) grabbed $50,000 for John

Hellingman; 1991 when Franklin Deano (11/4) won

$65,000 for Ned Bryant; and 1996 when Tenthill Doll

(1/2F) secured $100,000 for Harry Sarkis.

However, the Cup winner’s purse decreased in

1994 ($50,000) and 1995 ($55,000)

But in 2006, South Australian sprint siren Miss

Spicy ($28.80) – owned in Queensland by Sarah Pringle

– took home $125,000 for Troy Murray.

Then in 2009 Velocette ($8.20) took home

$150,000 for owner Ron McCullagh and trainer Graeme

Bate and then in 2010 we again saw the first prize rise to

$175,000 when won by Dyna Lachlan, only to sky

rocket in 2013 to the equal second highest prizemoney

event with the Easter Egg a whopping $250,000 when

won by another Dailly trainer star Spud Regis.

In 2015 the Cup provided a fairy tale win for

popular Gippsland couple Gerry and Rose Kleeven, it

had taken them 40 years to breed and race a Group 1

winner but Luca Neveelk held off all the fast finishers to

win the Cup in 29.96 leading all the way from box four.

A large number of family supporters were on hand

to cheer home the winner. In fact, so loud were the post-

race cheers that MC Rob Testa remarked, “This is

undoubtedly one of the most popular winners in

Australian Cup history.”

Last year Dyna Double One became just the third

greyhound in world history to clock $1M in prize money

by taking out $355,000 Group 1 Australian Cup, in what

was his last race start it was a fitting end to a very

decorated career, including the big race double after

winning the 2015 Melbourne Cup.

Statistically, from the 58 Cups held, favourites

have saluted on 24 occasions.

The shortest-priced winner is obviously Rookie

Rebel (1/4F) and the longest-priced winner is Tangaloa

(33/1) – trained by Joe Hili – who won in 1980.

Tangaloa was also runner-up in 1979.

In the battle of the sexes, the dogs lead the bitches

42 to 16. And the winning box draws are (Box 1) 17;

(Box 2) 9; (Box 3) 8; (Box 4) 3; (Box 5) 6; (Box 6) 4;

(Box 7) 5; (Box 8) 7. NB. There was a dead-heat in

2003 – Blackjack Tom and Most Awesome.

There has been only one dual winner – China Trip


Rookie Rebel (December 1954 Dream’s Image x Lady Janellen).

Winner of the first Australian Cup, run in 1958.

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- 15 -

The Australian Cup History 1958 – 2016 (Compiled by Roger Clark) Year Winner Whelped/Breeding Time Owner Trainer

North Melbourne 675 yards

1958 Rookie Rebel Dec ’54 Dream’s Image x Lady Janellen 36.30 W. Hooper W. Hooper

1959 Rocky Ros Mar ’56 Dream’s Image x Rockleen 36.72 Y. Fortingto J. Trotman

1960 Meadow Vale Jan ’57 Rocket Jet x Good Miss 36.48 R. Bounds P. Reid

1961 Copeland Nov ’58 Byamee x Blue Cope 36.66 M. Johnston S. Barrett

1962 Take A Bow Jul ’60 Dasher’s Bow x Dinah Jet 36.42 P. Thompson P. Thompson

1963 No Event Held

Olympic Park 560 yards

1964 Old Tops Mar ’61 Top Linen x Half A Nip 30.90 F. McSweeney F. McSweeney

1965 Worthing May ’63 Chief Zephyr x Mee Do 29.90 A. Davey A. Davey

1966 Billy Vee May ’63 Chief Zephyr x Baby Bow 30.36 W. Vallence M. Tomlin

1967 Fawn Nulla Jan ’64 Shan’s View x Bylane 30.12 L. Price L. Price

1968 Swanston Lass Apr ’66 Black Top x Rojean 30.24 M & E Turner E. Turner

1969 Benjamin John Nov ’66 Take A Bow x Rebel Wayne 30.30 C.Humphrey/H.O’Leary S. Cleverley

1970 The Smoother Jan ’68 Bandar Prince x Smooth Rapid 30.36 N. Kay N. Kay

1971 Black Diro Jan ’60 Venetion Court x Lena Black 30.36 T. Bleazby T. Bleazby

1972 Blackamoor Lad Jun ’69 Black Top x La Brigette 30.60 C. Pavil C. Pavli

Olympic Park 511 metres

1973 Half Your Luck Dec ’70 Worthing x Mini Note 30.32 E. Redpath E. Redpath

1974 Kim’s Monaro Feb ’72 The Smoother x Monaro Flash 30.34 R. Doak R. Doak

1975 Ungwilla Lad Apr ’73 Benjamin John x Sweet Deebana 30.75 K. Smith J. Coleman

1976 Odious Oct ’73 Proper Prince x Oddnik 30.69 W.Malouf/T.Page J. Coleman

1977 Listowel Sue Apr ’74 Tivoli Scout x Cindy Lake 30.41 A. Fairlie W. Fairlie

1978 Count D’Argent Nov ’74 Miller’s Moss x Princess Kerry 30.19 C. Johnston R. Johnston

1979 Boundless Sep ’76 Dunmain Scholar* x Tasmin Cassandra 30.51 K. Lew-Fatt K. Lew-Fatt

1980 Tangaloa May ’76 Temlee x Pengala 30.12 A.Read/F.Appleby J. Hili

1981 Pete’s Advice Jun ’78 Leaders Champion* x Wynleeshar 30.30 W.McDonald/H.Beer R. McDonald

1982 Royal Rumpus Jul ’78 Waverly Supreme* x Strand Miss 30.08 D. Scanlon J. Thomas

1983 Drop Of Wine Oct’80 Temlee x Leeander Mist 30.23 J. Hellingman J. Hellingman

1984 Tangairn Jan’81 Tangaloa x Del Bairn Babe 30.22 D. Fitzgerald D. Fitzgerald

1985 Eaglehawk Star Feb’82 Tangaloa x Country Coast 29.93 J. Gilchrist J. Gilchrist

1986 Bright Judge May’84 Ballarat Prince* x Tell The Truth 30.37 D.Burnip/G.Rime C. Costa

1987 Regal Post May’84 Royal Rumpus x Etta Post 29.91 A. Salter W. Salter

1988 Golden Blessing Jun’85 Tempix x Like A Blessing 29.59 K. Rounds R. Rounds

1989 Ginger Aug’86 Eaglehawk Star x Rinaldi Lass 29.70 S. Condo S. Condo

1990 Spread Eagled Sep’87 Roy Trease x Strand Etzel 29.88 P. Campbell J. Pearl

1991 Franklin Deano Dec’86 Chariot Supreme x Franklin Gold 29.74 M. Shimmin G. Bryant

1992 China Trip Oct’89 Brother Fox x La Paz 29.96 G. Ball G. Ball

1993 China Trip Oct’89 Brother Fox x La Paz 29.71 H. Gorman G. Ball

1994 Mancunian Girl Apr ’91 Malawi x Raheen Star 29.58 P. Wardle P. Wardle

1995 Bonjase Mar‘92 Benjason x Bonnie Trease 30.02 D. Moodie D. Moodie

Sandown Park 515 metres

1996 Tenthill Doll Mar’93 Malawi’s Prince x Tenthill Flyer 30.51 R. Richards H. Sarkis

1997 Smooth Rumble Sep’94 Ginger x Follow Through 30.00 S. Kavanagh S. Kavanagh

1998 Fibba Jan’96 Head Honcho x Maudie 30.39 R. Richards S. Ralph

The Meadows 518 metres

1999 Mandatario Apr’96 Head Honcho x Mutombo Miss 30.23 G. Jolly G. Jolly

2000 Arvo’s Express Feb’97 Billy Binjang x Bon Jamie 29.92 T. Womann T. Womann

2001 Brett Lee Jan’99 Gun Law Osti x Sobbing Sal 29.49 Brett Lee Syn D. McDonald

Continued Page 16

Australian Cup History

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- 16 -

Australian Cup History

Australian Cup History continued

The Meadows 525 metres

2002 Isa Brown Jul’99 Fortified Speed* x Goddess Of Fire 30.30 G. Collins R. Britton

2003 Blackjack Tom & Feb’01Tom’s Legacy x Golly Gosh 30.16 W. Heras G. Bate

Most Awesome DH Jul’00 Awesome Assassin x Most Welcome 30.16 W. Laws M. Burdekin

2004 Bogie Leigh Apr’01 Just The Best x Hypo Havoc 29.92 L. Bein T. Brett

2005 Pure Octane Jan’03 Token Prince x Elusive Rebel 29.70 Dare To Dream Syn

D. McDonald

2006 Miss Spicy Apr’03 Just The Best x Miss Angelique 30.11 S. Pringle T. Murray

2007 Pete’s Conquest Jan’05 Big Daddy Cool x Glossy 29.77 K.Kola Racing Syn

P. Giles

2008 Tasman Queen Apr’05 Where’s Pedro x Juney Reltub 29.97 W & J Butler R. Britton

2009 Velocette Aug’06 Bombastic Shiraz x Texan Lady 29.77 R. McCullagh G. Bate

2010 Dyna Lachlan Jul ’07 Go Wild Teddy x Benden Flex 29.84 B. Wheeler A. Dailly

2011 St. Pierre Dec’07 Surf Lorian x Paris St Germain 29.90 C. Nutt D. Cannan

2012 Zara Zulu Sep’09 Mogambo x Zepha Zulu 30.14 G. Collins R. Hume

2013 Spud Regis Dec’10 Bombastic Shiraz x Phiona 29.63 Treloar Syn A. Dailly

2014 Buckle Up Wes Jun’11 Collision x Everlong Bale 29.74 Johnson-Sutton Syn

E. Medhurst

2015 Luca Neveelk May’12 Talk’s Cheap x It’s A Neveelk 29.97 P. Kleevan G. Kleevan

2016 Dyna Double One Mar’13 Barcia Bale x Crystin Bale 29.75 B. Wheeler A. Dailly

Australian Cup 2017

One of the most even fields assembled for a long

time, with almost every runner being considered to

have a good chance of winning.

As with most Group 1 finals the result will

probably be determined by the first 50 metres.

Breeding based selections FOLLOWING on from last week where we did well

with eight of the eleven winners in out three


The three selections for each race are in box

draw order, and selected primarily on the

greyhound’s breeding, then box draw, then current

form, in that order.

Race 1 2 Zipping Lady, 3 Benteke, 4 Mysterize.

Race 2 2 Telarah Flash, 3 Penny Monelli and

7 Nangar Flash.

Race 3 1 Angel Dash, 2 Breughelino, 5 Trixta Rox.

Race 4 2 Jaimandy Hatty, 3 Bamba Lam Barney

and 4 OK Jake.

Race 5 1 Invictus Road, 4 Mumma Josie,

and 5 Shimatron.

Race 6 2 It’s A Fling, 3 Trip To Eden

And 6 Burn One Down.

Race 7 1 Buck Forty, 3 Eily West, 3 Rockstar Max.

Race 8 1 Eminent Reality, 3 Lightning Frank

and 7 Aston Bolero.

Race 9 3 Greysynd Emma, 7 Resident DJay

and 8 Carry On Quinney.

Race 10 2 Dyna Irminus, 3 Mepunga Rosie

and 4 Alpha Demeter.

Race 11 2 Zipping Lexi, 3 Reckoning

and 4 Lowanna’s Son.

Good luck to the connections of all of the runners in

the Australian Cup final, it is a thrill just to be there

and let’s hope for a cleanly run race where the best

greyhound wins.

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Australia’s best distance greyhound Burn One Down

continued his love affair with The Meadows on Saturday

night when producing a breathtaking last-to-first

performance in his heat of the Group 1 Australian Super


Returning to the scene of his runaway victory in

the invitation Group 1 Zoom Top one week earlier, Jason

Thompson’s wonderfully gifted stayer dominated betting

on the second of three Super Stayers heats despite an

awkward draw in five, starting at $1.50.

Burn One Down was last out of the boxes and was

still second last with a lap to go as Western Australian

visitor Teddy Monelli opened up a commanding lead.

Burn One Down improved into third in the back

straight but was still spotting Teddy Monelli the best part

of ten lengths before unleashing a withering finishing

burst to score by two and a quarter lengths in 42.35sec.

“His run was enormous. Heading into the catching

pen the first time around I didn’t think he could do better

than a placing,” Jason Thompson said.

Listed below are the past winners of the Gleeson &

Tonta Trophy as this Group 1 final has been known for

some years.

First run at Olympic Park in 1978 the staying

feature had stood the test time. However with the sale of

the business in 2011 the race sponsorship changed over

the next few years.

1978 King's Domain 1979 Misty Fabric

1980 Sue's Repeat 1981 Parachute Luck,

1982 Mira Donna 1983 Dark Harlequin,

1984 Tesoro Mio 1985 Planosec

1986 Bay Supreme 1987 Mystic Hope

1988 Magic Lightning 1989 High Flight

1990 Pebbles' Beach 1991 Modern Express,

1992 Saltwater Sid 1993 Gold Roulette

1994 "Not Held" 1995 Just Barby

1996 City Blitz 1997 Nowhere To Go

1998 Ringside Fire 1999 Moe's Tavern

2000 Sunblest Kid 2001 Proven Dreams

2002 Boomeroo 2003 Oh Behave

2004 Skipper Rip 2005 Malfoy

2006 Quidame 2007 Flashing Floods

2008 Just Friends 2009 Lilley Criminal

2010 Drill ‘Em 2011 Bobby Boucheau

2012 Thrilling Brat 2013 Destini Fireball

2014 Destini Fireball 2015 Luna Jinx

2016 Star Recall.

For more information please contact:

Neil Brown

AGRA Publicity Officer

Mob: 0423 129 950

[email protected]

- 17 -

More Australian Cup Carnival Action

Burn One Down

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Whelped a litter recently?

Why not send us a pic?

and tell us about it.

[email protected]

Coursing Remote Control Lure

Note to all Coursing Club Secretary's:

you are invited to submit details of all your club’s

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All coursing enthusiasts are now looking

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We will have the full 2017 Coursing calendar as

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TRAX 4WD modified, Soft fat tyres, sound attracter,

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This car is not a small cheapie, the car is TRAX 4WD

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Wheeler kennels purchased a car and Brendan

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Longwood trainer Michael Barry has just ordered a

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If you have a Nostalgia contribution

email to

[email protected]

This week we continue our look back at Victoria’s leading metropolitan sires and their best winning

offspring over the past 40 years, with the 1988 Victorian Metropolitan Sires List.

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Sell your pups here


[email protected]

BRED TO WIN Our weekly selection of

greyhounds to follow, based on

their breeding and recent



(Bindle bitch, April 2015 Spring Gun x Molly Tee)

Trained at Kilmany by Steven Spoljaric.

Raced six times now for a win and three placings

and is improving with experience.

Won from box seven over 460 metres at Waragul

on February 14 (26.07 B 26.00) then stepped up in class

and distance to 515 metres at Sandown (SAP) on

February 26.

Started from box two and finished second, beaten

1.13 lengths by Crackerjack Kack (29.73).

Promising type worth following in coming starts,


(Fawn bitch, June 2014 Barcia Bale x Surfonic)

Trained at Darriman by William McMahon for Sandra


Seven starts now for a win and two placings and

shows promise.

Finished second off box seven over 350 metres at

Healesville on January 29 before three unplaced runs,

Healesville, Warragul 460 metres and Traralgon 525


Showed the benefit of that Traralgon 525 metres

run when Third from box two over 515 metres at

Sandown (SAP) on February 26, beaten 2.66 lengths in

the race won by Crackerjack Doug (29.68).

Hard to win one when they run that sort of time at

a Sandown Sunday meeting.


(Black dog, December 2013 Fabregas x Budgie Lass).

Trained at Drouin West by Christopher Watson.

Turned three in December but has only raced

seven times for two wins and a placing.

Won over 440 metres at Sale (25.28) in January

2016, then 515 metres at Sandown (SAP) in March


Did not race again until February 26 when he

finished third from box seven, over 515 metres at

Sandown (SAP), beaten 6.14 lengths in the race won by

Calendar Boy (29.78). Not far off another win.

- 20 -

Windy Millar*

August 2006

Honcho Classic (Head Honcho x Sure Lass)


Any Time Soon (Staplers Jo x Toss Spirit)

52 Starts 14 wins 23 placings

Won 2009 Group 1 Belfred Stakes, and 2008 Group 3

Kasco Stakes, with placings at Group level.

Outstanding winning percentage as a sire.

$700 Frozen, Bendigo or Sandown

Contact Richard 0400 578 533

Compression Suits

$269.00 Incl gst

The innovative, patented Hidez Greyhound Compression suit, applies a controlled external pressure to each major muscle group, providing significant benefits to a the Racing Greyhound. Your Hidez Racing Greyhound Compression suit can be worn to and from the race track to remain calm and conserve energy. If your greyhound is flat or has a minor or major injury leave the suit on to assist with recovery and injury repair.

Tony and Robyn Atkins Phone: 02 6767 1475 Mobile: 0416 110 326

Email: [email protected]

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“Maddog” down under.

A Night at Hobart Greyhound Racing Club

Tasmania, Australia By Maddog McDermutt From the American National Greyhound Association Review,

February, 2007.

Little Elsie and I boarded a

Delta flight in Great Falls,

Montana, and flew to Salt

Lake City, Utah, where we

boarded another Delta flight to

Los Angeles, California,

where we sat for five hours

waiting for an 8,000 mile

Qantas flight across the big pond (The Pacific Ocean) to

Melbourne, Australia, sat for another two hours in that

airport, then flew Virgin Blue across Bass Straits to

Hobart, Australia's southernmost capital city on the

island of Tasmania.

As we tottered off our plane at our final

destination, Hobart, I noticed, on the airport tarmac,

four dog crates on an airport baggage mover.

Greyhounds! What a coincidence!

We moved along with the other passengers into

the terminal building, and as Little Elsie and I waited

for our baggage, I said, “You’re in charge. Be right

back, I have to check out those dogs.”

I proceeded down the sidewalk, outside, to what

looked like the baggage department, and there were the

four crates, by golly, and there was an owner leashing

up a Greyhound. I introduced myself and met Loretta


I thought she probably owned all four dogs, but

no, another Greyhound went off with somebody else,

and then yet another, and I hurried over to catch the last

one, peeking into the crate, and about lost my face.

The noise that came from within reminded me of

the opening of the movie Jurassic Park. I thought the

dog was a little long in hair, and so I came around front,

and saw that it was a German Shepard, or some such

thing, and I had the feeling he was blaming me for all

his problems.

I nodded pleasantly at the owner who was about

to warn me not to stick a finger in there, and said

goodbye to Loretta, maybe we’d catch up the following

night at the track, and found Little Elsie, and our

baggage, waiting for me, and we caught a shuffle to our

hotel in downtown Hobart.

The entire island of Tasmania, about 190 miles at

its widest width, east to west, and some 180 miles north

to south, about 150 miles south of the mainland across

Bass Straits, boasts a population of some half a million

people. Half of that half a million lives in Hobart.

About a third of the island is preserve, much like

our wilderness areas.

Hobart, the capital city, is the home of the Hobart

Greyhound Racing Club which races

every Thursday night at Tattersalls

Park, the new tri-code complex in

Glenorchy with racing over three

distances, generally: 340m, 461m and


Little Elsie and I stored our

bags in the hotel room, marched out

the front doors to discover Hobart,

the city, the harbor, the mountain

backdrop, the old buildings, parks, with a nice dinner

along the waterfront at a restaurant called The Ball and


In Montana it was early winter, snow flurries, sub

-freezing temps. In Tasmania it was spring and

everything was busy blooming. What an amazing planet

this is. What unbelievable diversity.

Here we were on the other side of the equator

where when you flush, the water swirls in the opposite

direction, having crossed the International Date Line,

lost an entire day. We left on a Monday, lost Tuesday

entirely. Today was Wednesday.

That night Little Elsie was hit with a very bad

case of the stomach flu, but brave little trouper, the next

day we Dixieland one-stepped several kilometers to the

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. Little Elsie, if you

didn‘t know, is a flower nut.

She has hosted many a Great Falls garden tour,

including our own garden.

We visited some 6500 species and varieties of

plants, including the largest public conifer collection in

the southern hemisphere, where we paid our respects to

a four foot Montana Ponderosa. Jones would have a

field day in this place. There was a Japanese water

garden to keep him going.

I had thought about calling a cab, but no, Little

Elsie said the walk would do us good. I thought it might

just kill us. I figured the entire hike, including the stop-

and-start at flower smelling paces, was in the

neighborhood of about 8 K. On the way back to the

hotel I myself did not feel 100%.

At 5:30, the General Manager of all three

Tasmanian Greyhound tracks, Hobart, Launceston, and

Devonport, Peter Hayes, picked us up at our downtown

Hotel and gave us a lift to the Hobart Greyhound

Racing Club, with a generous promise of drinks and

dinner on the house and a table from which to view the

evening’s races and maybe conduct an interview or two,

as this was where all the trainers congregated before

and during the races.

I learned that Peter’s wife Angel was the track’s

race photographer, and that they had adopted a retired

racer by the racing name of Lone Cypress, new name

Bronte, and that the dog was a genuine couch potato

and friend for life. Continued page 22

- 21 -

Looking Back

Page 22: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

“Maddog” down under continued

We met Office Manager Peter Wesley, then we went

upstairs to the clubhouse and were introduced to

Bernadette who graciously offered me a glass of wine

and I said, stupid beyond stupid, the last of my

immunities giving in to Little Elsie‘s stomach flu’s

moment-by-bloody (picking up on a native’s usage at

the airport) moments, “I’d bloody love one.” Mistake.

I am 69 years old, I hadn’t slept in two days, I had

moved from 3600 feet altitude to sea level, dry air to

humid air, exhaustion, jet lag, and the hammer of

Hercules, who knows, the flu bug, and that, in the

altogether put together, two gulps and my eyes crossed,

my brow furrowed, my temperature went up, I broke

out into chills and a sweat, and I don’t know about dog

racing, but the room and everything else was going


I was not on the top of my game.

Sometimes vacations don‘t come as advertised.

“I have the bug,” I confided to Little Elsie.

“Welcome to the club,” she said.

We staggered to our feet, skipped along for the

toilets. In Tasmania they are called toilets, not

restrooms. When you think about it, who goes to a

restroom … to rest?

Upon our return, as we sat down at our table, the

trainers had appeared, as if by magic, and had gathered

at little tall round tables with no chairs.

They gave us chary sideways glances. They all

wore cream-colored jackets, as the trainers were also

the race lead-outs and pick-ups, or their assistants were,

and you have to look nice for what we call simulcast.

Simulcast is huge in Australia, but more on that

later. The trainers came to stand behind tables that had

no chairs or stools and nervously looked us over,

glancing at racing programs, glancing at each other,

glancing at us at our table, counting plaster bumps on

the ceiling, polishing up their glasses, checking their


And there was a bunch of them, not like the fourteen or

fifteen trainers at any given track here. In Tasmania one

individual might show up with just one dog to race,

others with two or three, a very few with not very many


This track was brand new.

Hobart Greyhounds race over four distances: 340

meters, 461 meters, 600 meters, and 720 meters, with a

hurdle race occasionally appearing on a program.

By our standards, in yards, 340 meters is about 44

yards longer than our 3-16ths of a mile. 461 meters is

43 yards short of our 5-16ths of a mile. And 600 meters

is exactly our 3-8ths of a mile so in comparing dogs and

dogs’ times, the 3-8ths times are probably the best way

to go.

If you graduated from MIT or CAL TECH, you

might be able to compare apples and oranges with some

sort of mathematical satisfaction.

One further observation, there is no wicked first

turn on this track, like American tracks seem to insist


The track looked something like a big egg; it

could be argued there was no back stretch or home

stretch, depending. Throughout the evening’s

performance I did notice there was little jockeying for

position as the race proceeded, as our dogs often

performed, and that’s because of our wicked first turn

featuring relentless wrecks.

I therefore would have to say that Tasmanian dogs

ran more to form.

The first race was a 461 meters race; the dogs

were so far away I had trouble telling them apart, and

the racing blankets were not the same as ours.

Post US’s Australia’s

#1: red red

#2: blue white and black

#3: white white

#4: green blue

#5: black yellow

#6: yellow green

#7: white/green black

#8: black/ gold pink

#9: white and green

#10:red, white and blue

Continued Page 23

Special Feature

- 22 -

“Little Elsie” a.k.a Suzie McKinnon soaks up the

atmosphere at Hobart Greyhounds.

Page 23: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

“Maddog” down under continued “Ten dogs are entered in each race; eight go to post.

Dogs 9 and 10 are potential subs in case of scratches so

to further confuse the novice punter, such as me, it’s

possible the red, white and blue blanket could break

from any box 1 through 8.

“How do you watch a race that far away?” I asked

Little Elsie.

“On this monitor,” Little Elsie said, tapping the

TV screen at the table. “Thank you,” I said.

Hobart, by the way, is home to Tassie’s Group

One (our stakes race class) Hobart Thousand, first run

in 1939 and run this year on December 14 and 21. The

Hobart Thousand is worth $50,000 Australian dollars to

the winner.

The new track has a sand surface and a Bramich


Tote Tasmania (what we would call simulcast)

contributed $17,450 towards the evening’s program. I

added up the ten race purses to get the following


Race dist Type Our Purse Equivalent

1. 461 Juvenile $1,670.00

2. 340 Juvenile $1,670.00

3. 461 Grade 5E $1,670.00

4. 461 Grade 4D $1,740.00

5 .461 Grade 3C $1,800.00

6. 461 Grade 3C $1,800.00

7. 461I nvitation $2,020.00

8. 461 Grade 5E $1,670.00

9. 461 Grade 4D $1,740.00

10.461 Grade 5E $1,670.00

In the first race, for example, the purse is $1,670.00.

First place is $1,120, second place is $320, third place is

$160, fourth place is $30.00, with $10.00 to finishers 5-


That’s the Australian dollar which was close to

1.3 on the exchange in our favor, or, rather than

$1.670.00 Australian, that’d be $1,169 American, which

cuts it down, but consider we’re talking three tracks

here. Hobart races Thursdays, Launceston races

Mondays, and Devonport races Tuesdays.

It’s possible a dog could get two starts a week.

Consider this, a Grade 5 dog at Hobart may not be a

Grade 5 dog at Launceston!

It’s possible to win a grade race at Launceston, at

Hobart, at Devonport! Which, it seems to me, if you

have a really good pup, and you’re a little on the clever

side, you can make a killing in dog racing in Tasmania

climbing the ranks to the top grade.

I could be wrong. In America a pup can go

Maiden to Grade A with four wins and go up against the

pros too early for his own good.

In Tasmania is it possible a pup could win

ballpark 20 races before a test with the best? Or, putting

it another way, AT LEAST $22,400 Australian dollars?

Furthermore, take this a step further. The grade

and the distance go together. You could have a dog in

Grade 5 at the sprint distance and Grade 4 at the

marathon distance. Four standard distances, five if you

count hurdles, three tracks, get out your calculator.

Blows the mind.

Presumptuous, faulty math perhaps, but

interesting. Bloody fascinating, actually.

Too bad I’m so old. I would love to take a run at

that with my Jawa Leona’s Best straw.

“Are you interested in our complimentary dinner

at the Dishlickers' Restaurant?” Little Elsie asked.

“I hate to pass it up,” I said.“I know what you

mean,” she said, and we were both up, the Dixieland

One Step over to Dishlickers’.

This Hobart track was a brand new track, it had

only one week under its belt, and the present track

records were as follow:

340m Smoky’s Uno (02/11/06) 19.73

461m Montagu Darkie (02/11/06) 26.53

Eventually, one trainer got up enough courage to

drop by our table and introduce himself. We shook

hands, how the heck are you, and such, then he asked,

“Do you know Steven Steele?”

“Ah yes, Steven Steele. Well, sort of,” I said. “We

email and have talked on the phone. He’s in the US, in

Florida. He’s the track announcer at Ebro. Steve is the

first Aussie to call dog races in the U.S. He calls the

dogs by name, you know. He was voted All-Universe

Team Race Caller in 1990.

He has broadcast in six different countries and at

57 racetracks around the World. He has broadcast over

85,000 races. He announced at Wembly Stadium on

London in 1995 and called the St. Leger and Super

Track at Wembley.

He broadcast at Wimbledon, the home of the

English Derby and Catford in London. He has twice

broadcast the Irish Derby for Greyhound Channel and

St. Petersburg.

He’s from Tasmania, you know.” “I know he’s from

Tasmania. That’s why I asked if you know him.”

“I see. I’ll tell him we met. Are you acquaintances?”

“I never met him.”

“I see. Well, I’ll tell him anyway. Thanks for dropping


Our next guest was a walking Tasmanian dog racing

encyclopedia. No question this was Hobart’s guru of

dog racing trivia. The man knew it all, the dogs, the

people, the track, the history, the system, been there,

done that.

Continued Page 24

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Special Feature

Page 24: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Special Feature

“Maddog” down under continued

I watched this character bet a race on the logic that the

trainer was “shrewd.”

The man went on for at least four races non-stop,

and I found it all fascinating. What I could understand.

I depended on Little Elsie to translate from time

to time. The Australians seemed to have trouble with

their R’s. If the word ends with an R or the R sound,

forget it.

If the word does not end with an R or R sound,

well by all means tack one on. The vowels were the

killers, though. I suspect way back, the language was

thick Cockney, which evolved with creative additions

into the present Australian, different than American,

England’s English, and New Zealand’s approach, which

I thought was more English than the English.

But then we have Joisey, Bawstawn, Nah Yark,

and don’t forget the deep south where all verbs are

conjugated y’allcaiyn’t, 1st, 2nd, 3rd person, singular

and plural, positive or negative, makes no difference. I

caiyn’t, you caiyn’t, he, she, it caiyn’t, we caiyn’t, you

caiyn’t, and they caiyn’t. If the thought calls for a

positive, make it a double negative.

Any mathematician knows two negatives make a

positive. “I don’t see why y’allcaiyn’t.” Translated

meaning: “Yes.”

Americans have no room to talk, so to speak.

Finally, a few more trainers worked up enough courage

to come over and say hello, and we met quite a few

eventually, and my worst fears were confirmed, that

there was going to be a very deep communication gap

because of my hearing aids and Ozzie English. It’s like

driving. Who is on the wrong side of the road?

In my defense, the simulcast broadcasts ran

nonstop at full volume. After the Hobart race was rerun

several times, boom, here comes a harness race, or

another dog race at another track, or maybe a plain old

horse race.

One right after the other. In our simulcast

broadcasts, the tracks are on separate TV sets. For this

old boy, and his hearing aids, the volume and race mass

was way over the top.

So let’s take a look at the Australian grading

system. If anybody reads my twaddle, you know I am

not a fan, particularly, of our present grading system.

It’s boring. I would not accuse the Australian system of

being boring.

There are three TYPES of tracks in Australia.

1. City 2. Provincial 3. County

Any one dog is liable to show up at any particular

track on any given occasion.

One huge obvious difference in American vs.

Australian dog racing is that our American tracks as a

rule run day in and day out, in legislated seasons,

sometimes these seasons going January 1st to January

1st, with contract kennels on the track property, ballpark

1,000 dogs on hand at all times in track kennels, and

they don’t leave the grounds.

In America I cannot race Ol’ Fido without fooling with

a contract kennel.

In Australia, if I could get Ol’ Fido off the foot of

the bed, I could take him to the races myself. I enter

him. I race him. Little Elsie can pick him up at the traps.

We drive home all together, and he’s back on the

foot of the bed. However, there are big kennels in

Australia, as big as ours. I could contract out with a


But I also have the option of participating in the

sport on my own. I like that option. No entry fees and I

get 100% of the purse.

Australian tracks apparently run all year long, but most

of the tracks race only one program a week. A few of

the big city tracks run more.

For example, The Meadows in Melbourne runs

Saturdays and every Wednesday. The emphasis is

simulcast. Big time simulcast. The purses in Australia,

to the dogs, across the board, are nothing to sneeze at.

For instance, a Grade 5 (our Grade E) win at The

Meadows is worth three grand.

So here are the grades.


For Greyhounds that have won a Maiden and

Greyhounds returning from Grade 4. Looks a lot like

our E, except the dogs get to 5 or E differently.


For Greyhounds that have won a Grade 5 and

Greyhounds returning from Grade 3. Looks a lot like

our D.


For Greyhounds that have won a Grade 4 and

Greyhounds returning from Grade 2. Looks a lot like

our C.


For Greyhounds that have won a Grade 3 and

Greyhounds returning from Grade 1. Looks a lot like

our B.


For Greyhounds that have won a Grade 2. Looks a lot

like our A.


For Greyhounds that are Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.


For Greyhounds that are Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Maiden and Juvenile are different.

MAIDEN: a Greyhound that has not won a race.

JUVENILE: a Greyhound under two years of age.


Bob McKinnon

Next Week: Part 2 - A Tasmanian Kennel Visit

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Page 25: Greyhound Weekly · From the Editor’s Desk Victorian Greyhound Weekly Edition 22 Friday March 3 Remember, you can subscribe to Victorian Greyhound Weekly absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Special Feature Coursing In Ireland

Ray Fewings

My first contact with greyhounds was at the age of 13 in

1961. A neighbor gave me a hurdler that has been savaged

in a kennel fight. She had skin off everywhere and a

dislocated tail. It was the best present a teenage boy could

ever have.

When my father took me to the Waterloo Cup open

coursing I had my first taste of this wonderful sport. The

competition, expectation, atmosphere and adrenalin was

seductive. I was hooked for life.

In the eighties in South Australia, in a trade off for a

license to legalise track racing, live hare coursing was the

political sacrifice. It was banned.

Ever since I have longed for those days, walking the

paddocks in the wind and rain.

But, live hare coursing is still legal in Ireland. The do-

gooders tried to have it banned in Parliament last year. They

failed 114 to 20, so at the age of 68, I decided to see

coursing again before I died.

The National meeting at Clonmel is held at the

racecourse in late January each year. They have six feature

events run over three consecutive days—the Derby, Oaks,

Open All Age, Champion bitches and a consolation each for

first round losers in the Derby and Oaks.

Coursing in Ireland is a family sport. Often Dad takes

the dog to slips while Mum and the kids are waiting to catch

the dog at the escapes.

It’s most gratifying to see a fleet footed teenager running to

catch the dog with a toddler in trail, trying to take part

despite his or her lack of size.

It’s something we’ve lost in track racing due to strict

rules and regulations.

I went in 2016 for the first time and fortunately joined

up with Queenslader, Graham Lunney’s specialist Tour. On

board were Paul and Jan Wheeler, Tom and Andrea Dailly,

Tony Apap, New Zealander Brendan Cole, Sam Sultana,

John Galea, Adam McIntosh and others.

I went back this year, as did Rob Britton, George

Dailly, Paul Horig and Steve McKenna, just to name a few.

The running course is about 400 metres, with a steep

rise from about half way. The running area is in the centre of

the racecourse with hedges on one side and a temporary

fence on the grandstand side. Both grandstands are used by

spectators as they are choc-a-bloc with coursing devotees.

Others line the outside fence ten deep. There are

about 30 bookmakers, Most bet on the final result, although

some offer odds on each course. In true bookmaker

tradition, these generally only want to offer even money on

the one least favoured to win. They are the same worldwide.

The hares are trapped

in surrounding fields

and brought to Clonmel

a month before where

they are fed a top diet

under the care of a vet.

Each day they are run

through the course and

fed in the escape area.

The dogs are Muzzled.

One of the first

things you notice about

the coursing dogs is

their size. It is not

unusual to see a dog at 45 kilograms, or a bitch weighing

35kg. They obviously have great straight speed but lack the

agility when the hare turns.

All courses are electronically times for the first 200

metres and this is announced after each course.

The favourites for the Derby were litter brothers,

Reiker’s Island and Blades Of Fire. Their breeding was

Adios Alonso (Ireland’s top coursing sire) from the

champion Blades Of Glory. Their trainer Gerry Holian is a

coursing specialist. Both dogs had terrific speed. They

chased like demons and left their rivals in their wake.

The major complication came in the semi finals.

Reiker’s Island dispatched his opponent with a first split of

12.39. Blades Of Fire had a bye when his rival was injured.

Blades Of Fire was the kennel elect. The big money was on

him at 10/1. All appeared well when he recorded 12.26, but

it was soon obvious that he had run his race. He was limping

from the field at the wrong end of the lead.

My experience watching coursing in Australia told

me he was cooked.

Minutes later it was announced that connections of

the two brothers had elected to divide the Derby as was their

right. All bets were halved but connections picked up a total

of 52,000 euros.

The best dog never won the Oaks either. A bitch

named Dick’s Bimbo effortlessly won her first two courses

and her times were way faster than the rest of the 64 dog


But Dick’s Bimbo, who had amazing stride, brought

herself undone when she mis-sighted in the quarter final

when way out in front.

The eventual winner was Knockout Glory, also by

Adios Alonso, who was gifted her victory over Dick’s


The open event was won by the fastest dog over the

entire three days, called Howdododo. He impressed me as a

tough competitor who loved the uphill run, though it must

be pointed out that he only won the final by a neck.

The champion bitch was Killucan Rose who beat the

favourite Skellig Jewell, earning 10,000 euros.

It’s more expensive to buy a coursing pup over there.

They regularly change hands for $4,000 whilst track pups

sell for half that much.

As one of the 10,000 people who attended each day, I

can only recommend the Irish coursing as a must see.

Ray Fewings.

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