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Phew we have made it to Issue three, there is some great news the magazine will run for the minimum of 12 months now,

it’s been really well received and your support is honestly very much appreci-ated.

Graham Wright has joined the team now, he is in charge of advertising, be-cause the magazine is FREE this is a vital ingredient of long-term sustain-ability and I hope you give him your support.

If you want to advertise or discuss anything get in touch with Graham

on 0845 680 2643 or e-mail [email protected]

On the racing front it is hitting that time of year when DERBY FEVER sets in; it most definitely is THE DERBY and not The English Derby, Jonathon Kay put me right and explained be-cause it is the original Derby it is just described; The Derby.

I look forward to this fantastic com-petition every year and you will see we have tried to give you the ultimate Der-by preview in this edition; hope you like it and well done William Hill for mak-ing £150,000 to the winner.

We really do listen to your comments and suggestions; the feedback in the main is you all love the magazine but one or two suggested it was probably a little too big to read it all, we have looked at this and sometimes bigger is not always better.

One comment that gave all of us con-nected to the magazine a lot of satisfac-tion was ‘the best praise I can give the magazine is it’s like reading one of the great magazines from the 1970s’.

That was exactly the aim and objec-tive but with a modern twist, so thank-you.

Thanks for your support

Editor Mick Livesey

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We’re just weeks away from the draw – it’s all getting very exciting


The waiting is nearly over, the greatest greyhound race on the planet starts this month and all eyes will be on the draw on the

26th May. Around 200 greyhounds are set to do

battle over six rounds that start on the 30th, 31st May and 1st June (30th May provisional depending on entry level). Reputations will be made and destroyed as they chase a place in history not to mention the fantastic prize-money put up by William Hill of £150,000 to the winner.

The first-two rounds are on RPGTV channel 212 and the four remaining are covered on Sky-sports by BAGS/SIS, you can see the story unfold every step of the way but if you can get to the track, it will be amazing.

A lot is made of Wimbledon, the old girl is still standing while she may not offer the luxury like some others her walls hold something that no other greyhound track in the world holds, real history and nostal-gia, what price can you put on that?

When you start thinking back of all the great Derbies it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, this is the biggest and best race in the world and nobody will ever convince me of anything different, it is magical and holds a very special place in the hearts of greyhound fans worldwide.

TV Dates1st Round live on RPGTV Thursday

30th May, Friday 31st May, Saturday 1st June

2nd Round live on RPGTV Friday 7th June, Saturday 8th June

3rd Round live on Sky-Sports Satur-day 15th June

Quarter-Finals live on Sky-Sports Tuesday 18th June

Semi-Finals live on Sky-Sports Satur-day 22nd June

Final live on Sky-Sports Saturday 29th June

There is no doubt about when you see the roll of honour there is no other race like this on the planet, it really is the BEST

The greatest greyhound race on the planetGREYHOUND DERBY ROLL OF HONOUR SINCE 1960At Wimbledon from 1985 to present (over 480 metres)Year Winner Trainer Odds Time2012 Blonde Snapper Mark Wallis (Yarmouth) 8/1 28.652011 Taylors Sky Charlie Lister OBE (Private) 7/4F 28.172010 Bandicoot Tipoki Charlie Lister OBE (Private) 7/2 28.572009 Kinda Ready Mark Wallis (Harlow) 25/1 28.652008 Loyal Honcho Seamus Graham (Ireland) 5/2JF 28.602007 Westmead Lord Nick Savva (Private) 6/1 28.472006 Westmead Hawk Nick Savva (Private) 4/7F 28.442005 Westmead Hawk Nick Savva (Private) 5/4F 28.562004 Droopys Scholes Ian Reilly (Ireland) 7/2 28.622003 Farloe Verdict Charlie Lister OBE (Private) 12/1 28.822002 Allen Gift Claude Gardiner (Hove) 16/1 29.062001 Rapid Ranger Charlie Lister OBE (Private) 7/4 28.712000 Rapid Ranger Charlie Lister OBE (Private) 7/4F 28.711999 Chart King Karl Hewitt (Ireland) 8/11F 28.761998 Toms The Best Nick Savva (Milton Keynes) 4/5F 28.751997 Some Picture Charlie Lister OBE (Nottingham) 8/13F 28.231996 Shanless Slippy Dolores Ruth (Ireland) 4/9F 28.661995 Moaning Lad Theo Mentzis (Private) 5/2 28.661994 Moral Standards Tony Meek (Hall Green) 9/4F 28.591993 Ringa Hustle Tony Meek (Oxford) 5/2 28.621992 Farloe Melody Matt O’Donnell (Ireland) 6/4F 28.881991 Ballinderry Ash Patsy Byrne (Wimbledon) 5/1 28.781990 Slippy Blue Ken Linzell (Walthamstow) 8/1 28.701989 Lartique Note Ger McKenna (Ireland) 1/1F 28.791988 Hit The Lid John McGee (Canterbury) 3/1 28.531987 Signal Spark Gary Baggs (Walthamstow) 14/1 28.831986 Tico Arthur Hitch (Slough) 6/4JF 28.691985 Pagan Swallow Phil Rees (Wimbledon) 9/1 29.04At White City Stadium from 1975 to 1984 (over 500 metres)Year Winner Trainer Odds Time1984 Whisper Wishes Charlie Coyle (Maidstone) 7/4F 29.431983 Im Slippy Barbara Tompkins (Coventry) 6/1 29.401982 Lauries Panther Terry Duggan (Romford) 6/4F 29.601981 Parkdown Jet Ger McKenna (Ireland) 4/5F 29.571980 Indian Joe John Hayes (Ireland) 13/8JF 29.681979 Sarahs Bunny Geoff De Mulder (Hall Green) 3/1 29.531978 Lacca Champion Pat Mullins (Private) 6/4F 29.421977 Ballinska Band Eddie Moore (Belle Vue) 1/1F 29.161976 Mutts Silver Phil Rees (Wimbledon) 6/1 29.381975 Tartan Khan Gwen Lynds (Bletchley) 25/1 29.57At White City to 1974 (over 480 metres)Year Winner Trainer Odds Time1974 Jimsun Geoff De Mulder (Hall Green) 5/2 28.761973 Patricias Hope Johnny O’Connor (Ireland) 7/2 28.681972 Patricias Hope Adam Jackson (Clapton) 7/1 28.551971 Doloreas Rocket Herbert White (Private) 11/4 28.741970 John Silver Barbara Tompkins (Private) 11/4 29.011969 Sand Star Hamilton Orr (Ireland) 5/4F 28.781968 Camira Flash Randolph Singleton (White City) 100/8 28.781967 Tric Trac Ron Hookway (Owlerton) 9/2 29.001966 Faithful Hope Paddy Keane (Clapton) 8/1 28.521965 Chittering Clapton Adam Jackson (Clapton) 5/2 28.821964 Hack Up Chieftain Percy Stagg (Belle Vue) 20/1 28.821963 Lucky Boy Boy Johnny Bassett (Clapton) 1/1F 29.001962 The Grand Canal Paddy Dunphy (Ireland) 2/1F 29.091961 Palms Printer Paddy McEvoy (Clapton) 2/1 28.841960 Duleek Dandy Bill Dash (Private) 25/1 29.15

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The greatest greyhound race on the planet

Allsopp’s classy Free can win The Derby at 66/1

Cluxtons Free the brilliant winner of The Ladbrokes Puppy Derby at Monmore re-ally appeals to me at 66/1, Chris Allsopp’s charge caught the eye during that competi-tion but also subsequently at Romford dur-ing the Golden Sprint.

It pays dividends to follow the winner of the Puppy Derby at Monmore, it is a fantastic competition and this greyhound showed he possesses brilliant early and can stay four bends in good style.

Normally there are huge expectations on the winner, but dare I say it I think he is somewhat underrated, there is not the usu-al hype surrounding the prestigious winner like in some years.

I don’t understand why not the grey-

hound has not yet finished out of the first-three so far in his short career. The 66/1 on offer suggests he has flown under many peoples radar but not mine.

He is a non-fuss greyhound, by that I mean he just gets on with the job, he may not leave crowds with jaw dropping perfor-mances like some of the greyhounds at the head of the betting but he is a talent and can only improve and come forward. In Ireland he recorded 28.62 at Shelbourne Park in only his third career start. The greyhound he beat that night was Gunite Basil, he has since won an open-race com-petition at Shelbourne, recorded a sensa-tional 32.54 over 600 yards at Limerick the track-record is 32.21.

The one negative is he has not raced around Wimbledon, it is not a worry for me, I think he will love it, if he can run Mon-more and Romford he will be fine around Plough Lane and he is my number-one bet for this year’s Derby at the massive odds of 66/1 he is a cracking each-way punt.

Cluxtons Free by Steve Nash

the trophy

Page 6: Greyhound Express issue 3


I always look forward to seeing yourself and Susan at the Derby, what does this race mean to you?

“I always look forward to the English Derby, a lot Is said about the stadium but let me tell you even if it was a five-star stadium the people and occasion could not be bet-ter, everyone is so welcoming and brilliant to work with.

“This year with the bumper prize-money on offer from William Hill of £150,000 it’s going to be even harder to win, we will be there with five or six runners giving it our best shot, it’s an honour to have dogs that compete at this level, we have come close once or twice, and maybe this can be our year.”

What are your best chances of lifting the trophy Paul?

“I am very excited, I think we have a very good team heading to Wimbledon.

“Barefoot Allstar, won last year’s Scot-tish Derby he will miss this year’s event through a minor injury we are hopeful this will serve us well, he will be fresh for the English Derby, I think that is important, he ran the track well last year before we had to pull him out.

“An obvious choice is Priceless Sky, he was caught right on the line in the Irish St Leger at Limerick over 550 yards, came out and won the Tote Gold Cup at Shelbourne over 525 yards, he has brilliant early-pace and looks made for Wimbledon.

“Money Talks is another real nice dog, he beat Ballymac Vic in the semi-finals of the Easter Cup leading all the way.

“In the final he was very unlucky not to win the final, he led up Ballymac Vic but just failed to get the bend, he has run well from every trap and a bit of luck he could go a long way.

“We will have a few hopeful young-sters but these three are probably our best chance, would like to wish everyone the best of luck and we can’t wait for the Derby to get started, we love it.”

If you are interested in any of Paul’s grey-hounds these are the latest odds from the sponsor:

Priceless Sky 25/1Barefoot Allstar 40/1Money Talks 50/1

A view from Ireland with trainer Paul HennessyBallymac Eske


Owen Winkley (Wimbledon Assistant Racing Manager) “It looks like it is go-ing to be a fantastic derby, Ballymac Eske and Farloe Warhawk both have terrific form at Wimbledon and have big chances. It is tough but if I had to invest £1 on one it would be Lemon Pluto, you can’t write Charlie Lister OBE off he seems to always come up with the goods, I remember Ban-dicoot Tipoki was not fancied to win the final one year but he came through in the end.”

Tip: Lemon Pluto 33/1 Bob Betts (The Sun and Ireland’s

Sporting Press) “I started on The Sport-ing Life and this will be my 37th year re-porting on the Derby, with Balliniska Band

(White City) and Hit The Lid (Wimbledon) rated the best winners during my time. This year’s picture is still a bit clouded, be-cause some runners might not take to the often tricky Plough Lane circuit.

“Obviously Barrie Draper’s pair, Juve-nile Championship winner Ballymac Eske and Eden Star, who finished lame after winning a first round heat last year, hold fantastic chances.

“For a couple at bigger odds I suggest Ireland’s Gold Cup hero Priceless Sky and Charlie Lister’s lightly raced Lemon Pluto.”

Ballymac Eske 6/1, Eden Star 25/1, Priceless Sky 25/1, Lemon Pluto 33/1

Dave Lawrence (The man who brought you the brilliant Sky coverage for years and a top owner) “My choice of the Derby winner isn’t very original - it’s Ballymac Eske! He ticks all the boxes - he’s got early,

Page 7: Greyhound Express issue 3


A view from Ireland with trainer Paul HennessyPluto looks the one that could go all the way, the best is yet to come from this grey-hound.”

Lemon Pluto 33/1Paul Philpott (Top trainer and RPGTV

pundit) “My main fancy is Ballymac Eske, he never knows when he is beaten, can even qualify when things go wrong he looks the one they all have to beat especially after his impressive display in the Juvenile. A dog at a bit bigger price is Jolly Bullseye he looks to have the credentials to go a long way in the Derby.”

Ballymac Eske 6/1, Jolly Bullseye 20/1Julie Collier (Sky Sports, RPGTV and

massive greyhound fan) “I have really ad-mired Farloe Warhawk for a long time now. He caught my eye with his early pace back in the day and although he has changed his style of running now, I think he is a clever dog that can win races at Wimbledon, as he has proved when winning the puppy derby.

“You need a lot of luck in the derby but a good brain helps too and I think he has that. He’s so strong too and if he does find trouble, he can withstand it, just like he did when winning the Laurels Final. I know most people would choose Eske over Warhawk, but I’ve got a soft spot for Warhawk and I’m sticking with it.

“Another good E/W bet for me would be Kereight King. I’m reliably informed he is a proper derby dog and it would be great for the sport to see his owner Tony McCoy on the winner’s podium.”

Farloe Warhawk 33/1, Kereight King 20/1

Ian Walton (Operations Manager at Newcastle Stadium) “Charlie Lister OBE will surely have a say in the Derby, Alien Planet caught my eye in last years All Eng-land Cup, he is lightly raced and could be a big improver during the Derby. Lemon Pluto finished second in our Northern Pup-py Derby, I thought then; potential Derby dog and could be the one. During our vic-tory at Perry Barr one dog really caught the imagination was Bold Three and he could go close in the Derby.”

Alien Planet 33/1, Lemon Pluto 33/1, Bold Three 50/1

Darrell Williams (RPGTV, Sky Sports) “I’m torn between Jaytee Hellcat and Jolly

Bullseye. My original long term pick was Jaytee Hellcat, who had caught the eye af-ter a fast win at Wimbledon on Leger final night.

“His subsequent effort behind Bally-mac Eske in the Juvenile plus a win in the Trainers Championship has done little to dampen my enthusiasm for Paul Young’s lightly raced charge, whose strong running style can only enhance his claims. I’m also very sweet on Jolly Bullseye, whose win at Wimbledon on Juvenile night probably saw him enter plenty of notebooks and judged on his subsequent efforts at Swindon looks a major player for Kevin Hutton. His early pace style seems ideal for Wimbledon and he is not draw dependent.”

Jaytee Hellcat 40/1, Jolly Bullseye 20/1Paul Brown (Editor of Racing Post

Greyhounds) “Ballymac Vic looks the type to do really well at Wimbledon, always a risk but if he comes for it which is extremely likely he is the one they have to beat, fantas-tic all round pace”

Ballymac Vic 14/1 Jim Austin (Racing Post/Daily Star)

“Farloe Barracuda. I have to go with the only dog I’ve backed so far, and can’t have any complaints after his brilliant front-run-ning displays during the Golden Sprint at Romford.

“Okay, so that discipline compared to the demands of the Derby may well be chalk and cheese, but what Barrie Draper’s dog demonstrated was that there’ll be few, if any, that will lead him with a level break during the Classic. Yes, the run-in will feel like it has a gradient of 45’ especially as the competition gets down to the business end, but I’ve always been an advocate for front-runners and see no reason to switch that approach now.”

Farloe Barracuda 33/1Kayleigh and Gemma (Professional

wigglers from Crayford) “We are going to be a bit obvious with our first selection, but whichever way you look at it “ESKE” is the fastest dog in the Derby.

“His Juvenile win by over 7 lengths was awesome and Barrie Drapers dog is rightly the one they all have to beat. Our second selection is going to be Kevin Hutton’s Jolly Bullseye.

middle and he stays - what more can you ask for? I’ve backed him at 20/1 and can’t wait to see him racing at Wimbledon again after witnessing his awesome Juve-nile victory!

I’ve also backed Lemon Pluto and Tee-jays Bluehawk e/w at 40/1 and 100/1 re-spectively.

And last but not least I’ve backed Many Are Called at 66/1 e/w. He is another con-tender trained by Barrie Draper but his former trainer Stuart Mason told me last October that he was a proper Derby dog!”

Ballymac Eske 6/1, Teejays Bluehawk 40/1, Many Are Called 66/1, Lemon Pluto 33/1

Mick Livesey senior (Weekend telly naps in Sport Newspaper) “If you want one bet I’d suggest you look no further than Charlie Lister OBE, he is the Derby King for a reason, of all his stars Lemon

Page 8: Greyhound Express issue 3

GREYHOUND DERBY BY MICK LIVESEY“This August 2010 whelp has won re-

cently at Sittingbourne, Swindon and at Wimbledon where he defeated the highly rated Loughteen Blanco. This lightly raced son of Hondo Black has the early pace to go a long way in this year’s Derby.”

Ballymac Eske 6/1, Jolly Bullseye 20/1Gary Wiltshire (Sky Sports, celebrity

bookmaker) “You need a Bully to win the Derby so I am going for Ballymac Bully, this dog bullies the opposition with brute pace and I have been very impressed with the start he has made to what looks an exciting career, lightly raced, young up and coming dog who is exceptionally well bred.”

Roxholme Bully 20/1 Clive and Bev Lawrence (RPGTV Pro-

duction Team) “Clive: my tip would have to be a biased one. I have never owned a greyhound capable of entering, let alone winning a Derby, but I have a tail in one now that may be different.

“Guinness Spark is a lightly raced dog trained by Seamus Cahill with a couple of very good looking form lines on his card. I’m sure he will like Wimbledon, and while his future may be over longer distances, I am hoping he will give me some fun during this year’s Derby!

“Bev: I am supporting the ladies for this year’s Derby! Droopys Loner was desper-ately unlucky not to make the decider last year and I am hopeful that she has im-proved enough to get into the record break-ing final this time around. Her gutsy run in the Golden Sprint showed that she is ap-proaching her peak just at the right time.”

Guinness Spark 66/1 , Droopys Loner 66/1

Derby Six 50/1 at or bigger

Everyone loves a punt on a nice priced one so we set Mick the challenge of finding you six in with a chance at 50/1 or above.

Ted Sopitt is a man on a mission to win the greatest race on the planet, this year represents his best chance for a long time in the shape of Calzaghe Davy currently on offer at 66/1.

He is lightly raced and looks ultra-tal-ented; he can mix it with the very best and should take supporters on a wonderful jour-ney. Calzaghe Davy 66/1

Bold Three really caught my eye at Mon-more last month, he possesses the wow fac-tor, it did not work out at Hove but hopefully

Last year’s happy winners

he will be fit and well come Derby time, he is a dog that can definitely go a long way in any competition, Paul Sallis is a fantastic trainer and there is a lot to like about three. Bold Three 50/1

Aero Tobias was back in form in the Golden Sprint, I am a big fan of this dog, formerly Ballymac Tobias, he looks vastly overpriced. Wimbledon should suit and he could be a real surprise package, lightly raced, there are less talented dogs shorter in the market. Aero Tobias 100/1

Paul Hennessy trained Money Talks has massive appeal to me, he can win from any box, got great early-pace and is high-ly proven at the top level, he won the Lee Strand in 2012 and looks the type to have a massive run in the Derby, he just failed to get the bend in Easter Cup Final if he did would be a lot shorter. Money Talks 50/1

It will be some journey if Liz and Rab Mc-Nair can have a Derby run. Shaneboy Alley looks their best chance. This greyhound is overpriced and could be this year’s sur-prise package, moved well in trials at the Don I think he could give the McNairs a real run this year. Shaneboy Alley 50/1

It is hard to find one 50/1 or bigger from the Derby King; Charlie Lister OBE, he

looks to have several who can go a long way, Alien Planet is an interesting runner and may be the dog in some respects is coming under the radar. Alien Planet 50/1

Punting for the RGT thanks to William Hill

The Retired Greyhound Trust do a fan-tastic job, I have always wanted to support them with a venture, I remember Julie Col-lier speaking to me about jumping out of a plane, yes I am a chicken that was never going to happen. Thanks though to Wil-liam Hill who I have teamed up with we can have a go at seeing if we can raise some funds for them.

Hills have generously given me a £500 virtual betting pot for me to place on the William Hill Greyhound Derby, ante-post or heats and anything generated over £500 after the final will be given to the RGT.

No pressure then – let me tell you this sits far more comfortable with me than heading up in an aeroplane, jumping out and plummeting to earth faster than Far-loe Warkawk comes out of the traps. You can follow how I am getting on through the Sport Newspaper and via my Twitter ac-count @MickLivesey

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Contact Details

UK Phone: Sean Traynor 0797 1191917 Ireland Phone: +353 56 88 36600

Email: [email protected]:‘There’s More To Gain’

Consistently outperforms all other dog food brands

Consistently outperforms all other dog food brands

1197 Gain Generic Greyhound A5 UK.indd 1 29/08/2012 16:47

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The Coral Regency at Hove sees the country’s best stayers do battle


Worth a fantastic £8,000 to the winner the Coral Regen-cy is one of the biggest stay-ing races in the calendar.

695m around the fantastic galloping circuit is a real test, it is a fantastic spectacle and a great betting contest. 36 of the country’s best stayers will do battle over three rounds and you can watch every race of this thrill-ing contest covered on TV.TV DATES1st Round on RPGTV – Thurs 2nd MaySemis on RPGTV – Thurs 9th May Final live on Sky Sports – Tue 14th May

HistoryThis great race started in 1948 and un-

like many of our classic races The Regen-cy has only ever known one home. In 1948 it was a 480m competition and was won by Bunnys Hoard, it remained one of the country’s top four-bend races until 1966 when it stepped up in distance to 663m the first winner of the new look six-bend com-petition was Ever Work. It has remained over six bends ever since although the distances has changed once or twice there is no doubt The Regency is a very special competition one of my greatest memories of this great race was in 2008 when Fly-ing Winner and an emotional Chris Lund lifted the trophy, four years later he was back winning the race again with her son Mr Chow, what a story that is. The most famous winner of all time must be the crowd pleaser Scurlogue Champ who ran on like an express train to win in 1985. One name I was really surprised to NOT see on the list was Ballyreagan Bob who won just about everything but I can’t find a Regency win on his impressive CV. RECENT WINNERS2012 – Mr Chow2011 – Blonde Fletch2010 – He Went Whoosh2009 – Lorrys Options2008 – Flying Winner2007 – Spiridon Louis2006 – Caloona Striker

Peter Miller the RM at Hove: “It is a fantastic competition, everyone is looking

Quality action down by the seaside

Sparta Bama

Page 11: Greyhound Express issue 3


Quality action down by the seaside

forward to it. I have seen so many but two that really stick in my memory are De-coy Cougar in 1994 and Suncrest Sail in 1995, the race was over 740m back then, they were simply brilliant but every year this race always throws up something very special. Droopys Xavier is probably our best local hope, the very best stayers in the country will be heading to Hove; Blonde Reagan is a class act, I can’t be-lieve he won’t bounce back to form soon-er or later, Charlie Lister OBE is coming and the pick of his runners looks to be Fear Emoski who was very impressive on trainers championship night. It will be a fantastic competition yet again this year and from myself and everyone connected to the stadium good luck to everyone who enters and we look forward to see-ing you.”

Form is temporary, class is permanent

Last year Blonde Reagan took the stay-ing scene by storm (winning the TV Tro-phy, St Leger and countless other victo-

ries) this year in stark contrast he can’t seem to buy a win with eight races bring-ing about just one victory and that was by a short-head.

He looks a shadow of his former self, but one thing that is certain you don’t be-come a bad dog overnight, they are not machines and expectation levels have gone through the roof, in truth he has not been running that badly, he has not been anywhere near his sensational best but a 3L defeat by Fear Emoski at Yar-mouth and 3.25L behind Ballyard Buddy at Monmore certainly suggests it is not time to write him off.

Mark Wallis is an astute trainer, the camp are not panicking and the overre-action from bookmakers can be used to your advantage, he must be a solid each-way bet at Hove for the Regency.

Blonde Reagan will face a stiff battle, Fear Emoski made a sensational staying debut at Yarmouth and will more than likely go off favourite, she looks the one they all have to beat not just here but for all the major staying races of the year.

Sparta Bama is another potential in-teresting runner; his form at Romford in winning the dual distance was out-standing. Jason Heath said: “We will trial Bama and make a decision after that tri-al, is it he loves Romford’s tighter circuit or is it he has stepped forward at a mas-sive rate of knots? We bought him to be a six-bend dog, he ran well at Enniscorthy and Waterford. We are very excited about him and he should have a good year, he ran so well at Romford, let’s see what he does back at Hove.”

It promises to be a very exciting com-petition and many will head to Brighton and Hove full of hope and aspirations of winning this prestigious event, I think Reagan is going to bounce back to form and he may well do it in this competition. I love the champions and he did me so many good favours last year, I remember the Headline; Reagan To Win TV Trophy at 20/1, I won’t desert him, let’s hope the bookmakers write him off and give us 20/1 once again, I somehow don’t think that will happen but I do expect 10/1.

Fear Emoski

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One of TOP HONCHOS’s fastest sons TULLYMURRY ACT

Top Honcho x Europa Spitfire Winner of 2009 Irish Puppy Derby

Winner of Open Unraced Harolds Cross Finalist of 2010 Irish Derby

Finalist of 2010 Race Of Champions Tralee Winner of 17 Races from 32 Starts

Winner of over 54,000 euro in prize money Some of his times include: Sprint- 15.24 Wimbledon, 18.78 Shelbourne 525 – 28.28 28.48 Cork, 28.49

28.52 28.57 Harolds Cross, 28.13 Dundalk 28.28 28.35 28.38 28.40 Shelbourne 28.47 Waterford Shelbourne 550 29.66 29.67 29.71 Tralee 550 29.78 29.80

This Very Promising Young Stud Dog is producing top class offspring: WILLOW MAN Sets tralee alight in first round of 15,000 euro Juvenile Classic 28.54, 28.71 qualifing trial

BOOKIE BUSTER 2879 winner Limerick, 29.06 winner kilkenny and 28.57 winner first round of 80,000 euro puppy stake limerick flying 16.22 sectional

SLICK ACT wins 3 lengths Nottingham 28.62 qualifys shelbourne park 18.99 29.19 JUMEIRAH VEYRON 29.06 novice winner galway quailfys shelbourne 28.81 18.87 limerick

SLICK SINGAPORE Named in Ian Fortures 12 to follow, winner of 2 races from 3 starts in Ireland, wins Open 680m Nottingham Other top novice winners for Tullymurry Act include Jumeirah Murry, Hazels

Dog, Jaytee Bud, Slick Saigon and Coosane Star.


Page 13: Greyhound Express issue 3



(ACE HI RUMBLE x DALCASH DIVA) 550 Track Record Holder At Limerick

Comes from the Top Class ‘Dalcash’ dam line. Paradise Casino is a full brother to Dalcash Divinsky

Irish Oaks Winner. A very fast dog on the track and sure to be a champion

sire at stud. Retired Due to INJURY **Natural Matings ONLY**

300 Euro LESS LUCK

FOR MORE DETAILS ON ALL DOGS CALL: Pat Buckley County Tipperary Ireland 00353871701091 or 0035361380870



POSSE) 2008 MASTERS WINNER 2008 Derby and Laurels Runner up Sire of 2012

Champion Stakes Winner and Joe Dunne Puppy

Stake Winner DROOPYS JET 27.92 Shelbourne

**Natural Matings ONLY** 550 Euro LESS LUCK

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BRITISH BRED DERBY/GAIN SPRINT MICK LIVESEY REPORTSThey could not slay Dragon at the ToonHeather Dimmock trained Mar-

keys Dragon put in two excep-tional performances to run away with The Winning Lines

British Bred Derby at Newcastle worth £1,500 to the winner. Showing brilliant early-pace throughout the event, he was a very impressive winner.

Running in the heats he blasted from the traps recording an exceptional 4.58 sectional but was picked up close home by Come Fly With Me, he was sure to come on for the look around the Newcas-tle circuit and did exactly that.

He was sent off a 4/1 shot with the ultra-talented Denwill Star being all the rage at 11/10, last year’s All England Cup Finalist suffered crowding at the start and with that his chance disappeared.

Markeys Dragon trapped out best of all, turned in front and then it was race on, he would not be caught this time.

He ran out a very impressive 2L winner over Hadrians Wall 5/2 in a smart 28.86 +20.

This was very impressive, I have a feel-ing this won’t be the last time we see Mar-keys Dragon on the podium.

A special mention for Harry Williams who kindly sponsored the event, his run-ner Hadrians Wall will have better days, he looks a progressive youngster with a bright future.

Drumsna Majors in Gain Feeds Super Sprint

Sean Traynor and everyone connected with feed giants GAIN should take a bow for stepping up and sponsoring this fan-tastic sprint competition worth £1,000 to the winner.

From the start of this event it capti-

vated the imagination with some inter-esting runners, most notably Shearers Diamond owned by one of the best strik-ers this country has ever produced ‘Alan Shearer’, his greyhound would hit the bar while Jan Little’s Drumsna Major would score a cracker.

It was a case of a natural sprinter tak-ing on pacey four-bend types, with the speed merchant coming out on top, Drumsna Major was beaten into second place in the heats by Nadurra Buzz but would come out on top when it mattered.

It was Dinnington Lad 6/1 who broke best, out in front his supporters must have been hopeful, approaching the sec-ond bend though Jan Little’s dog a 4/1 chance started to hit top gear and surged past, he went onto score by 1L over Lad in 17.18 +20.

Shearers Diamond received a lot of at-tention and not only because of his high

profile owner, he looks to have a big fu-ture but Jan and Ernie Little deserve this success, Drumsna Major is a very useful sprinter, they are no strangers to big race success and are a formidable team.

I caught up with Ernie Little “It was brilliant of GAIN to sponsor the event, I’d love them to do more up this end of the country, they are really nice people and made the event special.

“Myself and Jan are so pleased for the dog and his owner Brian Thexton, we had a nice bet on him at 12/1 and then again at 10/1.

“We are only a small kennel, we have won quite a few competitions, it always gives you a lift.

“We may look at Scotland with him, probably try our hand in the sprint com-petition at the festival at Sunderland but being honest we will enjoy this and take it one race at a time.”

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REST OF THE CARDTed Soppitt unleashed a greyhound

of some potential on the night called Calzaghe Davy.

He put in a sensational performance to beat Paradise Martini by 3.5L in a fantas-tic 28.46 +20.

I was that impressed I had a few quid on him at 66/1 for the Derby so can’t say fairer than that.

Blue Artisan put a huge smile on my face, how great was it not to only see him back on the track but to see him blow away the opposition by 9L in mind bog-gling 28.36 +20.

This was incredible.It was amazing to see him once again,

they don’t come much better than Artisan and he showed the world he still possess-es all of his ability.

Markeys Dragon

Ernie Little

Blue Artisan

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Skellefteå Greyhound Park is the most modern track in

Sweden and based on the Sandown Park track in Australia.

The Swedish Championships makes this a great venue for

social gathering.

The Town of Skellefteå is a picturesque town and a catch

for a fantastic weeks holliday with greyhound racing


A week like no other


Free entry and racecard

20 SEK Bet

A light meal

A drink of your choice, softdrink, beer or wine

Coffee and a biscuit

Free entry and racecard to the next race meetingFree entry and racecard to the next race meeting

SWEDISHCHAMPIONSHIP20-27 JULY 2013 +46-(0)70-533 13 92

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Page 18: Greyhound Express issue 3

CHAMPION HURDLE, COVENTRY MICK LIVESEY REPORTSLorenzojumps hisway to thetop of pileDroopys Lorenzo for top

young trainer Dean Childs puts in a brilliant perfor-mance to land the £2,000

Coventry Champion Hurdle and stake his claim has the country’s number-one hurdler.

This was very much a story of a young novice hurdler coming of age and for good measure he broke the track-record in the process.

It never worked out for him in the Springbok at Wimbledon, you could never question is speed or raw ability, after all he is a Derby quarter-finalist but his jumping was a definite worry.

He is still prone to put in the odd jump that gives his supporters a fright, the scariest thing of all though is he can only get better.

Lorenzo was sent off the 7/4 joint-favourite with dual Grand National winner Baran Bally Hi.

Opinions were divided. Could the young pretender defeat the old cham-pion?

Greyhound fans were not left wondering for long. Once the traps opened, Lorenzo made the corner in front, subsequently it was always go-ing to be a question of how far, in the end it was 5.5L in a new track-record of 29.90.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the other hurdle classics of the year, Droopys Lorenzo though is a greyhound on a mission.

He looks capable of dominating the hurdle scene and looks a very short-price to be crowned hurdler of the year already.

Droopys Lorenzo

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Page 20: Greyhound Express issue 3

BETFRED GYMCRACK, KINSLEY MICK LIVESEY REPORTSYoung strikes gold with 33/1 shotThe Betfred Gymcrack seemed to

go up another notch this year; it was a fantastic competition with the best puppies turning out in

force, in the end Young Golden sat on top of the pile to win the £6,000 first prize at whopping odds of 33/1.

Young Golden came third in the heats, second in the semi-final and in truth it was hard to make a case for Paul Young’s youngster coming out on top but that is exactly what he did.

The race was marred by the injury to outstanding puppy Sidaz Scotty who we wish the very best of luck to and hope we see him back soon.

Take nothing away from the winner he saved his best run for the final and when all the dust settles it is safe to say Young Golden is very much a grey-hound on the rise.

He capitalised on the injury to Sidaz Scotty and took his chance to grab the headlines in an exciting fashion, once he hit the front he was not going to sur-render his big chance.

He showed fantastic pace and ran a brilliant couple of bends, he put day-light between himself and his rivals in the fashion of a very good greyhound. At the winning line he had 2.75L in hand over Droopys Odell 10/1 with a short-head back to Strategic Review 7/2 in a brilliant 27.45 +10.

One of the owners of Young Golden is Richard Tunnicliffe, he is an avid Sport Newspaper reader, after following my tips one night he won a nice few quid and paid for his share in Young Golden

with the winnings. When I found this out it really did put a smile on my face, I hope this is the first of many brilliant nights Richard and Young Golden have together.

Strategic Review is a greyhound I am fast becoming a massive fan of, runner-up in the Ladbrokes Puppy Derby and now third in the Betfred Gymcrack he looks to have a massive future, I am sure he will win himself a competition. The runner-up Droopys Odell also looks worth following and I am sure all of the finalists will have great careers.

REST OF THE CARDMonleek Town for David Pruhs took

the Betfred Sprint final by 1.75L in

16.02 +5, sent off the 6/4 favourite, there was never an anxious moment, this was impressive and Monleek Town is really starting to make a name for himself in the sprint ranks. Malcom Daniels sent out Leap Of Faith 3/1 to win the Betfred Stayers final by the narrowest of margins a short-head over Ayamzabeauty in 40.45 +15.

One of the most impressive victories on the night came in the Betfred Mara-thon, where Fabulous Shanty put in an amazing performance to run away with the race by a massive 8L in 53.08.

Dave Firmager’s Shanty really set tongues wagging, this was one of the best performances you are likely to see over an eight-bend trip, she showed

Page 21: Greyhound Express issue 3


pace and power that than none of her rivals on the night could match.

Shanty was Regency bound but Dave Firmager told me “She has broke in season, we will bring her back for hope-fully a crack at the TV Trophy, we will look to mate her next year, we have al-ways thought she had this in her locker and so pleased she showed it live on Sky-Sports.”

Guinness Spark was another that caught the eye on the night, Seamus Cahill’s runner looks set to have a very exciting career; he was a comfortable 2.75L winner in a fantastic time 27.35 +10. He was very unlucky not to make the Gymcrack final and is definitely a puppy to stay on the right side of.

Young Golden wins the Gymcrack

Leap Of Faith and Ayamzabeauty

Fabulous Shanty

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GOLDEN SPRINT, ROMFORD MICK LIVESEY REPORTSBarracuda strikes in Golden SprintThey simply don’t come

much better than the Mil-lennium Stand Golden Sprint, it was thrilling from

start to finish, Farloe Barracuda came out on top to win the £8,000 to the winner event and will now look to try and replicate last year’s winner Blonde Snapper who went on to win The Derby.

The entry in terms of class was through the roof, many set out with live ambitions of winning this pres-tigious event, Ayamzaman wowed the crowds in the first-round but crashed out in the semi-final but in that opening round Farloe Barra-cuda really caught the eye and was many peoples idea of the winner un-til the draw for the final was made.

Garryglass Rodge, one of the tight-est railers in the country was drawn on his outside.

Anyone who has seen Rodge knows that he will dive for the rail and this put serious doubt in the mind of many pundits, so Barracuda drifted on the day of the race from 11/10 all the way out to 9/4.

Anyone who had pushed that lay button was soon regretting it, Rodge dived for the rails but only brushed Barracuda’s back leg; because he was out and gone.

The race was over in a matter of strides, Droopys Loner and Glan-mire Lad tried their best but there was no chance of reeling in this speed merchant, he won by 0.5L over

Loner with a further 6L back to last year’s Romford Puppy Cup winner Glanmire Lad in a sparkling 23.83.

Next stop will be The William Hill Derby and he will have his band of supporters, trainer Barrie Draper currently seems to have an embar-rassment of riches but Farloe Barra-cuda is right up there with any of his kennel mates especially over a trip like this.

Other dogs caught the eye in this brilliant competition; Mottos Im-pact, Cluxtons Free, Garryglass Rodge, Aero Tobias and the run-ner-up Droopys Loner certainly en-hanced their reputations putting in some brilliant performances.

Bama looks the real deal in dual-distance

Sparta Bama really caught the eye with a heat and final win in the Tony Williams Dual Distance competition worth £1,000 to the winner.

Jason Heath’s greyhound is really on the up; this victory sealed a four-timer.

One of the most magical aspects of our wonderful sport is to see an improving greyhound, with Sparta Bama you have just that he looks to be getting better and better.

He was fantastic in the final win-ning by 1L over an unlucky Aero Re-bel in 47.79.

Page 23: Greyhound Express issue 3


Cast your mind back a week earlier and Bama put in one of the best per-formances you are ever likely to see in the heats over 575m.

Anyone who had backed him prob-ably threw away their tickets.

He must have been at least 15 lengths behind.

Then turning for home his sup-porters were left amazed he came from another county and got up to win by 1.25L in 35.91.

This is a serious greyhound that could look to throw down a serious challenge for all the major races over six-bends for the remainder of the year.

The golden boys and girls at Romford

Farloe Barracuda in full flow

Page 24: Greyhound Express issue 3

OPEN RACE COMPETITION WINNERS BY MICK LIVESEY2013 Open Race competition winners courtesy of Date Track Competition Prize Winner Trainer 2013-01-11 Romford Coral On TV Standard Trophy (category 3) £750 Broadacres Buddy J A White 2013-01-18 Romford Coral on TV Puppy Trophy (category 3) £750 Rio Minstrel D C Riordan 2013-01-21 Nottingham Worthingtons Standard Trophy (category 3) £500 Sawpit Sensation D A Hunt 2013-01-25 Romford The Coral TV Maidens Trophy (category 3) £750 Glory Stream E A Gaskin 2013-01-25 Romford The Coral Coronation Cup (category 2) £5,000 Rockview Sail G B Ballentine 2013-01-28 Nottingham Worthingtons Sprint Trophy (category 3) £400 Dreams Of Glory C R Lister Obe 2013-01-28 Nottingham Worthingtons 480m Trophy (category 3) £500 Frisby Barney D R Pruhs 2013-02-01 Romford Coral On Tv Maiden Stayers Trophy (category 3) £750 Joscar C Allsopp 2013-02-04 Nottingham Betfred Maiden Standard Trophy (category 3) £400 Viking Legend J E Hayton 2013-02-11 Nottingham Stadium Bookmakers Guys and Dolls Trophy (cat 3) £500 Sawpit Sensation D A Hunt 2013-02-15 Romford The Coral On TV Trophy (category 3) £750 Nans Turbo E A Gaskin 2013-02-16 Crayford The 2013 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket (category 1) £15,000 White Soks Roks D C Riordan 2013-02-16 Crayford The Peter Bussey Memorial Trophy (category 2) £2,000 Bridge Bandit M A Wallis 2013-02-18 Nottingham William Hill 480m Trophy (category 3) £500 Bit View Micko C Price 2013-02-22 Romford The Coral On TV Bitches Trophy (category 3) £750 Skate On E Mcnair 2013-02-25 Nottingham Sprint Trophy (category 3) £400 Andlyns Asabat K Billingham 2013-03-01 Romford Coral on TV Maiden Trophy (category 3) £750 Aines Marx D Mullins 2013-03-08 Romford Steve Simmons March Hare Trophy (category 3) £750 Borna Monty J W Reynolds 2013-03-08 Romford The Tony Williams Marathon (category 3) £1,000 Aero Rebel P W Young 2013-03-10 Sheffield The Coors Queen Mother Memorial Cup (category 3) £2,500 Stepaside Glenis J R Smith 2013-03-11 Nottingham The Corona 480m Trophy (category 3) £500 Cleveland Peter G A Howson 2013-03-15 Monmore Green Ladbrokes Puppy Derby 2013 (category 1) £12,500 Cluxtons Free C Allsopp 2013-03-15 Monmore Green Ladbrokes Spring Festival 630 (category 2) £5,000 Ballyard Buddy B Draper 2013-03-15 Monmore Green Ladbrokes Spring Festival Bitches (category 3) £1,000 Express Flame C Allsopp 2013-03-15 Monmore Green Ladbrokes Spring Festival Dogs (category 3) £1,000 Bold Three P A Sallis 2013-03-15 Romford The Coral on TV Hurdle Trophy (category 3) £750 Rummy Lord A J Ingram 2013-03-19 Wimbledon 2013 Springbok (category 2) £5,000 Westmead Meteor R J Holloway 2013-03-22 Romford Coral on TV Stayers Trophy (category 3) £750 Ding Hero K R Hutton 2013-03-29 Romford Coral on TV Trophy (category 3) £750 Borna Monty J W Reynolds 2013-04-01 Nottingham Standard Trophy (category 3) £500 Cleveland Peter G A Howson 2013-04-02 Poole The Red Lion Swanage Dorset Classic (category 3) £2,000 Bush Standard K J Findlay 2013-04-05 Romford Coral on TV Maiden Stayers Trophy (category 3) £750 Sparta Bama J J Heath 2013-04-06 Newcastle Winning Lines British Bred Derby (category 3) £1,500 Markeys Dragon H J Dimmock 2013-04-06 Newcastle Gain Feeds Super Sprint (category 3) £1,000 Drumsna Major J A Little 2013-04-07 Coventry Coventry Champion Hurdle (category 2) £2,000 Droopys Lorenzo D Childs 2013-04-08 Nottingham Betfred The Bonus King Sprint Trophy (category 3) £500 Dreams Of Glory C R Lister Obe 2013-04-09 Sheffield Sheffield Stadium Maiden Monkey (category 3) £500 Glenpadden Post B Draper 2013-04-10 Coventry Cotton King Cup (category 3) £1,000 Castlebride Dan M A Wallis 2013-04-12 Romford The Coral TV Maidens Trophy (category 3) £750 Karma Cause J B Thompson 2013-04-15 Nottingham The Corona Standard Trophy (category 3) £500 Cleveland Peter G A Howson 2013-04-17 Kinsley The Betfred Gymcrack (category 2) £6,000 Young Golden P W Young 2013-04-17 Coventry Full Pete Puppy Trophy (category 3) £1,000 Teddy The Legend C R Lister Obe 2013-04-17 Kinsley Kinsley Stayers Trophy (category 3) £600 Leap Of Faith M Daniels 2013-04-17 Kinsley Kinsley Sprint Trophy (category 3) £600 Monleek Town D R Pruhs 2013-04-18 Brighton & Hove The Charlie Miller Stayers (category 3) £1,000 Holbeins Champ G J Gower (Sr) 2013-04-19 Romford Millenium Stand Bookmakers Golden Sprint (cat 1) £8,000 Farloe Barracuda B Draper 2013-04-19 Romford The Tony Williams Dual Distance Trophy (category 3) £1,000 Sparta Bama J J Heath 2013-04-19 Romford The Coral on TV Hurdle Trophy (category 3) £750 Droopys Lorenzo D Childs 2013-04-21 Coventry Perambulate Stakes (category 3) £1,000 Droopys Diop J Watts 2013-04-22 Nottingham The Corona Maiden 480m Trophy (category 3) £400 Rock Of Hope D R Pruhs

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Come and see what you’re missing @



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STAT ATTACK WITH WWW.THEGTA.CO.UKKeeping stock ofthe statsto help you winAt the Greyhound Trainers Asso-

ciation they have a man who is a genius at working with stats and numbers. You really should check

out the website they make for interesting reading.

Every month I will be looking at some of these stats and highlighting some that catch my eye, hopefully you will enjoy them! Every effort has been made to ensure these are correct but we can’t be held responsible for any mistakes.

This month we are going to put the spot-light on two of our countries leading stadi-ums; Newcastle and Romford.

Newcastle 2012 BAGS Track Champions

The North-East is a hot bed of talent, they have some cracking competitions through-out the year including; The All England Cup and Northern Puppy Derby but it is there graded strength that seems to be hitting the headlines on a constant basis of late.

Some of the A1s are quite literally out of this world, some of these are better than some track’s open races.

On the 23rd of February this year they had arguably the best A1 contest ever seen. It contained Aldworth Samson, Nadurra Buzz, Mags Gamble, Mutual Decision and Bandicoot Lexi, but to be fair some of their other A1 contests have run this race close, it is definitely not a one off.

Many greyhounds capable of not only competing on the open-scene but winning on it and the rest of their graded strength

are not bad either. The track management spear headed by Operations Manager Ian Walton has an embarrassment of riches at their disposal to take on the rest of the greyhound world in the BAGS/SIS compe-titions.Trainer Stats Graded Newcastle (to 23 April)Trainer Runs Wins Win% H F Williams 150 34 22.66J Wright 580 122 21.03G Carmichael 147 30 20.40A C Dawson 462 89 19.26R Kirk 294 54 18.36D Calvert 444 79 17.79M Walsh 221 39 17.64H Burton 229 40 17.46D Spraggon 416 71 17.06J J Fenwick 622 103 16.55G T Gibbinson 343 53 15.45P Rutherford 459 69 15.03A Mccarroll 273 41 15.01S Ray 508 71 13.97J Walton 172 23 13.37T G Edgar 448 54 12.05

2013 Graded Trap Stats (up to 23rd April)Total of 972 racesT1:14.45%T2: 17.88%T3: 19.23%T4: 19%T5: 15.4%T6: 15.14%

Jimmy Wright with 122 winners

It is not only top greyhounds Newcastle have in abundance but also trainers, you can see from the trainer’s table currently judged on percentages Harry Williams leads the way closely followed by Jimmy Wright.

The latter has already sent out 122 grad-ed winners with a winning percentage of 21.03, that is fantastic but when you look at the open-race stats he has sent out 6 win-ners from just 19 races with a winning per-centage of 31.57% (up to 23rd April).

He is going to be runaway winner of the Newcastle championship but I believe giv-en the ammunition Jimmy Wright is one of the most talented trainers in the country.

He is one of the best men I have ever seen check a dog over and that is half the battle. He does not travel that much but if you ever see him on the road, sit up and take notice and take my word Jimmy is not going for the ride.

Dogs To Follow Fivestar Bomber – Trained by Craig

Dawson, this dog looks set to bolster the A1 flying machine ranks at Newcastle, very impressive Irish card and went down nar-rowly on debut to Jimmy Wright’s talented tracker Prospect Place.

Scotswood Road – Part of the Harry Williams bred exciting May 2011 litter

Jimmy Wright

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Crash – Poolie Pride, he has taken A2 in his stride now but watch out for him when he is stepped up in trip, he looks like making a very fast six-bend dog.

Golden Spirit – Sub 29.00 runner around Clonmel, he is just finding his feet with Jimmy Wright but expect him to go all the way through the grades and compete successfully in A1/minor open-races.

Master Of Arts - A new purchase for Jimmy Wright from the McNair kennel, one race in Ireland was a very impressive 28.77 winner around Shelbourne Park, ex-pect this lad to hit the ground running and be a force in A1’s at the track.

Romford pointersRomford is the UK’s busiest stadium for

open-races. Their most famous competi-tion is the brilliant Golden Sprint but they have loads of open-race competitions and also have a fantastic graded program.

There is something for everyone at this fantastic stadium.

It is the home of Paul Young who is up there challenging to be crowned trainers champion; he came second last year, he looks sure to be in the mix once again.

A lot of people think Romford is a tight circuit because the standard distance is only 400m but it is a beautiful track with bends that greyhounds can attack.

Peter O’Dowd is the racing manager and is regarded has one of the best in the coun-try.

Trainer Stats Graded Newcastle (to 23 April)Trainer Runs Wins Win% J W Reynolds 639 132 20.65M E Lucas 587 116 19.76E A Gaskin 491 91 18.53A J Ingram 760 128 16.84M L Locke 771 127 16.47D Mullins 614 97 15.79P W Young 1295 196 15.13M E Wiley 827 114 13.78

2013 Trap Statistics (up to 23rd April)GR = Graded, OR = Open RaceT1: GR 18.57/OR 18.47 %T2: GR 17.55/OR 14.06 %T3: GR 19.54/OR 24.1 %T4: GR 15.85/OR 16.47 %T5: GR 14.41/OR 13.25 %T6: GR 14.44/OR 13.65 %

Jim Reynolds – our very own Gentle-man Jim (Express Columnist) is leading the way at Romford, Jim is having a crack-ing year and looks to have some fantastic young greyhounds to go to war with.

Leading the way in terms of percentage on graded winners to runners he is also having a good year on the open-race scene, he has currently bagged 19 open-race wins and a couple of nice competitions.

The kennel star is Borna Monty who looks fantastic but Jim is blessed at the mo-ment with up and coming dogs, this could be a year Jim will never forget and he is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.

2013 Ladbrokes Trainers ChampionshipIncludes races up to and including 21/04/13 Trainer Pts Wins £Win 1 M A Wallis 211 79 £18152.52 C Allsopp 156 35 £200503 B Draper 121 15 £207254 S A Cahill 99 38 £72005 K R Hutton 93 37 £86755= D Childs 93 25 £6625

Allsopp and Draper on the charge

It’s been a very productive month for Chris Allsopp and Barrie Draper with a Ladbrokes Puppy Derby and Millennium Stand Bookmakers Golden Sprint respec-tively. Mark Wallis is still out in front but the pack are definitely closing, with the Scottish Derby, Arc, Regency and Derby all looming in the near future there are mas-sive points up for grabs.

Dean Childs’ and Seamus Cahill’s ken-nels are also gathering momentum and this looks like it is going all the way to the wire. It looks the most competitive for years, who will be the final six that battle it out in the brilliant and exciting 2014 train-er’s championship. Paul Young and Char-lie Lister OBE are waiting in the wings and I really can see one almighty battle between around nine trainers for a top-six spot.


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Must be pre-booked and paid. Conditions apply. Non-seating package.

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For years here in the UK we have been starved of stake rac-es for all grades of greyhounds but not anymore. I think the GBGB deserve massive credit for getting these off the ground, competition is what sport is all about and now

thank goodness owners have a chance of being involved in them.Competitions normally involve 18 greyhounds with a heat

and final worth £500 to the winner, £100 for each finalist (total £1,100 prize-money for finals) we really should be celebrating these; here are this month’s winners, congratulations from eve-ryone at Greyhound Express. We must also thank the govern-ing body for allowing us to use results directly off thank-you GBGB.

Belle Vue: Walton’s cookie is very tastyThere was no doubt about who would be sent off the favour-

ite for this A5 stake; it was Clonteen Cookie for John Walton who was sent off a very warm 4/5f, sensationally the heats was his 14th career start at Belle Vue and he had yet to win a single race, on that occasion he came to life and destroyed the oppo-sition by 7.5L the calculated time of 28.25 this was a marked improvement on his previous best, he did not have it all his own way in the final with Richly Deserved 6/1 trapping out well but eventually had to settle for 4th, El Groove 7/2 put up the most resistance but Brian Thompson’s bitch had no answers for the favourite when he roared in the third-bend, he ran out a com-fortable winner by 2.25L in 29.34 – 110.

Clyde jogs on to A7 final victoryEarly-pace wins the day in Belle Vue A7 final, Jogon Clyde 7/1

was friendless in the market but once he trapped out best, made the corner he looked odds-on, there was trouble on the run-up and at the corner that put pay to many chances, John Walton’s charge though was out in front and ran out a very comfortable 4.25L winner over Nicoles Purse 7/2 in 28.43 +10. Grandads Ha Ha was sent off the 6/4 favourite but never managed to get competitive but will certainly have better days, especially at this level.

Hove: It’s Tavern Time after A6 finalKen Tester’s Tavern Time 9/2 took the A6 final by storm with

a power packed finish to deny long-time leader Limerick Lully 9/4f. It is no real surprise when you look back through the form Tavern Time has recorded a couple of smart six-bend clocks in D0 company at Tralee before he started his UK career, that fin-ishing power was there for all to witness when he surged past Limerick Lully at the fourth-bend and went onto win impres-sively by 2L in 30.84 -30. Norah’s Zodiac wins epic A2 final

This A2 final was a classic, the grade of dog at Hove is sen-sational and many of these are more than capable of taking an open-race, Maui Hawk was sent off the 2/1 favourite but a slow break put pay to his chances. Zodiac Zeus 6/1, Cutie Beauty 5/2 and Britania Lesley 7/2 served up a brilliant spectacle, all three recorded a 4.16 sectional then battled all the way to the line, Zodiac Zeus held on by a neck from Cutie Beauty with a further neck back to third Britania Lesley in a very good 30.22. Take a bow Peter Miller, this was six evenly matched greyhounds who served up a brilliant race for the public and racing fans.Romeo gets up on the line in A5 final

An absolute cracker in this A5 final, it was wide open and pro-duced a pulsating finish, Jason Heath’s Bartlemy Romeo 7/1 picked up long-time leader Gatillos Rocket 4/1 right on the line to get the verdict by a head in 30.52 -10. This was very impres-sive, he had to ride a bump at the corner but his pace down the back and finishing kick were a delight for connections and sup-porters, he was a very worthy winner.

Crayford: Mick whistles past Dixie in P2Nothing surprises me anymore with the fantastic racing of-

fice at Crayford, seriously Danny Rayment and Graham Banks deserve a lot of praise for the variety they put on the race cards. A fine example was this P2 Owner’s Bonus Series race for pup-pies. It produced a cracker, Dixie Road was sent off the 9/4f, supporters must have thought they were collecting when she pinged and quickly raced into the lead, she looked all over the winner before finally succumbing to fast finisher Leamaneigh Mick 5/2 right on the line to go down by a short-head in 23.70 +10. I’d take a few of these out of the race, some very nice pup-pies but I must confess I am sweet on Dixie Road she could turn out a bit better than useful.

Guest rides a bump to score A3 final winIn this A3 final Puffanomic was all the rage and was sent off

the 7/4 favourite but early trouble left favourite backers curs-ing their luck has she could only manage fifth position, in stark contrast Oakfront Guest 9/4 for Patsy Cusack rode a bump at the opening corner but showed enough to come out of the bend in front, from that point on it was over in terms of the contest, he crossed the line 2.5L to the good over Cape Dance in 24.38 -50.

Doncaster: Tobin’s Alter wins A5 finalThis A5 stake final at Doncaster produced one of the most

exciting finishes ever seen in these fantastic series of races, three greyhounds raced over the line together and it needed the judge to separate them long-time leader Dooneen Diamond 6/1 narrowly missed out when powerful Hillview Alter 5/2f got the vote to the delight of favourite backers by a short-head in 30.64, there was only a neck back to the 3rd Windtown Rogue 7/2.

Dove flies out to score A7 final victorySave your best for a final is always a recipe that will bring suc-

cess and that is exactly what Two Turtle Doves did in this A7 final. Sent off at 7/2 supporters rarely had an anxious moment has she recorded her best ever sectional of 4.18 which ensured she turned within striking distance of the 5/2 favourite Emporio Taurus, at the half-way stage Doves asserted and ran out 0.75L winner from fast finishing Redbrick Blondie 5/1 in 30.82 -10. I would put the favourite in your notebooks Alan Stevens charge looks very handy at this level and only being a September 2011 whelp there is plenty of scope for improvement. Hall Green

Jess lacks nothing in A3 finalA3 final from Hall Green delivered a fantastic contest, Com-

pass Lawford was installed the 9/4 favourite but could only manage third, anyone who had backed Ganadors Impact at 5/1 must have thought they were in line for a bumper pay-out but Baker’s Lacken Jess 5/2 had other ideas, she ran an absolute cracker to get up close home to win by head from Ganadors Im-pact with the same margin back to third Compass Lawford in 29.90 -60. One for you to follow is Westmead Tony, he landed

Page 32: Greyhound Express issue 3

OWNERS BONUS SERIES ALL THE RESULTSthree wins on the bounce with his victory in the heats and his record now stands at six races with four victories, more to come from this September 2011 puppy.Red Devil lifts the A7 trophy

This A7 final saw punters climbing over themselves to get on Ballymac Express an exciting October 2011 puppy for the Jen-kins camp; he was sent off the 5/4 favourite but on this occasion he had to settle for second place behind Foxys Red Devil 11/4 for Simon Deakin. Blasting out of the traps with a very good 4.92 sectional he made the bend and set sail for home, Ballymac Express finished very strongly but this race was won at the traps and went down gallantly by 1L in 29.35. Take nothing away from Foxys Red Devil a very worthy winner but Ballymac Ex-press the final was only his fifth career start and looks a puppy to stay on the right side off at Hall Green.Harlow

Sherman gives them the treatment in A7This A7 final was an intriguing affair, punters could not split

Shelbourne Elin and Emly Cupid sending them both off 7/4 joint-favourites but they could only manage third and fourth respectively. Shamone Sherman 7/2 for Nick Carter put in a strong running display taking control at the third-bend he re-pelled the challenge of long-time leader Rossies Shaker 5/2 by 0.75L in 27.14 -30. Sahara is hot in A6 final

Early pace won the day at Harlow for this A7 final, Sahara Tempest 2/1 joint-favourite for Christopher Scott demonstrated fantastic early toe to have this event quickly wrapped up, blast-ing from traps this son of Montos Carhumore recorded a bril-liant 4.82 sectional that left his rivals in his wake, at the winning line the margin was on 0.75L over Melmegajane 12/1 but in truth defeat was never really on the cards in a good 26.72 -30.

Henlow: Punters blue at Kemp one-twoHazel Kemp is a lady in a rich vein of form at present and

this great run continued in this A8 final, Hazel sent out Bodell Lovemedo 5/1 to an impressive victory. Savana Blue a short priced 5/4 favourite took up the running at the first-bend and the writing looked on the wall but the night belonged to Hazel’s Bodell Lovemedo who showed great guts and determination to come out on top, over her kennel mate Harrys Queen 7/4 by 2L in 29.15 -70. The winner looks capable of going through at least a few grades if not all the way, she is only an August 2011 whelp and looks progressive.Kinsley

Roz runs them down close home in A4A4 final at Kinsley that produced an ultra-exciting contest

with Joanne Lowe trained Russanda Roz 7/2 coming out on top. Calling Fisher was sent off a warm 5/4 favourite after an impressive display in the heats but his chance was soon gone at the corner, that left the race wide open, Kingmill Might 5/2 for Rebecca Perkins was the early race leader but was caught on the run in by Russanda Roz who demonstrated a powerful finishing kick to win by 0.75L over Viking Raider 7/2 in 28.51 -20

Sam hits gold In Kinsley handicap finalBattyford Sam wins the handicap final at 6/4 to the delight

of the punters, Rawlinson’s runner was off the front and he ensured that he would remain there for the full 650m course, Mister Gold Bars 5/2 tried very hard to get to the front but Sam was strong enough to repel all challengers, he crossed the line 0.5L in hand over Mister Gold Bars in 40.89. The runner-up can count himself a little unlucky and is one to keep an eye on in coming weeks.

Mildenhall: Luca bags hat-trick in A6Icecool Impact and Lets Go Forit were sent off the 2/1 joint-

favourites for this A6 final but this was all about Kick On Luca 5/2 for Peter Mingay. What an impressive victory from a grey-hound bang in form at present, this victory sealed his hat-trick of victories on the bounce and it was richly deserved, early-pace is a formidable weapon and this greyhound has got bundles of it, he blasted from the traps and made every yard a winning one, his closest challenger was Blackstone Sean 6/1 but there was still 2L in it at the line in 24.02 -10.

Margarita is a lethal cocktail in Mildenhall A6 final

Julie Pearson must have been thrilled with the performance of Margarita in this A6 final, it really was all about Julie’s grey-hound, recording a brilliant 4.15 sectional, that is going to see you blaze a trail more often than not at this level, that is exactly what happened and she left her rivals in her wake winning by 1.75L over Madame Doubtfire 3/1 in 24.00. Away day Tara was sent off the 6/4 favourite but suffered trouble at the corner this is a new recruit to Mildenhall from Drumbo Park she is defi-nitely capable of winning at this level. Monmore

No maybe about it Tina delivers A2Kim Billingham trained Congeel Spud was a warm 5/4 fa-

vourite for this A2 final, he missed his break and lost all chance of being competitive, that left the door well and truly open, Maybe Tina 5/2 took full advantage of this opening but it was close, Fozzie Onedog 5/1 looked the most likely winner all the way around, they flashed over the line together but Tina got the verdict by a short-head in a fast 28.81 -10.Dadum Dadum is on tune in A3 final

Blackband Scamp was all the rage at 11/10f but a missed break left punters scratching their heads and what they wit-nessed was a demolishen job by 2/1 Dadum Dadum who simply won this in a canter by 11L, this wide margin victory flatters him a little (all other runners hit trouble) but anyone who took the 2/1 were jumping for joy, the winning time posted of 28.95 -20 suggests he may well have won it anyway, watch out for this youngster he looks an improver.

Newcastle: Brae puts punters through the mill in A5 final

George Gibbinson sent out the 9/4 favourite Mill Sebastion but it was his 6/1 shot Coolemount Brae who came out on top of this A5 final. Newcastle is a greyhound track very much on the up and even in this grade of A5 these are useful greyhounds, Brae showed a touch of class in the latter stages to get up close home by 0.75L over Swift Ford 5/1 in a very good time of 29.40 +20. Lad denies Shearer in classic A1 final

Newcastle are the BAGS track champions, the class of dog is now through the roof at the toon, this A1 competition could easily have been a small open-race competition, it was a cracker. Wide open, pundits, greyhound fans, bookmakers all had a dif-ferent opinion, it is safe to say though not many predicted the outcome. Nadurra Alvaro has a touch of class so it was no sur-prise to see him sent off the 5/2 favourite but after desperate trouble for the Jimmy Wright runner at the opening turn he did very well to take third position. Dinnington lad was sent off a

Page 33: Greyhound Express issue 3

OWNERS BONUS SERIES ALL THE RESULTSwhopping 10/1 chance, he showed terrific early-pace, made the bend in front but Shearers Diamond 7/2 and Nadurra Alvaro tried to reel him in but the line came in time, there was a head between Lad and Shearers at the line with Alvaro a further 0.5L back in third, in a winning time of 29.13 +10. There are some class greyhounds in this line up, Killacolla Ka Ka came in sixth but looks to have a promising future, he can make it pay on the open-race scene, Heavy Rumble fourth in the final looks like being a very decent six-bend dog in time but there is definitely more to come over four-bends in the immediate future.

Nottingham: Aoifa hops to A3 victory

Lynn Cook trained Hopalong Aoifa 5/2 makes all for an im-pressive victory in the A3 stake final, she was turned over in the heats when 5/4 she had to play second fiddle to Peter Harnden trained Salacres Anna, on that performance alone the book-makers made Anna the 2/1 favourite but in the final Aoifa was away and gone, this time she would not be caught and won com-fortably by 2.25L over Bit View Orchid 5/2 with the favourite a further 0.75L back in third in a smart 30.77.Geoff’s Minnie gets up to win A4 final

Lemon Minnie 11/4 favourite for Geoff Gray puts in a sensa-tional performance to land the A4 final at Nottingham. This was one of the most impressive performances of this month’s batch of series races, anyone who was on the favourite had a heart stopping moment at the corner, Minnie was baulked, it looked likely to be costly but Geoff’s bitch had other ideas and showed tremendous pace to get back into the race, Cloyne Cracker 5/1 and World Tag 4/1 were having their own private battle out in front, World Tag won that battle but was passed right on the line by Lemon Minnie who got up by a neck in 31.34 -20.Pelaw Grange

Eagle rocks them in A3 finalRemember the name because Rockview Eagle looks a grey-

hound going places, only a July 2011 whelp he was having his second race in this A3 final sent off at 2/1 there was confidence that what he lacked in experience he made up for in ability, he trapped out well but did not hit the front until down the back, once he did he was a very comfortable winner for the Murray camp, winning by 1.5L over Vals Memorie 4/1 in 26.26 +20. The 6/4f Saleen Paddy was back in fourth position but like the winner looks a youngster worth following.

Dave powers to A9 final victoryChamberlain Dave was sent off the 2/1 favourite and duly

delivered a victory in this A9 final. Favourite backers never re-ally had an anxious moment, Luttons Carla 3/1 showed the best early-pace but Dave roared down the back, he sailed past at the third bend, Mega Stacy 3/1 ran on well but there was a comfort-able 2L between them at the line in 27.19.

Perry Barr: Nelly storms to A3 win

Waycross Nelly 4/1 was a very comfortable winner of this A3 final at Perry Barr, she blasted from traps and led them a merry dance showing superior all round pace to cross the line an im-pressive 4.5L winner over Mayern Smokey 5/1 in 28.88. This performance was eye catching and there is no doubt Nelly can

compete at a higher level and is worth monitoring in the coming weeks.Lily holds Zulu in A2 cracker

This A2 final was a wide open betting heat, Highfire Tony was sent off the 5/2 favourite but was on the receiving end of a bumpy ride and came sixth. Early-pace is a tremendous as-set no matter what level you race at, Anna Lily 4/1 has that as-set in abundance, blasting from traps recording a brilliant 3.64 sectional, Lily quickly opened up a nice lead, turning for home the pack was closing, with Zulu Forest 6/1 running on well and Dippy Boy 4/1 making eye catching late ground, the line would come in time for Lily just but the judge was needed, it was a short-head victory over Zulu Forest with Dippy Boy a further 0.5L back in third in 29.11. The front three all want to be mak-ing their way into your notebooks, Zulu Forest and Dippy Boy could be winners without a penalty.Peterborough

Gavin holds on for Pruhs in A4 finalWhen you think of Peterborough one trainer immediately

jumps out at you ‘David Pruhs’, he is king of the Posh in eve-ry sense of the word, so it is no surprise to see him send out Tailteann Gavin 2/1 to a victory in this A4 final, he managed to come out of the first-bend in front and made his best way home, Sennen Belle 3/1 ran on strongly after a bump at the corner but went down gallantly by a neck in 26.01 +10.

Micks minted after A5 finalSharp Move was installed the 9/4 favourite for this A5 final

but after a slow break it was always going to be an uphill battle and to the despair of favourite backers he trailed in last, Micks Mint 7/2 took a flier and made every post a winning one, this was an impressive victory and the winning distance of 2.75L over Kians My Boy 5/1 no way flatters the Alden runner, his time of 25.78 +10 is very good for the grade.

Poole: Billy Mac traps way to success

Punters were split between Blackforest Jack 5/4 favourite and Kingsmill Lotus 6/4, both camps were left disappointed when Billy Mac 15/2 beats them both with an impressive display of pace and bend running, he stormed out of the second bend to lead and it was a race for the minor positions from that point on, he took the kennel stakes by 1L in 27.03. This was a good final and I am sure there will be a bucket load of winners from this race in the future.

Black’s Shaw wins kennel stake in styleThis was a very good line-up for the kennel stake final at Poole

with many of these runners on the up. Previous A1 winner Fra-ziers Shaw was sent off 10/3 but once the traps opened those odds would have come tumbling down, he trapped out well, showed excellent pace and quickly set about putting the race to bed, Away Day Falcon 11/2 ran well but had to settle for 1.5L second place in 26.94 +10. Makeit Crackon is only a June 2011 puppy and is highly progressive, he was sent off the 6/4 favour-ite but could only manage fourth, she will have better days that is for sure. Romford

Chocolate teapot useful in A4 finalPaul Young is a man on a mission on the open-race scene but

I am sure he will have got a lot of satisfaction when his Choco-late Teapot 4/1 battled back from a second-bend bump to get up

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OWNERS BONUS SERIES ALL THE RESULTSclose home to win by 1L over Murlens Court in 25.05 -20. This youngster looks progressive; she should have an exciting career ahead of her and looks capable of performing at a higher level.Jim’s puppy is best in A2 final

This A2 final looks to have thrown up a very useful puppy in the form of Never Mind Then for Jim Reynolds, sent off at 7/2 this June 2011 puppy showed guts, determination and very good all-round pace to win by 1.5L over Bower Teddy 4/1 in 24.53 -10. There was a lot to like about this performance this was his fifth career win from just thirteen starts, on this evi-dence he is well capable of winning open-races and is definitely one to stay on the right side of.

Shawfield: Branch lands final in style

Sent off the 6/4 favourite Liosgarbh Branch for this handicap final, her supporters had an anxious moment at the first-bend when she was crowded and forced wide, the way Branch came home though was very impressive, she put in a powerful display to win going away by 3L over Swift Vodka 3/1 in 30.18.Sheffield

Parker’s Franky too good in A3 finalElaine Parker’s Spire Fan Franky 4/1 is now a veteran but you

would never have guessed the way he ran away from the opposi-tion in this A3 final, he did not take it up until the third-bend but he quickly put distance between himself and Swift Fruit 11/4 to win by an impressive 4L in 29.51 +10. This was his 116th race and no doubt he will now be in A2 or even A1 id not back against him winning at that level.

Parker does it again with East in A2 final

Sheffield can boast a very talented list of trainers attached to the Yorkshire venue but there is no doubt about who the Queen is; Elaine Parker, formidable at home or away she bags a very impressive Owners Bonus Series double with Welton East 2/1, Duvall Ego was sent off the 6/4 favourite but the Parker magic came to the fore and Welton East repelled the challenge of the favourite bravely to win by a neck in 29.48 +20.

Sittingbourne: Vic lands open A5 finalCaps must be doffed to the Sittingbourne racing office, after

the heats there was very little to separate the finalist’s three co-favourites at 7/2, two at 4/1 and the outsider of the party was only 9/2, the most wide open final of the month. Quivers Vic 4/1 came out on top by a neck from Barrack Billy 9/2, there was less than 1L separating the first four home in 29.85 -10. Puddy’s Reaper class act in A6 final

Another cracking contest from Sittingbourne in the A6 ver-sion, three co-favourites at 5/2 and it was one of those Blue Reaper who came out on top, blasting from traps recording a very good sectional of 3.13 he was away and gone, Finlays Best 5/2cf tried but could not run down Reaper who crossed the line 2.25L to the good in 29.95 -10. The winner is still a puppy a looks like he will race through the grades and compete at a higher level.

Sunderland: West is best in A4 finalThis was a wide-open A4 stake final, Sunoak Lark was sent off

the 5/2 favourite but after a slow break, a bump at the first-bend

it was always going to be an uphill battle, Tullymurry West 7/2 for the McNicholas camp was out blazing a trail while all that was going on, recording a very good 4.96 sectional this June 2011 puppy was never going to be caught, she had 1.75L to spare over Crafty Carazo 4/1 at the line in 27.78. The first three home look worth following and they will win plenty of races be-tween them in the coming weeks and months.

Swindon: Parade smokes em in A5

Royal Secret was sent off the 1/1 money favourite for this A5 final and was all the rage, but after leading she had to settle for a dead-heat second along with Quivers Droopys 7/1, 6L ahead of them was the brilliant winner Smokey Parade 2/1, this was a very impressive display from this May 2011 puppy and she looks capable of going on to better things, the winning time of 29.22 +10 in no way flatter Stringer’s runner and you would im-agine if she keeps improving it won’t be long before this daugh-ter of Black Shaw rattles the 29.00 barrier.

Wimbledon: Rebellious is some story in A2 final

Rebellious Heart was sent off the warm 6/4 favourite for this A4 final but could only manage fourth to the disappointment of the punters, in stark contrast the bookmakers were left ju-bilant when kennel companion Rebellious Story 14/1 cracked out to make all and just hold on by a neck from fast finishing Slick Legend 5/1 in 30.32 -80. Hats off to the Wimbledon rac-ing office this was a real competitive final and in truth there was not that much between last and first.Rees is on the Hooch in A2 final

The grade at Wimbledon is on the up, this was a cracking line up in the A2 final which would see the punters get some-thing to rejoice. Hooch Forever was sent off the 6/4 favourite, she trapped out well, punters got a scare at the third-bend when Airforce Cougar 9/2 briefly grabbed the lead at the third, Hooch Forever would not be denied and took the race from fast finish-ing Kilmacar Nick 9/4 by 1L in 30.02 -100.

Yarmouth: Punters knew in S2 finalThis was a six-bend S2 final and after 659m we needed the

judge to separate them, Confident Theano 6/4f got there in the end but it looked for a long time it would be Carr’s other runner Good Tradition 4/1 who was bowling along at the head of affairs who would be on the podium, he was passed at the sixth bend by eventual second Clomantagh Lulu 2/1 who went down bravely by a short-head over the powerful finishing Confident Theano in 41.57 +15. This was a very impressive display and several of these finalists look more than useful, the winner may even be capable of winning a minor-open race on the circuit.

Walk bags famous victory is A5 finalFamous Walk was sent off at 7/1 for this A5 final but ran like

an odds-on shot to score a runaway victory for Irene Barnard. In the heats Famous Walk ran on well to take second behind You Dont Listen 7/2, this time it was roles revered with Famous Walk pinging he turned in front and that spelt danger for all the other finalists, he turned the screw and ran out a 5.25L winner over You Dont Listen in 28.70 +30. This was impressive on the night there was an A3 won in 28.14 and an A2 won in 28.78.

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It has been said quite a lot to me recently that it is much harder to sell pups nowadays, espe-cially bitches. My answer is “What’s new there then ?”

As stated in last month’s edition, we started breeding here in 2002. Our first litter was a Toms the Best x Fearsome Misty litter born in March of that year. We managed to sell a few but buyers had a choice, with any ‘picked over’ pups being the ones we would keep for our-selves.

Some were sold on colour etc before Bill Flynn who has dogs with the ‘Safepac’ prefix came to buy a pair. He had a choice of two lovely big bitches, and the one that he picked was to be called Safepac Misty who became an open race winner and would later become a brood for him.

The one that he left we named ‘Jane’ because she was black and pretty much looked just ‘plain Jane’. Her rearing went well and when she started schooling it was pretty obvious that she had bundles of ability.

With nowhere to race at the time, we decided to send her to Ireland to race and be sold on. So, she was transported over to an Irish trainer for racing. She qualified to race and had her first two races in Cork at just eighteen months old, recording a best time of 29.29.

We had sent a few dogs to the trainer but he hadn’t qualified any of the others, even though he had had them for over three months and had been asked to ‘get busy’ with them. This led to a falling out and we brought the dogs back home. I’ll never forget the trainers’ parting words that the bitch “wouldn’t win an egg and spoon race”.

We had pups backing up, ready to be sold, so I made a phone call to a Walthamstow trainer offering her for sale. Her dam Fearsome Misty, had thrown competition winning stayers, and this ‘plain Jane’ looked a strong stayer with pace as her 29.29 run confirmed. I was asking £3,000 for her, less than I wanted but I was looking to move dogs on and avoid a backlog. The Walthamstow trainer turned her down.

A few days later in my local pub, I bumped into my neighbour from over the back field, he was a prominent owner with one of the top kennels on Sheffield. The conversation turned to greyhounds and he asked me if I had anything that looked open class for sale. I told him about the bitch and said that she was a bargain at just £3,000. Again I remember his words... “ get back in touch with me when you have a £15,000 dog for sale”..... If only I’d said that she was £15,000.

Nobody seemed to want our ‘plain Jane’ so we had to qualify her and race her ourselves. Hull had opened so we qualified her there, but she was too quick to grade so we would have to open race her. It was obvious from her very first open race that she needed a test of stamina to be seen at her best.

I bumped into Chris Lund at the track and having a lot of pups to finish schooling, asked Chris if he would be interested in taking her to train. He agreed and we both decided that it would be better to step her up in distance, even though she was still a puppy.

It proved a revelation, and she immediately set people talking about her. Unexpectedly, without any advertising or talk of selling, the

phone began to ring with ever increasing offers. It was only right to tell Chris that people were trying to buy her for serious money. “Don’t sell her until I get back to you” Chris said, before later on saying that he had someone who would pay ‘best price’ to buy her and Chris would continue to train her.

The next day the phone rang yet again, and a well known voice said “ I hear you’ve got a Rolls Royce of a greyhound and you want to sell”....... “how much does Harry have to pay ?”. It was Harry Findlay, the well known punter and now Coventry promoter, who was a long standing owner with Chris. We agreed a sale almost immediately......

Oh... I know you’re wondering..... How much did the bitch I couldn’t sell actually sell for ? Part of the deal was that Harry asked me never to tell...and to this day I haven’t. Did she do anything afterwards ?.... She broke four track records and was narrowly beaten in the TV Trophy final at only just two years old. She was a regular winner of staying races before injury ended her career before she was even 3 years old.

Who was she.... Her name was ‘Hesley Gale’. If only I had a few more bitches I couldn’t sell!

Homework for the new kidsSpring has finally arrived and the pups are starting pre-school. The

three oldest sets of pups (7-10 months) are all fully lead trained. It is the time that we become both nervous and excited as one by one the pups are tested behind the drag lure.

We always start with the oldest, whilst the younger pups are ‘brain-washed’ as they watch the older pups and realise what they are bred for, their ‘chase instinct’ taking over.

We generally use a fluffy toy on the end of the drag line, last time it was ‘Garfield’ who didn’t survive. This time it was ‘Winnie the pooh’ who just managed to survive despite the attentions of ‘Bisto’ (pic-tured) and the others.

We tried eleven pups in all, and without any exceptions they all chased well, grabbed hold of the lure, and ran off with it....a perfect day.

It is always a great ‘buzz’ when you can relax knowing that the pups all know what their job is supposed to be. It is obviously way too early to know if there are any stars, but the signs are that they will all make the track without much trouble.

The serious schooling will start in a couple of months time for the oldest pups, whilst the younger pups will be put behind the drag lure again when they are a bit older.

I will keep you updated with their progress and any breeding ques-tions can be asked via my email [email protected]

Nobody wants me – I don’t care

Me with Judy and Blue

Homework for the new school kids

Spring has finally arrived and the pups are starting pre-school. The three oldest sets

of pups (7-10 months) are all fully lead trained. It is the time that we become both

nervous and excited as one by one the pups are tested behind the drag lure.

We always start with the oldest, whilst the younger pups are 'brainwashed' as they

watch the older pups and realise what they are bred for, their 'chase instinct' taking


We generally use a fluffy toy on the end of the drag line, last time it was 'Garfield'

who didn't survive. This time it was 'Winnie the pooh' who just managed to survive

despite the attentions of 'Bisto' (pictured) and the others.

We tried eleven pups in all, and without any exceptions they all chased well, grabbed

hold of the lure, and ran off with it....a perfect day.

It is always a great 'buzz' when you can relax knowing that the pups all know what

their job is supposed to be. It is obviously way too early to know if there are any

stars, but the signs are that they will all make the track without much trouble. The

serious schooling will start in a couple of months time for the oldest pups, whilst the

younger pups will be put behind the drag lure again when they are a bit older. I will

keep you updated with their progress and any breeding questions can be asked via my

email [email protected].

Bisto in action

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Farloe Barracuda comes from a repeat mating that produced Blood of Kings, Rotarwing, and Wontbelong the dam of Farloe Warhawk.

He has won 14 out of 25 races and won the Golden Sprint in a fast 23.83. He has also won over the 280m sprint distance at Shef-field in a best of 15.84, although he did record 15.95 (-30) to re-cord a calculated 15.65 which is inside the TR.

He recorded 16.99TR(277m) at Yarmouth in the trainers cham-pionship and has recorded 25.35 (420m) at Peterborough as well as 28.03 (480m) at Sheffield.

Sire Droopys Scolari won 4 from 8 races before going lame in the Irish produce stakes semi-final when favourite. He had record-ed best times of 28.71 at Waterford, 28.79 at Shelbourne Park, and 28.80 at Clonmel before his career was over at just 2 years old exactly. A brother of Scottish Derby winner Droopys Marco, and twice Irish Derby runner up Droopys Maldini, he has been an in-fluential stud dog as a sire for early pace.

Dam Youraisemeup won 3 from 8 of her races recording bests of 28.90 at Shelbourne Park and 29.10 at Clonmel at just 19 months old.

Droopys Kewell won the Thurles produce stakes,Irish St Leger, and Champion stakes, and is the sire of over 8,000 offspring. Lit-tle Diamond was voted dam of the year in 2005 and is the dam of numerous top quality greyhounds.

By Spiral Nikita out of Camelot Katie who is a litter sister of English Derby winner Shanless Slippy. Droopys Woods won the 2000 Gymcrack at Hall Green.

He is a litter brother of stud dogs Droopys Vieri and Droopys Honcho but was a decent stud dog in his own right.

Ana Secret is by Mustang Jack out of a Trade Official bitch, giv-ing a ‘double up’ of Bold Work an influence for speed.

North Bound was the Winner of the Easter Cup over 550yds at Shelbourne Park recording his 12th win from 36 races.

Winner of the Derby Plate in 2012 his best times are 28.59 Clon-mel, 28.89 Thurles, 29.84 (550) Clonmel, and 29.39 (550) Shel-bourne Park.

Sire Head Bound only raced 3 times without success due to in-jury, but his pedigree encouraged breeders to take a chance and he has made his mark as a stud dog. Dam No Joke Sherry was lightly raced winning 4 of her 7 races. She was an early paced type and her best effort was a 28.76 win at Limerick, where all of her wins came. Head Honcho is a top Australian sire, whilst Sobbing Sal is a top producing brood, having produced the likes of Brett Lee, Big Daddy Cool and Hotshow Ben amongst others.

Spiral Nikita won the Guinness 600 at Shelbourne Park as well as reaching 2 Irish Derby finals. No Joke Kylie was an open race winner at Rye House as well as winning in 29.29 at Cork.

Lisnakill Vicky is a daughter of Lisnakill Flyer who produced 1993 Irish Derby winner Daleys Denis, 1996 English Derby win-ner Shanless Slippy, and I’m His the Reading Masters winner.

Bred by Miss E.Hall in North Yorkshire, Young Golden was win-ning for the 3rd time from 8 eight races when winning the Gymcrack. He comes from a top class litter which also features Golden Wonder and Teddy the Legend.

Sire Premier Fantasy won 11 of his 16 races and was voted 2004 Irish greyhound of the year. He won the 2003 National puppy stake at Shelbourne Park as well as the 2004 Easter cup also at Shelbourne Park which he won in a track record time of 28.08. He was unbeaten in the English greyhound Derby before breaking his hock in the semi-final, which ended his career when he was only just 2 years old.

Dam Final Gold was lightly raced winning 2 of her 6 races. She finished 3rd in the Romford puppy cup final behind Rayvin Giovan-ni, having won her semi-final in 24.19, although 24.15 was her best Romford effort.

Premier County won 15 of his 30 races winning the 2001 Irish Derby consolation. He finished 4th in the Irish Laurels (Cork), and 4th in the Waterford Masters, both in 2001. Nifty Niamh was seen at her best over staying distances winning the 1998 Irish Grand Prix, 1999 Corn Cuchullainn, and 1999 Bord na gCon 750. She was also a finalist in the 1997 Irish St Leger. As said in previous pedigree analy-sis Ballymac Maeve is a sire noted for early pace. He won 5 of his 10 races, all as a puppy. His best times were 28.46 (+30) at Cork and a 17.60 sprint win at Tralee. F

arloe Oyster was very lightly raced and won 2 of her 8 races. Being by Champion sire Top Honcho out of prolific brood Farloe Dingle she has excelled as a brood in her own right. She is the dam of Group 1 winners and top class greyhounds aplenty, the best of which in-clude Fear Zafonic, Ninja Jamie, Farloe Reason and Farloe Tango.

Farloe Barracuda – Winner Romford Golden Sprint (400m)

Farloe Barracuda

Droopys Scolari

Droopys KewellLarkhill Jo

Perrys Pusher

Little DiamondSpiral Nikita

Camelot Katie


Droopys WoodsTop Honcho

Droopys Fergie

Ana SecretMustang Jack

Giglis Secret

Farloe Barracuda comes from a repeat mating that produced Blood of Kings,

Rotarwing, and Wontbelong the dam of Farloe Warhawk. He has won 14 out of 25

races and won the Golden Sprint in a fast 23.83. He has also won over the 280m

sprint distance at Sheffield in a best of 15.84, although he did record 15.95 (-30) to

record a calculated 15.65 which is inside the TR. He recorded 16.99TR(277m) at

Yarmouth in the trainers championship., and has recorded 25.35 (420m) at

Peterborough as well as 28.03 (480m) at Sheffield.

Sire Droopys Scolari won 4 from 8 races before going lame in the Irish produce

stakes semi-final when favourite. He had recorded best times of 28.71 at Waterford,

28.79 at Shelbourne Park, and 28.80 at Clonmel before his career was over at just 2

years old exactly. A brother of Scottish Derby winner Droopys Marco, and twice Irish

Derby runner up Droopys Maldini, he has been an influential stud dog as a sire for

early pace. Dam Youraisemeup won 3 from 8 of her races recording bests of 28.90 at

Shelbourne Park and 29.10 at Clonmel at just 19 months old.

Droopys Kewell won the Thurles produce stakes,Irish St Leger, and Champion

stakes , and is the sire of over 8,000 offspring. Little Diamond was voted dam of the

year in 2005 and is the dam of numerous top quality greyhounds .By Spiral Nikita out

of Camelot Katie who is a litter sister of English Derby winner Shanless Slippy.

Droopys Woods won the 2000 Gymcrack at Hall Green. He is a litter brother of stud

dogs Droopys Vieri and Droopys Honcho but was a decent stud dog in his own right.

Ana Secret is by Mustang Jack out of a Trade Official bitch, giving a 'double up' of

Bold Work an influence for speed.

North Bound – Winner Easter Cup (550yds) Shelbourne Park

North Bound

Head Bound

Head HonchoWalkabout Sid

Fitzroy Lass

Sobbing SalNew Tears

Wee Sal

No Joke Sherry

Spiral NikitaPhantom Flash

Minnies Nikita

No Joke KylieDroopys Kewell

Lisnakill Vicky

North Bound was the Winner of the Easter Cup over 550yds at Shelbourne Park

recording his 12th win from 36 races. Winner of the Derby Plate in 2012 his best times

are 28.59 Clonmel, 28.89 Thurles, 29.84 (550) Clonmel, and 29.39 (550) Shelbourne

Park. Sire Head Bound only raced 3 times without success due to injury, but his

pedigree encouraged breeders to take a chance and he has made his mark as a stud

dog. Dam No Joke Sherry was lightly raced winning 4 of her 7 races. She was an

early paced type and her best effort was a 28.76 win at Limerick, where all of her

wins came. Head Honcho is a top Australian sire, whilst Sobbing Sal is a top

producing brood, having produced the likes of Brett Lee, Big Daddy Cool and

Hotshow Ben amongst others. Spiral Nikita won the Guinness 600 at Shelbourne

Park as well as reaching 2 Irish Derby finals. No Joke Kylie was an open race winner

at Rye House as well as winning in 29.29 at Cork. Lisnakill Vicky is a daughter of

Lisnakill Flyer who produced 1993 Irish Derby winner Daleys Denis, 1996 English

Derby winner Shanless Slippy, and I'm His the Reading Masters winner.

Young Golden – Winner Gymcrack (462m) Kinsley

Young Golden

Premier Fantasy

Premier CountyVintage Prince

Wise Plan

Nifty NiamhMurlens Slippy

Pauls Turn

Final Gold

Ballymac MaeveRoanokee

Blonde Returns

Farloe OysterTop Honcho

Farloe Dingle

Bred by Miss E.Hall in North Yorkshire, Young Golden was winning for the 3rd time

from 8 eight races when winning the Gymcrack. He comes from a top class litter

which also features Golden Wonder and Teddy the Legend.

Sire Premier Fantasy won 11 of his 16 races and was voted 2004 Irish greyhound of

the year. He won the 2003 National puppy stake at Shelbourne Park as well as the

2004 Easter cup also at Shelbourne Park which he won in a track record time of

28.08. He was unbeaten in the English greyhound Derby before breaking his hock in

the semi-final, which ended his career when he was only just 2 years old.

Dam Final Gold was lightly raced winning 2 of her 6 races. She finished 3rd in the

Romford puppy cup final behind Rayvin Giovanni, having won her semi-final in

24.19, although 24.15 was her best Romford effort.

Premier County won 15 of his 30 races winning the 2001 Irish Derby consolation.

He finished 4th in the Irish Laurels (Cork), and 4th in the Waterford Masters, both in

2001. Nifty Niamh was seen at her best over staying distances winning the 1998 Irish

Grand Prix, 1999 Corn Cuchullainn, and 1999 Bord na gCon 750. She was also a

finalist in the 1997 Irish St Leger. As said in previous pedigree analysis Ballymac

Maeve is a sire noted for early pace. He won 5 of his 10 races, all as a puppy. His

best times were 28.46 (+30) at Cork and a 17.60 sprint win at Tralee. Farloe Oyster

was very lightly raced and won 2 of her 8 races. Being by Champion sire Top Honcho

out of prolific brood Farloe Dingle she has excelled as a brood in her own right. She

is the dam of Group 1 winners and top class greyhounds aplenty, the best of which

include Fear Zafonic, Ninja Jamie, Farloe Reason and Farloe Tango.

Page 43: Greyhound Express issue 3

COLUMNISTS RAB MCNAIRRab McNair – the columnist the greyhound world wanted

When it comes to greyhound characters they do not get any bigger than Rab McNair when we did a poll this is the man you all wanted, so here he is exclusive to Greyhound Express – the one and only Rab McNair!

Do you have a question for Rab or would like to have a greyhound trained by him and Liz e-mail [email protected]

KENNEL NEWSShaneboy Alley, he is flying at Swindon,

very brave dog at the corner, runs a great bend ideal for Wimbledon but hopefully the Arc be a nice prep race for The Derby. Settled in completely, could not ask for more every-thing is going brilliant, so excited about the Derby now, roll on Wimbledon

Skate On, she approaching 11 weeks out of season now so won’t be long till we have her back, definitely Derby bound and because of her season will improve for every round if we qualify, hopefully she can prove people who say bitches can’t win a Derby WRONG, any greyhound can win the Derby, the best place to be is out in front, this bitch has great early toe.

Shaneboy Spencer, he has responded very well to treatment and we are now confident he can make the Derby, like Skate On if he can stay in the competition he can only im-prove. He will head to Wimbledon very fresh.

PUPSTwo litters we are schooling are nearly

ready to go, College Causeway – Shaws Di-lemma and Eden Brett – Pretty Fantasy, they are 14 months old, a couple of these look use-ful, we will send them to Wimbledon to gain some experience. Watch out for them soon, some of them will rattle through the grades.

Questions For RabAlex - Kilmarnock: Which dog would

you most like to train for the Derby cur-rently trained by someone else?

Ballymac Eske will be a massive player, be brilliant to train the dog he is a class act, can do it both ways, he does have good early, but he is tough and a very strong dog

Donna – Lincolnshire: Could you tell me how you feed your dogs?

Very traditional, the old ways are the best we feed wholemeal brown bread from Tesco’s, quality meat like beef and chicken, vegetables, I make a soup up every day that goes over it. We also feed breakfast cereal, milk, sardines, honey, but I am like Colonel Sanders, I have a few secret recipes but you follow these basic principles you won’t go far wrong.

Ian – Poole: How do you keep a dog run-ning so long?

The biggest single factor is spot small in-juries, keep on top of them and make sure your dog is sound before racing them. We work them hard but feed them exceptionally well, its lots of contributing factors but the main one is spot the injuries. It is no good having someone check your dogs over once a month, they need to be checked daily.

Simon - Norwich: Who is the best train-er you or Liz?

We both have strengths and weaknesses, dogs respond to kindness and mothering, Liz is a brilliant mother to the dogs, they set-tle in well and respond to her, but we have

skills that when combined we would like to think make us a special team, so we are equal. Every successful greyhound you will find a loving woman behind it, kindness and love are very important when training grey-hounds.

Pulled over by the policePicture the scene, a battered old escort

van, my dad driving, two greyhounds in the back and me with my brothers and sisters, there was six of us in the van heading to the dogs.

We could hear this siren; the cops were hot on our tail and eventually pulled us over. My dad jumped out and said to the police “Don’t worry lads, it is just a family day out.”

They were not amused but let us on our way we gave them a tip but don’t worry we never fancied it one bit, I hope they had plenty on!!!

Tune in next month when I tell you a story Lizzie will not be best pleased about, I sent her to the track in a miniskirt, to distract while we had it away with a big win.

Page 44: Greyhound Express issue 3

Now on Facebook and Twitter!My latest photos are now being posted straight onto my Facebook page.Visit or follow me on Twitter @SteveNashPhotos.

As Britain’s premier greyhound photographer I get a lot of interest in my work from owners,

enthusiasts and the media. Log on to – this site is

designed to provide information on my services, as well as a little glimpse into my involvement

in greyhound racing and examples of past photography work.

If you want to find out more about specific projects, or if you’d like a quote on a job, please

contact me at [email protected]

Page 45: Greyhound Express issue 3



Orchard Kennels have just com-pleted building a state of the art ‘Whirly Gig’ at the end of our 250 yard gallop; a whirly gig is a com-

plete circular running track and ours has a sand surface with good camber to teach our pups how to run a bend.

In 1979 when I was working as a kennel hand at Romford, Joe Cobbold who was a genius with his home bred greyhounds and had one of the best brood bitches of her gen-eration ‘Ka Boom’ came to Romford with puppies starting off their racing career. This was a Westmead County litter that included Decoy Gold & Sliver and these pups went round Romford for the first time and literally took the paint off the rails, I asked Joe how he managed to get his pups to go so well on the bends and he said he schooled them on his whirly gig.

At this time we had always schooled our pups behind a lure up a straight gallop and the first time they ran a bend was on the school-ing track, so the concept of teaching them to run a bend before going to the race track made perfect sense. My older brother Mike Reyn-olds schools all his pups behind a whirly gig at Auchenbowie Kennels in Scotland and has had great success over the years with many top class open race winners, so Mike travelled South to design and build our Whirly. The benefit our young race dogs have had from this has been immense and it also keeps our older greyhounds on their toes once they have had a couple of gallops round it.

Stuart Mason To Be Back Winning Races Soon

One of the top professional greyhound trainers in the UK, Stuart Mason has been involved in a case with the GBGB. Stuart received a two year ban from our sport after samples taken from three of his greyhounds had tested positive for amphetamines; it was accepted at the original inquiry that in all probability that Stuart did not administer anything to his greyhounds yet he still had his licence withdrawn and fined £1,500.

It has since been proven that these positives were a result of contamination and not inges-tion and the GBGB has since shown that the source was a result of bad working practice from another greyhound trainer who also had a positive for the same substance yet had a much more lenient sentence handed down. As the GTA vice chairman I was able to work with

Stuart to format an appeal and had hoped to put forward all the available evidence to have Stuart exonerated.

However, we were instructed that because of a legal process we were not allowed to put forward new evidence to the Appeal Board and we either could progress with only a small portion of our evidence or start a new process which would have taken a long time to put in motion. After deliberation Stuart decided to continue with the case with the limited evidence we were allowed to use, and I must say that I found the Appeal Board of Peter Cadman (chairman), Geoff Whitlow and fel-low greyhound trainer David Hunt very pro-fessional and proficient in dealing with this process and profoundly thank them for the way they handled the case on the day. It will give me great pleasure in seeing Stuart back training greyhounds with his very high stand-ards and winning the top class open races the length and breadth of the country that he greatly deserves.

This case highlights the problem that grey-hound trainers are having to deal with every time we take our greyhounds racing; trainers are constantly under intense scrutiny which is right and proper to show that our sport is a clean and that people who try to cheat the system are held to account. But it is wrong to assume that every trainer is guilty till proven

innocent and it will be interesting to see how the greyhound trainers facing bute food chain positives are dealt with in the very near future.

Greyhounds are carnivores and meat is an important part of their diet, feeding a well-balanced diet is one of the most important steps in preparing our greyhounds for racing to maintain weight, condition and therefore form which every racing manager will tell you is paramount in looking after the interest of the general public who go racing and wager on our greyhounds.

How the authorities deal with trainers caught up in the ‘bute’ positives, all they are guilty of is trying to achieve the best stand-ards possible when the on-going meat prob-lems are still a serious issue for our industry. I sincerely hope that the authorities show a common sense approach and we are not faced with more cases like that of Stuart Mason.

One For Your Notebooks – Exciting Puppy

Orchard Kennels has just graded a very interesting newcomer to their ranks, Miss Prodigy has completed her grading trials and will be well worth putting in your note books. She is an Aug 2011 whelp by Ace Hi Rumble x Prodigy Rising, her dam was an open race winner at Romford and is a half-sister to Der-by winner Taylors Sky.

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What’s in a name?Part of the fun in owning a racing

greyhound for many is selecting an appropriate racing name for the dog.

Might sound easy but I have often been disappointed when told that I could not use a certain name the reason being that you can not use a name that has been registered in the last ten years.

So the search is always on for something original and trainer Gemma Davidson has, with her latest litter to make the race card, gone for names which we will all know as cockney rhyming slang.

The early signs have been encouraging for the litter members with wins coming from both Apples And Pears and Whistle-andflute in mid April. These victories fol-lowed on from a win previously registered by Dog And Bone at the end of March.

Whistlandflute won in impressive fash-ion when finishing strongly to eventually win by six and a quarter lengths. This was only her second race, having finished last in her debut run however her form line on this win looks impressive “missed break, crowded run up, bumped and led second bend” yet despite all of those facts she still won by a decent margin. She will now be upgraded next time but with a previous trial time of 24.27 seconds on her book she will have a good chance of recording further wins if repeating that sort of time.

Her victory was followed up on the same card two races later by litter brother Apples And Pears in an S7 race over 540 metres. In contrast to his sister he managed to trap out quickly and led over every metre of the race coming home in a time of 35.57 seconds to win by two and a half lengths.

This was the dog’s sixth race and three of his last four showed that he had missed the break when traps opened so this front run-ning performance will have done his confi-dence a world of good and will see him full of enthusiasm for the forthcoming outings. Similar to his sister he has the time on his form book to win an S6 race so look out for both.

The first of the litter to win was Dog And Bone on 30 March when she won a P3 grade Puppy race starting as joint favourite.

Whilst she initially found it tough going in her two A7 races she was successful at the third time of asking when winning on 16 April at odds of 4-1. She like all youngsters is still very “green” and learning the game and it seems that her only weak area is in trapping out quickly.

On the two occasions she did so she won so there is every reason to be optimistic that all three pups will land more wins for trainer Davidson. There are more mem-bers of the litter yet to grade onto the card but the public like these types of names and the dogs should give them a good run for their money.

At this point I thought it timely to give you some insight into how the dogs pur-chased at the Irish Greyhound sale here in February have faired. With nearly sixty lots for sale we did very well to see around half joining Crayford trainers kennels and after the trials session on sales day the feeling

was that there were some very decent dogs up for grabs.

To date we have seen wins from Bellagors Otter, Glenvale Evie, Loud Voice. Miss Be-have and Tonetta Jack. Whilst these may not have been amongst the most expensive of purchases it is nonetheless satisfying to see owner’s investments being repaid by their greyhounds and all five will undoubt-edly win more races at Crayford.

From the top priced dogs we have seen Lolos Hurricane beaten by just a neck in a top grade A1 race over 380 metres and sev-eral others competing in open races at oth-er venues although I am expecting to see them racing here in the near future. The early signs have been encouraging and I will give further updates on the sales dog’s progress during the next couple of issues. Look out for Five Card Draw who has been trialling to date but looks like being a very decent greyhound.

Page 48: Greyhound Express issue 3



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Page 49: Greyhound Express issue 3


Salacres - a team going placesWell at the time of writing i’ve

so far been a little disap-pointed with the running of my open race dog to follow

from the last edition Alien Planet. He’d been showing great pace in his trials but his three races since have lacked the same sparkle.

Though no shame to be well beaten by a top of his game Ballymac Eske in the Racing Post Juvenile, it was still a below par effort from Alien Planet who trailed home in 5th place.

A couple of further efforts at Yarmouth and Coventry have also been well short of the level shown in trials, but don’t give up on him just yet. I’m sure trainer Charlie Lister and his team will be working overtime to get this dog right for when it really matters come Derby time.

Our own dog to follow, Salacres Ferry, has fared slightly better. Ferry has gone on to win an A3, D2 sprint and an A2 since I put pen to paper and he continues to improve.

On the open racing scene at Nottingham, a bitch which has really taken my eye recent-ly is the Chris Allsopp trained Chevy Blazer. She won her heat of the Corona Maiden 480 Trophy in some style on the 15th April, pull-ing right away up the run in to score by 9 lengths. Chevy Blazer is a July 2011 whelp by Crash x Lemon Rita , so she’s bred to be decent, she did not manage to win the final but still caught the eye, wait till she steps up in trip, definitely one to stay on the right side of.

Closer to home we are very pleased with the running of our own Salacres Khan. Khan was given to readers of our website blog as one to follow before he’d ever ran a race.

Those who did follow him were rewarded with 9 good wins as he progressed from A7 through to winning a puppy open race and an A1. We’ve got real high hopes for him this year, he’s beginning to stay on stronger in his races and he should hopefully land an open or two before the year is out.

Our charity syndicate greyhound Head Case is also due to get back on track after a lay off. Things haven’t got smoothly since his arrival here in the UK but we’re hopeful that he can now kick on and begin to show people the kind of form which became his

trademark in Ireland. His comeback trials have been promising and if he can translate that to his races he should soon be racking up much needed prizemoney for the bril-liant charity which raises funds to provide research to find a cure for the most common and aggressive type of adult brain tumour called a Glioblas-toma Multiforme or GBM. The Headcase charity was set up by owner and friend of Salacres Racing Team, Colin Speirs. Please

take 5 minutes out of your day to check out the website. By the way, a few all inclusive 1% shares are still available in Head Case the greyhound at just £100 per share with noth-ing more to pay. It’s a great way to get in-volved in greyhound racing ownership whilst at the same time supporting a very worthy cause.

Thanks for reading , good luck with your dogs , your punting and don’t forget to check our website at

Salacres Khan

Head Case

Page 50: Greyhound Express issue 3

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Page 51: Greyhound Express issue 3

COLUMNISTS OUT AND ABOUT WITH KAANBlogginglife on the road as a kennelhand


In this diary style blog I will be writing about a few days of the month with an insight into what life is like being myself, a kennel hand who usually

finds myself miles away from home rac-ing dogs, or muttering to myself on the way home about where my attempts to win what we all call ‘the jackpot’ through a few flutters, more often than not seem to go completely wrong.

It’s Thursday the 4th April and I had to go to Hove tonight and kicking off the night is a dog called Honest Boy who did win and my forecast looked promising pay-ing a nice £18 but guess what, the trio paid £100 which was carried forward.

Do you get that feeling it’s not going to be your night? The other bet in which I thought looked to be past the line was Mal-bay Phanter, he was a rare odds against at 6/4 but I was going all out with the trio knowing they were paying well so I staked £20.

Hard to believe but the trio paid only £36 so I ended up losing. It was time to call it a day, so I set off heading for home and turn-ing the radio on I get welcomed to the lyrics of ‘time after time’, fits in quite well with my life! Whilst on my travels a dog that caught my eye was Dural Bound he looked very green and still won well and looks a nice stayer in the making.

Thursday 11th April and I’m back at Hove but this time with Eden Rumble, hoping to reach another final.

The night started well picking winners for fun, funnily enough I had not bet any of them. ‘Gavin’ (Eden Rumble) was desper-ately unlucky to not reach the final and fin-ished 3rd, what a shocking place to come...So near, yet so far!

Onwards and upwards I mumbled to my-

self as I washed him down after the race. In all fairness we were battling for 2nd origi-nally thought as I’m a big fan of Ballymac Pen fan and I’m sure that when she steps up to 8 bends she will take the country by storm. Why do I always draw trap two too? S

o after what was an interesting night I took keen interest in the maiden as my friend Jay had a dog running who I have followed only having one race under its belt I advised a few that eventually this dog would end up being of good class, so I had a small interest of £20 at 9/4.

The dog trapped and as he hit the sec-ond bend I was trying to find Jay’s number to text, ‘Oioi’ but it took until after the line to get across however at le

ast it has made the night more respect-able. Well done Munster, you caught the eye of many. Next stop fletchwood for Gavin’s dinner then McDonald’s for mine! Oh wait, its 12.40am the tills are being up-dated and there’s a twenty minute wait, looks like it’s a ham roll when I get in...I am not so loving it now.

After a profitable night at Hove, I had decided that I would invest in some new

Tunsgten from the local darts shop ‘Dou-ble-Top’ where after a long look at darts, I found some nice arrows which were used by the former number 1 Colin Lloyd, so clearly they did the job and would help my new profession.

Walking out of the shop £32 lighter I had just realised it was a lot of money but the anger you can get out by throw-ing darts in to a board is somewhat quite relaxing. When I arrived back home, I of-fered to give my granddad a game for £32 but funnily enough he didn’t want to par-ticipate. Looks like I’ve done my money again.

Racing Post TV appearance day and I am nursing a cold which feels like the plague. I’ve got to catch the 2.05 train to Waterloo and I’ve got a woman sat behind me who is determined to see if she can serve even more germs in to the next car-riage and I’ve got a French couple talking to one another as if they are at each end of the train, oh did I forget to mention I’m sat in the quiet zone?

I arrived in London and ate at a restau-rant called Garfunkels because I was al-lowed to charge my Ipad, but in regard to

Page 52: Greyhound Express issue 3


the food the steak was a bit tough and the chips came in a small portion, and why do waiters not know the difference between batter and breadcrumbs...If you want to improve you have to take criticism right?

I then found myself in Boots looking for tissues and some throat sweets for peo-ple who are ill and can barely move, oh wait let’s stick the pharmacy upstairs and the food down because that makes all the sense.

I did eventually end up at the studios in what was an interesting night’s racing tipping a few winners but what was more interesting was that I had eight minutes to get back to Waterloo for my train.

I broke all records, making the train with 10 seconds to spare but I did start cramp-ing coming up the final escalator with 50 yards to go, not to far as a good judge al-ways shouts!

Kennels News:As many will know I am kennel hand for

Alma Keppie. Attached at Poole Stadium means we race mainly there however we also go to various other tracks if we have the dog good enough to travel with.

Bush StandardIn this column as well as writing a bit

about going out and about I will be updat-ing readers on what is happening at our kennels and news that may be of interest.

Next month I will give more of an in-sight in to Alma and what our kennel is all about.

Eden Rumble heads to the regency now after notching another brilliant victory to his tally at Hove when denying Crinkhill Jewel in an epic battle.

Hopefully he can put in some big runs for us as last year we didn’t make the race due to problems but he couldn’t be better going in to the event this year. We live in hope.

Cashen Matteo stormed to victory only the other night in an A3 at Poole in a sen-sational 26.75.

As many know who I contacted when we first got this dog, I said that I believe this dog is the fastest four bend dog we have ever had, and being a September whelp he has a lot of growing up to do.

He will head to Hove with us soon for a trial as that is where he will relish eventu-ally.

We currently have a lot of new dogs en-tering the kennel at all levels of ability who will be for sale to stay in the kennel only.

They will start there trials soon. Any-one wishing to form part of a syndicate or own a greyhound solely within the kennel should contact me via email [email protected] with their name and num-ber or on twitter @KaanHughes and I will get back to them

Kaan On Poole What better way to start the month at

Poole than by holding the final of the ‘Red Lion Swanage Dorset Classic’ involving a quality line up although it was a ‘shut your eyes’ moment as there was 6 railers head-ing to traps.

Bush Standard hit the floor running and skated clear from the first turn where he left the other five dogs bustling for places going on to score by just over 8 lengths in an impressive 26.60.

Supporting opens included victories for Ballyoak Alice who continued her wonder-ful career adding her 2nd open race victory to her tally with a smash break to score in a fast 14.92.

Other winners included Fizzypop Su-preme, Share Club and Rymacks Hawk.

Trainer Shaun Gresham currently leads the statistics table at Poole and we thought it would be an interesting read to fire some questions his way and get to know more about him.

As you will gather through this read when there’s a meal mentioned the whole

village turn up!Age: 48Lives: Exeter, DevonStaff: 3How did you become involved:

Through FamilyProudest moment: I have many but I’d

say in order of them happening, my 3rd welsh derby win, Handy Princess winning the Champion bitch setting track record (Still holds it).

He went whoosh winning Cesarewitch and Regency and of course Loughteen Blacno winning both Cat 1s

Example of day: Wife does the dogs with a hand from me, so ask her!

Are you one for machines/gadgets: Magnetapulse

What do you feed: Alpha RacerBest dog in kennel: Dustin EaglePlans: Keep doing what we are doingDog to follow: Farloe Oakley (When she

steps up to 8 bends)Hopes: Wimbledon gets bought by Pas-

chal, the industry needs it!Aspiration: Only ever been

the English Derby!Favourite track and why: Hove, it’s the

best track in the UK by a mile it’s got eve-rything, atmosphere, location and a great running surface.

Best dog seen: Purple Monkey winning the Welsh Derby

Dog you would most like to train: Easy, the same as everyone else in the UK...Bal-lymac Eske

Best dog owned: Loughteen Blanco, fastest would be Cracking Man

Advice for anyone starting out: Buy off the right people and put them with the best you can afford.

What do you do away from the sport: Poker, it’s the only thing I win at and 8 ball Pool (Played at a high level when I was young and like to think I still do)

Best advice given: Buy propertyInvite four to dinner: Our gang is more

than four. My wife, Alf Ashe, Phil Chat-field, Claude Gardiner, Denis Fiore and Seamus Cahill oh and Paul Weller if he’d come.

Tell us the Derby winner: Loughteen Blanco (HOPEFULLY!)

Something that could improve the sport: Wimbledon being bought by Pas-chal Taggart

What could improve at Poole? Have an A0 grade with £200 to the winner and £30 run money, it would improve our graded runners and make us more competitive in the upcoming intertracks as we only won two races in our last attempt which was embarrassing.

Page 53: Greyhound Express issue 3

ANDY TOMLINSON: INDEPENDENT SCENEGoing north of the borderIt’s been a quiet month in the North

East for the flapping lads and lasses so this month Gretna will the main focus of our article with all info kindly sup-

plied by Mr Andy Horn.

Halcrow Stadium, GretnaMarriages made in heaven and pave-

ments covered in confetti are a daily oc-currence in Gretna Green but a mile from the famous anvil in neighbouring Gretna is Halcrow Stadium home of the local Grey-hound track were a slightly different mar-riage takes place when Man/Woman and dog congregate for race night on Fridays.

The new track with running surfaces and facilities that would hold its own against any NGRC track was opened in June 1986 by the Norman family after the old track at nearby Raydale Park closed down.

The responsibility of handicapping was given to Norman Ellsworth however Nor-man stepped down in 1999 and Craig Nor-man took over on a temporary basis until a new handicapper could be found, Craig is still on the lookout as he is still handi-capping 14 years later on with the help of brothers Trevor and Kevin.

Father Jimmy runs the bar and lorry park-ing facility making it a real family ran affair.

The Bar is managed by Barbara who is responsible for the fine cooking for both the HGV drivers and race goers alike.

The majority of races are run over the 280m Sprint distance while a couple of 470m races finishing off the meeting.

A mixture of handicap and level break races make the card up.

The Gretna Derby is held in September with a 1st prize of £3000 this is for the open race dogs while the usual annual competi-tions like the Easter and Christmas handi-caps keeps the regular flapping dog on its

toes with something to look forward to.Gretna also held the competition King

Of The Flapps in 2011. This is a competition invented by myself

Andy Horn in 2007 which was held at Ask-ern for the genuine flapping man or woman who turned up week in week out with their trusty charge by their side.

Entries would only be accepted from dogs or bitches that had had at least 10 rac-es on the graded strength in the calendar year at any flapping track.

There was a gap in 2012 due to work commitments but a revamped KOTF will again take place in 2013 with regional qualifiers leading to a grand finals night were the sprint, middle and long distance

KOTF champion will be crowned. This will take place in October so please keep your eyes peeled for more details.

Flapping has been reduced to a handful of tracks but still holds an important role in the greyhound industry. If you can pop along to your local flapping track and see were the sport originated from please do so as it’s a real eye opener but hey, jolly good fun.

The track will also be covered by a monthly racing report right here in the flapping section of Greyhound Express.AROUND THE GROUNDS

Still no date set for the re-opening of Wansbeck and with Wheatley Hill an-nouncing that they intend to start racing two nights per week (Tuesdays & Fridays) starting in May it’s looking like it’s going to be a struggle for Wansbeck unless the track is supported.

Easington dog of the month for March was Skinnie Minnie owned and trained by Mr Ory Vanes of Hartlepool.

The dog of the month is kindly spon-sored by Mr Paul Bedding of Gatehouse Enterprises. Minnie with 2 wins and 2 sec-ond place finishes just beat old boy Spare Rib to the award.

Skinnie Minnie

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He was my head Honcho!It’s Friday, 2 May, 2008. The 305m

sprint trials are just starting at Nottingham and I’m standing with my Trainer, Peter Harnden and my

dog Ballyea Honcho (aka Shaun) is in the traps. 18.21 seconds later Peter turns to me and says “You’ve got your-self a world-beater there Steve”.

I’m Steve Evans, the very proud own-er of Ballyea Honcho.

OK, he may not have been a world beater, and now he’s been retired three years it’s sometimes hard to believe he ever raced at all, but I bought him as a stayer and when a 30.34 solo over 500m followed we knew we were going to have some fun.

Shaun’s a May 2006 whelp, Honcho Classic x Burnpark Circle, bred by the Browne family at the Burnpark Ken-nels in Galway and arguably his great-est claim to fame is being a full litter brother to Burnpark Champ, sire of the sensational Ballymac Eske.

But make no mistake he was a good dog in his own right winning opens over 4, 6 and 8 bends - including two SKY TV races - and raced on 12 tracks around the UK.

He won three maiden opens, ran in the 2009 Dorando Marathon and was also a nomination for 2009 Marathon Dog of the Year – well behind a certain Flying Winner!

For two short years we had all the dreams and excitement of a top open racer.

Peter and I are from the ‘have dog will travel’ school and there were more than enough ‘war stories’ to fill the journeys although it was a long drive back some-times, especially the night he rattled the clock at Perry Barr - winning by nearly 10L - and I didn’t get our money on!

However, like his illustrious brother, track injury ended Shaun’s racing ca-reer prematurely with a broken wrist.

Our Vet, Richard Torr, made him comfortable and after some rehabilita-tion at Peter’s Salacres Kennels, Shaun came home to us in Nottingham in July, 2010.

As much as I loved the craic of open racing Shaun was first and foremost my dog.

I got as much fun out of kennel visits and walking him several times a week as I did travelling with him and watch-ing him race as far afield as Newcastle and Brighton.

In many ways, retiring him at just four years old was a bonus as it meant we’ve had him to ourselves earlier than we’d hoped.

Like most proper racing dogs, he had good habits and settled quickly into re-tirement, although WE had to make a few changes.

A vacant kennel still stands proudly in the garden, abandoned in favour of the dining room the first time Shaun heard fireworks.

And the back lawn seems to have

simply disappeared under the tram-pling Shaun gives it every morning.

But the three years he’s been home have passed just as quickly as the two years he was racing and we wouldn’t be without him.

This trip down my own ‘memory lane’ may be preaching to the converted but if you own greyhounds and haven’t tak-en a retired one home yet then please give it a go.

I realise not everyone can do it and, indeed, Shaun is my first retired grey-hound, but he so trusting and relaxed and full of affection – especially when he’s awake and either hungry or wants a walk!

He still strikes a pose when he sees anything remotely small and furry so we always walk him on the lead – al-though there was one occasion…..

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Ireland’s ManAboutDogBlogWe are deep into the Irish

Classic season and punters have not been disappointed so far. Here’s a quick update

on what’s been happening in Ireland.

Another Late Late Show?The Ladbrokes 600 kicked off at Shel-

bourne Park last weekend. Sponsored by Guinness originally, it has been supported by the ‘Magic Sign’ for most of the last dec-ade and they return to the fold this year af-ter relinquishing their branding of the Irish Derby.

The event is always keenly contested but if you were quick, and you followed some of the shrewdies on Twitter, your attention may have been brought to the generous prices available on Sparta Maestro to win the event. One firm was offering 4/1, this soon went, and the prices kept being gob-bled up by clued-up tweeps.

No chalk was left and this morning he is generally trading at 2/1. He won’t have it all his own way though with North Bound, fresh from his Easter Cup success, in tip top form. It will be hard for North Bound to maintain this level right through both major stakes but it has been done in the past - the likes of Late Late Show proved it was possible. But one would think that Sparta Maestro has several lengths in hand and looks the one to be on. For value Tyrur Sugar Ray at 12/1 stands out for me. By the time you read this the event will be at semi-final stage – will be interesting to see the prices.

I mentioned North Bound winning the College Causeway/Killahan Phanter Easter Cup. Let’s have a look at this dog. The son of Head Bound and No Joke Sherry clocked 29.46 in the Derby Plate last year and 29.39 later in November.

Yet another Classic winner that started his career at Thurles, a quick look at North Bound’s pedigree will give breeding aficio-nados a sense of familiarity. The Droopys Kewell and Spiral Nikita cross over broods from the Nans Flyer line has been nothing short of prolific.

North Bound has the added bonus of yet another top sire in Head Bound, and obvi-ously a top class trainer in Niall Dunne. The Easter Cup hero is a best priced 5/2 to win the Ladbrokes 600. If he did win he would emulate his grandsire Spiral Nikita

who was one of the greatest winners of this competition in 1997. If he achieves the elu-sive double, he would be following in the footsteps of Spiral Nikita’s greatest son, Late Late Show. Don’t rule it out.

The Ladbrokes 600 Final takes place at Shelbourne Park on Saturday May 11th. Book your tables/flights/hotels now - it’s always a good night.

Nonny Ces Winner? Nonsense I Say!

There was a rather tasty yet ultimately unsatisfactory end to the Gain Feeds Irish Cesarewitch at Mullingar where the per-sistent Ringtown Snowy dead-heated with Gizmo Classic in the Classic Final.

This son of Head Bound and Ringtown Blue is very sticky generally but it is he and not Gizmo Classic who was the long-time leader and just got caught on the long run home at the Midlands venue. I think he stuck to his task well and never erred.

It’s very easy to give a dog a bad name and though often it can be merited, and while Ringtown Snowy has blotted his copybook in the past (and maybe should win more than he does), he ran a corker to share the spoils in the Westmeath show-piece.

What I would like to see happen in any final where there is a dead heat finish, is the following week a match race (a format I am not a fan of in normal circumstances)

should be added to the programme between the joint winners. This would add to the gate and I can’t really see any negatives apart from, of course, some dogs are simply not suited by 2 dog trials. Nonetheless an idea worthy of consideration.

William Hill Derby 2013: Ireland To Attack The Don

The William Hill Derby is on the radar again for several of Ireland’s leading train-ers. Expect the names of dogs trained by Buckley, Hennessy, McKenna, Black, Ruth and Curtin to be prominent in the coming weeks.

I know fellows over here that already have sizeable ‘portfolios’ for the premier stake in Britain (I should add that I detest that word portfolio...too poncey....shoot me if I use it in this context ever again). Several Irish trained dogs are still only emerging from under the proverbial bale of straw and heatlamp after a long, cold, wet and windy winter. To be honest, many of Erin’s leading hopes will be saved for the stakes that really matter to Irish dog folk later this summer, but there are a handful of dogs that will have been earmarked for Wimbledon midway through last year, dogs that are perfectly suited to ‘The Don’.

If I had to pick a few dogs from Ireland (or should I say Irish trained dogs seeing that 95% of runners will be from Ireland) to go far in the William Hill Derby I would go for Kereight King, Priceless Sky and Roxholme Bully. Some might scratch their heads at this shortlist because I have not included Ballymac Vic.

Well here’s my reasoning. Undoubtedly an aeroplane when he is in full flight the son of Ballymac Vicky and Kinloch Brae has been at or near the top of the betting for a few of the big ones in the last year or so. Some say he is a ‘bunny’ dog in that he needs to be out in front but I think he put those opinions to bed in the Easter Cup Semi Final coming from off the pace to score in style. He was unlucky in the final too to be fair. I don’t think he is necessarily the type of dog that improves in a competition – don’t get me wrong, his best is easily good enough to win the Derby, but in what is the toughest stake in the sport, I would have my doubts that he would get to the final.

Not through any generic weakness or character traits, more that the dog has sim-

Page 56: Greyhound Express issue 3

JOHNNY ‘BANTISS’ MOYLESply been incredibly unlucky when it has mattered most, and in my experience a lucky dog is a better bet than a fast one. Be-fore anyone thinks I am being unfair on the dog I should say that his 28.01 ‘comeback’ run on 16th March was the most impressive for me this year.

So on to my three selections. KEREIGHT KING has changed kennel

and is now in the care of Pat Curtin. This man knows how to win big races and with new owners including AP McCoy, the ex-posure will also be good for the sport. But what about the dog? Well the lightly cam-paigned son of Droopys Maldini and Quam Celerrime is the archetypal ‘Wimbledon dog’. Scorching early pace and ideally suit-ed to a long run up you would have to think he has improvement in him and expect Pat Curtin to leave no stone unturned to get this lad through to the big night.

ROXHOLME BULLY has been an absolute revelation. Winner of the Kirby Memorial Puppy Stake at Limerick worth €80,000 he doesn’t have to do anything else in his career - he’s won a big one. But the black and white son of Shaneboy Lee and Roxholme Sue has Owen McKenna in his corner and the Borrisokane man loves Wimbledon. A winner of 6 of his 8 starts this 25 month old greenhorn can only im-prove and must have high hopes of land-ing either the English or Irish Derby over the next 2 seasons. Like Kereight King, he will love the Plough Lane circuit and while he may want to get near the rail when he can, he will love the long run to the turn in SW19.

· The Derby is not the same without a strong Paul Hennessy assault. I have PRICELESS SKY backed since last year and I have told a few to get on him. The way he ran at Thurles really thrilled me and his Limerick runs were pretty sensational too. He is not the strongest of runners (in terms of trip) but I don’t think the quick-run for-mat will cause him too much of a problem as Hennessy’s dogs are usually well able to handle a lot of work. Expect a juicy price on this lad as he is not the ‘flavour of the month’ right now. Happy punting!

One dog I haven’t included is Milldean Panther. If his injury troubles are gone (as publicly reported) and he is with Dolores Ruth, the 40/1 quotes look huge for a dog ‘made for Wimbledon’. Roll on next month!

Politics SchmoliticsI don’t like dwelling on non-racing mat-

ters so I will keep this brief. The Irish Grey-hound Owners and Breeders Federation have been reinvigorated this year and are

creating a stir. They have repeatedly ‘called out’ the IGB over the perilous state of the accounts and the Irish racing scene in gen-eral. Some will view GOBAs as little clubs that look after their own interests. Others (including myself at times) are reminded of the People’s Front Of Judea and the Judean People’s Front (splitters). Person-ally I think a strong representative body is essential for us, the people that provide the dogs, the entertainment, and the product.

The IGB is communicating with the IG-OBF through its website and other publica-tions, dismissing the majority of concerns those representing the grass roots.

I have to say the tone of some of the re-sponses from the CEO Adrian Neilan has been rather condescending although I must admit the latest 5 page response to IGOBF Chairman Gus Ryan (former Lim-erick Racing Manager) on is not the worst I have read – it is certainly comprehensive.

Reading the ‘communications’ between the two sides (they should be on the same side) is quite entertaining – well it would be if it were not so serious. Gus and the hard working committee can console them-selves with the fact they did actually get a response from the CEO. I have not been so fortunate with my own correspondences. My main problem with all of this is why don’t people just pick up the phone? It’s good to talk you know.

Galway Flying The Flag For Graders

I have always believed the Irish side of our great sport was always better run, more attractive and better suited to the ordinary Joe Soap. This is not so obvious these days

with the puppy and race-dog sales at crisis point and prize money slashed for 5 con-secutive years here in Ireland.

However the sport is still far fairer to the one (wo)man and dog operations and one of the most obvious differences between Ireland and Britain is the multitude of big money stakes open to graders of all levels. No track does this better than Galway. Now most of you will be familiar with the annual Galway Races Festival and over the years the greyhound track has piggybacked the horsey festivities with great success. Well this year Galway has another massive event – the Galway Sea Festival.

The inaugural festival will take place on the June Bank Holiday Weekend – from Friday 31st May to Monday 3rd June 2013. Galway’s unique maritime history and cul-ture will be celebrated, as well as Galway Bay and the region’s wonderful waterways. For the uninitiated, Galway does‘partay’ like no other city in Ireland. Anyone plan-ning a break could do a lot worse than head to the West of Ireland that weekend.

Not prone to sitting idle, long established Racing Manager Ollie Hester has pulled to-gether a plethora of stakes primed to cul-minate in tandem with the Festival. The fol-lowing competitions will attract dogs from all corners of Ireland; A2 - €1360 to win-ner; A3 - €1300 to winner; A4 - €2070 to winner; A5 - €1500 to winner; A6 - €1450 to winner; A7 - €1800 to winner; A8.

Love The Dogs. The Dogs Are The Stars.

www.manaboutdog.blogspot.comFollow me on [email protected]

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By Clint Locklear Mardi Gras Racetrack, Hallandale Beach,

Florida.The 2013 $50,000 American Derby ended

abruptly compared to last year. Many felt there would be a match race to settle the championship in this second renewal of the newly revamped classic.

The American Derby consists of two fi-nals, a first and second series Championship held on March 29th and April 5th. A dog winning both finals is declared the cham-pion but in the event of two separate dogs winning each final then a match race is held the following week.

All the talk surrounded the Texas invader Smokey Joe (Flying Penske - Okgo Box To Wire, by Dominator) as he breezed through the four qualifying rounds unscathed, win-ning each with sub 38 second clockings. Young Joe was mesmerizing race fans. Each outing seemed never in doubt as he showed plenty of early foot and had the stamina to match. He won his four qualifiers by a total of 23 lengths.

However, the indomitable D.Q. Williams

Kennel had a rapidly developing speedster who was just beginning to get a feel for the 3/8ths distance. Last year the Williams Kennel and trainer Carlos Perez were victo-rious in the 2nd Series Final with Wannado-badthings but ended the event as runner up behind Kelsos Guardian in the Match Race. The Williams team also finished 2nd in both Series Finals with Goodlucksterling, who would return to take another crack at it.

This year would prove to be both different and reminiscent of years past.

Moms Hellion (Coldwater Torres - Instant Vintage, by Jimbo Scotty) put together two extraordinary performances to be crowned 2013 American Derby Champion. Although initially surprising, a quick glance at the name of his dam may give sudden aware-ness or an “a-ha moment”.

Instant Vintage, also a D.Q. and Sharon Williams charge, was a Miami racing legend who won nearly 70 races during the years of 2004-2006 and was a back to back winner of Flagler’s Hecht Marathon. Since retiring she’s produced seven litters but Moms Hel-lion has quickly become her finest offspring.

Moms Hellion began his career at historic Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, Florida. Al-though he reached grade A, he never won. He also tried the 3/8ths course a several times but failed to have much success. With a record of 38: 7-6-6-3 he was shipped to South Florida to try his hand at Mardi Gras. After a handful of starts with moderate suc-cess consisting of a single grade B win he was entered into the World Classic.

At the age of 26 months and having run in more than 40 races the expectation of im-proving well enough to compete with some of the best of American racing seemed slim. Hellion went off at odds of 22-1 the night of the first round of the World Classic but the Williams’ and Perez must have had some idea as to his potential.

Moms Hellion would rattle off three in a row in World Classic qualifying after a first round third place finish. He would go on to finish 3rd and 4th in the World Classic Final and the Joe Ryan Jr. Memorial respectively. A jaw dropping turn of form.

After the World Classic Moms Hellion and connections set their sights on the

Raisin hell . . . just like mom

Page 58: Greyhound Express issue 3

American Derby held at a distance in which he was 0 for 7 lifetime. As expected the Wil-liams team would enter a strong contingent. South Florida distance racing is something they’ve dominated the past several decades.

Moms Hellion would take a qualifying record of 4: 1-2-3 into the First Series Final where he drew the 3 box. The betting public would allow him to go off at odds of nearly 11-1. Short price favorite Smokey Joe ap-peared primed to roll from the 1 box and had defeated Hellion solidly by 4 1/2 lengths in round three. Goodlucksterling and Noahs Ark would also represent the Williams Ken-nel. Fuzzys Old Fox, fresh off a 2nd in the Naples Derby appeared to be a strong can-didate. Roc A By Spinoff, HL’s Dale, and TMC’s X Factor rounded out the field.

When the lid flew open, Smokey Joe took immediate control and Hellion would flank him into the first turn. These two would separate from the rest of the field early on and it looked to be a two dog race first time under the wire. Smokey Joe had never re-linquished a backside lead but Hellion was relentlessly hounding him on the outside. By the far turn it proved to be too much as Hellion would wear him down before pulling away by three and a half lengths at the finish. Winning time for the 660 yards was 37.74. Joe would hold second and Goodlucksterling would close well to beat out Fuzzys Old Fox for third.

In the 2nd Series Final the handicappers were deteremined to get their money back and bet Smokey Joe down to 30 cents on the dollar. Moms Hellion, 4-1 at post time, popped the lid from the three box and stole an early lead into the first turn as Smokey Joe broke third and ran between dogs early on. Joe would rush into second and chase Hellion coming out of the turn but would not be able to run him down as Hellion seemed to be getting stronger with each start at the new distance and crossed the wire a length and a half in front of Smokey Joe in a time of 37.89. Goodluckstering was again third and Fuzzys Old Fox fourth, the exact order of fin-ish in the First Series Final.



I’ve written before about how statistics can help us handicap. The more we know about a dog, the better we can evaluate its chances of hitting the board in any given race.

Thanks to the internet, statistics are easy to find nowadays. Programs are free and most tracks publish kennel, post po-sition and other helpful statistics.

But where this all breaks down is when handicappers mistake statistics for infor-mation that can help them pick winners. Statistics are facts. Data. Raw figures that tell us, for instance, that the #1 dog’s ken-nel has a 12% win average, which is good. It might even tell us, when we compare kennels stats, that the #1′s kennel has the top win percentage at that track. This is good to know, but it’s not really informa-tion until we use it.

Useful information is what stats be-come after we read them, process them and apply them to the current handicap-ping situation. For instance, knowing that the 1 is from a top kennel, tells us that it’s likely to be in good form and trained well. We can keep that information in mind as we sift the other factors such as Class, Speed, Post Position and Running Style.

Am I being picky by saying that the two things – statistics and information – are

two different things? Maybe, but I think it’s important that handicappers learn to distinguish between the two. Data can help us handicap, but only if we evaluate it and apply it to the situation of today’s race.

In other words, you wouldn’t bet on the 1 dog, just because it’s out of the top kennel. You’d look at the rest of its stats, put them together, compare it to the other dogs in the race and then decide if it’s worth putting money on.

Statistics are wonderful things, but not in isolation. Handicapping is a subjective kind of thing where judgment, experience and even intuition come into play. Data is factual.

It’s static. It’s like a snapshot in time, but often it’s a time that has past. Know-ing that a dog has been winning at a rate of 15% doesn’t tell us whether it will win today. Stats that show that a kennel wins a higher percentage of its starts than any other kennel, don’t tell us that it will win every race.

And, most importantly, stats that ap-plied this morning, don’t tell us who will win this afternoon.

To figure out what will happen today, we can only use data based on the races that came before today with a big dose of information based on the stats and our in-terpretation of them.

Greyhound Handicapping – Stats and Information are Two Different Things

Page 59: Greyhound Express issue 3


Once again bestbet Orange Park assembled a great group of greyhounds for the finals of the 2013 James J Patton Silver Cup,

and in order to even have a shot at the ti-tle, each and every greyhound had to win at least once during qualifying.

Four greyhounds won twice in the four rounds and with such a tough field, every-one knew that post position was going to play a role in the outcome of this race.

On Wednesday matinee the post posi-tion draw was held and some drew well, and others did not, but none did better for them-selves than the Crowe Kennel did.

With two entries into the finals, the Mike Crowe got right where he wanted to be with both of his greyhounds, and in the end it all paid off. Two time stakes winners, Snj Black Porter, was going to be the favorite with his tremendous outside post draw in the seven box, but it was the other greyhound in this kennel that was going to seize the day from her coveted one post.

As Rusty whirled through the far turn the greyhounds were poised to start in the fi-nals of the 2013 James J Patton Silver Cup, and it was Amazing Run that laid on the carpe diem!

Bolting out in a hurry, Amazing Run was in instant command of this race. Hot on her heels as they charged up the frontside was Mrl Outlaw Billy, Orange Park Derby win-ner Safe At Home, E’s Blingo and Snj Black Porter. By the turn Billy had caught up with a tremendous rush and was just a head off

of the leader as he challenged for the front end.

There Run held her ground as Billy tried to get past and moved him out of her way with a little nudge, and this caused even more trouble behind.

E’s Blingo drifted a bit wide, was blocked by Billy and collided with Safe At Home and Snj Black Porter, which allowed the slow breaking Ww Fancy Floyd to slip past on the rail and move up into contention. As they headed down the backside, Amaz-ing Run was in command as Billy, Floyd, and the rest chased after her torrid pace. Try as they might, the rest of this field just couldn’t do anything to narrow the gap to the leader, and as they turned for home, it was apparent who was going to win the fi-nal.

Amazing run coasted on all way through the finish line and secured her spot in the winner’s circle in 30.77 seconds, three lengths ahead of her nearest competitors. Surviving late for next best was Mrl Outlaw Billy as he held off the late rail surge by Ww Fancy Floyd.

E’s Blingo was good enough for fourth, followed by the always closing Snj Black Porter in fifth, the trouble in both turns runner Safe At Home in sixth, the nowhere to go early runner Tony Dinozzo Pc in seventh, and the blocked throughout pup Dutch Rudy in eighth.11th Grade: S Distance: 550 Condition: FastAmazing Run 64 1 1 1 2 1 3 1 3 30.77 7.10

Patton Silver CupMrl Outlaw Billy 72 6 3 2 2 2 3 30.98 4.00 Blckd Frm Ld, Hrd BdWw Fancy Floyd 69 4 7 3 3 3 3.5 31.02 3.20 Up With Lid, RcvrdE’s Blingo 66 2 5 4 4 4 4.5 31.10 16.30 Drifted 1st, Hard BdSnj Black Porter 80 7 4 6 6 5 5 31.13 2.50 Couldn’t Break FreeSafe At Home 72 5 2 7 7 6 5.5 31.15 6.20 Crmpd Qrts ThruoutTony Dinozzo Pc 68 3 6 5 5 7 6 31.19 13.10 Crowded, OutfinishedDutch Rudy 68 8 8 8 8 8 8.5 31.36 6.30 Blocked, Stmbld 1stCrowe Kennel, Bd, F, 04/24/10, CRAIGIE WHISTLER - MISS LADY DODGE1 Amazing Run 16.20 6.00 4.006 Mrl Outlaw Billy 5.20 2.604 Ww Fancy Floyd 3.00QU(1-6) 52.20PF(1-6) 200.40TR(1-6-4) 396.60SU(1-6-4-2) 2120.20

Congratulations head out to the Crowe Kennel, trainer Mike Crowe, owners John Dalton and Bobby Sidhu, and everyone else connected with this fantastic greyhound.

She really stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park when she had to, and as she is just turning three years old, she has plenty of great racing still ahead of her. Good luck to Amazing Run in the future and get used to the name as I think she is going to be in contention a lot here at bestbet Orange Park.

Simply Amazing in Patton Silver Cup

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The Steve Sarras kennel has been at bestbet Orange Park for a while now and with each passing month there are getting better and better.

Initially they brought in the majority of their greyhounds from their booking in Daytona, but as of late we have seen an influx of greyhounds from Southland, Wheeling, and other top venues around the country.

What has been even more impressive though is the puppies that have found their way to bestbet Orange Park, and the hot-test one going at the racetrack right now belongs to them.

Jet City Woman schooled in well with back to back wins by a length and a half and seven lengths, and has since turned on the afterburners.

In her maiden race she broke close, seized control early, and maintained throughout for the easy victory.

Next up was her grade D event where she left nothing in the tank.

There she rocketed off the deck and was long gone early on. With each and every step she took, she increased her lead and blazed the trail 9 full lengths ahead

of the rest at the wire in 30.77 seconds.Grade C was her one hiccup on her mis-

sion to A as she was a threat from start to finish and missed yet another win by a head at the wire.

Making up for it in her next effort, Jet City Woman broke close and drove by eve-ryone in the stretch to steal away a win on her way to B.

In her last race she provided a similar effort as she refused to lose in the stretch. Finding another gear near the wire, she ex-ploded home to take the win and make the trip to grade A in just 5 official races.

OP 4/15/2013E-10 550 31.04 F 54.5 3 4 2 2 1 2 31.04 *2.00 B Zipped Past On Insd

OP 4/12/2013E-02 550 31.21 F 54.5 3 5 3 2 1 1.5 31.21 *1.10 C Too Tough To Tame Mt

OP 4/06/2013A-02 550 31.20 F 55 3 3 2 2 2 hd 31.22 *1.60 C Bmpd 1st, Surging In

OP 3/30/2013E-10 550 30.77 F 54 7 1 1 3 1 5 1 9 30.77 *1.60 D Young Phenom Mdtrk

OP 3/24/2013A-05 550 31.30 F 54.5 2 4 1 1 1 1 1 3.5 31.30 *0.90 M Spd Jam 1st, Lt Kick

OP 3/21/2013S-08 550 31.10 F 53.5 5 1

1 5 1 6 1 7 31.10 --- Scl Most Impressive MtOP 3/18/2013S-03 550 31.44 F 54 7 2

1 1 1 1 1 1.5 31.44 --- Scl Under Pressure Mdtrk

She is not the only greyhound in this lit-ter that can run either. Her brother Pinball Wizard won his Maiden and D races from off the pace and has closed well in grade C and has finished in the money in 1 of 2 starts after encountering trouble in both trips.

Her other sibling, sister Crazy Train, also can run but has not gotten out of M just yet. She won back to back races in schooling, but has not broke as well in official starts and has found trouble in each of her races.

To her credit, she has not missed the money in all 4 starts, 3 shows and a 4th place finish, and has shown strong closing ability in each trip around the oval.

Big things look to be coming to bestbet Orange Park, and it looks like they will be coming by the way of our recent edition the Steve Sarras Kennel.

With the puppy stakes just around the corner, keep an eye out for Jet City Woman as she continues to develop at bestbet Or-ange Park.

Page 61: Greyhound Express issue 3



(January 1 through February 28, 2013)


1- DK’S FLOW METER BR 11.22 2- KL’S SUEDE SL 10.64 3- KIOWA PRODUCER MG 10.53 4- RAMSEY RAM TS 10.42 5- L’S FLACO SL 10.10 6- BELLA INFRARED SL 10.05 7- HOT ON YOUR TAIL GG 10.04 8- CRY CONCHO MG 9.82 9- WWK WIN DAY WD 9.73 10- SH AVATAR (4) BR 9.54 11- VENUS ESPINOSA (9) DL 9.48 12- SAFE AT HOME OP 9.39 13- LILY ROSE DL 9.38 14- O YA PURECOUNTRY PB 9.35 15- MAC’S GIBBS TS 9.29 16- BARCELONA BOSS SL 9.20 17- WW’S ALL NIGHTER WD 9.18 18- UHAUL WOODY WD 9.11 19- OLD BRIGADE SL 8.90 19- NOAHS ARK MG 8.90 21- FUZZYS OLD FOX NF 8.79 22- MAC’S PROVENZA TS 8.78 23- TOP OF THE PILE BR 8.77 24- ATASCOCITA HENRI PB 8.72 25- ED N EDDIE DL 8.63

Just Missing the Top 25 were: Carrigfergus(WD), Foolish Times(GG) and Fuzzys Mini Me(NF).


UGR POLL MEMBERS: Randy Birch (TS), Ramon Cadavieco (MG), Kelly Clark (OP), Greg Deuel (GG), Randy Finegan (SL), Mike Jameson (PB), Stan Pawloski/Robin Reed(WD), Jim Peake (DL),Steve Sigafoose (BR), UGR Formula/Statistician : Michael D. Frino (NF).

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