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2. Why build a greenhouse?

  • Organic food
  • Reduces food miles

3. Location

  • Maximum sunlight.
  • Morning sunlight allows the plant's food production process to begin early
  • Deciduous trees, can effectively shade the greenhouse from the intense late afternoon summer sun; however, they should not shade the greenhouse in the morning.
  • Deciduous trees also allow maximum exposure to the winter sun because they shed their leaves.
  • Evergreen trees that have foliage year round should not be located where they will shade the greenhouse because they will block the less intense winter sun.

4. Type of greenhouse

  • The final choice of the type of greenhouse will depend on the growing space desired, available sites, and costs. The greenhouse must, however, provide the correct environment for growing plants.

5. Lean-to

  • Attached Greenhouses
  • Lean-to . A lean-to greenhouse is a half greenhouse, split along the peak of the roof, or ridge line.

6. Evan-span

  • An even-span is a full-size structure that has one gable end attached to another building

7. Window-mounted

  • Window-mounted . A window-mounted greenhouse can be attached on the south or east side of a house.

8. Freestanding Structures

  • Freestanding greenhouses are separate structures; they can be set apart from other buildings to get more sun and can be made as large or small as desired.

9. Frames