Greenhouse gas emissions overview

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In this presentation, we examine how Western states compare in their emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

Transcript of Greenhouse gas emissions overview

  • 1. Greenhouse gases: how doWestern states compare?1/24/2013

2. Sectors and sources for U.S. GHG emissions 1/24/2013 2 3. GHG trends by sectorUnited States Western States Electricity GenerationTransportationIndustrial Residential CommercialFugitive Emissions8000 14007000 12006000 10005000 MMTCO2EMMTCO2E 80040003000 6002000 4001000 200019901995200020052006 20090 19901995 2000 2005 2009 Source: World Resources Institute1/24/20133 4. GHG emissions: California, the West, and the U.S.2800California Total Western States Rest of US1800MMTCO2E800 Land Sinks -200 PowerTransport Residential Commercial IndustrialFugitiveIndustrial Agriculture WastePlants Gasses-1200Source: World Resources Institute1/24/2013 4 5. Western states GHG emissions: 2008 Electricity generation Transportation Fugitive emissions ResidentialIndustrial processes Commercial Agriculture Circle sizes show statesrelative emissions Industrial Waste Source: World Resources Institute1/24/2013 5 6. GHG emissions in 2008, adjusted for land sinks Sink Non-Circle sizes show statessinkrelative emissions Source: World Resources Institute1/24/2013 6 7. Download more slides and other 1/24/2013 7