Greenhouse Emissions

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Greenhouse gases cause global warming

Transcript of Greenhouse Emissions

  • 1.Greenhouse Emissions Team Vault

2. Problem:

  • Emissions of green house gases cause global warming .

3. 4. The Greenhouse Effect

  • Many chemical compounds found in the Earths atmosphere act as greenhouse gases. These gases allow sunlight to enter the atmosphere freely. When sunlight strikes the Earths surface, some of it is reflected back towards space as infrared radiation (heat). Greenhouse gases absorb this infrared radiation and trap the heat in the atmosphere.

5. 6. What are Greenhouse Gases?

  • Greenhouse gases:Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.
  • Therefore the reason the solar radiation cannot escape the atmosphere after reflected off the earth is due to the Greenhouse Gases.

7. Greenhouse Emissions. 8. Where They Come From.

  • Carbon Dioxide From Fossil Fuel Combustion: (82%)Carbon Dioxide Emitted from Cars, Trains. Anything where Fissile Fuel is burned (combusted) leaving Carbon Dioxide as a remain.
  • Methane: (9%)methane, comes from landfills, coal mines, oil and gas operations, and agriculture
  • Nitrous Oxide: (5%)Emitted from burning fossil fuels and through the use of certain fertilizers and industrial processes
  • Human Made Gases: (2%)Released as byproducts of industrial processes and through leakage.

9. Emissions of Greenhouse gases cause global warming.

  • Effects of Greenhouse gases on Climate
  • Rising concentrations of greenhouse gases generally produce an increase in the average temperature of the Earth
  • Rising temperatures may, in turn, produce changes in weather, sea levels, and land use patterns, commonly referred to as climate change

10. Solution

  • Since stopping the burning of fossil fuels would have to great of a negative effect on our economy,
  • We must investigate other forms of energy that would be just as affordable as fossil fuels without the negative effects or harmful gases that contribute to global warming.
  • (ex. Solar, Wind)