Green Screen Video Using Vlog it!

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The important points, step-by-step, to creating your own green screen videos using the inexpensive software program Vlog it1

Transcript of Green Screen Video Using Vlog it!

  • Making a Green Screen Video Using Vlog it! Using the Inexpensive Software Program Vlog it! to Create Green Screen Videos
  • Software
    • Free Wax
    • $29 Vlog it!
    • $399 - Visual Communicator
  • Getting Started with the Wizard
    • Vlog it! Wizard starts automatically when program is started
    • Make selections for styles, background images, titles, etc
    • Like most wizards make selections and forge ahead with the next button
  • Adding Text and Working with Panels
    • Type in teleprompter column or copy/paste from word processor
    • Drag and drop images, videos, audio files, and Vlog it! features as animations to the action panel column
  • Camera Adjustments
    • Get out your camera manual, print out the Vlog it! V-Screen help, and adjust (if available):
      • White balance
      • Exposure
      • Iris
      • Automatic gain
      • Shutter
  • Software Adjustments
    • Drag and drop new backgrounds to the V-Screen panel
    • Use Auto-Set Key feature
    • If necessary, use the Adjust Key feature
    • For slow computers use Freeze V-Screen Background checkbox
  • Recording Your Video
    • Use the record button to begin capturing video
    • Adjust teleprompter rate to a comfortable speed
    • Read text as it reached pink bar at the top of the teleprompter
  • Publishing Your Video
    • Use the publish button to turn recording into a video file
    • Choose publish location
    • Choose file type for output
  • Conclusion
    • Set aside enough space for a recording studio
    • Use enough lighting for both background and subject, and recording gather equipment
    • Choose a software package, adjust your camera and software, and record
    • Experiment, look at your user manuals, and have fun