Greek Flags

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Transcript of Greek Flags

  • 1. January 17, 2008
    • Objective:
      • Learning about YOUR polis
      • Creating a flag to show your pride
    • Homework:
      • Finish the Polis Worksheet if you have not done so
      • Covered Textbooks
  • 2. Learning about your polis.. 1. Look at where you are located 2. Read the paper that describes your polis THEBES DELPH I
  • 3. Using Flags
    • Most students can recognize their country's flag, but have they ever thought about how it was designed and what it represents? It is important that they start thinking about the ways in which people have joined together to form nations, states, and other unions. What does the flag stand for? Do the color symbolize anything or is a piece of material to be proud of and salute every morning when school starts!?
  • 4.
    • You're familiar, of course, with the red, white, and blue national flag of the United States, with its 50 white starseach representing a stateagainst a blue background ( vigilance, perseverance, and justice ) and its 13 red(valor and hardiness)-and-white(purity and innocence) stripes, which stand for the 13 original colonies. The Stars and Stripes, as it is popularly known, has changed over the years, but it still stands for the land, the people, the government, and the ideals of the United States.
  • 5. Now it is your turn!
    • You are in charge of making a flag for your polis! If should represent what your polis stands for!
      • First discuss what exactly your polis is popular for.
      • How do you want others to view you?
  • 6. Items to Remember
    • Each color represents something!
    • Each picture/drawing represents something!
    • Each word is significant!
    • Do not forget you will have to explain why you have each of these on your poster (this is written on the back of the poster)!
  • 7.
    • Think about it.
    • How will your flag still stands for the land, the people, the government, and the ideals of your polis!
      • GOOD LUCK!
  • 8.