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Great Neck South Middle School Technology Energy and Electricity Introduction. What is energy?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Great Neck South Middle School Technology Energy and Electricity Introduction

Energy and Electrical Definitions

Great Neck South Middle School


Energy and Electricity Introduction

What is energy?Energy is the ability to do work, or cause change. Energy is literally what makes the world and everything in it go. Energy is the magic stuff stored in the battery that makes the flashlight work. The gasoline in a cars gas tank contains energy. The cars engine merely converts the gasolines energy into a usable form.

While there are many forms and sources of energy, there are only two types: Potential Kinetic Kineticenergy associated with motion.

When discussing kinetic energy, its important to keep in mind that the mass and velocity of an object determine its kinetic energy. We can take a look at kinetic energy by throwing a basketball and a baseball.

PotentialThe energy something has which is stored and not moving.the energy that a piece of matter has because of its position or because of the arrangement of parts because the matter has the potential, or opportunity, to do work. There are two types of potential energy: elastic potential energy and gravitational potential energy. Water behind a dam has gravitational potential energy.A stretched rubber band has elastic potential

Forms of energyMechanical the energy of motion Electrical think lightning or electricity moving through electrical wires Electromagnetic or radiant energy of magnetism and light Chemical energy produced by chemical reactions like those that occur in batteries Nuclear potential energy stored in the nuclei of atoms Sound the energy of vibrating sound waves Heat from burning fuel or the earth

Energy ConversionMany of the devices we use every day convert energy from one form to another.These devices are called transducers. TransducersFlashlight converts chemical energy (stored in the battery) to electrical energy to light the bulb. The bulb converts the electrical energy to electromagnetic or radiant energy.

TransducersToaster converts electrical energy into thermal energy.

Car engine converts the chemical energy stored in the gasoline into mechanical and thermal energy.

What do transducers do?Convert one energy type to another.How do we produce electricity?Generators - - - - > MechanicalBatteries - - - - - > ChemicalsPhotovoltaic Cells - > LightPiezio electric - - > Pressure

Generator A mechanical device that produces electricity by a process of rotating a magnet inside a coil of copper wire. A generator is a transducer that uses rotary mechanical motion to produces electricity.

Industrial & Home Electrical Generators


Photovoltaic Cells

Piezio Electric

Renewable Energy Vs. Non RenewableNatural Energy All Renewable Non Consumed when usedSolarWindWaterGeothermalEnergy Existing in NatureNatural energy sources are ALL RENEWABLEWind EnergyWind Farm

Wind Farm

MiddlegrudenWind Farm

Wind Farm

Wind Turbine Generator

LIPA wind farmHeat EnergyGeothermal heat from the earth

Solar Thermal heat from the sun

Solar EnergyLight HeatSolar EnergyLight energy -- Electrical energyUses Photovoltaic Cell

Solar Energy

Water must be MovingHydroelectric Power- dams & riversTidal vertical movement of tidesWave using the up/down motion of wavesThermal-using the temperature difference of oceans

Water Energy




Oregon State Wave ParkA 2.25-megawatt project off the coast of Portugal went on line this fall (2008), becoming the world's first commercial wave-energy development in operation. It can supply 1,500 households with electricity.Ocean Thermal


Energy from FuelsMust Be Burned to Create SteamPolluteSome are :RenewableNon RenewableRenewable FuelsReplaceable in a short period of timeBiomass - - - - -> Once alivePlantsTrees-WoodCorn, Sugar Cane Ethanol AlcoholAlgaeGarbage

Biomass as FuelsNon Renewable Fuels

Non Renewable FuelsFossil FuelsPetroleum- OilGasolineHeating OilPlasticsCoalNatural GasNon Renewable EnergyNuclear Fission - split atomsFusion combine atoms

Energy ConservationShut off lightsFluorescent/Compact lights


What do biomass and fossil fuels have in common?BurnablePollute

Name two advantages to fuels and why we use them.PortableStorableWhat energy source do you think is the safest, cleanest, easiest to use?Great New York Blackout

Hopefully Not The End