Great Green Growth

Green Growth in Pakistan


Pakistanis are pursuing Great Green Growth.

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Green Growth in Pakistan

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Green Growth Indicators

• Forestation • Agri Farms • Forest Officers • Technologies Use in Industries• Recycled Plants• Appliances Use in Homes &

Offices• ISO-14000 Series Holders• Writers Database• Export of Goods • Import of Goods• Export of Services

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Universities in Pakistan especially agriculture focused universities are offering post graduate degrees in environment studies. Universities are in touch with international organizations and research institutes like UNEP, GGKP and CDKN. Peshawar University is the first one for offering M.Sc. in Environment.

Academia Government

Planning Commission, Ministry of Environment, Pakistan Science Foundation and Directorate of Science and Technology Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are preserving and promoting environment in the country. Alternate energy means e.g. wind power and solar panels are in used in the country. ENERCON initiated mass awareness campaigns in 2001 but its presence is no where in media and outdoor. Vision 2025 has incorporated Green Growth.

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Publications on green growth and environment prepared by universities are available in libraries and e-portal of Higher Education Commission. Daily Dawn and Daily The News International have been writing on environment issues for last one decade.

Publications Corporate Sector

Businesses are introducing environment-friendly technologies for homes and offices. We don’t find CFC products in Pakistan. Role of Siemens can be viewed online anytime. Environment policies have been defined by OGDCL, Heavy Industries Taxila, FFC-Jordan and Engro Corporation.

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SECP and SMEDA must promote green growth and climate development in Pakistan by advocating ISO-14000 series and climate development enterprises. Planning Commission of Pakistan must compile databank of environment writers and columnists. TDAP must compile green goods and services annual trade volume.UNEP, GGGI, World Bank, CDKN and universities must offer training to under-graduates.

Green Growth Strategies Discussion

Q: Is Green Growth in Pakistan possible?A: All stakeholders especially Planning

Commission and PIDE have to take joint action for green growth.

Q: Who introduced concept of Green Growth?

A: UN Environment Program (UNEP) introduced Green Growth initiative in 2008.

Q: Should GGGI open its chapter in Pakistan?

A: It is responsibility of all educated Pakistanis to request Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) to open chapter in any appropriate place in Pakistan.

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• Climate Development Strategy• Co-Investment in Climate

Development• ISO 14000

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