Great gifts, playful products, distinctive designs ... Great gifts, playful products, distinctive...

download Great gifts, playful products, distinctive designs ... Great gifts, playful products, distinctive designs.

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Transcript of Great gifts, playful products, distinctive designs ... Great gifts, playful products, distinctive...

  • Great gifts, playful products, distinctive designs.

    We are a small passionate design studio creating something a little different. Established in 2009, we explore creative ideas to produce thoughtful gifts and original homeware.


    Email: Web:

    Zakka Europe Maashaven Z.Z 2 3081 AE Rotterdam Netherlands

    1 http://www.

  • Plant Animals

    Style your plants to create a mini menagerie with our etched metal hanging animal decorations. The tree hugging species simply attach to the plants by folding the hands into shape. A great gift for any animal lover. Choose from our ten animals; Sloth, Koala Orangutan, Chameleon, Tree Frog, Bush Baby, Raccoon, Flying Squirrel, Panda and Spider Monkey.

    Contents: Animal decoration Materials: Brass plated steel Product: 60 x 35 mm Packaging: 150 x 55 mm Weight: 8g


  • Sloth Chameleon Orangutan Koala Tree Frog

    3Bush Baby Spider Monkey Raccoon Panda Flying Squirrel

  • Houseplant Care Cards

    The ultimate guide to growing happy plants! The Houseplant Care Cards contain 32 illustrated plant cards packed full of advice and tips for botanical success indoors.

    Contents: 35 houseplant care cards Materials: Cardboard Product: 126 x 88 mm Packaging: 134 x 98 x 28 mm Weight: 220g


  • Houseplant Print

    Houseplant poster (A3) featuring 30 illustrated plants. Printed on high quality matte paper. A perfect gift for a botanical enthusiast.

    Contents: A3 Art Print Materials: 250g uncoated matte paper Product: 297 x 420 mm Packaging: Unframed. Flat 297 x 420 mm with cello sleeve Weight: 100g


  • Hanging Bird

    A beautiful brass bird decoration with intricate etched details. An easy to post gift, it comes packed flat and simply folds into shape to hang in the home or office.

    Contents: Hanging Bird decoration with thread Materials: Brass Packaging: 148 x 105 mm card with cello sleeve Weight: 10g


  • Plantini

    An elegant botanical plant house kit. Contains metal model, instructions, seeds, growing medium and a planting pot. Simply construct the model and sow the seedlings to bring a little beauty to your tabletop.

    Contents: Flat pack metal model, planting pot, compressed compost, viola seeds

    Materials: Recycled paperboard, stainless steel, biodegradable bamboo dish

    Product: 85 x 55 x 90mm Packaging: 140 x 145 x 20mm Weight: 65g 7

  • Bookmarks

    Beautifully etched stainless steel bookmarks packaged with inter- esting facts and information.

    Contents: Set of four bookmarks Materials: Stainless steel Packaging: 148 x 105mm Weight: 10g


  • Tropical BirdsWinged Insects

    British Writers London icons Houseplants


  • Architectural Bookmarks

    Architectural bookmarks featuring iconic buildings from around the world.

    Contents: Set of four bookmarks Materials: Stainless steel Packaging: 148 x 105mm Weight: 10g


  • Sydney


    New York

    London II


    Brutalist London


  • Bookmarks (DL)

    Animal themed metal bookmarks. Packaging includes interesting facts and information about conservation, climate and habitats.

    Available in three designs; Ocean, Jungle and Arctic.

    Contents: Set of four bookmarks Materials: Stainless steel Packaging: 210 x 99mm Weight: 12g


  • Ocean


    Endangered Animals


  • Architectural Panorama: London’s Riverside

    A beautifully illustrated fold out map of London’s River Thames featuring 100+ buildings. The reverse includes architectural history, forgotten stories and fascinating facts about the city.

    Contents: Contertina panorama Materials: Paper Product: 210 x 1300mm Packaging: 210 x 102 x 5mm Weight: 75g



  • 15

  • London Architectural Postcard Set 6: London’s Riverside

    An illustrated set of six postcards featuring the Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament, Royal Festival Hall, National Theatre and the Tower of London.

    Contents: 6 postcards Materials: Card Product: A6 148 x 110mm Packaging: 148 x 110 x 4mm Weight: 40g


  • Design Stencils

    Create invitations, greeting cards and stationery with our brass Design Stencils. Choose from four artistic styles: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts or Bauhaus

    Contents: Design Stencil, instructions, pattern suggestions

    Materials: Brass, paper Product: 200 x 85mm Packaging: 225 x 160mm Weight: 67g


  • Bauhaus Art Deco

    Art Nouveau 18

    Arts & Crafts

  • PostCarden | Botanical

    A miniature garden you can send in the post! This pop up post- card includes seeds that grow in a matter of days. The growing card will keep for 2-3 weeks on a table top or windowsill, all you need is a little bit of water.

    Contents:  Pop-up card , instructions, water proof tray, blotting paper, cress seeds

    Materials:  Paper, FSC cardboard, APET tray Packaging:  15.5 x 9.5 x 2 cm Product:  15.5 x 16.5 x 9.5 cm Weight: 55 g


  • Mini-onaires

    Feel like a mini millionaire with this tiny object of desire. Simply fold the metal into shape with the step by step assembly instructions included. Choose from eleven fun designs.

    Contents: Flat packed metal model, instructions Materials: Brass coated steel Packaging: 105 x 105mm Weight: 10g


  • Helicopter



    Hot Air Balloon

    Ferris Wheel


    Crown Cocktail




  • MONUmini

    Architectural model kits featuring the most iconic buildings in Europe. No tools required, just follow the assembly instructions to fold and lock the metal pieces together. A great gift any design enthusiast or architecture lover.

    Contents: Metal model, instructions, building history Materials: Stainless steel, paper Packaging: C5 160 x 229mm Weight: 100g


  • Tower Bridge Barbican Tower Crystal Palace Royal Albert Hall Battersea Power Station

    Post Office Tower Notre Dame Brandenburg Gate Centre Pompidou 23

  • Tiny Water Tower

    Own a tiny part of New York’s famous skyline with this 8.5cm tall miniature water tower model kit. Each kit contains easy to follow instructions and stainless steel pieces which fold and lock together to create the little structure.

    Contents: Metal model, instructions, building history Materials: Stainless steel, paper Product: 4 x 4 x 8.5 cm Packaging: 11 x 22 cm Weight: 33g


  • Pineapple Pots

    This hand formed mini brass plated pineapple plant pot is made from a single sheet of etched metal.

    Materials: Brass plated Stainless Steel Product: 80 x 65 x 65mm Packaging: 75 x 130 x 130mm Weight: 30g 25

    Geometric Vases

    Inspired by architectural structures, each vase is hand folded from a flat sheet of stainless steel to form the stunning geometric shape. Supplied boxed and with container inside to hold water.

    Materials: Stainless Steel (with or without brass plating) Product: 140 x 65mm Packaging: 150 x 95 x 95mm Weight: 180g

  • Christmas Decorations

    Christmas decorations for the unconventional. Etched in brass, the set of alternative decorations make great east to post gifts.

    Contents: Brass decoration with hanging cord Materials: Brass, paper Packaging: 104 x 74 mm Weight: 8g


  • Ordering Information


    Minimum order: €150

    Lead Time: We aim to dispatch all orders within 2-3 days

    Payment Terms: International: Payment required prior to shipping. We accept payment via bank transfer, Credit Card or PayPal


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