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  1. 1. Great Gifts for Psychology Students It may be difficult to find suitable gifts for a psychology student. Investigate veterinarian robert russell's webpages on this market . Items that the psychology student will find useful are hard to come by without a bit of research into the subject. You can always ask the
  2. 2. student what he would find useful, but when you want to surprise someone with a gift, asking what is liked or needed ruins the surprise. The regalos para mujer originales en Tigre following is a list of gifts that are suitable for college students who major in psychology. These gifts are great for Christmas, birthdays and graduation. The DSM The latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is a great gift for any psychology student. This book contains all of the diagnostic information for any mental illness. It is a great resource for research papers and everyday studying. This is a big book and can be hard to carry around, so the DSM pocket manual is another great gift idea. Subscriptions A subscription to a psychology themed magazine or a psychology journal is another great gift idea. Magazines and journals will help the student gain the latest knowledge about his field of study. Magazines and journals make great reference materials for research papers and other projects. Psychology Today is a good psychology-related magazine and the American Psychologist is a great journal. Books There is a good chance that the student you are buying a gift for has an area of study that he is more interested in than others. He may want to specialize in family counseling, substance abuse, childhood psychology or some other field. He has probably told you or someone one else what career path he has chosen. There are a variety of informational books for any of the psychology fields of study. Books are a great idea for students. They make great resources for research papers and projects. These books will stay with the student throughout his adult life as he uses them for references for his career. Membership to the APA A membership to the American Psychological Association is a great gift for any psychology student. With this membership the student will receive the American Psychologist journal, Monitor on Psychology magazine, discounts on online journals, discounts on APA books and much more. There is a student affiliate membership for undergraduate and beginning graduate students. There is also an associate membership for students in their second year of grad school and up. Insurance The American Psychological Association also offers professional liability insurance for college students majoring in psychology. If the student has internships or practicums to do, liability insurance is important. The insurance can help protect the student form allegations of error, malpractice and negligence. Finding a gift for the student who is majoring in psychology is not always an easy task. If you listen to the student he will probably tell you where his career path is heading and things that he would like to have that will make his college years easier. APA memberships and insurance are a great gift idea for the psychology student. Books, magazines and journals will make finding resources for
  3. 3. research papers and other projects far easier.