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A Chatsworth Collection of great gift items

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  • GGPGS 0913

    Party Coasters

    Item GP36

    Heavy paperboard coasters with a monogram and matching border and an optional clear acrylic holder with lid. Both create a perfectbar accessory for any dcor.

    100 coasters per order. Specify Black, Red, Blue, Navy, Hunter, Wine, Lime, Bimini Blue or Silver ink in typestyle shown.

    Please note: we will print your monogramletters in the order you submit.

    Coasters measure 4w in diameter.

    What a thoughtful hostess gift for parties year round!

    Optional holder$10.00


    hBScript style monogram

  • GGPGS 0913

    Coaster DesignsEach order is 100 heavy paperboard coasters, printed with personalization.

    An optional acrylic holder with lid is available to make this a perfect gift!














    Optional holder$10.00$45.00The Brentwoods

    The Reynolds

    The KleinsSam and Trudie

    July 18, 2013

    James and BethanyHuntington





    Bimini Blue






  • My Own Game Pads

    $36.00 Item GP39

    Three pre-printed game pads Tic, Tac, Toe, Hangman, and a Doodle Pad offer a child three long-loved forms of entertainment to enjoy anywhere in the car, on the plane, in the house, on the beach.

    Personalized at the top in Blue or Red and all tied up for gift giving with a colorful ribbon. Each pad has 50 sheets 150 sheets total.+aOmn8a8a

    Pads measure 8 1/2w x 11w.

    Quiet in the back seat! Please.

    Jake & Sarahs Game Pad

    My Own Game Pads

    GGPGS 0913

  • Optional Basket$10.00

    Four Borders

    $39.00Item GP41

    Neatly placed in a crisp wire basket (optional), Four Xa8X8aamaOm|a|amnOaexecutive desk. Four different, elegantly simpleFXaX8n8an8X8name at the top of the pad with an e-mail address or phone number at the bottom.

    f|aa8V8Xm+aOmn8an8X88am|a8X|a-ber or e-mail address for the bottom. Border color always the same as the type. Specify Red, Blue, Navy, Hunter or Black ink in typestyle shown.

    Pads measure 3 7/8w x 6w.

    Four borders. 8 Pads. 800 Sheets!

    Nicholas Turner


    Four Borders

    GGPGS 0913

  • Optional Basket$10.00

    Bushel of Pads

    $39.00Item GP44

    1600 sheets of paper! A sturdy, natural woven basketholds 8 pads in 4 different sizes for all note-writing needs.Two pads in each size, 100 sheets each, are personalized|8Vn8aV8Xn8X88a

    Specify Red, Blue, Navy, Hunter or Black inkin the typestyle shown.

    Includes:6 pads measuring 2 3/4wx 61/4w4 pads measuring 41/4wx 4w,4 pads measuring 41/4wx 51/2w,2 pads measuring 81/2wx 43/4w

    ...and a peck of paper!Bushel of Pads

    GGPGS 0913

  • $29.50 Item GP46

    The Bow Pad has 200 personalized sheets. Each sheet is perforated just below the bow, so the pad will always keep its decorative look!5nm8aaX*aXVNavy Black or Green ink.

    The Bow PadThe Bow Pad is all tied together with a colorful bow of your choice Red, Navy, Purple, Hot Pink or Green!

    Kathleen Davidson

    The Bow Pad

    GGPGS 0913

    Sheets measure 6wx 6.w

  • Kids Ka-Doodle Kit

    $39.50 Item GP62

    Two round-cornered pads, 100 sheets each,and one box of crayons are totally tote-ablein a child-size vinyl holder with a durableclip closure. Pads measure 53/8w x 63/8w.Overall tote size: 7w x 73/4w with handle.

    The totally tote-able pads!


    (includes pads, carrying case and crayons)

    Aaron's DOODLESKid's Ka-Doodle Kit

    GGPGS 0913

  • Item GP63

    A Tisket a Tasket

    1200 sheets of paper in a gently sloping cream-colored basket.12 pads in 4 different sizes (the largest is ruled!) for notes

    and reminders of all kinds! Each pad has 100 sheets.


    Available in Black,Red, Blue, Navy, Hunter, Light Blueor Bubble Gum Pink ink in typestyle and format shown.

    a cream-colored basket!

    Optional cream-colored basket$12.00

    $39.00Includes:2 pads measuring 6wx 81/2w2 pads measuring 5wx 71/4w4 pads measuring 4wx 6w4 pads measuring 3wx 5.w

    A Tisket a Tasket

    GGPGS 0913

  • Optional acrylic holder$10.00

    (gel pen not included)

    Paper Rainbow

    $29.95Item GP66

    Seven paper colors starship blue, hot pink, neon green, bright yellow,8t|aVp8a8ta8Xa8taXh8a|8amnote pads a standout anywhere. The optional heavyweight acrylic holder allows the colors to show through and keeps the papers tidy. Each holder contains 7 pads of 70 sheets each, for a total of 490 sheets.2 pads measure 51/4wx 3wand the other pads measure 6wx 6w41/2wx 31/4w31/2wx 31/4w1/2wx 6wand 51/4wx 2w respectively

    +aOmn8aVn8X88aV8V8XO8aBlack ink only. Typestyle and format only as shown.

    Colorful, fun & useful, these pads are hot stuff!!


    Paper Rainbow

    GGPGS 0913

  • Activity Calendar

    $32.00 Item GP81

    For the family on the go!This great calendar helps the wholefamily keep track of their busy week!

    2 pads, 30 heavyweight sheets each.The magnets on back let you put it onyour refrigerator.*

    (a8aX|88a8Xnnames in Red, Blue, Navy, Hunter or Black ink.

    (We recommend using Mom & Dad or Mother?8|am8aa8Xm|an8a(First line always reads The _____ Family Schedule).

    Pads measure 81s2w x 11w

    *Magnets will not stick to some refrigerator surfaces!

    week of____________ MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN



    Activity Calendar

    GGPGS 0913

  • Acrylic Holder Included

    Boardroom Memos

    Item GPG86

    Personalized memos for the boardroom

    250 loose sheets sit in an acrylic holder personalized with aname at the top and a phone, fax, e-mail, title or company name at the bottom. Border design comes in the same color as personalization.

    Available in Red, Blue or Hunter ink in the typestyle and format shown.

    Sheets measure 41s8w x 6 7s16w

    Alexander Smythe

    Smythe, Collins & Ridgefield


    GGPGS 0913

  • Casual Memos

    Item GPG88

    Dash-off a quick noteto your colleagues with style250 loose sheets sit in an acrylic holder personalized with a name at the top and a phone, fax, e-mail, job title, or company name at the bottom.

    Available in Black, Red, Blue or Hunter inkin the typestyle and format shown.

    Sheets measure 41s8w x 6 7s16w

    Acrylic Holder Included$23.95

    GGPGS 0913

  • $29.50

    Score Pads

    Item GP91

    Why go out when you canstay home and keep score?

    Whether its Bridge, Mahjongg, Scrabble or Rummy, our Score Pads will help you keep track of where you stand.

    3 pads of 100 sheets each. 1We/They, 1Us/Them,1Players 1 through 4. All wrapped up with ahand-tied coordinating bow.

    Score Pads come with Black inkin the typestyle and format shown. Hand-tied Bow Included

    Game Night withNancy & Steve Williams

    Pads measure 41s4w x 7w41s4w x 8wand 41s4w x 9w

    GGPGS 0913

  • Optional Acrylic Holder$10.00

    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, NOW

    Item GP100

    You cant possibly get it all done at once, so our prioritizing pads will help younta|8aaXFaXa?|ak

    Four ruled pads of 100 sheets each arethe perfect way to prioritize everything!

    The optional acrylic holder keeps all four pads together.


    Choice of Black, Red, Blue, or Light Blue inkin typestyle and format shown.

    $29.50 4 different pads measure 5w x 7w,5w x 6w,5w x 5wand 5w x 4w, respectively.

    things chriscan put off until tomorrow

    GGPGS 0913

    Yesterday, Today,Tomorrow, NOW

  • Acrylic Holder included

    Lively Memos

    $23.95 Item GPG101

    250 loose sheets sit in an acrylic holder personalized with a name at the top and a phone, fax or email address at the bottom.

    Available in Red, Blue or Hunter ink in thetypestyle shown. Sheets measure 41s8w x 6 7s16w

    Fun and bright, our Lively Memos are ready for the desk, counter or workbench

    in a clear acrylic holder.

    GGPGS 0913

    Lively Memos

  • Optional Return Address$24.00

    Lively Note Cards

    $27.00Item GP103

    50 personalized, heavyweight note cards and plain envelopes in a fun handwriting typestyle come packaged in an attractive gift box.

    Please specify top line and (optional) bottom line.

    Choice of Black, Red, Blue, Navy, Hunteror Bubble Gum Pink ink.

    Optional return address onenvelope available.

    Hip and fun, our distinctive Lively Note Cards are great for

    quick messages, thank yous or personal correspondence.

    Note cards measure 51s2w x 41s4w

    GGPGS 0913

  • Bright Memos

    $32.00 Item GP104

    Write down messages and reminderson paper that will brighten your day!

    Our Bright Memos have 200 sheets of paperpadded together, and tied with a color-coordinated bow.


    Black ink only.

    Seven different colors make ourBright Memos stand out from the crowd!

    Pads measure 47s16w x 81s2w at full size

    GGPGS 0913


  • Optional Return Address$24.00

    Business Note Cards

    $27.00Item GP105

    50 heavyweight note cards & plain envelopes, personalized in a professional typestyle, come packaged in a convenient gift box.

    Great for all types of correspondence!

    Please specify top and bottom line.

    Optional return address available.

    Choose Black, Red, Blue, Navy, Hunter or Bubble Gum Pink ink.

    Show off your well-crafted words with our smartBusiness Note Cards!