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The Social Security Act of 1935

2. Which program was not administered by the states? 3. Which of these six programs do you think was the best? Why?

Do you think it's right for people working today to pay extra taxes to support workers who have retired? Why or why not?

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New Deal Programs


New Deal Programs




One popular New Deal program was the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Estab-

2. How did the work done by members of the CCC help all Americans?

Do you think it is the government's obligation to provide work for people who are unemployed? Why or why not?

4. What do you think is better: providing jobs or providing welfare? Why?

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President Roosevelt

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President Roosevelt


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When Franklin D. Roosevelt took special session 4, Roosevelt domestic New Deal programs introduced Roosevelt'simmediately called a office on March of 1933, more involved the needed legislation of work, banks Congress and pushed forgovernment directly in national the reforms that than 13,000,000 people were outto deal withand had failed, and During the first hundred days banking crisis, economic issues, and changes to the liquor economic affairs. the country was in trouble. of his adminlaw. istration, he passed many new programs including the Economy Act, which reduced government salaries and pensions. A new law made low alcohol beer legal, even though Prohibition was still in effect.

2. Why do you think Roosevelt didn't want people to know the extent of his disability?

3. Do you think the Brain Trust was a good idea? Why or why not?

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